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Pub Date 01 Mar 2022 | Archive Date 01 Mar 2022
Wattpad Books, W by Wattpad Books

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Determined to win.
Destined to fall.

Savannah “Savvy” Jenkins is no stranger to the crude comments and leering looks she gets in the pit. Out to prove that she can succeed in a man’s world, she thinks she knows what to expect when she joins Formula World world champion Dante Annunziata’s crew.

Dante is determined to finish his season on top. And Savvy is nothing but a distraction that threatens to get in the way. Convinced Savvy has no business on the team, Dante’s prepared to do anything to get her off.

But when a paparazzo catches the two in a compromising position, Dante and Savvy are in for a fauxmance for the ages. As their fake attraction turns real, they realize that there may be more to life than simply speeding through it.

Determined to win.
Destined to fall.

Savannah “Savvy” Jenkins is no stranger to the crude comments and leering looks she gets in the pit. Out to prove that she can succeed in a man’s world, she thinks...

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Although I am not a huge car/race fan, I dove headfirst into this novel and LOVED it. The romance story between the main characters was one of slight age/career gap. I enjoyed the frequent switching of POV, you could always know where each character was coming from, and knew how each felt and what they were experiencing. I enjoyed the racing references and info, it did add to the story. Dante and Savvy have a great story, and I highly recommend this romance. #Drive #NetGalley

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This book was everything I wanted and more... the angst and beautifully written story arc made this a joy to read.
As a Formula One fanatic I loved the breadcrumbs of information throughout that helped the build the world and also make it come to life and feel that bit more realistic.

The overall cuteness factor with Dante and Savannah was just to die for, all the small moments that just kept giving me all the feels... defo a book I will go back to regularly and recommend to anyone who loves angst, romance, haters to lovers.

Overall I would rate it 3.5 Stars, a safe book to always fall back on that you know will brighten your day!

I am so very thankful for the opportunity to read this book in advance.

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The way the book was well thought out and had so much length to it was amazing. Most books of this genre I have read are short and just revolve around the entimacy of the main characters. The author gave so much depth and character development for both Dante and Savvy. I didn't want to put this book down. It was truly amazing and inticing.

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Another great Tamara Lush book.
Dante is a world famous racer. He is in the final races of his career and wants to finish on top. Savannah is a beautiful girl, determined to learn the racing world from the pit crew up. When she is hired to work in Dante's crew, he is not happy. Women do not belong in the crew after all. But, circumstances force the two of them to pretend to be engaged, and when they "break up" they are both left wondering if their relationship was more real than they thought.
While predictable, it was a great story. I loved Savannah's character, and rooted for her the whole book.
I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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it was fun and adorable; absolutely loved savannah
it was good to see a girl featured in the f1 scene working in with the cars

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Drive is a steamy , hot , erotica with ample amount of romance under the spice of feminism set onto the backdrop of formula one racing industry by none other than Tamara Lush ( who is an author of many published novels and a wattpad star ) . The storyline throughout the novel move with lead characters and their budding romance , aptly touching the issues of gender inequality, low treatment of women highlighting the dark reality & illusionistic world of Formula Racing Industry full with scams & lies.
Now the chemistry between our hot ltalian male & Fiesty America female is worthy blend of boldly impressive character development, which brings the novel futher up in one's reading list.
Lastly , my silly questions to Mrs. Tamara Lush :-
" When I am getting the opportunity to buy tickets for the live - action adaptation of your novel ?"
As I can see the release day isn't distant enough.
And this book also highly recommend so don't forget to pre-order it fast .

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This was a fast paced steamy read. Again this book will not be for everyone but if you enjoy drama with hairpin turns with a white hot temperature then you will like this book.

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Savannah “Savvy” Jenkins is a reformed southern belle beauty queen turned grease monkey, who is out to prove she can make it in a man’s world. But not just any man’s world, six time Formula World champion Dante Annuziata’s pit crew. She was raised in an automotive empire and trained with the best, but will anyone be able to see past her beauty and appreciate her intellect and crew skills? Especially, when her boss seems to want to use her for PR stunts and Dante himself doesn’t want women on the track.

I loved the unique premise behind this epic love story between Dante and Savvy. Set in the European racing circuit, this book takes you traveling around the world and gives you plenty of plot twists, funny banter, emotional depth, and personal growth. Savvy is such a lovable and strong heroine in this story. Tamara Lush truly created a romantic masterpiece with this one. I highly recommend this book to any romance lover.

Thank you to NetGalley, Wattpad Books, and Tamara Lush for my ARC in exchange for my honest review!

This review will be posted on my Instagram blog (@bumbling.bibliophile), GoodReads (@bumbling.biblio), and Amazon upon release!

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Lovely 🥰

Could there have been a lil more spice? Of course, but overall ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for this sweet love story about a take-no-sh*t Georgia peach and a cocky Italian F1 racer finding love in the tropiest of circumstances, yes, a fake relationship (I myself am a sucker for a good fake dating book 🤤).

I certainly recommend this book to any romance lover and look forward to reading more from Tamara Lush!

*ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review*

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By Tamara Lush
Published by Wattpad Books

*I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

I did not know where this book was going and Wattpad itself gets a bad reputation. However, this book surprised me and I freaking loved it.
This book will really take you through an emotional rollercoaster. There will be moments where you are pissed off at the character and moments when you are swooning - It’s called balance.

