Sex and the Single Panda

The Revolting Pursuit of Love in the Animal Kingdom

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Pub Date 08 Mar 2022 | Archive Date 07 Mar 2022

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All about the absurdities of animal courtship, Sex and the Single Panda: The Revolting Pursuit of Love in the Animal Kingdom is an illustrated humor book detailing the factual—and often disgusting—mating habits of a wide variety of animals gone wild—from big beasts to wee beasties.

Through a series of funny dating profiles, find out more about the unbelievably weird mating habits of a variety of bachelors, bachelorettes, and gender non-binary bachelorx, from capuchin monkeys and praying mantises to hyenas and hippos. Raunchy, yet informational, and packed with helpful infographics, guides, and more, this is a laugh-out-loud delight for animal lovers and comedy fans alike.

HILARIOUS YET EDUCATIONAL: The author's bitingly funny, wildly imaginative dating personas of a wide variety of animals includes factual explanations of their oft-astounding mating habits.

AS FUNNY AS IT IS GROSS: This R-rated yet informational book will make a laugh-out-loud gift for animal lovers and comedy fans everywhere.

GREAT BIRTHDAY OR GALENTINE'S GIFT: Whimsical and witty yet informative, Sex and the Single Panda makes a great gift for any animal lover, science lover, or comedy enthusiast.

All about the absurdities of animal courtship, Sex and the Single Panda: The Revolting Pursuit of Love in the Animal Kingdom is an illustrated humor book detailing the factual—and often...

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Thank you for the E-Arc. Sex and the Single Panda is a fun romp through the animal kingdom. It takes us through the most important part of keeping a species alive, procreation. Really enjoyable and fun little illustrations.

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Sex and the Single Panda: The Revolting Pursuit of Love in the Animal Kingdom.  This book had me intrigued from the cover.  And even more intrigued as I read the introduction and saw "You may see yourself in here. Or maybe you'll recognize an ex. You may find yourself saying things like 'I would have sex with the clownfish!'" and "Although everything in this book is what you might call 'disgusting.' I'll ask you to remember that everything depicted here is 100% from nature, and nature can never be wrong."  Then I started wondering just what I got myself into by opening this book... 

Turns out I'm a parasitic fly, so, there's that... There's also way too many spiders in this book for a book with a panda on the cover!  And you will finish this book knowing way more about animals mating habits than you ever really wanted to, but hey, maybe they'll come in handy as fun facts at parties?

This is a quick read, a little gross, a lotta fun and worth it if you have some time to kill. (and you might not be the only one?)

I received a free e-copy of this book to read from NetGalley and was not otherwise compensated.

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This book was hilarious and full of trivia fun! I read it to my husband who is a huge animal lover and we had a great time going through it!

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Really funny, but also informative! This would be perfect for a white elephant gift (pun intended) or other fun novelty gift.

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This picture book was really fun to try and guess which animal had the matching mating ritual. The drawings were cute and it’s written in a very fun tongue in cheek type of way. If anything, my Google search history after this book might be a little awkward to explain…
Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Sort of like eavesdropping on dating profiles on Wild Kingdom, this book totally rocks; the illustrations are fabulous and I am now a die-hard fan of Dahlia Gallin Ramirez.

I think the illustrations make the book, but there are lots of gems and I was eating lunch yesterday, reading this on my phone, and literally snorted out loud, in McDonald’s (don’t judge) several times.

If you’re at a cocktail party and people want to know if any animal has a detachable penis or a 7 inch clit, well, you’re ready. Need dating advice on “How to Live with a Sexual Cannibal” . . . well, it’s all spelled out, right here.

Been thinking slinging urine seems unusual but you’ve heard it works for some, look no further; all you need to know about using this magical aphrodisiac is right here as well as sex secrets of the Scarlet-Bodied Wasp Moth, Sand-Dwelling Wolf Spider, and the Green Spoonworm !!

Chronicle Books always does good work and this book is no exception. I can see people laughing at this and giving it to their friends and hearing about them laughing and loving it, too.

So, yeah, Sex and the Single Panda: The Revolting Pursuit of Love in the Animal Kingdom . . . 5 Stars

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This is just one of those funny table books that you can pick up and put down whenever you have a moment. Filled with interesting facts about the naughtier side of nature, I enjoyed the cute illustrations and learned a thing or two about wildlife. A quick read, this is definitely an adult natured book but fun. It would be a valuable addition to public libraries.

