Bruce Springsteen

An Illustrated Biography

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Pub Date 27 Jul 2021 | Archive Date 10 Aug 2021

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Bruce Springsteen: An Illustrated Biographyloaded with stage and candid photos of this peerless rock staris the ultimate collector’s item for any fan of The Boss.

Through story and images, Bruce Springsteen: An Illustrated Biography chronicles the life of The Boss—one of America’s favorite rock stars and one of the biggest-selling artists in history. Springsteen’s monolithic music career spans a full half-century, from 1968 to present, and has included dozens of tours, awards, and 20 Grammys.

In-depth chapters track Springsteen through his childhood in Freehold, New Jersey, the formation of the E Street Band, the breakout album Born to Run and mega-hit Born in the U.S.A., all the way to the present where he continues to pack arenas and inspire generations of loyal fans, including his smash hit, Springsteen on Broadway. Incredibly, Springsteen’s stage presence, star power, and musicianship are as strong as ever.

With about 150 images of Springsteen, both on and off stage, this illustrated biography shows what words can’t always tell, to give fans a full and intimate look at the musician’s life.
Bruce Springsteen: An Illustrated Biographyloaded with stage and candid photos of this peerless rock staris the ultimate collector’s item for any fan of The Boss.

Through story and images, Bruce...

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As a lifelong Springsteen fan, this book is an absolute must & will be taking pride of place on my bookshelf. Very well written, fab illustrations

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As a lifelong fan of Springsteen, as well as a second of three generations of fans, this was a nostalgic, somewhat bittersweet overview of all that is Bruce. From his somewhat depressing childhood to his perseverance in becoming a legend, from his aversion to being political to the powerhouse he became for Obama and Biden, from his first marriage and his refusal to ever bash his first wife to his self-deprecating humor and wit, this was perfect for anyone who doesn’t know much about him or anyone who does and wishes to see some memories. Now, after this book, I want him to tour near my city again so I can revisit the weeks of deafness after a show and the feelings of communion and hope during the spiritual revival show that is Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

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A well-trodden path, both written and visual, through the history and career of one of the music greats

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If you are a hardcore fan of Bruce Springsteen then this book may not provide you with any information you don not already know but this a good book with a little bit of information about "The Boss", his family, forming of the bands he was a part of in the past and continues to be. A history of the putting together of the various albums and what inspired his music. There are many pictures also in this book. It is amazing to read that when he was recording that he may 80 0r 90 songs that he has written for that album before he chooses which ones will be used. There is no denying that this man and performer gives you your moneys worth whether it is in a album, concert, or his 500 page memoir. Longtime fan or newcomer to his music this is a good book. There is one issue I have with the format if you are reading on a kindle app and using a phone to read the book or the Netgalley Bookshelf app there were times it took a little work to maneuver pages and keep it straight. Thank you to Netgalley and Chartwell Books for an ARC for a fair and honest review.

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Bruce Springsteen from Meredith Ochs offers a very nice biography with plenty of photographs both familiar and unfamiliar. The biography itself does a great job of walking the line between being too detailed for this type of book and being too shallow and just touching the highlights. A reader who doesn't know much about Springsteen's life (I'm assuming there are a few) will get enough to appreciate what he has accomplished and perhaps whet the whistle to learn more about him and his music. For those of us who have been fans since the 70s it is a great walk down memory lane with a few new tidbits or reminders of things we forgot. Most readers buy an illustrated biography for the photographs and this volume doesn't disappoint. We follow his evolution from learning to play and write through to his iconic status. Since many readers considering this book likely know a fair amount about his life, I want to suggest another book that would make a great companion to this one. This book is as much about nostalgia and what he and his music means for us. Another book, Long Walk Home from Rutgers University Press, collects a number of essays of people writing about what Springsteen and his music has meant in their lives. In some ways, when a fan of his reads this book by Ochs we are, in our minds, writing our own essay about what he meant to our life, so this other book offers other people's lives in a similar way. Reviewed from a copy made available by the publisher via NetGalley.

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A must read for Springsteen fans: great illustrations and well written. Highly recommended. Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine

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I love Bruce Springsteen and love learning about him, his music and his thinking behind his life and luscious. This is a great addition to the growing library shelf of works that help listeners go behind the man and his music. Well done.

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I went to my first Bruce Springsteen concert when I was seventeen. It was the Born in the USA tour that took Bruce and his band to Europe, filling large stadiums with outrageous fans. It was an unforgettable experience. I have been following him and the E Street Band ever since; I saw them play in several European cities, making precious memories, never seeing the same concert twice, as the playlist always changes. And every time I see them play, it's an exciting, new experience. Going to a Bruce Springsteen concert is knowing you are always in for something special, a unique, unmatched treat you can not explain to people who have never been there. The energy, the way Bruce interacts with his fans, the intimacy, even when there are 50,000 others, the music. Let's not forget the music. Bruce and his band are the best musicians around; their experience, their enthusiasm, their skills, their energy...I have seen a lot of other bands play, but not one singer, not one band is able to match what Bruce and the band manage to give. This book is a well documented biography. The photo's are interesting, seeing how Bruce has changed throughout the years, a documentation of his growth as an artist as well as a man. Having read Bruce's own biography, there was nothing new to read here, but still I liked where the author took us. The question about the loyalty of his fans is one that intrigues me too. If you ask me, I'm not even sure if I could answer that question myself. There's just something about the man that appeals to me, speaks to me. He's genuine. Unlike other rockstars, he's real and approachable. He shares his story's, but guards his privacy at the same time. He's respectful, even if he doesn't agree. And when he does speak out, he's able to put his thoughts into reasonable words, so you know he knows what he's talking about. He's an amazing songwriter, a poet, someone who is able to empathize with blue colored, working class people, never forgetting where he came from himself. He's intelligent, and he doesn't shy away from acknowledging when he's in the wrong. It's amazing how he can give you the feeling of intimacy when you're in a stadium full of people, he's an amazing guitarist and the energy that he's able to put out on stage, is unique, while the chemistry between Bruce and the rest of the guys in the band is just as rare. He's a walking, talking music encyclopedia. He knows so many songs, of which a lot are included in his concerts, some without practice, because he honors the requests of his fans. He is not afraid to try something new, because if he fails, people don't mind, just respect him for trying. Bruce has story's to tell and everyone wants to hear them. So, the question is: what do all these people, all these fans, have in common? What is it that make them travel for miles to watch his shows, to spend all their savings just to be able to see him play? That question is not really answered here, but I think it's one that can't be answered just that easily. Seeing Bruce and the E Street Band play is a life changing experience. And that may sound exaggerating, but it simply is. This book is one I would recommend for every Bruce Springsteen fan out there. It's well written and the photo's make it well worth checking out.

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Bruce Springsteen was my very first crush. So when I saw this book I had to jump on it. There was so much information I had no idea included in this book. Thoroughly impressed. The pictures were wonderful.

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