Buried Secrets

Sgt. Windflower Mysteries #11

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Pub Date 10 Dec 2021 | Archive Date 14 Dec 2021

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"RCMP Sergeant Winston Windflower is at a crossroads as career opportunities intrude on his near-perfect life in the blustery paradise of Grand Bank, Newfoundland.

Just as the pandemic ends, the little oceanside communities are rocked by the murders of prominent figures, an RCMP Staff Sergeant in St. John’s and a minister in Grand Bank, and it’s implied that there are national security implications to at least one crime.

There’s also a sinister new character hanging around doing the parish’s dirty work. Windflower finds himself a primary investigator, balancing work, potential major changes, and life with a young family while seeking guidance from his ancestral teachings and dreams. 

Are the crimes connected, and can Windflower and his team find the killer before they strike again? Even as the police work becomes more complicated and even dangerous, Sgt. Windflower finds time to enjoy his family, his friends and always some great food. Come back to Grand Bank for another great adventure in Sgt. Windflower Mysteries.

"RCMP Sergeant Winston Windflower is at a crossroads as career opportunities intrude on his near-perfect life in the blustery paradise of Grand Bank, Newfoundland.

Just as the pandemic ends, the...

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"It feels like coming home to read about Winston, his wife and children, the cozy dinners, delicious recipes of fish and meats, friendships, and the beautiful community of Grand Bank. Mike Martin has created a likable character in Winston. He is a kind, caring and dedicated member of the RCMP. The men under his command respect and look up to him for counsel. An enjoyable read that I hope will continue with the next chapter of Sgt.Winston Windflower."

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"It feels like coming home to read about Winston, his wife and children, the cozy dinners, delicious recipes of fish and meats, friendships, and the beautiful community of Grand Bank. Mike Martin has...

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Thank you so much publisher providing an arc! I just devoured this book. It was so nerve-wrecking so I can not express enough about the plot. The plot is so interesting that you will find yourself gasping everytime you find something new. I really like the worldbuilding, and how the author can create a world that has the capability of making us vicariously live through it. I feel like the introduction was a bit too slow-paced for me. The characters are fairly interesting. Henceforth, it was quite a good read.

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Thank you, #MikeMartin for the opportunity to read the latest in the Sgt. Winston Windflower series of mysteries. I have enjoyed each and every one that I have read (have to go back and read a bunch, but that's coming). This time out, Windflower has been seconded back to Grand Bank to deal with the death of a beloved minister - which leads to the intersection of at least one other case back from whence he had just come. It appears that there are some strange goings-on at the manse. At the same time, Winston is continuing his internal explorations, heavily influenced by prophetic dreams involving his Auntie Marie, a whale and even a cat! They've all been sent to guide him on his continuing journey both as a husband and father but also as a RCMP officer. When it looks as though the case of a murdered co-worker has tentacles in his current case, Windflower must navigate some sordid worlds and suspects - one of whom will seemingly do anything (maybe including murder) to keep his secret(s). We also are taken back to his previous case, when one of the teenagers he helped has gotten into some trouble not of her own making, and Winston works hard to get her back on the straight and narrow. One of the things I like about this series is that it's not all murder and mayhem (although there is a death-by-Moose incident that seems to affect all involved) but also an exploration of parenthood, relations and relationships, and internal struggles with spirituality, Cannot wait to see where the story goes next.