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WOW!! What did I just read?! This is definitely not a children’s book lol! However, Dahlia Gallin Ramirez gives you quite the naughty adult education in Sex and The Single Panda! Oh and there are illustrations as well. I seriously could stop laughing at all the fun mating ritual facts that I came across. This is a book that everyone will be talking about!

Sex and The Single Panda is a very fast paced quick read that holds your attention if you have an open mind.

I love how his idea for this book came from watching nature shows and then he just went with it. This is an incredibly wild, blunt, funny, out there read that will have you rolling on the floor laughing!!!

Sex and The Single Panda comes with an index in the back of the book.

The illustrations in the book were very lifelike and colorful.

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This book was truly absolutely hilarious! I laughed so hard throughout this book! I also learned a lot about animals and their ‘love languages’. Not only is the author’s voice downright comical, but some of the information is so humorously absurd that you will find yourself looking up these animals thinking ‘There’s no way…:oh, but there is!’
This book would be an awesome ‘coffee table book’ for those who have that kind of sense of humor. I definitely plan on purchasing a copy for myself to have and perhaps other copies as gifts for others.

Thank you Net Galley for an ARC! Review posted on my Instagram page lizzies_little_library_

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This book was way funnier than any book regarding the sex lives of animals had any right to be. It left me wishing I had a plethora of Bilogist friends to gift it to!

Written in an incredibly smart way, this title is both hilarious and informative about things that you may have fleetingly thought about but never knew you needed to know.

For instance, did you know that the Capuchin monkey throws rocks as a signal it is into you?

Meerkats, while adorable, may be the world’s worse babysitters.

I loved how often the passages were written as a description of the terrifying act that whatever the being is involved in and THEN we get the big reveal. This added so much humor to the book because I would try to guess what animal could possibly procreate like THAT and I was always wrong because the animal kingdom is WEIRD.

I loved the artwork, the set up of the information, and the layout only increased my enjoyment and made it all the funnies.

So, if you’re looking for a book that is both highly informative and immensely funny, this is it!

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I’m dead. This book was hilarious. As someone who has a zoo membership in my city, I now know a surprising huge amount about these animals. I really enjoyed this fun read. The artwork was amazing too. Definitely recommend for a party gift.

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This is a difficult book for me to review because I received an egalley which didn’t have very good formatting. The pictures were all spliced and it was very difficult to tell what animal the descriptions were talking about (most of them only provided the scientific name and I can only assume that they’re intended to be paired with drawings that make it clear). Given that, I now know lots of interesting facts about the mating habits of animals but I couldn’t tell you what animal I’m talking about! I also feel like I missed out on a big part of the experience of reading this book, because from what I could tell the pictures seemed like they’d be a cute and funny addition.

Other than that, this is a really fun little book if you love to have weird facts to impress people with at social gatherings. Animals are fascinating and this book does a good job of distilling their mating rituals into bite-size little chunks. I would have loved it if it went a bit more in depth; it definitely feels like it’s intended more as a funny trivia book rather than to actually educate people about these creatures.

Written as a collection of dating profiles for our animal friends with the strangest desires, this book would make a great gift or addition to your coffee table, perfect for whenever you have a few minutes for a humorous little biology lesson.

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Sex and the Single Panda was actually hilarious! Not sure if I consider this valuable information or if I'll remember any of this in the future but it was a fun ride.

This is designed as a guessing game where the reader is introduced to a bachelor or bachelorette that tells us a bit about their kinks and mating rituals and in the next page that animal is revealed. Even though I laughed a lot in the beginning, I got a bit tired towards the end with all the included species (especially since there were so many spiders and bugs in general).

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing this ARC!

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If you’ve ever wanted nature documentarians to just come out and say “EWWWWWW GROSS,” this book is for you (or someone you know). Less technical detail than I expected, but perhaps that’s for the best given it’s an illustrated book.

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I found "Sex and the Single Panda" a fun read, though it took me a bit to get used to the format. To me it reads like a dating game show, with a short "bio" of the animal, followed by the reveal of their identity. Both the bio and the reveal contain factual information that -I would guess- most people don't know.

