City Witchery

Accessible Rituals, Practices & Prompts for Conjuring and Creating in a Magical Metropolis

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Pub Date 14 Sep 2021 | Archive Date 28 Sep 2021

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City Witchery is an accessible and intuitive guide to making and finding magic as a city dweller, traveler, or someone living in a small apartment.

In this gorgeous book, author of Light Magic for Dark Times and The Magical Writing Grimoire, Lisa Marie Basile, shows how you can maintain a practical, potent, and poetic practice when nature, time, space, and resources are scarce.

City Witchery invites you to step into your own power through poetic writing prompts, reflections, and practical rituals—so that you can find the sacred in your city.

In these pages, you will:

tap into your inner magic—within the context of a city environment or while travelingshadow work with your citytune into city astrologyembrace the enchantment of city streets and the power of wanderinghonor the dead in your city through graveyard ritualmake kitchen witchery and find ways to make your apartment magicaldisconnect from digital and sensory overloadreframe city limitations to reveal potential and inspirationlearn to tap into energieswrite magical poetry inspired by your cityhonor the people and cultures that came before you From constructing portable or permanent altars and working with herbs in apartment magic to performing bibliomancy in your city library and working with nature and the moon in city spaces, City Witchery offers a new, attainable way to live intentionally in a city. 

City Witchery is an accessible and intuitive guide to making and finding magic as a city dweller, traveler, or someone living in a small apartment.

In this gorgeous book, author of Light Magic for...

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This book changed my perceptions about cities. Thank's to Lisa Marie Basile's writing, I now have a greater appreciation for the beauty and spark that cities have and the positive influence that can have on our spirituality and rituals. I would recommend this book to everyone who is looking for a new read to support their city witchcraft and also anyone looking for a sense of calm or community within the fast paced life of a metropolitan as this book will help guide you. If you enjoy books about travel or love a good city break this could be a great read for you when you plan your next trip and you decide how you want to explore your city of choice. Another reason that I thoroughly enjoyed this book is because Lisa writes so beautifully about making City Witchery accessible and includes some great tips about how to make City Witchcraft more accessible. A fantastic read that I cannot wait to be published. I can see myself gifting this book to a lot of people this Christmas.

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This book is really interesting. I have read lots of books about witchcraft, and self-care - but this book was super original. I love the way it uses the environment inspire new spells and creative ideas. I especially love that it uses the idea of the city for good mental health. A lot of the time when reading books on mental health, it talks about wide open spaces, grass, greenery... basically the countryside. However, this book looks at the cityscapes with the same romantic notion that others do the countryside. I have always been a city girl, and love being in the city so immediately I connected to this book. The illustrations were simple, yet beautiful too. The really added to the cool relaxed vibe of the book. Overall I really enjoyed this book as I have never read anything like this before. Super interesting, and lots to take away and input into my everyday life.

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Unfortunately I could not get ahold of this book as it does not like my technology but I have heard many good things and would reccomend to try this out if it works better to access this then it did for me

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This book is unique in that it focuses on creating magic for those who live in busier cities or small spaces without access to fields of endless herbs and plant life. Many books on magic assume you can just take a quick walk to forage for flowers and herbs and immerse yourself in nature. But nature to a city dweller can mean something entirely else. And in this book, Basile gives creative advice and ideas on how to both practice and live a magical life everyday. She also gives ritual recipes and journal prompts for further studying. Most of all, I appreciated the author’s tone throughout the book. As someone who also suffers from chronic illness (like Basile), she writes as though she’s talking to a friend. I felt cared for, as if the book was written to me personally. I appreciated the self care ideas, and something I’d never heard of or though of before, a bed alter! Such a great idea. I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

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I really liked this book. It has plenty of trips and tricks to help you enjoy living in a busy city as a practicing witch and it put a lot of emphasis on how optional and customizable everything was, which makes perfect sense because your practice should be personal and unique to you. I loved the illustrations and the overall aesthetic of this. The whole book just had a feel-good vibe that I really appreciated. Overall, it was a very nice read.

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As I read this book the thought occurred to me more than once. As above so below. Our surrounding reflect our inner state and tweaking them can have an effect on the manifestation of things. This book is very interesting and practical. It is full of ways to use the city that you live in to improve, heal , even deal with crap that comes up. The illustrations are fun to look at and the whole subject is laid out in a very simple and step by step manner. Making life improvements in a fun and healthy way is possible using the methods and exercises in this book.

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"City Witchery" is a very charming book about the energy, beauty and magic of cities. Based on the title and description, I expected a helpful guide on how to make one's practice easier for people, like myself, who live in apartments in big cities, instead of the whimsical cottages and houses that are usually seen in social media on witching accounts. The book did deliver on that, but it went even beyond, going in to great tips on practices, energy channeling, exercises and even travel magic. The whole book was quite wholesome in both its topic and delivery - a light read for baby witches who might struggle with understanding their practice and unsure whether there are any right or wrong ways to follow their path. I really enjoyed the prompting questions and exercises and I definitely plan on trying to integrate them in my life. More than that, I loved the confirmation that there are many ways to be magical, even without fancy altars and rare herbs and oils. Not least of all, I was charmed by a somewhat trivial sentence near the end of the book, the author was explaining how she visited Vienna and Prague and while Prague greatly excited her, she felt nothing much in Vienna - same, sister, same - to this day the friend I visited Vienna with is still slightly offended that I don't praise that particular trip more, and the reason for that is that while a lovely city, it just didn't move me like others have.

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This is a lovely book, full of good information for the novice. I love the colors and formatting. Even the typeset is aesthetically pleasing to me. I honestly wanted to like this book. I seriously did. I pre-ordered it on Amazon. I don't want to pan it though as it is still a good book. It has some very good suggestions for developing your own personal Craft if you are in an urban environment. Ms. Basile is not presumptuous with her practices. She comes across as an authority in what she does. If you are a novice to an intermediate, I would give this book a try. The tools she uses are accessible to everyone. Her rituals are simple but appear to be effective. My main gripe with this is book is that I expected something phenomenal for $18.99. The book is far shorter than anticipated for this price range and much of the information can be gleaned from many other tomes. If you don't have a collection at your disposal or you are a fairly new urban Witch, I do recommend it. It's just not right for me, but it's still a very nice and pretty book.

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