Honeybee Rescue

A Backyard Drama

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Pub Date 31 May 2022 | Archive Date 10 Aug 2022

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Fans of the Scientists in the Field series will love discovering ways to save and protect bees through the eyes of a honeybee rescuer.

Follow honeybee rescuer Mr. Nelson as he expertly removes a colony of bees from Mr. Connery's barn (with a vacuum!) and helps it relocate back to a hive. Photographs of Mr.Nelson’s relocation of the colony help bring the honeybee rescue to life.
Nature lovers and scientists-to-be will be abuzz as they learn all the ways to keep honeybees (and our ecosystem) safe.
Fans of the Scientists in the Field series will love discovering ways to save and protect bees through the eyes of a honeybee rescuer.

Follow honeybee rescuer Mr. Nelson as he expertly removes a...

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This is a really cute book on true honeybee rescue. The pictures in it are actual pictures, not illustrations, which I wasn't expecting! It tells the story of a true bee colony rescue from some's garage into new hive boxes. There is also a Q&A with the bee rescuer as well as a glossary and other neat info at the end! I'd recommend for this for kids 7 and up only because there are more complex sentences and longer paragraphs of information. Overall, a very good book on bee rescue!

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This might have been a children's book, but I enjoyed it. There was a lot of information that I was not aware of. The publisher should open the marketing of this one to adults too.

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This is an educational book about honeybees, their living environment, and the process of rescuing bees that need to be relocated. I like the color photographs because they allow a true view into the daily lives of the honeybees and their living environment. Furthermore, the rescuing sequence is shown in a step-by-step fashion.

I found the detailed information about the jobs of the beekeeper and bee rescuer fascinating. I was surprised to learn that bees are not likely to sting you if treated gently.

I would estimate that this book is written for elementary aged children. It could easily be used in a classroom environment in various learning modules. A fieldtrip to see an actual bee rescue could be an integral part of this learning process.

I appreciate the author’s dedication in teaching about honeybees and the rescue process. I would like to see more about the bee life cycle. Maybe this could be the subject of another edition.

I appreciate the listing of references to be used for further research on this topic.

I look forward to reading other children’s books published by this author and wish her many successes in the future.

I received this advanced reader’s copy from the author Loree Griffin Burns, Charlesbridge Publishing, and NetGalley. This is a voluntary review, and all comments and opinions are entirely my own.

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Loree Griffin Burns does it again with a beautiful and interesting story about moving a colony of honeybees from one place to another. Readers will be surprised and impressed with the ingenuity of the humans as well as the bees. This will be a great addition to any collection.

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This children's nonfiction book tells the story of a beekeeper and the important role bees play in our world. Using real photos and the story of a real beekeeper, this story is perfect for children who learn through visuals and story telling. The information in the pages is very interesting and important. As a grade 3 teacher I could definitely see this book in my classroom library. With about 1 paragraph per page the text will be manageable for children and the pictures will also help with comprehension. I would definitely recommend this book for teachers and families of children in the 4-10 age range. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book!

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"The hum of bees is the voice of the garden" (Elizabeth Lawrence). In this story however, the garden belongs to Mr. Connery, a bee keeper. This is a true story of how the honey bees were rescued by Mr. Connery, a bee keeper and his friend, Mr. Nelson,a bee rescuer.

This book is a very educational book, my first introduction into the job of a bee rescuer and bees rescuing in general. The story is rather engaging as it is told in the form of a short,real life drama or a sketch in story-telling style,aided by several beautifully shot photographs (complete with arrows as pointers,to educate the readers through show and tell style ).

The story started by showing a photograph of Mr. Connery (as a way of introducing the main characters in the story just as the book title intended, 'a backyard drama') and his ramshackle barn. Then the story continues on by telling the readers that few days ago,while on the way to his vegetable garden, he noticed a buzzing sound coming from his barn and so, he went to investigate. From the barn's window, he saw a colony of honeybees that has just moved in!. From there, he realised that one of the bee hives in his garden has become overpopulated/overcrowded,which explains the swarm in his barn.

The book then gives a definition of swarming which i find fascinating as it explains on how the bees overcame the overcrowding problem in their hives by splitting their colony into two separate groups of the old and the new, complete with another new queen, where the old group had to move out and search for another place to stay.

