Wylder Bachelor

The Wylder West

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Pub Date 11 Oct 2021 | Archive Date 31 Oct 2021

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When Maryanne Wagner's father runs into money trouble at his bank, he trades Maryanne's hand in marriage for a loan. Her intended is a mean man who likes to hurt women. Maryanne refuses the marriage and robs her father's bank to get his attention. Wounded during her getaway, Maryanne stops at the livery in Wylder, Wyoming and hides in one of the stalls.
Chet Jackson Daniels runs the livery in Wylder and is looking for a new beginning. He discovers Maryanne in his livery and helps her against his better judgement. Fresh from a tangle with the law in Boston, Jackson has black and white ideas on what is right and wrong, until Maryanne comes into his life and shows him different.

When Maryanne Wagner's father runs into money trouble at his bank, he trades Maryanne's hand in marriage for a loan. Her intended is a mean man who likes to hurt women. Maryanne refuses the marriage...

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MaryAnne runs away from home, and her father who wants to marry her off to a sadist. Getting shot though was not part of the plan. Seeking shelter in a barn, she collapses and is saved by Chet the next day. Obvious after sparks fly, but takes a bit to get through issues to reach a HEA. Would recommend, but at times easy to skim. A good summer read.

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On the run after killing a man, Maryanne finds shelter and love in Wylder, Wyoming. Maryanne Wagner’s father doesn’t care about his only daughter. In fact, he offers her hand in marriage in order to secure a loan. Maryanne refuses to marry that sadistic man, so she robs her father’s bank to teach him a lesson. Saving a woman from a cruel death, she kills a man. While escaping, she gets shot by a posse chasing her in man’s clothing. She makes it to Wylder and hides out in the livery. Jackson owns the livery and nurses her back to health. He’s a caring man which is a new experience for Maryanne. He’s been wronged by a woman, so his heart is not easy to penetrate. When Jackson is arrested for the killing she committed, will she come clean and confess or let him hang? Can she prove to him not all women are bad, and her love is true, or will she run? Wylder Bachelor is an exquisite historical western romance I couldn’t stop reading. It’s another installment in the Wylder West series and I have to admit, this one is my favorite. Why? Well, the characters for one. Virginia Barlow creates characters you’ll either love or hate. Her hero and heroine are complex with many foibles. For Maryanne, she tends to be impulsive and feisty. I love the feistiness and I cringed at her impulsive ways. For Jackson, he’s very rigid in his thinking and he tends to miscalculate and misjudge people. As far as the antagonists, these men are utter evil and despicable. I wanted someone to tie them up by their entitled toes and let them hang. The setting of Wylder is another reason why I love this book. Virginia Barlow draws the reader in with her descriptive narration. It’s so vivid, so lush, I could smell the smells and reach out and touch the horses. The plot moves at a nice easy pace with plenty of action scenes. It’s the old west so there are plenty of guns, violence, and action but the women hold their own. The romance between Maryanne and Jackson was slow yet the attraction was immediate. The ending made my heart swell and I think I cried a little. If you’re a historical western romance reader, you’re going to love Wylder Bachelor. If you’re a fan of feisty, independent heroines, pick up Wylder Bachelor. Highly recommend! Disclaimer: I received a copy from the author in the hopes I'd review it. My thoughts are all my own. My Rating: 5 stars

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