Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint

A Powerful Guide to Transformation Through Disentangling Multigenerational Patterns

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Pub Date 07 Jun 2022 | Archive Date 07 Jun 2022

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Break free from the patterns that hold you back and achieve new heights of success with a groundbreaking approach to constellations work.

Your life is not a train wreck. Even if you feel like everything has gone off the rails over and over again, transformation is possible. The key lies in decoding the patterns that got you here—unconscious patterns that you inherited from your family system.

In Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint, transformational and systemic coach Judy Wilkins-Smith helps readers break free from the patterns that hold them back so they can create lives of greater meaning and impact. “While everyone knows that we inherit our physical DNA from our ancestors,” she writes, “few people realize that we also inherit multiple generations of patterns of decisions, thoughts, feelings, actions, and mindsets—an ‘emotional blueprint’ that is deeply unconscious, yet faithfully repeated.”

According to Wilkins-Smith, one of the most effective ways to shift these unconscious, inherited patterns is by working with systems dynamics and constellations. With Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint, she makes the profound implications of these models immediately accessible to anyone searching for personal healing and transformation.

Drawing from neuroscience, epigenetics, genealogy, and quantum physics, Wilkins-Smith shares a variety of strategies and practices that will help you detect hidden and multigenerational patterns, recognize their purpose, and then break the cycles, to create an extraordinary life.

Break free from the patterns that hold you back and achieve new heights of success with a groundbreaking approach to constellations work.

Your life is not a train wreck. Even if you feel like...

Advance Praise

“Judy’s work is expansive, profound, and what the world needs right now. I thought I knew what constellations work was until I read her book. The depth and wisdom she brings is transformative personally and will be globally. She brings the wisdom of the ancients and science together seamlessly and with such clarity that it’s impossible to debate the work!” ―Betsy Chasse, filmmaker of What the Bleep Do We Know?! and Pregnant in America

“Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint is no ordinary self-help book. It takes you on a deep journey to help you identify healthy and unhealthy connections to your family of origin and enables you to truly shift your mindset and unlock lasting transformation. We all have a story that comes from our family lineage and a multi-generational system that carries forward emotional hooks that can unconsciously control your life and hamper ambition. This book works with you to debunk myths you’ve long accepted or believed were the truth just because that’s how it is in your family. As a leader, this book helped me identify limiting beliefs that were impacting my effectiveness. By acknowledging and creating a more empowering path, I have emerged a stronger leader and person. The growth is ongoing and the impact is undeniable.” ―Cheryl DeSantis, chief people & diversity officer at SmileDirectClub

“Judy has a magical way of taking a look alongside her clients to the most tragic events in their lives and helping them turn the tragedies into strengths, lessons, and triumphs. Her work lies at the heart of an energy field, where all her clients and workshop participants connect with each other (and their family/organizational systems) in nonverbal and verbal ways they never thought were possible. I was so drawn to the process of change within her work that I studied it for my PhD dissertation in marriage and family therapy. Since then and even before my study, many researchers across the world have studied family and organizational constellations to uncover the mechanisms of change and impact of this powerful modality. A must-read for lifelong learners of all ages and for everyone who feels propelled to make a significant leap in their personal and professional growth!” ―Sofia Georgiadou, PhD, LPC-S, LMFT, NCC

“In the book Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint, Judy Wilkins-Smith takes the reader on an authentic journey of transformation and assists them in unveiling the true power of who they are. Beyond your subconscious patterns and ancestral history lie a new and “bigger you.” This book not only applies extensive research and real-life experiences of what that entails but also navigates you through a concise road map of how to get there! If you’re drowning in a sea of how-to books but looking for something different, something special, something life changing … Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint will pull you out of the mucky self-help waters and onto the shore of a new and expansive life!” ―Barry Goldstein, multi-award-winning producer, composer, and author

“Powerful and timely! Judy Wilkins-Smith’s book, Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint, offers a compelling new model for healing. Through a beautiful synthesis of ancestral wisdom, insight, modern science, and the power of systemic work and constellations, she shows how transformation can be a genuine part of our daily lives. Judy gives our minds a reason to accept what our hearts already know―that the power of wellness lives within each of us. This book is a must for any library of science and healing in the 21st century!” ―Dr. Darren Weissman, chiropractor and creator of The LifeLine Technique

“Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint is a fabulous journey into seeing, understanding, embracing, and transforming inherited ancestral patterns of thought and emotion, choices and values that have been unconsciously running the show, opening the reader up to exciting new levels of life expression. Easy to read, filled with client stories and insightful coaching exercises, no one who starts this book will be the same by the end!” ―Cate Montana, author of The E-Word: Ego, Enlightenment & Other Essentials and Apollo & Me

“Every human being on the planet is shaped by invisible patterns of thoughts, language, feelings, and actions handed down by their ancestors that end up unconsciously limiting their lives. In her fascinating and easy-to-read book Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint, Judy Wilkins-Smith shows us how to uncover and understand these multigenerational patterns and turn those old traumas and triggers into transformation opportunities. If you want an astounding new window onto your family, business, money, or relationship “issues” and a fast track to healing and change, this is the book for you!” ―Sandie Sedgbeer, author, broadcaster, and host of OMTimes Media’s flagship radio show What Is Going OM

“In this brilliant book, executive coach Judy Wilkins-Smith shows how these are often unconscious patterns passed down through generations from our ancestors. She shows how a single thought or word―our ‘emotional DNA’―can curb our potential. We’re surrounded by systems that keep these blockages in place, and until we learn to crack the code, we reenact our family patterns. I recommend this book highly both for clinicians and as a self-help guide.” ―Dawson Church, PhD, author of The Genie in Your Genes

“Judy’s work is expansive, profound, and what the world needs right now. I thought I knew what constellations work was until I read her book. The depth and wisdom she brings is transformative...

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