In the next scene, comes in the second main character's part which is Mr. Nelson,the bee rescuer, when Mr. Connery called him to help remove the bees swarm in his barn.As a result, the two men concocted a plan on the bee's removal where the bees will be relocated back into a new hive. Now that's where the real challenge begin as it takes a lot of hard work,endurance and patience to remove the bees and each work needs to be done gently and with proper care as to not upset or shock the bees and disturbing their environment.

Overall, this is a very fascinating read as well as educational. I never imagine what a lot of work it takes and how time consuming it is to remove and relocate the bees back into their homes.

The story is also very inspiring and eye-opening, as it tells about the dedication of two men who are willing to take such a risky yet very important job, that is saving the bees from being exterminated by people when they inhabit people's homes. As mentioned by Mr. Nelson himself in the interview section, a childhood experience of a friend being stung by bees when he and his friends were poking at a bees swarm, was the starting point of his involvement in bees rescuing where instead of letting the entire colony being killed by the angry mother of his friend,he chose to call the bee keepers for help.

His wise and quick thinking action, not only saves the entire bee colony but also nature and the future of humans as well as the earth needs bees to thrive and to survive as they make up as one of the most important pollinators on earth. "The way humanity manages or mismanages its nature-based assets, including pollinators, will in part define our collective future in the 21st century. The fact is that of the 100 crop species that provide 90 percent of the world's food, over 70 are pollinated by bees" (Achim Steiner, Executive Director UN Environment Programme).

Once again, i thank Charlesbridge for another wonderful learning experience through this book. I'd most definitely be looking out for more books by this author as well.

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We all must save the bees so what a great way to introduce this to children - ideal for those of primary school age! I myself didn’t know as much as I thought I did about bees so this is suitable for adults also. I also liked that this is a true story with actual photos! A good amount of detail without being too much!

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I really enjoyed this book, and would highly recommend. It is detailed enough to captivate a reader who does already know something about bees (adults and children) and appeals to children's innate sense of wanting to help out animals big and small. I appreciated the real pictures and diagrams especially the one about the bee vacuum. The interview with the bee rescuer was also a great addition to the book. The Further Reading section is also appreciated with great recommendations.

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A delightful book in the style of a colorful scrapbook that helps the reader feel like they were on a field trip!

On-point text and interviews as well as beautiful photographs show a wild-built beehive (in danger), and how a specialist carefully transfers the wild hive and bees to a safer hive box.

The information is thorough (I learned a couple of things), and the book as a whole is so well done, it feels exciting and fresh!

Readers will be motivated to protect and help these fascinating creatures, and view bee handlers with more awe for the important work they do. Recommended ages are 5-8 years; I suggest 5 to adult.

5/5 Stars

Thanks to Charlesbridge and NetGalley for the free preview of this ebook pdf; the review is voluntary.

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Pages: 40
Full color pages

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This educational book is fantastic for learning more about honeybees and their safe removal. Not only is there an abundance of important information, but the photos to go along with it really help young readers grasp a good understanding.
I love how this book really shows the hard work that goes into safely moving bees from locations they shouldn't be. Honeybees are so important and this book helps you understand just how important it is that you only allow a professional to do this job.
In my opinion, the best part of this book is the photos. I really appreciated the photos of the equipment, the step-by-step bee removal process, and the close-ups of the bees and the combs. Not only do the photos add to the education, but they are also beautiful.
The book layout is also very appealing to children. It's like a scrapbook-style book. The way the pictures are placed and labelled is great. Having it done this way is perfect for sharing a lot of information but not in large, overwhelming paragraphs.
I think this should be a book in every classroom.

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I received this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

I was fascinated by this book! Beekeeping and the bee community in general is so interesting and crucial. This is a great way to simply discuss bees and their importance.

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This book was so fascinating! If you’ve ever wondered how a beehive is removed from where you don’t want it, like in your garage or attic, this is the book for you. The photographs are great and really help with explaining the process. We really enjoyed learning about the process. This book would be a great addition to a classroom or library.