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I wish to express my sincere thanks to NetGalley and author Mike Martin for Buried Secrets in return for an honest review. This is the 11th book in the Sgt. Windflower Mystery series. I had not read any of the earlier books but have already downloaded three previous books in the series. I want to learn more about this unique RCMP officer and his criminal investigations. The cover of the book is gorgeous. Its title is one that is overused. To search for this book, I found numerous ones with identical titles. The pandemic seems to be easing in Newfoundland to the point that most restrictions have been lifted and lockdowns are no longer mandated. Martin Windflower had been temporarily assigned to RCMP headquarters in St. John's, where he worked for the public outreach division. His Staff Sergeant in St. John's had been murdered, and that case is yet unsolved. Now Wildflower is happy to rejoin his young family in the town of Grand Bank. He is pleased to reunite with his family and renew his life with old friends he missed during the pandemic. He has the respect of the local police force for his dedication, investigative skills, kindness, and likeability. There are joyous occasions of fellowship with descriptions of sharing delicious meals, some unique to Newfoundland. There is a vivid sense of place with atmospheric descriptions of the land, sea, and fog. Windflower is of Cree heritage and grew up in Northern Alberta. He is deeply attuned to Cree spirituality through the influence of his family. He looks for guidance through ancestral teachings, prophetic dreams, and smudging rituals. His uncle living nearby is a dream-weaver and helps Windflower interpret his dreams and visions. Of course, he also relies on the investigative techniques of the RCMP. He finds he must balance his criminal cases with family life. An elderly minister has been murdered in Grand Bank, and Windflower is asked to lead the investigation. The female minister is rumoured to be overly fond of men in RCMP uniform. A sinister person has arrived in the community and is impeding the investigation into the murder. There seems to be a connection between the murder of the minister in Grand Bank and the killing of the officer in St. John's, and the cases may have security implications. Will both cases be eventually solved? Will Wildflower remain with the RCMP force in Grand Bank, take an assignment elsewhere, or decide to resign to spend more time with family and friends? This was an intriguing mystery but also relied on the love of family, friends, fellowship, and the atmospheric setting of coastal Newfoundland and its people. I am looking forward to learning more about Sgt. Windflower, his crime-solving, his family, and his spirituality through previous books in the series. I found the book slow-paced at first but enjoyed it more when it got into the police work. 3.5 raised to 4 stars.

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The author has created a likable character in Winston. He is a kind, caring family man who is also a dedicated member of the RCMP. I really enjoy this series and very much hope it continues for a very long time. I look forward to the next book and I highly recommend this series.

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Set in stunning Newfoundland, this mystery story is written simply and uniquely. The geographical descriptions are as inspiring as the beautiful commercial depictions on (real life) TV! RCMP Sgt. Winston Windflower returns home from an assignment to his lovely wife and two imaginative young daughters. His task now is to discover why two people have been killed. One was an RCMP officer, the other a minister. But there is more to the story than murder. Who is responsible for the crimes? Winston's Cree background comes out, especially in his traditions and dreams with his sage Auntie Marie. My favourite aspects of the story are the family time...playing games, visiting, breakfasting and playing together and the wonderful food descriptions such as stews, scrunchions and seafood casseroles. It evokes home, safety and security. As a Canadian, I enjoy the Canadianisms. If you seek stories with mystery and comfy home life, do read this series. I like that it is different. My sincere thank you to BooksGoSocial and NetGalley for the privilege of reading this original book. The ending has me incredibly curious!

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Sergeant Windflower is back home in Grand Bank, back to his lovely family and a new set of deaths. He retains contacts with the St John's police to whom he was seconded in the last book and, I assume, remained there through much of the pandemic. There are three very strong strands through all of the Windflower books - his dedication to the RMCP, his love of family and his Cree spirituality. The latter two seem to be taking more prominence in the recent books. I enjoy learning about Cree beliefs with Windflower's dreams, smudging and discussions with family, past and present. The police cases are topical and, although nasty, they are not overly gruesome or gratuitous. The family aspects read more like a diary - getting up, cooking and eating breakfast, sorting the daughters for nursery/school, walking the dog, going to work, coming home, walking the dog, talking about the day's work, playing with daughters, cooking and eating dinner, bath and bedtime, then TV and popcorn with his wife before walking the dog and going to bed. That's fine in a way but I really do not need to read about this every day. It is, however, lovely that he has a happy family life, so many police officers don't, I also like the setting and descriptions of the town and its history, its characters and landscape. He is thinking a lot more about his future, and discussing with wife and work colleagues. I look forward to where he goes next but prefer to leave some time between reading the books as I can only cope with so much of the somewhat repetitive, diary-feel to the stories. Thanks to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.

