The Pink Hotel

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Pub Date 19 Jul 2022 | Archive Date 20 Oct 2022


"Heady and dark and dangerous, The Pink Hotel is an intoxicating binge of a book. Liska Jacobs's stunning indictment of a society teetering toward apocalypse is one you won’t easily forget.” —Janelle Brown, author of I'll Be You

Newlyweds Keith and Kit Collins can hardly believe their luck when the general manager of the iconic, opulent Pink Hotel invites them to come for a luxurious stay as a bid to hire Keith. Kit loves their small-town life, but Keith has always wanted more, and the glittering, lily-scented lobby makes him feel right at home.

Soon after their arrival, wildfires sweep through the surrounding mountains and Los Angeles becomes a pressure cooker, with riots breaking out across the city amid rolling blackouts. The Pink Hotel closes its doors to "outsiders," and Keith and Kit find themselves confined with an anxious, disgruntled staff and a growing roster of eccentric, ultra-wealthy, dangerously idle guests who flock to the hotel for sanctuary, company, and entertainment.

The Pink Hotel exposes a tenuous class system within its walls, full of insurmountable expectations and unspoken resentments, which deteriorate as the city burns. In her barbed, provocative new novel, Liska Jacobs explores the corrosive nature of greed and interrogates the notion of true love, while hurtling readers toward certain disaster.

"Heady and dark and dangerous, The Pink Hotel is an intoxicating binge of a book. Liska Jacobs's stunning indictment of a society teetering toward apocalypse is one you won’t easily forget.” —Janelle...

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Featured Reviews

Thank you so much for my copy of The Pink Hotel. This story gives you a peak inside the lives of the rich and famous. Newlyweds Keith and Kit get an invitation to stay at the luxurious Pink Hotel on their honeymoon. While the wildfires are out of control on the outside, there is far more chaos going on inside.

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i really enjoyed getting to read this book early. it was so much fun and such a sweet little romance. it made me feel good and that's something i really enjoy in my books. a lovely escape!

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Close encounters to filthy rich people’s lives at an eccentric pink hotel located in Beverly Hills as the fires, riots occur outside of the surroundings which is so similar with political and logistical dynamics of today’s California.

Happy couple couldn’t be so wrong to choose this place to spend their romantic honeymoon vacation!

This book pushed me a little harder to get into it. I was hesitant to continue after the very slow beginning and the narration style disturbed my attention. I couldn’t connect with husband- wife so easily.

I still kept reading and thankfully in the middle I found some characters more likable. The book’s pace picked up and the direction of the story slowly hooked me up. I also easily connect with the sarcastic and smart tone of author’s story telling. I wanted to see how the author would wrap up the entire execution. Thankfully she did an impressive job. I liked the ending more than the entire development.

This was promising, interesting plot with less likable characterization ( at least I got most of them’s motives) overall: definitely worth your time! Especially good choice for slow burn dark social satire lovers!

Special thanks to NetGalley and Farrar, Straus and Giroux, MCD for sharing this digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest opinions.

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This my third book by this author and I think it’s probably my favorite. The setting is the Pink Hotel in Beverly Hills where Kit and Keith Collins have come for their honeymoon while Keith interviews to be assistant manager. The couple are definitely fish out of water in the opulent, over there top luxury hotel surrounded by the richest and amoral of guests.
Meanwhile, wildfires are raging around Los Angeles while they spend their honeymoon week at the resort.
The writing is beautiful and the story is immersive. The themes of decadence, celebrity, and climate destruction were definitely not subtle.
Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC.

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Welcome to the Pink Motel ! Our protagonists are Keith and Kit Collins, who are honeymooning in the famous iconic Pink Motel. The two were lucky enough to be invited to stay by the hotel owner at a reduced rate. Keith has a barely disguised ulterior motive of becoming a manager in the hotel while Kit is just hoping to have a nice week with her new husband. The two are both employees of a less famous, small hotel in an unknown town and are completely swept away by the ostentatious wealth of the clientele, the opulence of the hotel.

The time is the present wildfires rage through the mountains of nearby LA. There are increasingly dangerous riots and blackouts that send more and more eccentric characters to hide in the hotel for shelter. As the novel progresses, the couple are swept into the debauchery of the wealthy guests, and attend wild parties and gatherings even though they feel more comfortable with the staff.

This is a novel of class divide and a sharply written, quick moving book. It's almost a movie as you read each chapter. If. you love beautiful hotels, class division novels (like Tom Wolfe and biting satire )want to spend a "weekend" with the rich, grab #ThePinkHotel #netGalley #MCD

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I found this a great read, it was packed full of interesting characters that really intrigued me. I loved the sound of the story, I felt as though it was a little different but in a good way. It is all centred around the Pink Hotel, Kit and Keith have been invited to stay at the pink hotel as they want Keith to work for them, it is all going swimmingly until wildfires rip through and threaten to devastate the surrounding areas. Everyone flocks to the Pink Hotel and we meet an interesting bunch of characters that have come to brave out the wildfires. An interesting story, one where I wasn't sure where it would leave but was pleasantly surprised by the ending. A great read.

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Kit and Keith are newlyweds. In small-town Booneville, CA, they run his uncle's restaurant and inn. A chance encounter with the Beaumont’s leads to them honeymooning at the historical and famed Pink Hotel in LA. Mr Beaumont runs the wildly successful establishment- popular among the extremely rich and famous and site of frequent extravagant parties. Unbeknownst to Kit, Keith has set his sights on getting a position at the Pink Hotel. He uses the trip as an extended job interview and aims to prove himself indispensable to Beaumont, who is in need of a new manager. Keith will do whatever it takes to fit in with the exclusive crowd at the hotel. As Kit and Keith get swept up in this new lifestyle they grow farther and farther apart and their relationship is tested in ways they never imagined. Meanwhile, outside the gates of the hotel wildfires have taken over California. The hills are burning, riots are breaking out, and lockdown is ordered. Within the hotel, the staff must work harder than ever to keep their clientele entertained to their extravagant standards. As the fires and riots take over the hotel the guests and staff alike are pushed to their breaking point.
This book examines topics of class disparity, greed, and relationships. I found the writing style took some getting used to, but the story shows a glimpse of 'how the other half' lives.
Thank you to the author and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this ARC.

