Possums Are Not Cute!

And Other Myths about Nature's Most Misunderstood Critter

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Pub Date 10 May 2022 | Archive Date 28 Jul 2022

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Possums may steal your garbage…but with this book, they’ll also steal your heart!

Possums are more than the ugly-cute icons of the internet. These so-called trash animals and pointy kitties are not only relatable avatars for anxious but resilient people everywhere, but nature’s secret clean-up crew.
Organized around common myths that have given possums a bad reputation, this fun and offbeat book reveals the truth about possums through dozens of adorable photos, informative illustrations, and fascinating facts.  Did you know that…

   Possums protect people and pets from disease! A single possum can eat up to 4,000 ticks per week!
   Possums excel at interspecies friendships, often sleeping in other animals’ dens.
   Possums are shy creatures: when they “play dead,” they are actually fainting from anxiety!
Written by wildlife rehabber and possum advocate Ally Burguieres, known for her popular Instagram account @ItsMeSesame, this accessible and giftable guide explains why possums deserve our admiration and offers tips on how we can protect and advocate for these magical marsupials.
Possums may steal your garbage…but with this book, they’ll also steal your heart!

Possums are more than the ugly-cute icons of the internet. These so-called trash animals and pointy kitties are not...

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Featured Reviews

This is the perfect blend of informative and freaking adorable! Perfect for anyone who loves possums, loves cute animals, or is interested in wildlife and/or learning about wild animals. Possums Are Not Cute! covers myths that we've all heard, like "possums carry diseases" or "possums are aggressive," and sets the record straight. This is a super swift, short read that would make for a great gift or a coffee table book. Absolutely recommend if you think you even might be slightly interested!

Thank you to Netgalley and Quirk Books for an e-ARC.

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Review to come to blog/goodreads/etc.. in 2022 (april probably).

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

"You'd think the potential of leaving prints might discourage possums from committing crimes. unfortunately, possums don't care about consequences or getting caught."

I just love Possums. Never saw one in the wild (don't have them here), but I have seen them at zoos and on adorable photographs on the internet and in books, so I just had to pick up this book.

In this book we find out all about the darling Possum. From where they are from and how they travelled over the world to the story of Sesame the one who started the author's interest in possums and her dedication to protect them/make sure the world knows about possums. We read about how good they are for the environment (eating all the stuff). We read how the love to scream and play dead (though the play dead part apparently is more anxiety than acting like I thought it was XD). There is also plenty on the history of these animals. We learn all about every part of the possums anatomy from top to bottom (I learned that their ears start colourless and then turn to black/dark with age). Plus, myths get busted so hard!
This book is packed with all sorts of information on the possum and it was just all very interesting to read. I looked forward to each new page. I learned a whole bunch of new things and it made me very happy!

I love how each section is like Possums are NOT *insert something* but then contradicts that as soon as the next page. XD Just like the title.

And of course there is a big message, yes, possums are adorable... but you should just leave them in the wild. Don't get them as a pet. Love that we get some tips and advice on how to protect and champion them. I really enjoyed reading those, though of course, none are applicable to me as we don't have them here in the wild and I am sure the zoo ones don't need help. XD

I also cannot forget the ADORABLE FREAKING ADORABLE OMG OMG SOOO CUTE photographs!!! *cough* Sorry, inner fangirl got out for a bit. The photographs are just the best and I loved it when they popped up (along with a fun caption). Oh, and I cannot forget the illustrations. There aren't many, but the ones we see, I just love the style and how cute it all is (well, OK except that one with the paws, that just was a bit no for me).

All in all, HIGHLY recommended, this book was just a joy to read. Motivational, fun, cute, interesting, well-written. If you love possums and want to know more about them, be sure to check out this book!

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5 stars - I loved it!

This was cute and informative. I have always thought possums were adorable so I couldn’t resist picking up this book. This was very informative about what is true about possums and which is a myth. I highly recommend this book if you like possums or have kids that are interested in these adorable trash cats.

Also, all the possum pictures in this were absolutely adorable!

