Third Time's a Charm

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Pub Date 10 Aug 2021 | Archive Date 13 Oct 2021

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Sage Huxley escaped her troubled childhood in Lyndale, Texas and she hasn't looked back.

Well. She hasn't looked back often. When would she have the time, between finals, shepherding obnoxious freshmen, a political internship (complete with her boss' irate chihuahua), and a part-time mechanic's gig down in Brooklyn?

Her life as she knows it comes to a screeching halt when she learns that her estranged father has died and left her a home in major disrepair. Should she sell it for the bank's lowball offer? Or sink her entire savings into a home she'd rather demolish?

Leo Pindar was voted "Most Likely To Go To Prison" and he didn't disappoint.

But five years later, Leo is a (heavily tattooed) small business owner giving others the second chances at life he's been given. So when Sage Huxley walks back into his life with a literal broken home, he's just going to fix it and send her back to her bright, shining future. He's already lied to her about his feelings once before. He can do it again.

Sage Huxley escaped her troubled childhood in Lyndale, Texas and she hasn't looked back.

Well. She hasn't looked back often. When would she have the time, between finals, shepherding obnoxious...

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Sage is back in her hometown after the death of her father. Leo wants to help her restore the house she is left, but he has his own issues to deal with. He messes up his second chance with Sage, but will he get a third chance? Hoping Leo's brother Cal get his own book too.

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Sage didn’t always have the happiest of childhoods until one day she was able to leave because of help. Now back in town to get her dads house in order she comes face to face with Leo again. Needing his help after all this time was exactly what she needed. I enjoyed this story over all. I liked the back story of where it all began to get a sense of the reason why both were the way they were.

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Here's the thing: I am a giant snob when it comes to reading and I am also an absolute sucker for romance novels. There are times when I want to read a story and know within a chapter who's ending up with whom, and even though there will be complications and obstacles, we are going to get a happy ending, and Juliet Holmes' Third Time's a Charm delivers on that. Great things about this book: fantastic dialogue and endearing background characters, who I sincerely hope are getting their own books. Sage and Leo were great but I'd love to read more about Leo's brothers, not to mention John and Hazel (who star in Small Town Charm, which I'm absolutely adding to my to-read list). The story doesn't shy away from some serious issues, including Leo's mother's early onset dementia and Leo's own mental health and I don't think those issues are minimised. It is well written, and tightly written; we are spared exposition but I think maybe, in places, it was too sparse. The pacing wasn't perfect and though I believed the outcome, I would have liked to see more about how we got there. There were some time skips, some of which are flagged and some of which are not, which was mildly confusing. Overall, I enjoyed it; an undemanding read with characters to root for.

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Thank you for allowing me to read and review. I really adored sage. She didn’t have the easiest time growing up and I can relate towards that. It did break my heart that nobody did anything but judge her. I enjoyed it

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This story grabbed hold of me from page one and didn’t let go until the final page. Wow. Absolutely breathtaking and so beautiful in its storytelling, writing and portrayal of characters.

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It was a sweet quick read. My heart broke for Sage. She delay with so much with very little help. She has to return to her home town after her fathers death where she reconnected with Leo. I enjoyed this book just didn’t like that fact that it was not that greatly written. But great story line.

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3.5 stars This book starts out when our heroine, Sage Huxley, is leaving her abusive home because she got into Yale. The love interest, and her at the time best friend, Leo Pindar, is attempting to help her get out when her father breaks in and they start fighting. The police get called and Leo ends up arrested... I think. Then, chapter 1 jumps forward in time 4 years when Sage's father has died and she has received his worn down house. Over the course of the story, there are a few plot points that seemed random and threw me out of the book. Also, this was a relatively short book, so I understand that pacing is going to be expedited, but I felt like some of the details and relationship aspects were happening extremely quickly. I had a hard time keeping track of who all of the side characters were and how they were relevant to the story. Overall, I liked Leo and related to Sage's work ethic. I thought that the struggles that Leo was going through and the way that he was trying to handle them were admirable, even if I was not fully here for the back-and-forth that he put Sage through emotionally.

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Sage comes back to Texas after the death of her father. She helped take care of him from a distance but after the childhood she endured at his hands, close contact was not possible. She reconnected with her friends and the only boy she ever felt she could call home. She loved Leo for as long as she could remember . Do they have a chance with her going to Yale law and him in Texas?

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A busy lady trying hard to escape from her not so good home - abusive father and adults with little care for the child. She looked after him when she shouldn't so why should she give him an ornate funeral and ensure his home was in tip top condition - except to sell it of course. But as she fixes one problem with the house, another appears. And then there is her ex - not boyfriend but boy who was her friend ( as was his mother). Who is now trying to give back after being in prison and knowing how difficult it is for ex-offenders to find work. But would now like to be her real boyfriend now she is back in town. I liked to story and admired the idea of giving back. A good read, well plotted and enjoyable.

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A little confusing at times but overall it was a good book ... Some humor... A book to read on a day in....

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