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Hello bees! Every reader will be saying this when they finish Honeybee Rescue by Loree Griffin Burns. This charming picture book about Mr. Connery and Mr. Nelson rescuing the bees from a dilapidated barn was informative and engaging. It made this reviewer want to go out and save some bees! A lovely book for readers of all ages, I highly recommend Honeybee Rescue for your next read. I give it 4.5 stars.

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Honeybee Rescue is a well photographed and written story for young readers about honeybees, their behavior, and biodiversity by Loree Griffin Burns. Due out 31st May 2022 from Charlesbridge, it's 40 pages and will be available in hardcover and ebook formats.

This is an engaging true story of honeybee rescue and some basic beekeeping info. It's told in simple language which everyone can understand and shows bees as helpful and important and not scary (as long as they're treated gently with respect). The author has done a superlative job of explaining swarming behavior and how beekeepers rescue bee colonies which have set up housekeeping in unwanted places.

The book is lavishly and clearly photographed in color throughout. I especially liked seeing Mr. Nelson's bee vacuum with which he gently gathers all the lost bees to move them safely into their new home.

Five stars. This would make a great selection for public or school library acquisition as well as for young science and nature interested readers. The author has also included an abbreviated bibliography for further reading.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.

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Honeybee Rescue
Author Lorene Griffin Burns
Photography by Ellen Harasimowicz

Children's Nonfiction
| Science

Book has great in action photos

Explains hive crowding and why bees move and create new hives

A brief description of the hive scripture and how the bees create the wax used for the comb.

Modern day bee keepers and how hives are moved safely.

Details on a new vacuums and how it works and how it was built

The authors interview notes are worth reading as well - an adorable true story of how a bee hive was saved and a few details on the actual catching of the bees.

Book offers a list of books for further reading on bees.

I would recommend this to a someone doing a report on bees. Or even as a base to a homeschool unit on bees. I gave this book 5 stars.

Thank you NetGalley and Charlesbridge Publishing for the e-book to review

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Mr. Connery is an experienced beekeeper, maintaining wooden hive boxes in his backyard. So when he discovers a bee swarm in his ramshackle barn, Mr. Connery knows that his bees have outgrown their hive and it is time to stack an additional hive box on top of the older one so the bees can spread out. But first he needs to deal with the swarm in the barn. And for that he calls Mr. Nelson, a beekeeper who specializes in removing bee swarms so that people don't exterminate these important pollinators. In between the account of Mr. Connery and Mr. Nelson saving the barn swarm, Burns provided all kinds in bee information from why they swarm, the structure of a hive, how a bee vacuum works so the bees are kept safe, and how a bee rescuer gets the bees and any honeycomb they may have started safely into hive boxes. We just had a bee swarm in Manhattan the other day, so this was a great time to read this book to my young readers. The writing is simple but informative, and generative lots of discussion. The photographs, with some great bee close-ups, really add so much to the information and framing the bee rescue in a story helped my young readers, some of whom are afraid of bees. Back matter includes an interview with Mr. Nelson, and a Glossary of terms used, as well as an Author's Note about her interest in bee rescue. Burns does a brilliant job of sticking with the concept of bee rescue, so if you want to know more about the life and work of honeybees, pair this with Candace Fleming's Honeybee: The Busy Life of Apis Mellifera.

Was this review helpful?

This non-fiction picture book about beehives, beekeepers, and the importance of protecting the honeybees was a great mix of narration and facts. I really enjoyed the author's experiences, as well as the information that the beekeeper shared about why he got into the field of beekeeping.

This would be a great non-fiction book to add to any library's collection.

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The beekeeper missed that one of his hives felt crowded and had swarmed to a rickety garage, when he discovered it, he called a specialist to find a safer place and move them. The specialist knows just what to do and even has specialized equipment that he had patented. Soon the task was done! Next follows further explanations and even a glossary. Terrific nonfiction resource!
The photographs by Ellen Harasimowicz are clear and informative. Every public and school library needs a copy!
I requested and received a free temporary e-book on Adobe Digital Editions from Charlesbridge via NetGalley. Thank you!

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I just happened up on an offer for an advance reading copy of a book that has many levels of being intriguing. The first to hit my eye was the title, Honeybee Rescue: A Backyard Drama, by Loree Griffin Burns with photography by Ellen Harasimowicz. Since I have an overwhelming interest in nature and a grandfather who used to keep bees, I needed to see.