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The Pink Hotel: where nothing real can survive. This book is about classism and love or lack thereof when you have it all. The story follows newlyweds Kit and Keith Collins during their honeymoon (if it can really be called that) at the Pink Hotel as Keith tries to get the position of assistant manager. The two meet very wealthy guests, but interpret their time very differently. Keith wants to break through his middle class title and jump into the elite, and Kit is happy to go back home and stop pretending. Throughout the book, it is made known that these rich guests are merely playing with the two as they would any new toy. Outside of the hotel’s walls, the forests and city are burning due to out of control wildfires. The rich continue to play in safety while the world is literally burning around them.

Liska Jacobs did an amazing job of writing it so that I felt that I was part of the story.
The book gave me a sense of thrill in the beginning, being able to “participate” in the riches, but by the end, I was done. Worn out by the extravagance of everything. “And they always wanted more”

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for giving me an electronic advanced reader copy!

Was this review helpful?

The Pink Hotel was a slow burn at first but picked up the pace real fast. It felt like watching a movie. The author did a really fantastic job with the way it was written. Very different from what I am use to.

Thank you NetGalley for a copy of this book for my honest opinion.

Was this review helpful?

A story of newlyweds starting their honeymoon in the posh and prestigious Pink Hotel, surrounded by the rich and richest. A Cinderella meets Gossip Girl, Kit a doe eyed small town girl marries Keith Collins a wannabe “Golden Boy” from boondocks. Keith the guy who so desperately wants to fit in and mingle with the billionaire crew with their expensive suits and easy breezy do as I wish attitude. Two young kids thrown into a jungle of the rich and slightly famous trying to find their place in society and marriage only to find either is not as it seems. A story of socioeconomic divisions both inside and outside of the pink hotel with the environmental impacts raging as a fire rips through the city outside.

It’s a great beach read, something light that works for picking up and putting down. It’s not all encompassing as it’s lacking in more depth with the characters not being more developed and only knowing them at a true surface level. Even the main character kit feels flat with her woe is me demeanor. i was disappointed at how it wrapped up but i suspect there will be a few who enjoy the ending as poetic.

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“How fast it happened. The world turning from calm to calamity. That fissure that existed at the centre of life cracking open. You are always, always on the brink.”

The Pink Hotel follows Kit and Keith Collins as they spend their honeymoon at an upscale, Beverly Hills hotel. Soon after their arrival, wildfires begin to break out across the area and the entire city of Los Angeles becomes enveloped in flames, riots, and blackouts. Meanwhile, The Pink Hotel closes its doors to ‘outsiders’ and Kit and Keith find themselves confined with the anxious and unhappy staff, as well as a growing number of ultra-rich guests who come to the hotel looking for sanctuary, comfort, and entertainment.

What a breathtaking, phenomenal read this was. Much like the fires within the story, the story began slowly, taking its time, making intimate introductions to every character, describing the hotel in elaborate detail. Then the wind fanned the flames, and surely, the story became all encompassing, devastating, overwhelming, all-consuming. The Pink Hotel does an incredible job illustrating the class divide. With the ultra-wealthy safe, confined, immune from curfews and emergency laws, throwing balls, parties, and feasts. While everyone else is depicted evacuating, suffering from blackouts, forced into curfews, rioting for equality. The portrayal of the ultra-rich is similar to Nero fiddling while Rome burns or Marie Antoinette exclaiming “let them eat cake.” Although a work of fiction, The Pink Hotel provides a relatively true depiction of modern day America.

The style of narration really set this book apart, the book was written in the present tense. Although Kit and Keith are clearly intended to be the main focus, the narration follows multiple characters, storylines, conversations. It felt like watching a movie and having the camera get all the pieces of the story, including everything that might not be seen if the story simply followed one character’s point of view. This style of narration took some time to get used to, but the story was so much better for it. Every aspect of the story was captured, little quotes and reactions, different points of view, it felt like getting every piece of a really large story, it felt sweeping and all-encompassing.

The Pink Hotel was a magnificent, awe-inspiring dark social satire.

“Best to enjoy yourself before the apocalypse. Haven’t you heard, the whole world is burning.”

Was this review helpful?

Thanks to Netgalley and FSG for the ebook. This is a wild novel where young newlyweds, Keith and Kit Collins, who work at a hotel in Northern California, are persuaded to spend their honeymoon in the very opulent Pink Hotel in Beverly Hills. This is also an extended interview to see if Keith will be hired on at this hotel. Kit is not sure this is the place for them. Everything starts out fine with rich meals and spa days, but there are wildfires raging in the surrounding hills and riots on the streets of Los Angeles. Soon the hotel closes it doors and all the rich clientele become bored and demand more and more entertainment, betting on fights among the staff, women wrestling. Kit and Keith become more estranged as the place becomes more and more unhinged and ultimately very violent. This is a great dark comedy, filled with over a dozen sharp characters.

Was this review helpful?

Special thanks to NetGalley for sharing this free digital copy with me in exchange for my honest thoughts.

Firstly, I like stories that take place in hotels, resorts, retreats, etc. I also like books with pretty pink covers filled with shiny golden fonts.
So those two points were a big selling point for me and that's why I went into this book blind. Little did I know that the story would be such a fascinating and compulsive read.
The story was slow at the beginning. The narration was a bit different than I am used to, so it took me a while to seat myself, The characters, the hotel, everything is so intricately described. The Pink Hotel has genuinely exemplified the concept of class divide.
The story is centered around Kit and Keith, but the narration comes from different characters both among the visitors and the resort staff and their interactions. It was as if I was placed in The Pink Hotel, watching it all happen for real. I am not going to go relay the plot here, but this is a must-read.

For the exceptional characterization and authentic storytelling, I have to laud this lovely author! She’s promising and I’m looking forward to reading more of her works!

Was this review helpful?

This book was amazing!! From the first page, I was enamored. Liska Jacobs perfectly captures what it's like to be a newlywed on your honeymoon (even down to the dialogue!), and you immediately feel like you're right in the lobby of The Pink Hotel watching Kit and Keith Collins.

Jacobs' writing style is much different from other authors I've read, shifting perspectives throughout the chapters effortlessly! It was an interesting way for me as a reader to see into the minds of each of the characters, even for the briefest of moments, and you start to feel sympathy for each of the characters in surprising ways.

