The Dog Behavior Answer Book, 2nd Edition

Understanding and Communicating with Your Dog and Building a Strong and Happy Relationship

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Pub Date 27 Sep 2022 | Archive Date 27 Sep 2022
Storey Publishing, Storey Publishing, LLC

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Since its original publication 15 years ago, The Dog Behavior Answer Book has helped thousands of dog owners understand their canine companions and become more effective, compassionate caretakers. The completely updated 2nd edition, in a new, larger format, features the latest science and recommended techniques for training, caring for, and understanding dogs. Long-time pet expert Arden Moore answers real-life questions, including: How does a dog's sense of smell work? What's the best way to evaluate my dog's intelligence? How can I boost the confidence of a shy dog? Why does my dog pee in the house when I'm away? How can I stop my dog from chasing the neighbor children? Can I train my dog to stop chewing on shoes? How can I learn to "speak dog" better? What's the best way to train a puppy to calm down? What kind of dog should I choose since I live in an apartment? How can I help my arthritic dog move safely? Combining her friendly, entertaining tone with her seasoned, hands-on knowledge of dogs, Moore is the perfect guide to navigating dog ownership with confidence and success.

Since its original publication 15 years ago, The Dog Behavior Answer Book has helped thousands of dog owners understand their canine companions and become more effective, compassionate caretakers...

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An essential guide for any dog lover and owner. This Q and A style guide provides an overview of your dogs needs and asks many pertinent questions on how to understand and address a multitude of begaviours. Each question is given answers that include tips and methods to use on your own dog to help, and lots of beautiful photos accompany the text throughout. It is slit into short sections with headings to help you find information quickly when you want to dip in and out. The guide also includes lots of useful numbers you might need as time arises - eg if you think your dog has been poisoned, what to do if you think your dog has dementia. I have gained so much insight into my own two dogs and lots of useful tricks to help with their over-licking or how to stop them barking every time the door bell rings. A superb guide to manners and behaviours in your pouch. #thedogbehaviouranswerbook #ardenmoore #Netgalley

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I read much of this book with my own dog sprawled against me or in my lap. Since I was focusing on points made in the book that related to her, that seemed appropriate. I'm happy to say I'd already progressed past many of them and patted her on the head for me having done it correctly but also for being so patient during the times I wasn't quite up to snuff. Dogs train us, too, you know.

If you own a dog, it's almost certain you'll find something of relevance to your partnership in this book. It's an easy to read, entertaining. and has many adorable photos and bits of doggie lore and information. I'd love to be clever and impress you with my way with words but, well, my message is simple. All dog owners or potential dog owners need this book on their shelves.

Daisy, my rescue corgi mix, gives it four paws up and an enthusiastic tail wag.

Thank you #NetGallery and #StoryPublishing for sharing this gem with me. My dog Daisy thanks you, too.

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NetGalley ARC Educator 550974

Dog owners and lovers alike will rejoice. This book answers many questions you have and those you didn't know you had. An in depth analysis of dogs and their quirks are included. I enjoyed this book and will reference it in the future.

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As a dog-mum to a misunderstood miniature dachshund, this book was super helpful.
So much prior to this I would have said “dog-Mum to a NAUGHTY’ miniature dachshund.
The book is laid out really well, it’s easy to read and understand - giving you clear reasons why your dog is showing certain behaviours and how to combat those. I would absolutely recommend to anyone getting a puppy, or for those with a frustrating young adolescent dog.

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Lots of wonderfully helpful I formation about dogs. From how to train a dog to do tricks to how to stop them jumping up at people - this book has so many top tips for dog owners. Clear instructions and interesting reasons for why dogs do what they do.

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A great book for potential dog owners to read before that trip to the shelter to adopt a dog and then for dog owners to reread as that cute little puppy grows into a determined, strong-willed two year old. Moore connects dog behavior to their basic instincts whether is it barking, licking, or running. The Dog Behavior Answer Book provides logical explanations for why dogs do what they do and shows that misidentified bad behavior occurs rarely in spite to anger owners.

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I love reading about dogs and especially their behavior. This book is interesting and each section is short enough to read quickly. The pictures are adorable! Perfect book for any dog lover!

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This very informative guide and training book for dog lovers is fun and easy to read. Written in a question and answer format, it is filled with lots of practical advice and fun, interesting facts. For instance, my Maltipoo, Linus, is fascinated with dogs and other animals on television, but it never occurred to me that his excited barking could be frustration at being able to see a dog and yet not smell it. How strange! he must be thinking, lol. It was also fun to learn that his sister Opal’s zoomies are a show of happiness. Well written and visually pleasing book!

(Thank you for the opportunity to read this book! I have posted a review on Goodreads and will post on Amazon and B&N at the time of publication.)

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I have two dogs, Jack Russell siblings we found at a rescue after their previous owners went to a nursing home. They were nearly 4 years old and had been neglected but were smart, with wonderful personalities, filled with apprehension but very eager to please. I wish I'd had this book when we got them. Fortunately over the last few years I've gradually learned many of the things in this book, but how great would it have been to have this guidebook to answer all my questions right away in one single, simple, but very informative resource? Despite years of Googling for answers to many pet-related questions, I still found lots of great tips and answers to some of the questions that I haven't found answered elsewhere. In other words, whether you have a new dog or have had your dog for years this book is a great resource for caring pet parents who want to make life better for both themselves and their 4-legged family members.

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This book is a fount of knowledge and wisdom! It contains information on dog senses, physiology, breeds, and behaviors. Some common questions are answered and training tips are offered.

If you have - or are thinking about getting - a dog, this five star book is for you!!! My eternal thanks to Storey Publishing via Netgalley for this treasure. If you have cats, see our review on the companion book “The Cat Behavior Answer Book, 2nd Edition” by the same author at

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Easy to dip in and out of, or just sit and read. Any dog owner would find this useful, from the brand new puppy owner to the long established dog lover. An excellent addition to the reference book shelf to answer the questions you frustratingly ask your dog but never get the answer to….

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for my ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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Have you ever wondered what your is doing when they are sniffing things? This is answered with many other insightful questions using science and actual real life situations. This book is chock full of personal stories from dog lovers.. Lots of breeds are covered from their special traits to why they act the way they do or don't. Other topics are covered from what to do on a walk, how to stay safe, what is my dog telling me, how to understand their meaning of their barks. This is an easy and fast reading book with lots of pictures.

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Wow! What a wonderful book for both dog owners and those who are thinking of gaining a furkid. Very easy to read and understand, gives, in great detail, answers to many frequently asked questions in a language that all can understand.
The author also backs up his answers with in depth and very interesting facts. He also gives lots of historical facts regarding dog breeds.
A very well written book which is a wonderful reference to keep handy for use when problems occur. I will certainly keep this digital copy for my own reference.

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An honest delight and need for every dog owner (like myself). Often times we catch ourselves thinking "Hm, I wonder whats going on in that adorable tiny (or big) head?" and this book does a great job in giving some answers.
I love getting insights into the behavioristics of animals and especially my pets. Weather that be figuring out how a certain quirk could be explained or even why they have a certain, for me incomprehensible preference.
All inall a joy to read and a great way to get to know your dog from a different perspective.

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This was a very easy to read informative book as a new dog mom I learned alot and really enjoyed the question and answer format it was written in and it answered questions I didn't even know I had yet I would absolutely but this book and recommend it to anyone who is looking to learn more about their fur babies and certain behaviours. Thank you so much for the opportunity to read this!

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