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Burguieres argues one of the most surprisingly adorable cases for one of the misunderstood creatures in wildlife. Instagram's Sesame and other beloved Internet possums will help readers discover how they take care of us, their fellow animal neighbors, and the environment, in often hidden ways. This go-to primer on all things possum is beyond cute and is a must for enthusiasts or anyone soon-to-be rooting for these underdog marsupials

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I didn't know much about possums except that they like trash and look like weird cats but this adorable little book has shown me what a special animal they actually are. Mild-tempered, adorable and useful for the environment, possums are possibly one of the most misunderstood creatures on this planet. I was surprised to find out they eat thousands of ticks every week, they're resistant to snake venom, and their body temperature is too low to catch and spread rabies! So what exactly are people scared of?

There are many harmful myths about these sweet and unique animals, and Burguieres does a great job of dispelling them in her book. All the educational information is also supplemented with dozens of photographs of all the possums she's taken care of over the years, which makes this book a superb gift for your loved ones regardless of their age. A truly captivating and important read whose only downside was making me sad that I live in a place without possums!

Huge thank you to NetGalley, Ally Burguieres and Quirk Books for the advanced reader copy.

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This book belies the truth about Possums. They’re so much more than cute, they’re absolutely adorable.

From cute photos to fascinating facts this book is a charm offensive for Possums that succeeds on every count. Sadly they’re unfairly maligned by many and I hope that this book will help them to be seen as the amazing and loveable creatures they truly are. For example, they help to control pests and diseases by eating insects and ticks by the thousand, their biology makes them immune to rabies and the truth about ‘playing Possum’ was a total surprise.

Bottom line: Possums are engaging characters that deserve to be protected, respected and loved and this book proves it.

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I couldn't resist the quirky title of this book, "Possums Are Not Cute!" This book was more in-depth then I thought it would be while also not becoming overwhelming. I was imagining this book to a step above a listicle, but it is a quick read to learn about possums. A good starter book if you're really interested in possums or just a cute book to put on your coffee table to stir up questions from your guests.

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Darling, fun, packed with adorable photos and great illustrations, interesting, and educational. Happily recommended. This would make a fun gift for kids or possum lovers, too.

I read a temporary digital ARC of this book for review.

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This was an adorably informative book on possums. The author does a fantastic job on informing the reader about the many interesting features of the possum. Possums are cute!

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As someone who previously did not believe that possums are cute, I can confidently say that I am now a true believer thanks to this book. Burguieres did an excellent job of combining cute images with fascinating information and heartwarming storytelling. I now understand and sympathize with possums in ways I never would have expected. This is an excellent animal rescue advocacy book, and I will definitely be recommending it for purchase at my library. Adults and kids alike will love it.

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I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
I am familiar with Ally Burguieres from social media and was thrilled to see she had written a book. I’ve always loved opossums but still learned new things about these magnificent marsupials while reading this book. The pictures were delightful and enjoyed the ‘Possums Throughout History’ asides. Burguieres knows opossums and it shows! Not only does she dispel the negative untruths that have always surrounded North America’s only marsupial, she demonstrates the role licensed wildlife rehabilitators play in the lives of possums and takes every chance she gets to remind readers the best place for a possum is the wild.

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I am an animal lover and I especially have a heart for the outcasts. My ferrets can vouch for me here. I didn’t need a book to convince me that possums are cute, but I sure didn’t mind seeing all of their adorable photos while learning more about them.

There really wasn’t anything I did not love about Possums Are Not Cute. It’s packed full of precious full color photos and educational information presented in a fun, easy to digest manner. I knew some things about possums (opossums) already, but I learned so much more from this book.

I do believe, upon reading more about their introversion and misunderstood nature, that possums are my spirit animal. I have, in fact, never related to any animal more in my life. Don’t tell my ferrets.

I know I’ll need to get myself a finished copy of this when it comes out!

I am immensely grateful to Quirk Books for my digital review copy through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

Possums Are Not Cute will be out in May 2022!

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