I will absolutely be purchasing this book when it's released in July. Highly recommend!

Was this review helpful?

This book is one I'm going to be thinking about for a long time. Think of that frog-in-boiling-water analogy: it starts out relatively sedate -- a newly married couple honeymoons at The Pink Hotel in Hollywood, the somewhat obnoxious husband is hoping to ingratiate himself to management so he can work there and the placid wife is just going along to get-along -- and then it boils and gets ... *bonkers*, but you're in it already and you can't jump out because you need to find out what happens. I don't want to give it away, but as the new wife gradually finds her way back to herself, the husband loses himself to the hotel and the *insane* culture of the rich, and along the way, there are wild (and semi-tame) cats, wildfires, riots, gunshots, and a monkey. I'll be thinking about this one for a long time to come. I couldn't put it down. It was a wild ride!

Was this review helpful?

I loved this book! I love books with spoiled rich unlikable characters! Jacobs did an excellent job of transitioning the different POV’s
This is a book that will stick with me and I’ll likely buy a physical copy to reread in the future!

Was this review helpful?

What a strange, delightful read this was. The writing style took a little bit to get used to, but once I did, I flew through this story. I’m not sure how it would be classified, domestic drama maybe? But The Pink Hotel was like a ball rolling down a steep hill: the further it went, the faster the pace was until the breathless conclusion. I loved it!

Was this review helpful?

This ARC was provided to me via Kindle, Farrar, Straus, and, Giroux and by #NetGalley. Opinions expressed are completely my own.

What a charming, lovely, quaint and quick (because it’s so fun) read. Pick it up for your book club or whatever asap.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review an advanced reader's copy of this book.

Confined to an opulent Beverly Hills hotel during a raging wildfire, a young couple is caught in the escalating tension between the wealthy guests and the staff, in Liska Jacobs's blistering, dark social satire, The Pink Hotel.

I am practically giddy writing this review because it was such an awesome book. I liked it from start to finish. Keith and Kit are in a precarious situation. The staff of the hotel in which they are staying for their Honeymoon is definitely giving the fire and rioting on the outside of the hotel a run for it's money. A peek inside the lives of the wealthy is always good fodder for a story and this one is no different. Take this book on the beach and enjoy!

Was this review helpful?

I think most are intrigued by the filthy rich and what an opportunity the main couple has to see it first-hand. This story was gritty and dark and all around a really freaking good story.

Was this review helpful?

A wild, wild ride.

Imagine you're a young, doe-eyed, newlywed couple from a sleepy, nondescript California town who've successfully managed a local hotel and restaurant. Now, the husband is being considered to join an established and extravagantly luxurious in Los Angeles as the Assistant Manager. You've even now been personally invited you to spend your honeymoon -- all expenses paid -- at this iconic, indulgent playground.

A dream come true or a harrowing nightmare?

After you arrive, the surrounding LA hills ignite and rage with uncontrollable wildfires. The hotel closes, only catering to its most distinguished clientele. Yet the firestorm inside the hotel is much more disastrous than the damage that ensues just beyond its pretty pink walls.

Some of the guests are "Insatiable monsters. But if you know what they feed on, you've got nothing to fear".

A compelling read. A deep psychological and sociological slow burn. In a world consumed by internet influencers, the Kardashians and insta-princesses, one question rings true. What truly matters most?

Was this review helpful?

Overall, I flew through this book - in part, because I tend to skim descriptive prose (of which there was a good amount), but also because the plot was compelling and the characters rich. The book tackles the theme of how class and wealth interact with our perception and existence in the world - and how that comes to a head at times of crisis. It's easy to see how the pandemic and the political turmoil of the last few years impacted this story, and it's a very well-done bit of social commentary. I'd recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind diving into the dark side of our world right now, and who isn't afraid to see a little bit of themselves in the characters.

Was this review helpful?

At first I thought this would be a light read, mocking the high standards the rich demand. I was pleasantly surprised to find there was so much more depth to the book. I won't give too much away, but having multiple points of view and such well thought out characters made it a delight. I also enjoyed how they tied in climate change and the destruction of California wildfires. I don't know how to explain it, but the ending left me wondering what happened to the main characters afterwards.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to Netgalley and Farrar, Straus, and Giroux for this eARC in exchange for an honest review!

I requested this book because the cover and short blurb really pulled me in. However, once I began reading, I got a little bogged down. It took me a bit to get used to the author's style, but once I did, it flowed well and the descriptions were great! The setting of The Pink Hotel really came to life.

The omniscient point of view felt a little foreign to me as a reader. It swapped around a lot, so I didn’t feel too connected to any one character. I feel that was the author’s intent because she wanted to show many facets of class and social standing.

What I did learn about the characters, particularly the wealthy ones, was not pretty, and they all came across as downright repulsive. But, the more middle class characters like the hotel employees and Kit and Keith Collins didn’t really have anything about them that made me want to root for them. Kit and Keith were starry-eyed honeymooners, but Keith was also at The Pink Hotel for a job interview of sorts.

Initially, I found their love for each other to hopefully be what cemented them and kept them out of the craziness at The Pink Hotel. It didn’t quite work in their favor. The action really picked up toward the last third of the book, and I found the ending to be vague enough to draw your own conclusions as a reader, but also strangely satisfying.

The book gives a new meaning to just burn it all down and start over.

Was this review helpful?

Very grateful to NetGalley for the chance to read “The Pink Hotel”

This is literary fiction so plot is used more to suds out the characters than to provide a story. To me, this book is literature. It should be added to some reading lists for college students because there is so much to unpack. The whole work is an amalgam of wealth, sex, power, gender, expectations, animalistic appetites, decadence; you name it. You could write a thesis on the use of animals and destruction in contrast to created images of the wealthy.

The shifting third person narration adds a sort of blurriness to the intoxicated dream/nightmare of the six days that make up the novel.

Wonderful, wonderful book. I loved it.

Was this review helpful?

Most will recognize The Pink Hotel to be the iconic Bel-Air Hotel. Be careful what you wish for. The story of the young couple on their honeymoon is a classic tale of want and the emptiness having too much while others suffer can bring. The annual California fires become a character in itself, sealing off those inside even more than their privilege already has. Reaching the final page the reader is reminded to be thankful but the story to get there makes for a fascinating read.

