The Prism Affect

Book One of The Skylight Series

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Pub Date 22 Aug 2021 | Archive Date 02 Nov 2021

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Earth can no longer sustain itself…

Massive storms blanket the planet, and the future of the human race is uncertain.

All hope seems lost until the creation of the Skylight System. The orbiting wonder rekindles hope for everyone, including one young man by the name of Jet Stroud. When he arrives at Skylight University, he sees an opportunity to live the life he never dreamt possible. There’s just one problem.

He’ll be dead soon.

Thanks to his rare condition known as ephebus mortem, a.k.a. The Youthful Death, he learns that legend says he will die before his twenty-fourth birthday. He can’t outrun his fate, but he may be able to outsmart it… if he acts fast.

Ephebus mortem comes with one very noticeable trait, though… his eyes glow. The stigma of the disease has followed him throughout his life, and unfortunately, he is labeled an outcast when the semester begins.

However, a young man from Jet’s home back on earth is also there and reluctantly agrees to help him. Together they locate the remaining students with ephebus mortem and begin their quest to find a cure for the strangest disease ever known.

As the semester rolls on, Jet’s condition worsens and his eyes glow brighter. He begins to see hallucinations, hidden symbols, and holographic prophecies. But the most disturbing symptom shocks him to the core. The ghost of a former student named Solan Alexander, who died a decade ago, begins to follow him. Are his eyes seeing reality or fiction?

Can Jet pull the group of misfits together in time to defeat the legend of ephebus mortem? Will he break the curse and save himself and the others before the semester closes? In the end, he will discover something so profound that it may change the fate of the human race forever.

Science becomes magic in this epic Sci-Fantasy thriller. Dive head-first into this shadowy quest with Jet and the gang as they tackle the mystery of ephebus mortem.

Stay tuned for book two of The Skylight Series.

Earth can no longer sustain itself…

Massive storms blanket the planet, and the future of the human race is uncertain.

All hope seems lost until the creation of the Skylight System. The orbiting...

Advance Praise

"Five Star Review from Readers' Favorite:

Author J. Wint's young adult dystopian series starts with a bang and should appeal to sci-fi and fantasy lovers alike. The Prism Affect is a captivating mix of sci-fi and fantasy that keeps your eyes glued to the pages from start to finish. The plot moves at a blistering pace, with a narrative that also incorporates elements from adventure and mystery genres to keep you on your toes and turning the pages with eager anticipation of what's to come. I found the characters well-developed, with backstories that add plenty of depth to their personalities. With a unique and authentic premise, the author delivers an imaginative tale that makes you crave the sequels by the end. If you're a fan of young adult sci-fi stories, do not miss out on The Prism Affect."

"Five Star Review from Readers' Favorite:

Author J. Wint's young adult dystopian series starts with a bang and should appeal to sci-fi and fantasy lovers alike. The Prism Affect is a captivating mix...

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Featured Reviews

All right, when I requested this book, I was somewhat misled by the blurb and therefore expecting a dystopian novel with a light magical twist rather than a SciFi-cum-Fantasy novel with a mystery twist. That doesn’t mean I was disappointed (all this genres and subgenres are right up my alley), but I sure was surprised. So if you are looking forward to reading thrilling descriptions of disasters and humankind’s (almost) ultimate seconds, be warned—you won’t get more than what is written in the blurb. Yet you should pick up a copy of this book, anyway, because thrilling it sure is. Jet Stroud is a young orphan and has been an outcast all his life because of the taboo disease he suffers from, which is called ephebus mortem, the Youthful Death. A very strange disease: nobody seems to know much about it, neither where it comes from nor what causes it. It doesn’t even manifest itself outwardly or organically; the only sign someone has it are the person’s eyes, which always glow like neon beams. Those who are afflicted know, however, that more likely than not, they’ll be dead by the time they reach the age of twenty-four, after a short period where they’re haunted by bizarre visions and hallucinations. And people tend to believe that to hang out with ephebus mortem candidates is bad luck, so in addition to their disease, those afflicted are also shunned by their peers. When Jet arrives at Skylight University, he doesn’t even know that little, though. His roommate, strangely oblivious of the taboos surrounding the illness and their bearers, is the one who forces Jet to find out more. But the path is long, paved with obstacles and weird apparitions, mostly fog-like ghosts that are following the young student around campus. Despite all this, he manages to gather the four other students suffering from ephebus mortem around him, and together, they try to unravel the secrets surrounding their mysterious ailing. That endeavour soon turns into a race for their survival… Despite a few unnecessary word repetitions, the book was well written and so perfectly paced that I almost finished it in one sitting. I don’t exaggerate—the mysteries were as thick as the morning fogs the author describes more than once. Kudos for the world-building, too. I cannot claim I could see the Skylight System as clearly as I see my real surroundings, but sometimes less is more, and the important element is atmosphere, of which there was plenty, in this book. No worries, that doesn’t mean lengthy, detailed descriptions of sceneries and landscapes, but always intense moods, tones, and vibes, which made me feel the main characters state of mind at any given moment. I was drawn in immediately and was turning the pages with bated breath, wanting to discover what would happen next and who, why, where, when… As thrilling and coherent the first four fifths of the book were, I found the revelation of the who, why, where toward the end of the story a little bit underwhelming. Not disappointing per se (nothing in this book was disappointing), but after all the secrets and mystery unexpected twists and turns, I felt a teensy bit let down. Yet, and this is a good point, I can see how exactly this element might be turned into new mysteries, new thrilling adventures, new questions and new quests, which we can certainly expect as this is only the first instalment of a whole series. I for one cannot wait for the next books to be published in order to experience how everything turns out. As for this book—recommended!

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Received as a review copy from NetGalley, this is an honest review. This is an absolute harrowing journey. What kind of legacy can a person leave behind when they'll be dead by the time they're twenty-four? For Jet Stroud and all of the unfortunate individuals that have Ephebus mortem ( the Youthful Death); time maybe short but that doesn't means they cannot leave a mark they existed. Getting into Skylight University, Jet finds others who are like himself and for once maybe a piece of hope: to find a cure to this destructive disease. The only things that stand in their way are secrets deeply personal and an unworldly being that is haunting to those that encounter it. Beautifully written and poignant... highly recommended.

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Thank you to the publisher for the digital ARC, it has not affected my honest review. The Prism Affect is an enjoyable and well written mystery based around a group of people who all die before the age of 24. They have glowing eyes and always have tragic ends, which is one of the most interesting parts of this book. The scifi element of this book is subtle and rarely relevant, though I enjoyed the ways that humanity adapted to space and the back story of particular characters. The main character Jet wasn't my favourite but I enjoyed his interactions with the others like him. Overall I'm glad I read this book!

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Jet Stroud wishes he could just attend Skylight University, play blaze and not have people stare at him or avoid him completely. But as someone with ephebus mortem, the youthful death, he doesn't have that option. It's as unavoidable as the glow that emanates from his eyes. As he starts his semester, Jet must meet the other "euphs" at school in order to find out what ephebus mortem will do to them all, and as he does, he finds himself in the middle of a mystery that may just cost him his life... The Prism Affect is a fantastic book! I really enjoyed the world-building touches, including the titular Prism Affect, where rainbows surround characters due to the sun's angle on the belts. With a bit of a slow start (chapter 1 is more of a prologue than anything), it does quickly develop into a very fast-paced book, which sweeps you along so that I found myself finishing the book in only two sittings. I enjoyed the variety of characters, as well. While this has hints of the dystopian future genre, it truly is an excellent sci-fi book, and I look forward to the next installment of the series!

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