Three Sisters

A Novel

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Pub Date 05 Oct 2021 | Archive Date 19 Oct 2021

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From Heather Morris, the New York Times bestselling author of the multi-million copy bestseller The Tattooist of Auschwitz and Cilka's Journey: a story of family, courage, and resilience, inspired by a true story.

Against all odds, three Slovakian sisters have survived years of imprisonment in the most notorious death camp in Nazi Germany: Auschwitz. Livia, Magda, and Cibi have clung together, nearly died from starvation and overwork, and the brutal whims of the guards in this place of horror. But now, the allies are closing in and the sisters have one last hurdle to face: the death march from Auschwitz, as the Nazis try to erase any evidence of the prisoners held there. Due to a last minute stroke of luck, the three of them are able to escape formation and hide in the woods for days before being rescued.

And this is where the story begins. From there, the three sisters travel to Israel, to their new home, but the battle for freedom takes on new forms. Livia, Magda, and Cibi must face the ghosts of their past--and some secrets that they have kept from each other--to find true peace and happiness.

Inspired by a true story, and with events that overlap with those of Lale, Gita, and Cilka, The Three Sisters will hold a place in readers' hearts and minds as they experience what true courage really is.

From Heather Morris, the New York Times bestselling author of the multi-million copy bestseller The Tattooist of Auschwitz and Cilka's Journey: a story of family, courage, and resilience, inspired by...

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Featured Reviews

I appreciate Heather Morris taking the time to write the story of these three sisters. I know it falls into the historical fiction genre but I would also put it into the category of biography as much if it is from the sisters retelling their incredible story. One part that I haven't read much about is survivor's lives after the war was over. The last part of this book was dedicated to their trip back to their home, what they found, and how they formed new lives for themselves. Anytime I read a bit about cleaning up the aftermath of WWII, I find it mind boggling. This book went into what they experienced right after the war and how they decided to move on with their lives. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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Excellent book telling the true story of the atrocities three sisters endured in Germany during WW2. This is a story of horror and real redemption, a story of the love of family. This is a book that I will read again - it is hopeful and so inspiring!

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THREE SISTERS-Heather Morris WOW, so glad I received this Kindle edition of Three Sisters. What a story these three precious ladies have as told by Heather Morris. She has done her research, spoken with families and created an exceptional book. Three sisters endure the horror of Auschwitz; two sisters three and one half years and the other one and one half years. The amazing facts are just unbelievable as to their tenacity, commitment to one another and determination to be together as three sisters. For those who are in a challenging place, read and gain insight into their character. For those who are history buffs and want to learn about WWII, here are some details you may or may not want to know. For those who have family or friends that are Jewish, see what they are made of and their commitment to their faith. For those who teach we didn't have a Holocaust, read and believe. Too much is too much or I ruin the impact of this amazing story. #Three Sisters #Goodreads. #Net Galley

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Where do I begin. Such a well written and researched book. Three sister surviving all they did in WWII and staying together.. How hard it was forging a brand new life. This his book is just a reminder so WE NEVER FORGET?!

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The Three Sisters, the third book in the The Tattooist of Auschwitz trilogy did not disappoint! All of these books by Heather Morris are just amazing. A story of survival and courage, based on true stories relayed by the author. I feel like these books could all be stand alones, but would recommend reading them all anyway because they're well worth it.

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I was given an ARC from NetGalley for giving an honest review. How can you say you enjoyed a book about this horrible time in history.? You get to know the history and the people that had to go through this awful time but they give us hope too. These three sisters gives us insight on what they endured and how they survived and how their life continued after their ordeal. This book was so well written, as were the previous books by this author, the the characters came to life in a way that you wanted to be there to help them, love them, hug them. If you like historical novels, or even if you don’t, you need to read this book. A bit of a history lesson, that I apparently missed the real significance of. Yes I did know about WWII, Hitler etal and the horrendous things that were done but never put myself in their shoes. This book makes me appreciate the life I have and I am glad that these 3 sisters were able to find happiness after their horrible start in life. We all should have their courage.

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Thank you St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for this awesome story! Three Sisters is a heartbreaking novel! I devoured this book in two sittings. Couldn't get out of this phenomenal book! The fact that this is based on real people is truly sad. My heart broke for these ladies as to what they went through. The courage they had is really remarkable in every way! And how Morris put this into words had !e completely under a spell. This book could be an awesome and great lesson for older kids in school. I feel they could learn alot from this story! Thank you again for the amazing opportunity to read this outstanding book.

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This author, yet again, created a masterpiece! She tells the stories of these survivors in such a way that while the pain comes through, the love and friendship does as well. Out of her three books, this is the one I liked most so far. There were many laughs and tears throughout reading and at the end, I was satisfied with the heartwarming, albeit heartbreaking, story that she told.

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Once again, Heather Morris does a fantastic job of bringing to life the stories of people that experienced the Holocaust in a way that’s both devastating and inspiring. This time it’s three sisters, Cibi, Magda and Livi, hence the name of the title. Cibi and Livi are among the earliest occupants of Auschwitz and Birkenau, while their sister Magda lives at home with their mother and grandfather before ending up in the camp herself. The sisters constantly serve as a means of support for each other to survive their time in the camp and the death march that follows. The story then follows the sisters lives after the Holocaust and how they learn to live and adjust to life after being a part of a genocide. This to me is a crucial part of the story. Many stories exist right now of World War II. Morris’ decision to rebuild the stories of real people allows the reader to experience the trauma of a real person’s life. And that trauma extends beyond the end of World War II as Jewish people all over Europe dealt with survivor’s guilt, going back to a home where they weren’t necessarily wanted, and trying to start over from the scraps they were left with when they were freed from camps or hiding. Morris’ stories are sad and can be very difficult to read because of the subject matter – but they are also incredibly well done, powerful and impactful.

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Heather Morris does it again. I cried with sadness and with joy multiple times during the book. The three sisters have a story that was all too common during the Holocaust. Their strength through adversity was truly amazing. It was such an easy and quick read. Once I started, I couldn’t stop.

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Like the previous two books I’ve read from Heather Morris this book is written amazingly. She has a way with words that crafts a difficult subject in a way that makes you feel a part of it, does well with the subject matter, and feel for the people living within it. Definitely a part of history we should all remember so it does t repeat again.

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