Dante is our Male Main Character and he is a 32 year old Italian Race Car driver - and not the kind at NASCAR. He drives through the streets of cities. So yes, Italian is spoken and yes you will swoon!!
Dante is also the best driver and has won 6 championships; however, this will be his last year before he retires. Because he is retiring his team has a younger driver to fill his spot, Max. Max is young and wild. He is constantly getting in trouble and Dante has to use his image to overrule the scandals Max causes. Due to this, Dante is not the biggest fan of Max’s.

But because this sport cannot be done solo, Dante relies heavily on his crew in order for the success of a win. But his life is scrambled when the owner of his crew hires a new female pit member. Dante is irritated with this decision - he has misogynistic views of women being on the crew. There is a reason for why he believes women should stay out of this sport, most of which is uncovered in the first chapter. But chances are you will not like Dante at first because of this.. He gets much better! Ages like fine wine! ;)

But that doesn’t stop Savannah, Savvy, our 24 year old American from Georgia from working with the crew. Savvy comes from a wealthy family, her father owns a parts company for race cars and most of her younger years she spent in beauty pageants. But the thing is, beauty pageants were something she never truly wanted. Thus, all her free time was spent with her father learning the ins and outs of race cars. This is how she ends up getting her degree in this subject matter and getting on with Dante’s crew.

Savvy is a gorgeous redhead who instantly catches Dante’s attention and they are caught in a sticky situation. Simultaneously, Max has gotten into trouble with the media. But before the spotlight can cover Max’s issues, the owner decides the best way to squash Max’s story is to have Savvy and Dante fake-date. Since this is all a publicity stunt put on by the owner, they are subjected to fake-date for the entirety of Dante’s final year of racing. Meaning they will spend the next 6 months together. The lines start to blur and what is fake and what is real…

But can Dante overcome his misogynistic views? Can Savvy keep her focus?

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I did not know that I needed a hot Italian race car driver in my life!

This story was so good! The angst between Savvy and Dante was perfect, their growing love was perfect, the talk about how women are just as capable as men couldn’t have been better! Women are powerful and Savvy showed that because she knew what she wanted and went for it! I’m happy they got their happy ending!

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Savannah Jenkins is tired of being judged by her looks, all those beauty pageants her mother put her through have left a scar so now she is doing what she really wants to, working in the pit crew of Formula World champion Dante Annunziata. Dante has other ideas, there's no way he want a woman involved and makes plans to get rid of her. The paparazzi's interest makes that impossible and suddenly Dante and Savvy find they have to spend a lot more time together than they had planned. Fun and exciting

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What a fun, spicy sports romance! I really enjoyed this one! It brought ALLLLLL the emotions! I will definitely read Tamara's next read. Also, I absolutely loved Savannah!

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It had been several years, since I read something from Tamara Lush. So, when Drive came along on Netgalley. I couldn’t resist.

Whereas the Paradise Beach series takes place on an island, Drive takes you through- out the world. Because Formula World Racing goes from track to track. We meet the spicy Italian Dante, who has a great chance of winning the champion­ship this year. And we have his younger new teammate Max. As a Dutchy, of course I immediately thought of Max Verstappen. Who was last years champion, by the way:)

However, in this story Max is rumoured to have been involved in a theft of car designs. So duh, definitely not’ our’ Max. The team owner therefore, could use some

distractions from these rumors. When the arrogant Dante gets photographed a little bit suggestive with one of the car’s mechanics, he sees a possibility to do just that. Savannah has worked very hard to earn her position as a tire mechanic on the team. Being the first woman working in the Formula world pits crew is hopefully her contribution in getting more gender equality in the pitts.

well, probably not, if the arrogant, stubborn and old fashioned Italian driver Dante has something to say about it. From the first condescending remark, Savvy knows she will hate this guy.

But now, in order to keep her job, she has to pretend that she is his girlfriend. During the season, we can read from both P0V the frustrations, opinions and the mutual attraction. So, maybe there is more to Dante’s blunt refusal to women in the pitts. And maybe there is a reason for Savannah to prove herself in this

men’s world. Sparks are flying, but will Dante and Savannah admit their feelings? Or will they just crash and burn?

Find out for yourself in this great read about lies, deceit and family. Four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.

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Could they actually fake a relationship?

Savannah Jenkins had gotten her degree in automotive engineering to help in her goal to run a professional race car team and something to prove for Team Eagle in the pit crew. Driver Dante Annunziata didn’t want any women on his team because he felt they would be a distraction and wanted her gone. But the team wanted them to fake a relationship to help with PR during Dante’s final season as a driver while he tried to win the championship for the seventh time.

I decided to read Drive because it was different from the usual romance between a race car driver and someone in the pit crew, but I liked the epilogue that made the perfect ending for the story.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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This was a pretty good read following a Formula race driver and a member of his team. Dante is our driver, on his 7th and last seaon, Savannah is new to the auto sports world and secures a position on his team. Sparks and tension immediately fly. This book had so many tropes it was a romance lovers dream. I really liked how it played out and look forward to reading more from Tamara Lush soon!

Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for providing me with an arc for an honest review!

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