Was this review helpful?

Kit and Keith Collins arrive at The Pink Hotel (aka The Beverly Hills hotel) in Los Angeles full of love and dreams. But their idyllic honeymoon is tainted when they are drawn into the circle of the rich and famous clientele of the hotel. And when wild fires threaten the city, and Keith is called into service, playing assistant to the meticulous hotel manager, Mr. Beaumont. Because Keith just didn't come to The Pink Hotel for his honeymoon, he also wants a job, and is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to get it. But as the fires burn on and the guests become more frantic and in need of atrocities and extravagance to keep them entertained, Kit becomes disillusioned and questions whether she ever knew her husband at all. Jacobs does a truly magnificent job of drawing the reader in and creating such a sense of place that one can even smell the fresh flower bouquets' delicate scents competing with the acrid rasp of smoke. I fell under THE PINK HOTEL's thrall at once and wasn't able to return to the real world until I finished the book

Was this review helpful?

Thank you for this ARC. This wasn’t the easiest read but it was a quick one for me. The character are all so unlikable (in a good way?) and the premise was a slow build, but the ending definitely made up for it. Very dark social satire.

Was this review helpful?

What a unique read this was! Drawn in by the cover and synopsis, I was totally unprepared for the dark humour and social satire that awaited me between the pages.
Newly weds Keith and Kit are invited to the famous, opulent Pink Hotel, Keith sees it as a potential new career opportunity but surrounding LA wild fires leave them trapped at the hotel in a nightmare whirlwind life locked between wound up staff and complete bonkers, Uber eccentric rich customers.

Stirring up a hefty heap of classism this novel is nuts, the novel is separated into days and Saturday ends up as one complete giant f##ed up hoo-ha.

The story jumps from POVs of numerous character and the whole story has a style of writing I hadn't experienced before but I really liked. . I'm so glad I requested this book on Netgalley as it was a real step away from my usual genre and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Its a classic "careful what you wish for" situation! When actually for me the simple less extravagant life is always more appealling!

Thanks to Netgalley and #farrarstrausgiroux for the ARC of this book

Pub date 19th July 2022

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Was this review helpful?

This book was interesting and written in a very distinct style. It reminded me a lot of Sally Rooney, melancholy and a little depressing in a well crafted way. The characters of The Pink Hotel are well fleshed out and each have their own set of challenges and ambitions, they just don't seem to overcome them. I was invested in some of them, but I never found myself rooting for them.

The Pink Hotel offers a peek behind the curtains of the extremely rich 1% and the view is not pretty. Quite disturbing actually. If that is your thing- this book is FOR YOU! Based on the author's note, I think some of these scenes were developed off a foundation of real life happenings and that is frightening (lol).

In summary: Dark humor, twisted expose, and a cautionary tale of marrying too young and soon.

Was this review helpful?

First of all, can we talk about the cover?. Because i'm absolutely obsessed with it.
The pink hotel follows a young married couple, Kit and Ketih Collins. They both own a business (a hotel) and for their honeymoon they decide to go to L.A. Once they are there, they want to stay in the most famous and luxurious one in the city: The pink hotel. It's located in beverly hills and it's a change of scenario for Kit and Keith. After a few days the owners (the beamount family) decide to hire keith so he can work for them and learn a few tips. Soon enough the couple will be immersed in the Beverly Hills life, full of luxury, wealth and also mysteries. I was fascinated by the concept of this story and the setting. i found it very unique and realistic and i loved the portrayal of the rich lifestyle in a city like L.A. I love seeing the character's development and their journey, not only as individuals, but also as a couple. The ending strong and i really love the message that the book is sending out there. I can not wait to read more books by the author

Was this review helpful?

Confined in the opulent Pink Hotel due to wildfires, a newlywed couple is caught in the tension between the privilege guests and the staff.
I wanted to read this book for the social satire and the cover. I think that if it was written in a faster pace, it would be more according to the scenes described. Overall the story was a dark picture of our reality where entitled people aren't bothered by the problems they can get away from.
The guest remind me a lot of the characters of The Great Gatsby. They're in a critical situation where everything is burning but they feel secure in their powerful position above, unbothered by the help they could provid or the harm that can be done to them. There's also major White Lotus vibes. The tension is there, the disastrous ending is foretold, the reader can feel it, but the characters just ignore it.

Was this review helpful?

Books that take place at a motel or hotel are always my favorite because I know that it's going to be an interesting read with interesting characters that may or may not have something in common. So when I saw The Pink Hotel I was really excited to read it because. It did not disappoint. Reading this book was like a mini vacation itself.

Thank you NetGalley for giving me an opportunity to read Advanced copy.

Was this review helpful?

This book was so twisty I really liked it. I was sucked in by the cover and as a formed hospitality employee I loved the vibe and atmosphere. I did find that some of the characters lacked some depth but the ending was solid and I’d recommend it to others for sure.

Was this review helpful?

A really good read a look at this famous hotel and the rich people who stay there.This was so much fun so well written characters that come alive.Liska Jacobs writes really entertaining novels will be recommending.#netgalley #randomhouse

Was this review helpful?

Kit and Keith Collins are staying at the Pink Hotel in Beverly Hills for their honeymoon. While Kit just wants to relax, pretty soon it becomes clear that Keith chose this hotel for other reasons. He is basically interviewing for a job and trying it out. While Kit doesn’t know how she feels about leaving their hotel/restaurant in Northern California, she also feels totally left out on what was supposed to be their honeymoon. She befriends a young socialite, Marguerite, and the cabana waitress, Coco, who give her a taste of wealthy life. Meanwhile, wildfires are blazing through LA, people are rioting and protesting, yet the guests at the Pink Hotel are unbothered. Kit and Keith grow further apart as Keith answers to every whim the guests have. The antics of the ridiculously rich guests get crazier and crazier throughout the book until one night it all becomes too much.

