The Little Lion That Listened

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Pub Date Aug 10 2021 | Archive Date Jan 31 2022


Little Leo is a great listener. His listening skills even save his family from danger. But Leo refuses to roar. His father worries that Leo will never earn the respect of the other animals. Only Leo's mother believes her son will roar when he is ready. Will Leo find his voice when his family needs him most?

Written by Nicholas Tana, with colorful illustrations by Jessie Fox, and creative story design by Matthew Molleur, this unique addition to the New Classics Books collection contains an endearing story about doing things your own way, in your own time. 

Little Leo is a great listener. His listening skills even save his family from danger. But Leo refuses to roar. His father worries that Leo will never earn the respect of the other animals. Only...

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We are looking for readers that are going to leave feedback and reviews. We will likely not approve anyone with a low feedback percentage.

We are looking for readers that are going to leave feedback and reviews. We will likely not approve anyone with a low feedback percentage.

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Featured Reviews

Gorgeous illustrations! This cute book about learning to be yourself and find your own voice is full of heart and will appeal to young readers. The message that listening is just as important (if not more so) than being loud is a great one. I have a little Leo myself so I always enjoy lion picture books but this one is a step above. Definitely one I'd buy. Much thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my review copy!

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Quite a commendable little title – this seems to be a small house doing some things right in the way of young readers. Little Leo's siblings in this particular lion family love to roar, but he doesn't – he's too busy listening. But that means he hears the nasty human hunters, the nasty hyena hunters, and a whole lot more. Without giving the plot away it's a book to show that you're at your best when you're yourself – that you don't need to fit in to have a value and a worth. The design style is a slightly unusual choice – blocky, angular CG fragments built upon each other for the characters, and a background in only half the illustrations – but it suits the age range perfectly reasonably. That applies for the brevity of the storytelling, as well – this is presented with great clarity for the very young.

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This beautifully illustrated book is a must read. It is a wonderful comment on social expectations and the idea that all progress and achieve the same goals at the same time. As a teacher and a parent the idea of milestones can be destructive especially if an individual is unable to achieve them in the time expected. The fact that Leo is amazing at listening is over shadowed by the fact he does not roar but both of these attributes are important.

I would recommend this to be part of any child’s library at home and in class and could be a wonderful PSHE book to promote and recognise not everyone is the same.

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This is a cute illustarated children's book about a family of lions. There is a "black sheep" lion cubin the family who is introverted and quiet who prefers to listen instead of roar, much to the dismay of his father. A cute lesson about being who you are and "roaring on your own time." The illustration style and colors are beautiful.

Thank you to netgalley for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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4.5 Stars
Let me start by saying that I loveee the illustrations! These are different from what I’ve read before. You might have guessed it from the cover. The lions are in blocks and angles (I’m sure there a term for that). I wondered how the book would be with such unique illustrations, but this one is fab (you can see that I can’t stop gushing). The expressions of the lions are life-like and attractive.
Coming to the story, we have Leo a little lion who doesn’t roar. His brother and sister roar very well. His dad is worried. However, his mom is confident that he’ll roar when he’s ready. Leo prefers to listen and ends up being more alert than others. He saves the animals not once but thrice.
He roars loud and clear the final time and that astonishes everyone, except his mother who had full faith in him. The moral is sweet and straightforward, asking parents and siblings to be patient and give kids time to become who they are.
To conclude, The Little Lion That Listened is a beautiful little book with vibrant illustrations and an important lesson for adults and kids alike.
Thank you, NetGalley and New Classics Books, for the ARC.

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I absolutely loved everything about this picture book for young children. The style of the illustrations is so clever and the colours are magnificent. Leo is so cute that the readers will really respond to him and the story has a wonderful message about being yourself and about how important it is to listen. I read this book a few times as it was so captivating.

With enormous thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for a wonderful reading book.

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The story was cute but the illustrations are drop dead gorgeous! Any kid would love this. Especially the kids who love The Lion King movie.

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Leo, an adorable little lion cub, does not roar unlike his parents and siblings. His father worries about him and thinks he's strange but his wise Mother says, "He will roar when he is ready." Leo doesn't roar because he focuses and listens to the world around him.

Three times his patience and listening skills save the lives of not only his family but the entire pride. The final dangerous, deadly occurrence that Leo witnesses has Leo erupting in a loud, long, clear roar that gets everyone's attention and gives him superstar status with the other lions from that time forward.

The moral of the story encourages parents and others to give kids time to grow and mature into who they are created to be. The illustrations are beautifully done and have a "Lion King" style which kids will love. The life lesson is invaluable for both the young and old to take away. I highly recommend this book.

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Do you choose a book by its cover? I do, many times. And this is one such occasion. What a treat to the eyes this cover is! Those huge brown eyes peeking from behind the leaves, the vivid contrasting amalgamation of reds and yellows and teal… Does the content of the book match up to the cover?

It sure does!

Leo, the lion cub, lives in a happy family with his parents and two elder siblings. Everything is fine except for one thing: Leo doesn’t roar. His dad wants his son to roar. His mom knows that when the time comes, he will. Though Leo ends up saving their lives twice, his dad is still worried that he can’t or won’t roar. But when there is an emergency, it is Leo who saves the day with his mighty roar. Does the book end on this happy note that Leo finally learnt to roar? Nope! The true end is the last line of the book; the line that shows that Leo hasn’t changed his basic personality, he doesn’t misuse his strength, and he knows how to make best use of his abilities when needed. After all, he is “the little lion that listened”, not the little lion who roared.

I loved this sweet story. It shows parental frustrations as well as parental acceptance. It shows children that they needn’t change their behaviour to suit others’ expectations, as long as they know what’s right. It also proves the importance of listening in the art of communication.

The book is NOT written in rhythmic verse, which is such a welcome change. I’m tired of reading kiddie books where the authors forcefully work in rhymes even where it isn’t feasible. This book is written in very simple words and in a clear font, so as to facilitate storytelling adults as well as early independent readers.

As much as I loved the content, the illustrations steal the thunder. Oh my! I haven’t ever seen such type of sketches in storybooks: the geometric shading of the animals lends a unique touch to the book. The drawings are vibrant and almost leap off the page with their charm.

Recommended to all young readers. Be a good lion and don’t forget to listen!

Thank you, NetGalley and New Classics Books, for the ARC of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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Thanks to Netgalley and New Classics Books for a free digital copy.

Stunning illustrations and a great message about how listening is just as an important skill as having your voice heard.

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With vivid illustrations and a special message of a little Lion that listened, your children will be engaged. Lions are known for their loud and long roars. When little lion does not match his brother and sister in their roars, his father becomes frustrated with him but his mother in her wisdom knows the strength of her son. His strength saves the pride and gives a valuable lesson. Loved this one.

A special thank you to New Classic Books and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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