Mommy, Look At Me!

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Pub Date 22 Feb 2022 | Archive Date 03 Feb 2022

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Mommy, Look At Me! is an affirmation book created to help young children understand that they have the ability to be whomever they were birthed to be. 

Children often pretend to take on the roles and  responsibilities of adults. In this book, parents will see the importance of embracing a child’s desire to mimic careers that are sure to lead to a promising future. Each child is unique, and with the right amount of love and encouragement, who knows? They may one day actually grow up to be exactly who they pretended to be.
Mommy, Look At Me! is an affirmation book created to help young children understand that they have the ability to be whomever they were birthed to be. 

Children often pretend to take on the roles and...

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This storybook reminds me so much of my childhood days when I wanted to become someone one day when I grow up and then another professional the next day!

Hope parents try to understand what their kids want to be when they grow up instead of forcing their ideas on them.

I like the illustrations. I appreciate the idea of providing extra pages of the same story and illustrations in another language as well!

Thank you, author/artist and the publisher Indigo River Publishing, for the advance reading copy.

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There is nothing so deep and meaningful in this world as a mother's love for their children. This is a beautifully illustrated book that shows the love and the efforts of a mother to empower her daughter and teach her that she can be anything she sets her mind to.

Being a mom myself, raising a bilingual child and working as a teacher in a dual language immersion program, I love that this book is written in both English and Spanish.

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This book is about a child’s imagination and all the things she wishes to be. This book was a very cute story about how you can support your child and her dreams about the future. I liked the story and the message. I really liked the illustrations, they were very creative and colorful.

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4 Stars

Mommy, Look At Me! is a cute book about a little girl who wants to do different things on different days. She wants to be a princess, teacher, vet, grown-up, and so on. Her mother encourages her while also giving well-directed advice as a reply.
The story is very simple and yet shows that kids can be whoever they want to be as long as it brings them happiness. It’s up to parents to gently nudge kids to identify life lessons in everything they do.
The illustrations resemble an online gaming interface (not sure what that style is called). But they are bright and cheerful. What I rather liked was the inclusion of two languages in the same book. The first half has the story in English, and the second half has it in Spanish. A great idea, especially if the parents or kids are learning Spanish. Makes it easy to understand the words and sentences.
I received an ARC from NetGalley and Indigo River Publishing and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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A heart warming comic book that not only illustrates the precious and beautiful relationship between a daughter and her mother, but also underscores the importance of patient and encouraging parenting. As is the case with every growing child, the daughter’s aspirations and ambitions change every single day almost and her mother unrelentingly keeps encouraging her. For example when the little girl says that she is going to be a veterinarian in future, her mother urges her to demonstrate empathy towards animals.

When the daughter’s concentration shifts to becoming a gymnast, her mother exclaims in delight that she would be seeing her on television. When she wants to be a teacher, Mommy instructs her to teach her students “kindness and strength”. But ultimately her mother teaches her always to remain true to herself and ends by saying whatever she aspires to be, she will always be her loving daughter.

(“Mommy Look at Me!” by Alexandra Santana is published by Indigo River Publishing and will be available for sale on the 22nd of February, 2022)

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A very cute story of a young girl who can imagine lots of fun roles for herself and her future! Her mother is wonderfully affirming and encouraging as she tries on the possibilities of princess, teacher, veterinarian, etc. This would be a lovely start to a conversation with students about who they dream about being one day.

The book contains the story in both English and Spanish, which is a great feature. The illustrations are simple but bright and cheerful. This would be an excellent circle time read and a good addition to pre-K and elementary school and classroom libraries.

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!

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Thank you netgalley for this advanced copy in exchange for a review!

This book was so adorable! I dont usually read children's books and I got curious as to what kind of books are being released now as I see book purchasing in my future for family members. I've noticed there tends to be more of a push away from old stereotypes and I loved how it showed a little girl getting to change her perspective each time as to what she wants to be and letting her mind take her wherever she desires. I also really appreciate how the version of this book I had received has also given an option of the Spanish version being attached to allow a more diverse audience to be able to reach the book immediately as opposed to the time it often takes to reach a translated version. This was overall very adorable and I loved how it was a quick and easy read to have for small children

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Mommy, Look At Me! is a heartwarming book full of imagination for young children.

As a teacher, we explore daily different ideas on what my student’s want to be when they grow up. It’s important that each child knows they’re unique with a variety of interests. I appreciate how the author tells that through the message of this book, as well as unconditional love between family.

The illustrations are bright and beautiful as well as captivating. The book also being in Spanish is the cherry on top! I’ll definitely be adding this book to my classroom and school’s library.