I have never read anything like this book. This social satire shows just how ridiculous the lives of the 1% are. While the reader is focusing on the lives of Kit and Keith, we are also introduced to some very wealthy people, the Laceys. They throw extravagant parties, give away or destroy designer clothes, and take so many drugs- all while the rest of the city is engulfed in flames. I was furious for Kit. How awful would it be to go on your honeymoon and not spend a single moment alone with your husband?? I just felt so bad for her. Especially because Keith just didn’t get why she was upset. I also felt for Coco, who was just trying to please everyone and make it in this world. I really loved how the book was broken up into days, and then chapters. It made it so easy to read! I’m still a little confused with how the book ended, but I think that was the author’s intention. Overall this was such an interesting book and I was hooked from page one.

Was this review helpful?

i didn't think id like the book as much as i did. the characters were well written and the story had a solid ending. the only thing i was confused about was the time period. overall, well written thank you for providing me with an ARC

Was this review helpful?

I got an ARC of this through NetGalley - it's out on July 19, 2022. If you watched The White Lotus on HBO, that's kind of what this book reminded me of. Kit and Keith are newlyweds, and are given the chance to have their honeymoon at a super discount at the opulent and infamous "Pink Hotel" in LA, as a sort of rial run for Keith working there. Because Kit and Keith are straddling the line between guests and staff, they see both sides of the hotel - the ultra rich guests living out the wildest, most exorbitant fantasies (often unhappily), and the staff who works hard to make it all happen, seemingly effortlessly. Keith wants nothing more than for this to become their future, but Kit is less sure that this is what she wants in life. When you add in literal raging wildfires right outside the hotel's confines, it all begins to seem like a powderkeg about to explode.

Was this review helpful?

Yay! Before January ends, I was able to squeeze in and finish this book. I devoured myself to experience the energy that this book had shared with me. Its plot was a satirical work of fiction that addressed a lot of current social issues like socioeconomic divisions and riots in the streets. The environmental impacts of raging wildfires are also included.

Apparently, I almost DNF the book, because the pacing of the storyline was too slow. Although my reading experience was unpleasant, I still chose to stick myself with the book until the end. I was still curious because the story was unpredictable. When I reached the end, the ending was unclear. But, it had made me think about what truly matters. You have to be really careful on what you wish for. Kudos to the author, Liska Jacobs, you got me hooked on that part.

Overall, the book is an interesting read especially for readers who are keen in dark humor and satire novels. This is for sure a something to look forward to read this summer 2022.

Thank you to @netgalley and Farrar, Stratus and Giroux, MCD for providing me an ebook copy in exchange with honest opinion.

Was this review helpful?

I liked this book. While it was definitely a slow burn (a little slower than I prefer), the ending made up for it. I enjoyed the tone of the story and the cover is beautiful.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to Farrar, Straus and Giroux and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

The Pink Hotel by Liska Jacobs is a fun social satire that will appeal to fans of Kevin Kwan's Crazy Rich Asians series. The story revolves around newly-married couple, Keith and Kit, who are staying at the luxurious Pink Hotel in Los Angeles. The couple are surrounded by eccentric, wealthy guests as wildfires in the surrounding area prevent anyone else from coming in. Trapped in an enclosed environment, what will the guests do? Will order be maintained, or will chaos break out?

Here is a luxurious excerpt from Chapter 1, when Keith first enters the hotel:

"The hotel’s perfume struck him first. Made his blood hum. Everywhere massive flower arrangements loomed—birds of paradise, fuchsia anthuriums, monstera, and elephant ears the size of an artist’s canvas. Every type of lily. It was exquisite, the mixing of tropical and floral. The sweeping carpet softening their footsteps, the curved walls unfurling them into the grand foyer like a petal on a breeze, depositing them beneath an elaborate Venetian glass chandelier. That humming heightened. He had to press his hands together to keep them from shaking.
Luxury with a capital L. A bit naughty. Like the glossy photos of the Condé Nast Traveler or Town & Country magazines he kept under his bed, hidden from his elderly parents, who had expected him to follow them into academia. Into denim and tweed, perhaps cotton twill for the new generation, but certainly not hospitality. How could he explain his visceral reaction to velvet and silk? To them transformation was about science. The sun turning nuclear energy into heat and light, human bodies converting food into energy. Metamorphosis was reserved for caterpillars and tadpoles. Not for boys with polyester sheets who pine for Egyptian cotton."

Overall, The Pink Hotel is a delightful book that would make the perfect beach read! One highlight of this book is the detailed look into the habits and fashion brands that the hotel guests enjoy. Many people, including me, are fascinated by celebrities, so I enjoyed reading a book about them. I did take off 1 star, because I felt that the plot of this book was rather slow for a long time. I think that the description of this book promised a bit more tension than doesn't really show up until the end. If you're intrigued by the excerpt above, or if you're a fan of books about the lives of the rich and glamorous, I recommend that you check out this book when it comes out in July!

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Liz Jacobsen does a solid job of setting the atmosphere for this dark, social satire! An inkling of something not quite right, a slow burn that is starting to go out of control, the events taking place at the Pink Hotel are a parallel to the fires are were burning all around Los Angeles. I felt a distinct sense of foreboding throughout the book.

I loved the way she described things. Simple descriptions that set the scenes were so satisfying. “The lemons are yellow, the lavender purple” “The linens were light, the pillows were puffy”

“The path meanders through a small garden, past a sitting area, rattan sofas with plush pink pillows shaded by palms and giant wild banana. Hummingbirds darting from flowering shrub to creeping vine, dragonflies droning in the tea roses.”

And I felt like I could see the characters:

“Kit quiet and polite, her bobbed hair framing her face in such a way that the men gazed at her openly and unabashed. One even offered her a coffee candy from his pocket, which she accepted. The hoteliers watching her unwrap the candy, it’s foil crinkling in her soft palms, and then placing it in her mouth to be sucked on and then swallowed.”

“A petite woman with silver hair blow-dried into an extraordinarily curly coif appears from within the darkened foyer. Her face so pale it’s almost translucent, her skin so tight that Kit can trace the skull beneath. She has on large sunglasses, which make her nose look even more fragile and delicate, much too small for the rest of her face. And the caftan—Kit has never seen anything so luxurious. Like delicate porcelain at high tea, or villa fountains in foreign countries. She watches it sweep around the woman’s bare feet.”

