The Midnight Man

A Slayton Thriller

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Pub Date 13 Oct 2021 | Archive Date 31 Oct 2021

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From number one bestselling author Caroline Mitchell, comes the first chilling Slayton thriller for fans of C. J. Tudor and Stephen King.

If you open your door to the Midnight Man, hide with a candle wherever you can. Try not to scream as he draws near, because one of you won't be leaving here...

On Halloween night in Slayton, five girls go to Blackhall Manor to play the Midnight Game. They write their names on a piece of paper and prick their fingers to soak it in blood. At exactly midnight they knock on the door twenty-two times - they have invited the Midnight Man in.

It was supposed to be a game, but only four girls come home.

Detective Sarah Noble has just returned to the force, and no one knows more about Blackhall Manor than her. It's a case that will take Sarah back to everything she's been running from, and shake her to the core.

Will she be ready to meet the Midnight Man?

From number one bestselling author Caroline Mitchell, comes the first chilling Slayton thriller for fans of C. J. Tudor and Stephen King.

If you open your door to the Midnight Man, hide with a...

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Featured Reviews

What an entertaining and gripping story. A mix of horror and thriller that I read in one sitting.
It starts with a bang and kept me turning pages as I was slowly discovering the story of Sarah and following the twists of the plot.
The author use some horror tropes and creates a fresh and exciting story.
Sarah is a great character, a damaged woman who faces her demons and is able to overcome them. I loved her and would happy to read other story featuring this characters.
I loved this story and hoped to read soon another one in this series.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine

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OH MY GOD!! What a book. This book actually creeped me out it was so good. At times I had to remind myself to breath. One of the strongest main characters I've come across in a long time and the plot.... WOW! This book kept me up well into the night. After I checked all my doors and windows were locked though!

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I own several books by this author, and this is the first time I have read one! I know, I know...

Her latest book The Midnight Man is a fabulously addictive crime, thriller and series suspense novel that has its roots based in the past. After a family is murdered an urban legend gradually starts to permeate from the abandoned and creepy Blackhall Manor. Fast forward 25 years and a group of teens decide to follow the rules to summon the Midnight Man. A game, nothing will really happen, but five girls arrive and only four return home again!

Well, this had a very series feeling to it pretty much all the way through. The opening for the story sets the tale that is to follow. I do like the way an old mystery or crime can give credence to a rumour. This sets the atmosphere for the story and with the inclusion of someone who has knowledge of the old manor it also adds secrets.

When the teen goes missing it starts to bring the past to the forefront of peoples minds. This gives the police investigation a nice twist. There is more to Det. Sarah Noble than first meets the eye. She has recently returned to the force and she herself bears an air of mystery.

This is a story that has mystery upon mystery. The author has started with one theme that centres around the Manor, it has then been morphed, twisted and tweaked. This gives the reader a chance to encounter several characters, a few other theories and this leads the reader to start drawing conclusions. I found myself convinced I had this one sussed out, and then I changed my mind, and yep changed it again! I love it when this happens.

As this is the first time I have read anything by this author I found a deeply twisted story that was creepy yes, but not too frightening. It is a mix of crime, thriller, mystery and suspense, it does have an element of police procedural. There is far more to this story than I have hinted at here, and I did find it hard to put down. It is one I would definitely recommend.

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A creepy old dilapidated house with its own horror story. A scary game played by teens on Halloween. One of the teens goes missing. That’s me hooked!

The story of Blackhall Manor is known by all the residents of the small town. 25 years ago the father killed his whole family then turned the gun on himself. It is believed the house is cursed and has been left locked up since the day the police left. Until the night 5 local girls receive anonymous invitations to play The Midnight Man game at the Manor. On the back of the cards the words ‘If you tell you go to hell’.

When one of the girls goes missing the others are too terrified to admit where they were. Did they summon the midnight man? Is he after them next?

Sarah returns to the village with her husband and their cat. They are both police officers but Sarah is currently on leave. Her story unfolds as the book progresses.

We meet many interesting characters in the book, my favourite being 7 year old Elliott who is having nightmares about The Midnight Man, apparently seeing him in his dreams.

Who is The Midnight Man?

Well you will just have to read the book to find out!

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Caroline Mitchell is such a great thriller author. I have loved so many of her books and this was no different. She is great at misdirection and keeps me guessing until the grand reveal.

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