Moon, Magic, Mixology

From Lunar Love Spell Sangria to the Solar Eclipse Sour, 70 Celestial Drinks Infused with Cosmic Power

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Pub Date 01 Dec 2021 | Archive Date 09 Dec 2021


Drink by the light of the moon with these 70 lunar cocktails that celebrate and strengthen your connection with this out-of-this-world celestial body.

For centuries, alcohol has been used to celebrate the moon and the moon’s phases. Now, modern moon lovers everywhere can learn how to make the perfect lunar-inspired drink. All you need is a tried-and-true recipe, a bottle of your favorite booze, and a dark moonlit night.

In Moon, Magic, Mixology, you’ll find 70 recipes for alcohol-based beverages that can be used to summon the moon for whatever you need. Each recipe is elevated by magical tools such as crystals, candles, herbs, aromatherapy, and meditations, helping you infuse magic into every drink. Whatever your moon desire, this book has you covered with full-color photos and tips on how to use your lunar libations to enhance your connection with the moon.
Drink by the light of the moon with these 70 lunar cocktails that celebrate and strengthen your connection with this out-of-this-world celestial body.

For centuries, alcohol has been used to celebrate...

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Adorable book on magical cocktails. I would absolutely make these delectable cocktails and I love the write up on what they mean and what they do for you.

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This book is cool that it gives you the different meanings of the moon cycles, the different ingredients and flavors! Now I will say there is some prep to your alcohol prior to moving into the actual recipes and some of them require some very specific flavors. This book is great for someone who really loves specialty cocktails and doesn't mind the extra effort to make it fantastic. The pictures are beautiful! I tried the Pumpkin Spice Lunar Latte as it was the easiest with what I had on hand and it was really yummy!

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More than a grimoire of lunar libations, Hadas takes mixology to the next level. Readers will delight in crafting and concocting potions to align with the phases of the moon, but each are clever in their accessibility and, of course, deliciousness. Filled with information on monthly moons, horoscopes, crystals, edible elements, setting intentions, and why each factor into what one will be creating, here. Hadas also helps to build reader's bars with recipes for bitters, syrups, and infusions. Even the garnishes and serving suggestions are playful nods to the stars and the moon. Check out "More Moon Magic" following each recipe for deeper ritual connections. Gorgeously laid out, 'Moon, Magic, Mixology' is a must-have for those wanting to incorporate celestial practices, however, this will find a solid place in every cocktail collection because these standout recipes are universal

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I love learning new ways of infusing magic for family, friends, and myself. This book takes potion making to a whole new level where people can imbibe and infuse themselves in magic all through the simple act of drinking a cocktail. It walks you through how the moon and alcohol can work together and other ways of infusing your potions/drinks with your intentions and pure natural magic. You'll need to prepare in advance as you may need to use the power if the moon in it's cycle to prepare some ingredients beforehand, but magic is all about setting intentions, harnessing the power of nature, the moon here, and setting intentions. Enjoy your own magic or share it with friends and family. Either way, you'll find recipes and methods you will want to incorporate into your own practices and make for a very merry meet.

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A beautiful recipe book that helps infuse a little moon magic into your bar at home. Extensive information about moon cycles and meanings and properties of ingredients along with delicious recipes will have you conjuring up delicious unique cocktails very quickly

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This book really does perfectly look after your moon magic and mixology needs. With cocktails for every phase of the moon and astrological occasion, this book is your one stop shop. The author tells you how to further boost each cocktail with accompanying crystals. The book also provides detail on what each ingredient does and represents. And if you’re looking for something specific, the reference section at the end makes finding it easy. Now off to try making the cocktails.

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ARC review: This was an interesting read. Lots of information on the moon, moon cycles, uses of the ingredients. Very sharp photos of all of the drinks. Love the details in this one. It is both classy and educational. Cheers to the moon!

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Ever since a certain movie and midnight margaritas, cocktails held a special place in my heart in connection to witchcraft. I just never had the chance to incorporate them into my path, mainly because I didn't know where to start. Moon, Magic, Mixology by Julia Halina Hades, is more than just a book about cocktails or the moon. It interweaves these topics in an ingenious way that I loved reading about, even though I didn't even want to make myself a drink in the near future. She guides us not only through the moon phases, but also through the seasons and there are many delicious recipes included in this book. If you enjoy a drink with your witchcraft, I highly recommend getting this book!

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What a magical book. I am always intrigued by ingredient or method specific cookbooks and this ticked all the boxes. Crafting infusions with care to make curated cocktails or mocktails is something I very much appreciate! All of the information provided was fascinating and to-the-point in the best way. I adored this and will definitely recommend it to many!

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