“Marguerite’s friends, who were an exaggeration of contrasting angles, wild-eyed and slim; or Mrs. Lacey and her ilk, their skin buffed and shining, lips as exquisite as tulips. Even Mimi Calvert’s clan of blue hairs and spectacles had a certain elegance, reminiscent of intricate ironworks with their impeccable craftsmanship.“

Some reviewers have said there is no plot but I disagree, it’s not a “whodunnit” with plot turns and twists. It’s a slice of life story, taking place in a small corner of the city, amongst a group of eccentric “elites” seeking refuge during a catastrophic event. There are many different plot lines that merge into one. I think it was well done.

A very enjoyable, yet disturbing read.

Thank you to NetGalley, Farrah, Straus and Giroux and Lisa Jacobs for the ARC.

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It felt a bit surreal reading The Pink Hotel where the rich are living a life far beyond everyday norms. It was almost like a celebrity tell all with the extravagance. The story is told mostly from Kit and Keith but there are many other characters that keep the story moving along, some adding stability and some adding chaos. Once I became accustomed to the style of writing, the story moved at a good pace for me. The story takes place over six day and the drama progresses in intensity each day, while newlyweds a Keith and Kit seem to disconnect more each day. The ending was open and leaves the reader to make there own conclusions for some things.

Thank you NetGalley and Farrah, Straus, and Giroux for the arc for review.

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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for this arc!

I won't lie but the cover is what attracted my attention. However, reading this was a bit difficult for me as I couldn't get into it at first because it was slow but I kept on reading and was not disappointed. It eventually picked up and I gotta say it was interesting. If you want something that's slow burn then this for you.

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Down the rabbit hole we go in the pink hotel. This book is a dizzying and intoxicating look into the whirlpool of a five star hotel during an uncontained fire surrounding LA. Kit and Keith Collins are newlyweds on honeymoon at the hotel. They both work in hospitality in their middle of nowhere hometown but this is another level. Kit doesn’t know her new husband is actually interviewing for a job and is doing everything possible to impress the hotels GM. I enjoyed this book over all. Reading it felt unreal like a dream with the lush descriptions and bacchanalian attitudes of the 1% guests.

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Newlyweds Keith and Kit Collins are thrilled when the general manager of the iconic opulent Pink Hotel invites them to come for a luxurious stay as a bid to hire Keith. Kit loves the small town that they live in but Keith wants more. He feels right at home at the Pink Hotel. Soon after their arrival, wildfires sweep through the surrounding mountains and Los Angeles becomes a pressure crooker with riots breaking out all over the city. Confined to the hotel, the young couple is caught in the escalating tension between the ultra-wealthy guests and the staff. As the wildfires grow, more of the eccentric ultra-wealthy guest's flock to the hotel for sanctuary, company and entertainment, This book exposes a tenuous class system within its walls and explores the corrosive nature of greed. This is an interesting book that I recommend.

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There’s nothing like watching the downfall of society through the eyes of the ultra-wealthy. As an ordinary student from Texas, it’s deeply ironic–and horrifying–to view this downfall as the rich and famous pillage and glamorize the end of the world. Liska Jakobs' upcoming release “The Pink Hotel” does just that with spectacular accuracy that seems almost prophetic.

Newlyweds Kit and Keith are thrust into the glittering world of the ultra-rich when the Pink Hotel’s general manager invites them for a stay as a subtle bid to hire Keith. Moments into their visit, wildfires sweep across California, power outages roll through Los Angeles, and riots begin to break out. To preserve their slice of paradise, the hotel closes its doors to new guests, with Kit, Keith, the hotel staff, and other eccentric guests finding themselves trapped inside.

Our newlyweds are unprepared for the explosive events that follow in “The Pink Hotel.” Lavish parties, orgies, and shenanigans that can only be described as outrageous–this novel doesn’t feel like a work of fiction but rather an excerpt from a celebrity’s memoir.

The characters of “The Pink Hotel” jump off the page–often toeing the line between relatable and utterly unlikeable. Each colorful and eccentric guest leaves a lasting impression. There’s minimal character growth, but isn’t that the point? Watching the ultra-rich and arrogant fall into the endless spiral of greed is like watching a guilty pleasure reality show.

The narrative bounces from character to character–mostly following Kit and Keith's thoughts as they navigate their tumultuous stay at the Pink Hotel. Supporting characters weave their own thoughts on Kit and Keith's relationship and the state of their crumbling society–no holds barred. Jakobs creates a wondrous illusion of the outrageously wealthy and their ivory towers against the backdrop of societal collapse and revolution with lush details, immersive imagery, and a cinematic writing style.

Although a bit slow in the beginning and occasionally confusing narration, the novel shines with sarcastic storytelling and unlikeable–but relatable characters.

Jakobs lures readers into the lush garden of the rich and famous without giving any warning to the horrors stalking our wide-eyed couple–and readers. Immersive, darkly satirical, and eerily accurate of the state of our world, “The Pink Hotel” is a modern-day Icarus retelling–a subtle warning to the masses of the ultra-rich, the class system from which they profit off, and the poison of greed.

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I enjoyed this book. The prose was well-written, and the characters were dynamic and jumped off the page. I thought the story was interesting and the plot kept me guessing. I enjoyed the twists and turns.

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Book Description: Newlyweds Keith and Kit Collins can hardly believe their luck when the general manager of the iconic, opulent Pink Hotel invites them to come for a luxurious stay as a bid to hire Keith. Kit loves their small-town life, but Keith has always wanted more, and the glittering, lily-scented lobby makes him feel right at home.

Soon after their arrival, wildfires sweep through the surrounding mountains and Los Angeles becomes a pressure cooker, with riots breaking out across the city amid rolling blackouts. The Pink Hotel closes its doors to "outsiders," and Keith and Kit find themselves confined with an anxious, disgruntled staff and a growing roster of eccentric, ultra-wealthy, dangerously idle guests who flock to the hotel for sanctuary, company, and entertainment.

The Pink Hotel exposes a tenuous class system within its walls, full of insurmountable expectations and unspoken resentments, which deteriorate as the city burns. In her barbed, provocative new novel, Liska Jacobs explores the corrosive nature of greed and interrogates the notion of true love, while hurtling readers toward certain disaster.

