A Dragon Named Egg

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Pub Date 01 Jan 2021 | Archive Date 01 Mar 2022

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Picture Book

It's hard to be different. For Egg, it was almost impossible. As the first dragon ever born from an egg, he was remarkable, and he was unlike anyone else in his family. Small for his age, unable to fly or breathe fire, and given a silly name, Egg struggles to figure out how he fits in. However, sometimes the smallest being can make the biggest change.

Picture Book

It's hard to be different. For Egg, it was almost impossible. As the first dragon ever born from an egg, he was remarkable, and he was unlike anyone else in his family. Small for his age...

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Egg the dragon knows he's different. He's not massive, he's not mighty, he's just..him and he feels quite un-special compared to all the other dragons. His friends and family love him and try to support and encourage him, but he wonders why he's not like everyone else. Then, one day, he finds he's much more talented, and unique, than he'd ever dreamed.

The illustrations in this book are gorgeous! The kids will love the lively pictures of all the various dragons and animals. They will also really relate to the message of feeling left out and discovering hidden talents. This is a wonderfully uplifting story that would make a great circle time read for pre-K and early elementary.

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!

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A really strong look at the runt of a litter of dragons – all his siblings and predecessors are highly dramatic, but little Egg can hardly win a tug-of-war contest with the forest animals he finds companionship with. Until one day... It's the ugly duckling, we all have something special within us, kind of moral, but it's done superbly well, with expressive dragons of all kinds, and no wool and wastage on the spare script. Sure, the story is on the thinner side, so re-reading might not happen that often, but this is a joy at least once. Four and a half stars.

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I cannot say enough good things about this book! A Dragon Named Egg by Heidi Howarth is phenomenal. A beautifully written story with magnificent artwork makes this a five star book, in my opinion. The book has some words that are difficult for young readers, but it is fun to read together. Egg makes children realize that it is okay to be different. We need differences in the world!
Thank you, Ms Howarth, for writing such a beautiful story. This is a great book for children, to encourage acceptance of others.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an advance copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

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When I was little, I believed in magic. Dragons, witches and fairies made up my childhood. My imagination was encouraged by my parents and the stories they would tell me. A good imagination is imperative in a child’s development and attributes to their problem solving skills as an adult!

Being a new mum myself, I’ve been so excited to begin the journey of building my little ones imagination (you can never start too early!) and I’ve been reading to him since he was born. When I saw A Dragon Named Egg available to request on @netgalley I jumped at the chance because A) it’s a chance to try something different in regards to reviewing and B) dragons.

I was a bit unsure of how to review a children’s book, so I asked my new resident expert- 10 week old Oliver. Now he may be a bit young to understand the plot of a book but he sure as heck hung on to the words and was absolutely enamoured with the beautiful illustration.

The story is of Egg, a small dragon who feels like a bit of an oddball in a family of very epic and special dragons. This reads as an “Ugly Duckling” style book, and serves to remind children that they are all special and unique in their own way.

I only had this to read on an e-reader and this is no way captures how beautiful the illustrations really are so I will be buying this in a physical copy when I can.

I highly recommend this book for the dragon loving child in your life. And keep those imaginations flowing ⭐️

Thank you to @netgalley and @west44books for the E-ARC of this wonderful book.

I reviewed this on my Bookstagram page @aspellofbooks

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A cute little story with an unusual protagonist – a little dragon named Egg.

Egg comes from a family of dragon achievers. His grandpa, his dad, his mom, and his siblings- all have greatness to their name. Egg meanwhile is the youngest and the teeniest member of this family. He hates his life, and he hates his name, though his mom lovingly explains their rationale behind calling him something so funny-sounding. When he feels depressed at not fitting in, he goes to the forest to forget his sorrows. On one such day, there is a terrible incident in the forest and turns out, Egg is the only one who can do something about it.

While the message that the story puts across is a typical one, it is still worth reiterating in children’s fiction – accept yourself as you are for everyone has at least one talent. While Egg’s transition was a bit too abrupt, children will surely be excited to see what Egg’s hidden power is.

The illustrations are where the book truly shines. They are outstanding, and every page is a treat to the eyes.
The language of the books is pretty simple and it will work well for any beginner reader.

Recommended if you are looking for a sweet tale about a sweet little dragon.

4 stars.

My thanks to Windmill Books and NetGalley for the ARC of “A Dragon Named Egg”. This review is voluntary and contains my honest opinion about the book.

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This was an adorable story about a little dragon learning his place in the world. Perfect for all children who feel different, this colorful story will leave child feeling warm and fuzzy.

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"Sometimes those we expect the least from are the ones who surprise us most."

A Dragon Named Egg tells the story little dragon, the first ever born from a cracked egg, who doesn't seem to be as impressive as his legendary family. He is different. Very special, in fact, according to his mother. Without a clear skill, though, he feels left out and lonely.

While his siblings are all the biggest, fastest, most impressive dragons, Egg is small and seemingly powerless in a big world where he doesn't fit in. He's not much bigger than a bunny or a bird. As it turns out, though, he really is very special in his own way.

I would definitely buy this gorgeous children's picture book for my toddler, or as a gift for others. I loved the vibrant colours of the illustrations. The story is touching and holds a powerful message ‒ that every creature, no matter how big or small, has their own strengths. It's a very important message for children, and even many grown ups, everywhere.

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A dragon named Egg is a sweet story about a little dragon learning to love and accept himself as he finds his place in his family.
It has a good message about being different and unique and finding your place.
I loved the illustrations.

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This heartwarming book is about acceptance, family, and finding a purpose for your life. It is beautifully written and inspires readers to not feel sad and discouraged because they don't fit in like the others around them. Being different means you are unique.

Little dragon is the runt of his litter because he hatches out of a cracked egg. His mother calls him a miracle because of his size and she names him Egg. That terrible name causes everyone to laugh at him.

His grandpa is famous for making the hottest flames ever, his dad is super tall and no dragon has ever gotten so close to the sun, his siblings are bold and brave and his mom once saved a whole village by one swipe of her tail. All those amazing feats make Egg feel powerless, weak and an underachiever. Will Egg ever find his own superpower gift and come to the realization that it's okay to be different and celebrate exactly who you were created to be!

The illustrations are outstanding. They are colourful, bold, and animated making the message of the book come alive. I highly recommend this delightful book and I know kids will love it.

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This was such a sweet story. It was a little young for my almost ten year old son but my younger niece was enamoured and demanded I read it to her several times. The story was easy for her to follow, and the illustrations were magical.

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Egg is a very small dragon who was named because he was hatched from a cracked egg. He dislikes his name very much. All his family members have different talents and abilities, but Egg doesn't. His mother tells him he is special, but he doesn't believe it. His family tried to help him, but it only made him feel like more of a failure. He doesn't feel like he belongs. Egg loves the forest where it is peaceful and the animals leave him alone. One day, there is a catastrophe and only Egg can help. What is Egg's special skill?

This is a story about finding your strengths and talents, acceptance and love of self and others. It is okay to be different and even if we feel we don't belong, we are all unique and special in our own way, we just need to discover what our own talents are. I read this with my grandkids and only the 8 year old really got it. The little ones (3 & 5) liked the story and how Egg changed and saved the day, but didn't really understand about acceptance and uniqueness. The illustrations were wonderful. The dragons easily showed their strengths and emotions based on size, shape etc. I recommend this story for kids over 6 if you want to use it as a teaching tool, but younger children will enjoy the story.

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