The Little Blue Puppy

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Pub Date 31 Jan 2022 | Archive Date 19 Feb 2022
DartFrog Books, Canoe Tree Press

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Welcome to our farm! 

It’s morning on a quaint hilltop farm. Sky, a little blue puppy, opens her eyes to what she thinks will be an ordinary day with her friends. But a newcomer has arrived in the barn and soon the ordinary day is filled with amazing adventures, valuable life lessons and the meaning of true friendship.

The Little Blue Puppy is a wholesome story for the whole family, accompanied by breathtaking illustrations by artist Tatiana Kochan.

Welcome to our farm! 

It’s morning on a quaint hilltop farm. Sky, a little blue puppy, opens her eyes to what she thinks will be an ordinary day with her friends. But a newcomer has arrived in the...

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A wonderful story about animals on a farm told through the eyes of Sky an Australian cattle dog. With beautiful illustrations and a message about friendship, this is a book any child and parent will enjoy!

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This story was absolutely adorable and I loved the artwork! The art reminded me of watercolor and the personalities of the animals really came through in a beautiful way.

I loved the message that all animals are important and none more important (including the humans) as humans can’t lay eggs and hens can’t plow a field. I also felt the language in this book was sophisticated for a child which I think is good as children will learn terms such as “fowl, filly, hen, plow, brook, etc…”

I would definitely gift this book to any child as the message was so positive and the story beautiful.

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I picked up this book solely because it's about an Australian cattle dog. It's one of my favorite breeds because they're just so beautiful.

Anyways, this book is about Sky, an Australian cattle dog, and a newborn filly (baby horse) named Cammy. Cammy's mom, Gabby, explains why each farm animal is important because even though they're all different, they all serve different purposes. That's how Sky and Cammy became friends. Because Cammy is new to this world, Sky decides to show Cammy around. They go look at the chickens and the frogs, and they go around playing in a field of flowers. It ends with them declaring that they'll be best friends.

I think this book is so cute. The pictures are well done. I love how color the book is. I also love how this book is based off of the author's life because the animals in the book are also animals that she lived with. Overall, a great read for young children!

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I love the illustration style, and can tell from the first page that this is the sort of book I would read to children to teach them grammar/writing techniques and skills as it is easy enough for them to grasp, but includes examples of adjectives, metaphors, and more complicated words that aren't too hard, but will challenge them and encourage them to expand their own personal dictionary.

I did notice one error....the term 'addition' was spelled as "addaition" on page 12.

The book teaches other lessons that children should learn, like the importance of farms, and the importance of each individual animals job. These messages can be applied to humans: we all can have different skillsets, but that doesn't make us any less or more important. We all have to work together to survive. It also encourages friendships between those who may not look like you, or come from the same situation as you, and I think we can all agree that, that is an important lesson for kids to learn.

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This was super adorable. I have a blue heeler/cattle dog puppy and I love seeing artwork that resembles him. The art and this is gorgeous and it's a cute little story about meeting new friends and realizing that while not everyone can do the same things, people are valuable for all sorts of reasons and just because it doesn't look the same for everyone doesn't mean that it isn't worth something. Overall a very cute little picture book that I will for sure be buying for my niece and nephew.

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This is a cute story about a new friendship between a dog and a horse. We learn that although all animals are different on a farm, from the horse, to the hen, to the cow, everyone has a very important job to do.

The illustrations are beautiful, I loved seeing all the animals. However, some of the print is harder to read depending on the background colour.

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This is a very cute and simple story about how different animals work together and help a farm to function, with each being equally important in their own unique ways. The illustrations are beautiful. My only complaint is the color of the text makes it difficult to read on some pages.

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Beautiful illustrations! My 3 year old loved going through each page and identifying the animals. Cute story about farm animals.

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The Little Blue Puppy was a cute story. My seven year old daughter loved the book! I really like that the book talks about how even though we are all different, all of us are good at different things. Great artwork throughout the book! My daughter and I enjoyed looking for the mouse in all the different pictures. This is a very cute book that I would recommend.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an advance copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

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The Little Blue Puppy is a cute book about a puppy making friends on her farm. The artwork in the book is stunning and I'm positive that children would enjoy it as well as the story. It teaches lessons about family and is a great choice for kids.

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The Little Blue Puppy is a sweet picture book about a dog forming friendships. The illustrations helped depict life on a farm in a fun way. Kids will enjoy finding the animals on each page.

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Welcome to the farm where Sky, The Little Blue Puppy, lives with her animal friends. But today there's a new addition on the farm and Sky is eager to meet her.

First of all, the art in this book is supremely beautiful! My favorite drawing was the one with Sky and Eva. The story was really cute too, a story about making new friends. The only complaint I had was that the font choice was hard to read. I think a bigger and bolder font would have been better. Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for this ARC.

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