Huge thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of The Pink Hotel. I enjoyed this book so much. The characters were complicated and layered. The mess that came with them was so delicious to read. The present tense narration took some adjusting but served well in drawing me into the building tension as the story progressed, despite the bumpiness along the way. The events that occurred at the hotel were completely ridiculous in the most entertaining way and paralleled the current state of America so bravo to that. I'm not a huge fan of an open ended ending, but I believe I'm in the minority there. I find myself wishing for more, craving closure rather than happily finishing the narrative myself. Overall, quite entertaining!

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I feel like I need to apologist to this book for not reading it sooner! What a ride. I think what I enjoyed the most is the pace, it has a nice rhythm and once you get into, it's hard to want to pause.

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Thank you NetGalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book in exchange for an honest review. This was a very disturbing, and eye opening look into how easy it is to get drunk on being in power and become a jerk!. I really enjoyed readying this and found myself reading from start to finish in a day because I could not stop wondering what would happen next.

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Thank you for this ARC! I love hotels, and I love chamber-pieces, so to speak, a confined space for the narrative - and this novel combines the two elements expertly. It is a breezy, entertaining read.

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I would describe this as "White Lotus" meets LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND - this was such a well-constructed, compulsive narrative, and the characters were so well developed. THE PINK HOTEL is darkly comic and thought-provoking on issues of wealth disparity and climate change.

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A dystopian tale set amidst a thinly veiled Beverly Hills Hotel. Bit of a Daisy Jones and the Six vibe. #NetGalleyARC

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You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave" ("Hotel California" by The Eagles)

That haunting song is all I can think of after reading The Pink Hotel.

Thanks Netgalley for providing me with an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.

Okay, wow. This satirical novel about class division in the USA will have you thinking for days. Think of the grotesquely rich people you know of. Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, the Kardashian/Jenners... Then think about the rest of us. The ones who aren't them. This is a tale about these two sets of lives.

Think about people who lose their homes because they can't pay for medical care. Then think about people like Kylie Jenner who throw obscenely extravagant birthday parties for babies who won't even remember them. This gap is the focus of this novel.

The Pink Hotel reminds me of that short story, "The Most Dangerous Game", where General Zaroff begins hunting people for sport because he has no other way to achieve any type of thrill or excitement. The guests at the hotel are so completely tone deaf to the world around them and will do anything to cure their ennui. Even though it takes more and more to quench that desire to actually feel something.

This book is a criticism of our culture, and I am here for it.

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I loved the fast paced nature of this book and premise of this book. It's definitely not strongly driven by any particular plot but instead is very character focused. However, it did read different than most character oriented books that I've read in that it really analyzes a wide range of characters in the story and their flaws. It was definitely a great setting for the story and felt very California! I'd recommend to anyone who enjoys reading about deeply flawed characters with and element of a social critique.

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Based in the eccentric pink hotel, the crazy rich and pretentious clientele are all stuck together when bush fires rage through the LA hills.
Keith is desperate for a job at the hotel. Kit is desperately in love with her husband Keith.
As the days go on, Kit starts to see a different side to Keith when he will do anything to get the job.
Fires rage, relationships boil and greed is maxed to the limit.
Thoroughly enjoyed, thanks #netgalley for the advanced read.

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Overall : 4/5 Stars
Characters : 4/5
Setting : 5/5
Writing : 4/5
Plot and Themes : 5/5

First of all, I would like to say that I didn't know anything about the book when I requested an arc. I just really really liked the cover and the title was what really intrigued me. I know we say to "don't judge a book by its cover", but that's what draw me into reading it and I'm so glad I did.
"The Pink Hotel" follows a newly married couple, confined to an eccentric and oppulent Beverly Hills hotel during a raging wildfire.

The story began slowly, introducing the characters, describing the setting, the hotel, which I have to admit almost made me stop reading because the pace was too slow for me. The book is also written in present tense, and I had some trouble adapting in the beginning because I'm not used to it. But as I was reading, it felt more and more natural and I quickly couldn't put it down, and as of now, I think that the writing style contributed to it. And thankfully I kept reading, because once I was deep into the story, I felt like I was watching a movie, I could imagine vividly each scene and isn't this exactly what you want from a book ? To escape this reality and just dive into another one. The narration also follows other storylines with other characters which made it even more interesting.
The novel's structure just has a way to help you feel like you're trapped in a bubble (that's an odd to say it) but just as our little couple confined in the hotel, I felt confined within the pages.

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Newlyweds Kit and Keith Collins are honeymooning at the Pink Hotel, an iconic hotel nestled in the Hollywood Hills. The hotel is far outside their budget, but they are there as the guests of the hotel's manager and his wife, who met the Collins at the small country hotel that they manage, and were charmed by the young couple. At the same time, catastrophic bushfires rage outside the gates, making the Pink Hotel an opulent refuge for the wealthy locals whose multimillion dollar properties are in danger.

As the honeymoon progresses, tensions arise - between Kit, who thought they were on a romantic holiday, and the ambitious Keith, who sees the trip as a job interview/audition; between the staff of the Pink Hotel and the demanding guests whose tips support the staff; between the wilds of nature and the false security of civilisation.

This is an interesting book. I enjoyed a lot of it, particularly the sense of Hollywood history that pervades the Pink Hotel (obviously a reference to the Beverley Hills Hotel). The focus of the narrative shifts frequently between perspectives, often within the space of a few paragraphs, which was a interesting device because it meant I was sympathetic for many character, even ones who had behaved badly. However, the plot can be at best described as meandering and the book really did drag at a few places, particularly the middle. That said, if you can make it to the end, the last three chapters are absolutely wild and, in my opinion, definitely worth the journey.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me an ARC. The opinions expressed here are all my own.

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I am a reader who loves setting. And "The Pink Hotel" delivered! I found myself looking forward to picking it up again to get lost in the (absurd) lush California hotel. The story is about the absurd wealth of the patrons of the (fictionalized-ish version of The Beverly Hills Hotel) and the folks who work there. How they interact, how the caste system plays out under dire circumstances. It is a take on The Lord of the Flies if the kids were the 1% and the island was a posh L.A. hotel. My only critique is that it went on for the first half and felt a bit redundant and I felt it could've been trimmed a bit, but it didn't really bother me.
I wasn't expecting to enjoy this as much as I did and I will certainly now read anything else this author publishes.