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procedural, law-enforcement, Canada, murder, murder-investigation, moose, family, family-dynamics, pandemic, fraud, drugs-issues, red-herrings, relatives, Cree, cultural-heritage, Newfoundland, small-business, small-town, interagency, church-politics, misogyny, RCMP***** First, I loved it! The mysteries are always well done and there are several things which need solving. But I always like to learn things along the way, like how the law enforcement agencies are arranged (Royal Newfoundland Constabulary are the most localized, RCMP detachments are situated all over the vast country, and the NCSI is the Canadian Security and Intelligence), regional foodstuffs and delights, and how Canadian law enforcement deals with misogyny in the ranks (those problems don't just vanish over the border). This has a strong plot with characters you can really relate to. The constant threads are Windflower, his small family, the larger group of friends, and Newfoundland itself. One change in the thread is that Windflower is becoming dissatisfied with all the things that every law enforcement member snags his prospects on--how much longer can he put up with the awfulness. He and Sheila are trying to work out a good plan that will keep them in Grand Bank without having to take on a position he doesn't want nor be transferred to another part of the country at the whim of the RCMP. This is also the first of a very few mysteries that have the spectre of COVID lightly woven into daily life and behaviors. Each of the Windflower books is fully capable of standing alone. I requested and received a free temporary copy from BooksGoSocial via NetGalley. Thank you also to the author!

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Thanks to Mike Martin and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to preview the latest in the Sgt. Windflower series. I thoroughly enjoy these books and always look forward to new ones. In this book, Sgt. Windflower is investigating several murders and there are national security issues involved. The police procedural is well done, but it is only part of the treat of reading these books. As we read the newspapers or watch TV, we only hear about the "business" part of police officers' lives. It is refreshing to read about the private sides of their lives and how they have to balance commitment to their work and love for their families.

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the Sgt. Windflower Mystery Series just keeps getting better and better. Characters have more depth with each story, the plots are timely and well-planned and executed, and there is an element of suspense every time about where the future will take Winston Windflower and his loving family. In the previous book, Safe Harbour, Windflower and his family were embarking on the next step in their life journey, trying out a different job within the RCMP, furthering Sheila’s education, and enlarging their little family of 3 to 4 with the addition of foster child Stella. But something called a pandemic happened. Sheila and the children had to return to Grand Bank and all jobs were performed differently than they had been before. And now, at the start of the current story, Buried Secrets, just as Winston has adjusted to this temporary long-distance life with him in St. John’s, what looks like a suspicious death occurs in Grand Bank and he is recalled. Of course it’s not that simple. The long-distance aspect of his life now is continuing to investigate the murder of his previous boss in St. John’s. Windflower continues to grow and mature while appearing younger and more lighthearted at the same time. We have glimpses of Crabby Windflower when something on the job really irks him, and then equally enjoyable glimpses of Playful Windflower, when he is being ridiculously silly blowing bubbles with his little girls. Early in the series he at times seemed a little too solemn and serious, but now he feels like a young man with a young family, and the life choices he is facing are entirely appropriate. He’s not rocking the boat; he’s figuring out what is best for their future. Family life is pretty good these days, a slower life of routine and family time each day, attention to good meals and time intentionally well spent. Changing any part of that is a big decision. Author Mike Martin presents us with a large cast of characters this time around, some familiar and well-loved like Uncle Frank, Herb Stoodley, Carrie and Eddie Tizzard, Betsy Malloy Constable Rick Smithson, and some new characters that are mysterious, unethical, devious and dangerous. The plot is complex with connections between St. John’s and Grand Bank that are revealed a little at a time. The solution to the crimes is surprising but the foundation has been well laid and carried to a very satisfactory resolution. As for what’s next for Sgt. Winston Windflower – I was on the edge of my seat throughout the book. Will he accept a new position? Will they have to leave Grand Bank? Will he resign from the RCMP? He looks for guidance as always through his rituals, his dreams, his inner reflections, and those he trusts and loves. Thanks to author Martin and Ottawa Press and Publishing for providing an advance copy of Buried Secrets via NetGalley for my reading pleasure and honest review. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, recommend it without hesitation, and can’t wait to learn what path Winston, Sheila, Amelia Louise and Stella will take next. I hope I won’t have too long to wait. All opinions are my own.

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