The book is listed as kindergarten to third grade, but I would put absolutely no upper limit on it. The true story and photographs follow Mr. Connerly, a beekeeper who finds a colony in an unsafe rundown garage, and Mr. Neilson, an expert bee rescuer as they move the bees into a better place. It would be hard to choose whether the narrative information or the beautiful photographs are the best parts of the book. They mesh well together and are fascinating even to people like me who have long since put third grade in the rear window.

My special favorites were the diagrams and pictures of the layers of the beehive and the vacuum cleaner that the writer calls a “honeybee sucker-upper” that captures the bees and keeps them safe for the move. The fun is not even over when the story is finished. There is an interesting interview with Jon Nelson, the bee rescuer, revealing his start on this activity when he was a kid. The glossary helps the individual reader and will be good for a science class reading the book together. The author’s note is yet another interesting story of how this book came to be. In her sources, Loree identifies herself as a beekeeper and cites information from other beekeepers and researchers. Good selections for further reading round out the back matter. All the words and photographs beginning with the title and ending with the copyright information at the end were intriguing.

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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. A great informational book on how beehives are sometimes rescued and moved elsewhere.

Was this review helpful?

Mr. Connery woke up one morning to discover a colony of bees, had made a home in his run-down barn. Feeling they did not have adequate protection from the weather, he called Mr. Nelson to rescue and move the bees to a safer place. This book tells the story through words and photographs, about all the work that goes into rescuing a colony of bees.
Honeybees are important to everyday life. This book helps teach children the importance of saving bees, and to not be afraid, just because they have stingers. There is a glossary and further reading, for families that are interested in learning more about honeybees.

Was this review helpful?

This non-fiction book follows Mr. Nelson as he removes a honeybee swarm from Mr. Connery’s garage. He goes through the process of how he removes each section of comb carefully after vacuuming the bees off using his custom vacuum. The photographs are helpful to understand the process for anyone not familiar with honeybees.

My fiancé and I are beekeepers and we have captured a swarm of our own, albeit from a tree and not one that already started producing honeycomb. This is a great book to educate.

Thank you to NetGalley and Charlesbridge for allowing me to read an ARC of this novel. #NetGalley #Charlesbridge #HoneybeeRescue

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I just can't get enough of bee books this year. This is a great one. I loved the use of real pictures to show what was going on, and the clear, easy to understand explanations of what it takes to save a colony of bees. I could practically smell the beeswax in this book!

Was this review helpful?

I wasn't expecting all the real amazing pictures!

It surprised me and I had such a fun time reading the book. The writing is perfect for the reading age group.

The book basically aims to educate the young readers about bees, their colonies, and how beekeepers take care.

Love the presentation.

The pages are fun to read and quite informative.

I had a good time reading the interview of the author towards the end.

I appreciate the inclusion of the glossary to explain all the basic terms when it comes to bee rescue.

Thank you, Charlesbridge, for the advance reading copy.

Was this review helpful?

This was a really cute book that I loved reading together with my son! Not only is it a really important story with a really important message, but it was also really really cute!!! We loved it. It is definitely more science-y than expected, because the pictures are actual photographs instead of illustrations like I expected. It is an educational book about honey bees, the environment they live in, and the process of rescuing bees that need to be relocated. It offers a lot of insight into bees and helped both me and my little one understand bees a little better. Definitely would recommend to any parent!

Was this review helpful?

Most books that we get about bees stress the role that they play in nature and their behavior within the hive, and frankly that's what I was expecting from this book. Instead, Burns focuses on manufactured hives and bees on the small farm. We are presented with a particular case of a group that has swarmed and is establishing a new hive in a barn. Through simple prose we learn why it needs to be moved and the careful process used to safely relocate them. It's a more subtle way to teach about bee behavior.

Was this review helpful?

Burns has filled "Honeybee Rescue" with beautiful photographs and diagrams to show readers what the life of a honeybee looks like. The story makes learning about honeybees an engaging experience and many students were excited to begin read. Overall a wonderful non-fiction picture book for a wide range of readers!

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