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I am not sure if I liked The Pink Hotel. It was a very well written examination of the haves and have nots in modern American.
A young, upwardly mobile couple take their honeymoon at a luxury hotel in Los Angeles. The honeymoon is really an audition though. Keith and Kit are two rubes trying to make it in hotel management amongst the grotesqueries of the cruel and thoughtless idle rich.
During their stay, Keith, and to a lesser extent, Kit have their heads turned by the obscene behaviour of the hotel guests and you begin to wonder if they will even survive their honeymoon.

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Compulsively readable with excellent descriptions. Perfect summer book pick, great for any vacation reads.

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Thank you so much to Netgalley and the publisher for sending me an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

I went in to this knowing nothing about the story and was intrigued by the title. I actually really enjoyed it. I loved how whimsical and eccentric the characters were and how this is a work of fiction but it does touch on real life events in our society today.

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Wow! What a ride! This book is like if you crossed White Lotus with The Club and gave it tons of cocaine. The Pink Hotel is a chilling ride through a week at The Pink Hotel during fire season. Jacobs rights in such a way that you feel the anxiety, the mania and the torment that the characters are going through. Her descriptions are so vivid I felt like I was in a humid garden reading the book. It definitely was a full sensory experience!

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Timely and sensational novel about socio-economic class differences. This is going to be a recommendation for beach reads this summer, for sure. While the characters are mostly caricatures, this kept me engaged and curious. Eat the rich, indeed.

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“How decadent is this? Outside it’s roasting.”

The Pink Hotel is a captivating glimpse into an extravagant hotel where the disgustingly wealthy go to escape their already luxurious lives, while wildfires are raging on outside the hotels grounds. The focus is on Keith and Kit Collins, who’ve been gifted a honeymoon stay, and Keith is given the opportunity to prove himself as a desirable new hotel staff hire. We’re immediately thrown into this lush jungle of a hotel and meet the very colorful guests and staff.

What I love about the writing is that you’re whisked around as a fly on the wall, locking on to everyone’s ridiculous conversations and gossip. The guests at the Pink Hotel party non-stop and the momentum throughout the book becomes increasingly chaotic as the parties get larger, the entertainment demands get more bizarre and the danger of the wildfires get closer. I’ve seen others liken the atmosphere to Gatsby and I completely agree. You’re getting a vignette into the lives of rich socialites full of gossip, extravagance and the dark things they’ll do for entertainment and indulgence. The setting and environment is so strong in The Pink Hotel, I would definitely recommend as a summer read if you’re looking for something dark and atmospheric.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for this arc!

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Thank you to #NetGalley and Farrar, Straus, and Giroux/MCD for providing me an advance copy of Liska Jacobs’s literary fiction novel, The Pink Hotel, in exchange for an honest review.

#ThePinkHotel is a literary fiction novel set in modern day at a glam hotel that is not unlike the real world version of the candy-coated Beverly Hills. Overflowing with vivid descriptions and characters who indulge in endless nights of debauchery, this novel is for readers who can handle characters with personalities that are the epitome of the worst high-profile clientele and enjoy a side of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with their Gatsby origin story.

Newlyweds Keith and Kit Collins are invited to stay at The Pink Hotel while Keith is vetted for an assistant manager position. The married couple is nowhere near as wealthy or as refined as the guests they are surrounded by for the entire duration of their honeymoon. Though Keith aspires to join the upper echelons of society and will do whatever it takes to get there (including sharing his own wife), Kit is of the opposite mindset and is miserable when she discovers married life and her honeymoon have fallen short of normal expectations. Kit yearns to return to a simpler life with kinder people. Her eye continuously wanders towards an onsite construction worker who is more her speed, making Keith jealous in the process.

I neither cared for the characters and this follows the same pointless patterns as most literary fiction, however, the author’s writing style is captivating and the reader cannot help needing to know how the novel ends. Judging from the reviews, this book will surely be a mixed bag for some, but for this reviewer, it was top-notch for the genre. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Jacobs in the future. Bravo on capturing our dystopian decade sans Sci-Fi elements!

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In Liska Jacobs' blistering, dark social satire The Pink Hotel, a young newlywed couple, Keith and Kit Collins, is trapped in an opulent Beverly Hills hotel during a raging wild bush fire, as tensions between the wealthy guests and the staff escalate.

In a bid to get Keith hired, the general manager of the Pink Hotel invites newlyweds Keith and Kit Collins for a luxurious stay at the hotel. Although Keith has always craved a more luxurious lifestyle, he feels right at home in the hotel's glistening, lily-scented lobby.

It takes a bit to get into the novel at first, it reminds me of young love, hard at first and sometimes you have to go through disasters to see if it is true love. It is revealed that the Pink Hotel has a tenuous class system within its walls, which deteriorates as the city burns. Liska Jacobs explores the corrosive nature of greed and the concept of true love while hurling the reader towards a certain disaster in her barbed and provocative novel.

Before long, the surrounding hills are engulfed in flames as riots break out amid rolling blackouts, making Los Angeles a pressure cooker. Guests of the Pink Hotel, which is no longer open to "outsiders," are forced to share the hotel with a beleaguered, disgruntled staff and an increasing number of eccentric, ultra-wealthy, dangerously idle guests.

I really enjoyed the descriptions that Lisa Jacobs used of aesthetics, smells and especially plants and flowers (being a plant lover myself). This really set some scenes and made it feel quite real to read.

I quite enjoyed the diversity of characters that Liska Jacobs used in the novel, I especially loved the use of Kit. Kit was unpredictable at times and Liska Jacobs opened her up like a flower as things unfolded, I kept wanting to turn the pages.

I would recommend this book to young adults that are interested in an easy read.

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Liska Jacobs paints a world of decadence while the California hills are burning. Keith and Kit Collins, a young newly married couple, are invited to spend their honeymoon at the Pink Hotel. Keith accepts the offer with the hope of being hired by the hotel to manage the services offered to the rich and famous who visit. Kit is adopted by the rich young women as a play doll--they dress her is expensive clothing and show her off to the wealthy guests, like a teacup dog many of the guests already have in tow. Up against Keith and Kit trying to fit in, there are numerous uncontrolled wild fires threatening the area, but the guests continue to indulge in champagne and attend themed parties. This brutal story shows the rich up against the poor who are losing their homes and desperate for help.

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