The art wasn't my favorite style, but the drawings were good and accurate, save for the occasional smiley faced critter.

Overall an informative, entertaining read that would be a great option for non-squeamish nature and trivia lovers.

Thank you to NetGalley and the author and/or publisher for providing this arc in exchange for an honest review.

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What a light and humorous read! I clicked on it out of curiosity, and am so glad i did!
I may never use this information for anything other than humor, but atleast i know these things now.
this will make a great book for random facts during game nights with my family and friends!
The illustrations are hilarious and perfect.

Was this review helpful?

A fun, quick read! Part of why it caught my eye is because I'm taking a class right where we've been learning the mating rituals of primates, which are bizarre enough, but the animal examples featured in this book definitely take the cake! The descriptions were consistently funny, very succinct, and yet still actually taught me a bunch of new stuff. Plus, the illustrations were also very cute and nice to look at. Overall, definitely recommend.

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I read a review copy on NetGalley. The format of the book is not the final format, so I cannot see the full layout of the pictures and graphics. The book itself is a lot of fun. If you think human sex is strange (and wonderful), be grateful that you are not another creature as there are some strange things going on. Many decades ago my Uncle Ralph gave me a book about mating among animals. I really liked it. I really like this book too. I am glad I am a human. Having my mate devour my head after sex is not a good idea. Although, given that it is after sex, makes it better than having your head devoured before sex. I know the Lord exists because who else could come up with such bizarre attracting, mating, and sexual behaviors? It is a fun read. Glad I am a human man married to a human woman.

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This is a hoot! All the weird, wild variations of animal courtship and mating behavior are explored in this cheeky, irreverent book. It's interesting, funny, and full of awkward fun facts for parties. This would make a great offbeat Valentine's gift for the nerd in your life or a great conversation piece for your coffee table.

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!

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I need a Latin lesson!🙄

This seemed to try hard to combine modern cultural references (movies like Yentl and Tootsie, for example) with short profiles of various exceptional methods creatures use to attract a mate and reproduce. It did not work all that well for me. I did not find it particularly humorous. Learning about a wide variety of sneaky, smelly, dirty. laborious and/or dangerous ways different creatures hook up: that was interesting. I just thought the delivery could have been better and, rather than photos the book uses fairly crude drawings of the creatures concerned.

For me, though, the biggest issue was its use of only the Latin scientific names for the insects, fish and animals it profiles. I had to guess and I thought the author missed the boat by not providing the common name or both.

Okay as a novelty but it did not make me want to share the book with others.

Thanks to Chronicle Books and NetGalley for sharing a complimentary advance e copy of the book; this is my voluntary and honest opinion.

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Enter a world of cartoon strips and pics of many different animals, bugs and fish and find out how they have sexual relationships with their opposite mate or even with themselves! Funny jokes along the way too. If you’ve ever wondered about a Praying Mantis and why it eats the head of the male while doing the deed, you’ll find out why here. Oh and did you know the male mantis doesn’t need his head to survive? You do now!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to Chronicle Books and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

Sex and the Single Panda by Dahlia Gallin Ramirez is an illustrated humor book about animal courtship and mating habits. The book includes full-color, humorous illustrations of each of the animal species that are discussed. According to the description, "through a series of funny dating profiles, find out more about the unbelievably weird mating habits of a variety of bachelors, bachelorettes, and gender non-binary bachelorx,"

Overall, Sex and the Single Panda would make the perfect raunchy bachelor's party or bachelorette's party gift. One highlight of this book is that it is very funny and the way that animals' mating habits is done in a gross-out, humorous way. I did take off 2 stars, because I couldn't see myself reading through the entire book in one setting. It was a bit too gross for that. But I can this book making an excellent gag gift. If you're intrigued by the excerpt, you can check out this book when it comes out in March!

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Sex and the Single Panda is an interesting and comical approach to the reproductive habits of various creatures presented as a modern dating profile full of humor and content followed by a detailed description of the animal. The drawings are adorable throughout and readers will take away a good assortment of facts that they can use to wow (or possibly horrify) people in the future.

Special thanks to Netgalley for the eARC in exchange for my honest review.

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