100 Plants to Feed the Birds

Turn Your Home Garden into a Healthy Bird Habitat

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Pub Date 06 Dec 2022 | Archive Date 10 May 2022
Storey Publishing, Storey Publishing, LLC

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The growing group of bird enthusiasts who enjoy feeding and watching their feathered friends  will learn how they can expand their activity and help address the pressing issue of habitat loss with 100 Plants to Feed the Birds. In-depth profiles offer planting and care guidance for 100 native plant species that provide food and shelter for birds throughout the year, from winter all the way through breeding and migrating periods. Readers will learn about plants they can add to their gardens and cultivate, such as early-season pussy willow and late-season asters, as well as wild plants to refrain from weeding out, like jewelweed and goldenrod. Others, including 29 tree species, may already be present in the landscape and readers will learn how these plants support the birds who feed and nest in them. Introductory text explains how to create a healthy year-round landscape for birds. Plant photographs and range maps provide needed visual guidance to selecting the right plants for any location in North America.

The growing group of bird enthusiasts who enjoy feeding and watching their feathered friends  will learn how they can expand their activity and help address the pressing issue of habitat loss with ...

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I love to feed the birds in my backyard, but bird seed can become expensive to buy year round. This book helps you pick plants, shrubs and trees that will not only add beauty to your yard but provide for your feathered friends during the summer and fall. The book is divided into sections. The first section is how to create a habitat for birds to live in. This section goes into details about the bird and plant relationships. There are beautiful pictures of the different types of birds and the trees/plants they enjoy. Then it breaks down into plants: trees of all kinds, shrubs, plants and vines. In this section it list individual tree/plant type and information about that item. A map with the areas in which it is native. A chart with uses, type of sun exposure it likes, the seasons that this plant is useful to birds, color and size. It will even tell what birds favor that plant. This is a must have book for bird lovers that want to provide some natural habitat for their local birds.

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Coming out early May next year is this wonderful book, for all looking to encourage more birds to their garden. Although the book is focused on the birds and poants more commonly found in North America, there are many plants and trees that are found in the UK that can be utilized to bring more of our avian friends to our gardens. Hopefully the book will encourage enough of us who appreciate these wonders of nature, to help restore some of their lost habitat into our own gardens. For more information about the author visit https://www.lauraerickson.com/about-laura/ Thanks go to @netgalley @storeypub for an advanced copy to read.

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An Excellent book if you are trying to attract all those beautiful birds to your yard. The pictures are large enough so you can tell the good plant from the bad plants, and the pictures of the birds are just beautiful. The discription of the plants will tell you why the birds like the plant and how they are benifical for your garden and other critters. The book is easy read and not complicated at all and I love the reference of the botanical clubs at the end of the book so I can learn more about the plants in my yard. I want to thank Storey Publishing, Storey Publishing, LLC and NetGalley for this beautiful book about birds.

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100 Plants to Feed the Birds is a factually written books with the top 100 native trees, herbaceous plants, shrubs, grasses, vines, and plants that grown on trees for the entire United States. Each entry includes information about that particular item, what birds are attracted to them and for what reason, species that should and should not be planted and why as well as the map of the United States where the entry would be native and the best growing conditions. Under each particular section, each plant was listed in alphabetical order to make finding them easier. As a beginner in trying to attract birds to my large yard in a state that's new to me, I read through each entry, looking in particular for plants and trees that would work for my particular location, I felt comfortable knowing what I was and wasn't looking for and why I would plant it in my yard. This is a wonderful reference for anyone looking to plant native species in their yard to attract, not only birds, but the insects, bees, and butterflies that are attracted to them as well and I highly recommend purchasing it when it's released on 5/22/2022.

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