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In this sweet and heartfelt story, a little girl pretend plays various roles: princess, teacher, gymnast and more. The author does well in capturing a child’s limitless scope of aspirations and a mother's unconditional love. I love the title and repetitive lines, a scenario parents are all too familiar with. The illustrations are fitting and eye-catching, though I'm not a fan of the art style personally. Overall a wholesome message from a mother to her daughter: no matter which role she pursues in life, she’s mom’s precious daughter first and foremost, and always. I’ll be keeping an eye out for this book — it’s a great resource for parents to convey this valuable message to our children.

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This was an amazing ARC I received from NetGalley. I absolutely loved the simple story of a child, pretending to be a gymnast, vet, teacher etc. I think more than anything, it awoke the child in me and reminded me the way I was as a child. How easily a child gets attracted to something, and how temporary their obsessions are. From the adult perspective, it reminds you of how naive and innocent children are. Kids too will relate with the easy writing and beautiful illustrations that will appeal to their eyes. I think this is an essential to not only kids, but also parents.

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As a mum of a three year old girl, I loved this little book. She is forever saying Mummy Look at Me! so those familiar words made me smile already. I loved the responses from the mum and how she encouraged the little one to be whatever she wanted to be - a great message for readers!

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This delightful book is full of affirmation and love. Its mission is to encourage young children to be whomever they were created to be.

An adorable little girl daily parades in front of her mommy in her pretend clothes showing her mommy what she wants to be when she is all grown up.

"Mommy, look at me!"
"And who are you today, sweetie?"
"I'm a princess!"
"Of course!" You'll always be my little princess."

"Mommy, look at me!"
"And who are you today, sweetie?"
"I'm a teacher!"
Yes, remember to teach kindness and strength!"

In the following days her beloved daughter decides a gymnast, a grown-up ( just her mommy ), a veterinarian, and a queen of the castle, might just be her thing. Each time mommy affirms her daughter's choice and cheers her on to be and do whatever makes her little heart happy and content.

Mommy's all-time favourite option of the unique career parade? Can you guess? No spoilers... but to me I agree 100% with her mommy.... it's the best pick of all, hands-down!

The illustrations are colourful, bold and child-friendly. The message is positive and inspiring. All-in-all this book models the importance of embracing a child's desire to be whatever they were birthed to be. I love it and highly recommend it.

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A sweet and heartwarming book that mothers will really enjoy reading with their little girls. The artwork is gorgeous.

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I read Mommy, Look At Me! with my attention seeking 6 year old boy. The writing follows the same format on each page so after I read a few pages I was able to let him take on the reading with more confidence. This story is easily relatable for imaginative children who love to play dress up and for parents who encourage their children's fantasies about the future. This book tugs at the heart-strings of parents who want their littles to stay little while supporting their dreams, Mommy, Look At Me! can open a conversation between parents and their children about growth and how to get there with more than the pat "You can be whatever you want to be when you grow up."

I love how the illustrations show the mom going about her domestic duties. It is extremely relatable as children usually choose that time to pull the "Look at me!" line. I also love that this book comes in Spanish as well and the illustrated characters are more diverse than most children's books.

My son's review: (What was the point?) That you can be whatever you want to be when you grow up. (How do you think the mom feels?) That she just wants her kid to stay little forever. (What's your rating? Thumbs up, to the side, or thumbs down?) Thumb to the side (*Laughingly* Would it have been a thumbs up if it was a little boy instead of a little girl?) Yeah!

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This was a cute story encouraging kids that they can be whoever they want to be. I liked the mother’s encouragement. The illustrations were nice.

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Such a beautiful book to learn about different careers and all the paths our children's lives may take. This book brought up lots of opportunity for discussion,

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I love how with each new persona this adorable little girl wants to be, how mom not only encourages her to find her true self but guides her on the strengths of each persona.

The illustrations are just so adorable but ultimately, it is the story and its intent of having the ability and freedom of choice to be whomever you want that warms the heart.

MOMMY LOOK AT ME! By ALEXANDRA SANTANA published by INDIGO RIVER PUBLISHING is my first from netgalley and will be available for sale from 22 February 2022!

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A great heartwarming book that encourages children to be who they want to be. It's a great book for parents too, reminding them to uplift and support their little one's dreams and aspirations no matter how lofty or unrealistic they may seem. I also love that the book has both the English and Spanish versions of the story included.

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My kid loved this book and read it more than once. She keeps referring to the miramami. Very influential book.

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The way the mom in the story elaborates upon the imagination of the little girl in the story is a great way of showing how invested in her child the mother is and the illustrations are lovely. I will definitely use this book with my group of toddlers. I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book.

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Mommy, Look At Me! is a picture book about a little girl who wants her mom to look at her each time she is acting out something else from her imagination. Her mom says her favorite thing is for her to be her daughter. Includes a Spanish translation of the story.

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Perfect little book to read with my son. Such vibrant colours and easy to read story makes it a great story time together.
I love the story as well, it’ll be one to read as he grows with a lovely message.
Thank You NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me an early copy to review.

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