My Turn

Bookish Romantic Comedy Book 2

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Pub Date 04 Mar 2022 | Archive Date 26 Jul 2022

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The epitome of success, gorgeous Nina Bryant has everything under control or at least that is what she wants everyone to believe. Appearances can be deceiving.

Her MO is to run but running isn’t an option when mistakes in her life start to catch up with her. She comes face-to-face with the main ingredient of a past hurt, in the package of the sexiest, most frustratingly charming man she’s ever known, Harrison McCall. To complicate the situation, her best friend, Addie Snyder is marrying his best friend, Jameson Ford. How bad could it be?

There are a few challenges along the way that include a surprise spouse, a drag queen with a gambling problem, among other things. Even with the obstacles facing them, can Nina and Harrison finally get their second chance at love, or will outside entities rip them apart?

The epitome of success, gorgeous Nina Bryant has everything under control or at least that is what she wants everyone to believe. Appearances can be deceiving.

Her MO is to run but running isn’t an...

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ISBN 9781647044725
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Featured Reviews

This was such a fun and sweet book!!! I have recently come into a niche where I am loving all of these sweet romantic comedies and this was right up there in that genre! From the first to last page I was invested in these lifelike characters and their journey through the ever day troubles of life and love. There was a character that I absolutely hated, while there were other characters that I adored with my whole heart. I couldn't get enough of the fun and flirty banter and the emotional moments of truth and reality.

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wooooooooow this book is definetly a must read, I love the plot so much & I totally recommend it. The blurb got me hooked & i'm thankful to read this, thank you!

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The story of Nina and Harrison. She has never got over how he treated her years ago. Now their best friends are getting married they are forced to spend more time together, so will this be a second chance for them? Someone is trying to keep them apart, but will Harrison let Nina walk away again?

A great read - I hope there will be more books in this series.

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I read and really enjoyed Her Turn back in January of 2021.
And when I seen My Turn I jumped at the opportunity to read another Jones novel!
This is definitely a light story.
The romance was great with interesting characters.
This book has an intriguing storyline that grasps your attention.
My only complaint would be I didn't really connect or feel for these characters.
I wished could and I tried, but failed.
Overall, this was a cute, sweet at times funny read.

Thank You for your generosity and gifting me a copy of this amazing eARC!
I will post my review to B&N, platforms, blog and Waterstone close to pub date!

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Really nice story! Ms. Jones did a superb job of taking the reader through the various scenes and going back in time to give us the details behind the hurt feelings at the center of the story. Really enjoyed this book.

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Such a fun read!! I adored all that characters and the development was great throughout. Kept me wanting more. I would definitely recommend!

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I love second chance romances and this book definitely lived up to my expectations. It was cute sweet and a little bit sexy!

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My Turn is the sequel of Allison Jones first novel which traces the story of Jameson and Addie. In the sequel MY TURN, this is the story of Nina and Harrison who are friends with Addie and Jameson respectively. Nina can't forget the day Harrison stood her up on their prom night and though universe keeps making them meet each other,Nina hasn't been able to forgive him. Harrison has never felt attracted to a girl to the seriousness he was attracted to Nina but because of the pressure of his parents he had to go out with someone else. Cut to present, Nina is running a successful business in New York and Harrison is also working in the same city and their best friends Addie & Jameson are getting married.The author makes us time travel through various phases and stages of both Nina and Harrison and when they meet each other.I like how the author sensitively writes about the people with a disability
Nina has a family that she has made with her friends in New York and her hometown and she is ever so grateful for them.
I really enjoyed the inhibitions that is portrayed in both the characters of Nina and Harrison. Nina has hidden talents and though she puts a front that doesn't diminish her self-awareness that she possesses and is one of her strong points.
There is so much happening and the events and the bonding of friends and family of Nina truly shows you how much she does justice to the book title MY TURN.
I recommend both the books by the author. Her Turn and My Turn.Addie, Jameson,Nina and Harrison give you a good time.

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This book was read thanks to NetGalley.

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!! It has a rhythm and never slows down, it keeps a pace when always is happening things.

We follow Nina and Harrison, who have known each other since they were kids, they even were sort of sweethearts until one day he left her with the broken heart, but it doesn't matter how hard the try to avoid the other, they always run into the other.

It's a nice and realistic book about how love can't be always easy.

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I love second chance romance also this book cover is really beautiful!
It's funny and the characters are really lovable.

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My turn is a good coming to age story that flips easily between Nina and Harrison's storyline. Which I loved. Because you don't always get to see the story play out from two totally different perspectives.

Nina Bryant has it all, she is successful, gorgeous and has a life everyone wants. Well that's what she wants everyone to believe anyway. But looks can be deceiving and and what looks like the perfect life on the surface can look very different underneath.

When Harrison McCall comes back into Nina's life she is reminded of mistakes she made in her past and not only that but Addie Nina's best friend is marrying Harrison's best friend and so they have to spend more time together than either of them would like. But could this be the second chance that they are looking for.

Not forgetting the amazing drag queen with a gambling problem this book has a fantastic cast. This book will have you laughing and smiling with joy.

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I loved this book and how it went from Nina to Harrison to hear both perspectives of the story!

Nina is the girl that doesn't fit in the small town of West Virginia and is being raised by her grandmother. Harrison is raised in a wealthy environment where his parents controls everything that he does. Harrison decides to do one thing for himself and asks Nina to go to prom with him. This sets the relationship for Nina and Harrison for the future because Harrison stands her up. After this experience it sets the tone for her life where she doesn't get close to any man. Years later Harrison and Nina are thrown together because of two of their best friends getting married. Nina's and Harrison's life start to unravel due to outside forces.

I absolutely love this book and would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat.

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"My Turn" by Allison Jones

Rating: 4/5 🌟
Release Date: March 2022

I received this ARC copy via #netgalley

I have never read one of Allison's books, but I found this romantic comedy to be quite fresh!

The writing was a little scattered at times, but I did really enjoy it.

In this we follow Nina and Harrison. Two people who were once at complete odds battle it the classic romance battle. (add in a hidden drag queen, an ex husband, and a trip to Vegas) because of course, no romantic comedy would be proper without some turbulence.

I found this a very quick read, the chapters are short, and crisp.
Very character driven, and you can't help but fall in love with them!

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Georgina, Nina, Bryant has an unresolved relationship with Harrison McCall, since their senior year of high school, more than 15 years ago. Nina is extremely attracted to Harrison but is unable to overcome how much he has hurt her. Harrison hasn't forgotten her since he fell in love with her when he was 17. Time goes by and they don't get along. When their best friends Addie and Jameson are getting married they are forced to spend more time together.

This was a light and very fun reading. The book contains some temporal and spatial errors that are easily overcome because they are not focal points of the story. The plot seems well thought out and the reading is fluid.

Short chapters work when character change is needed. When we have chapters in a row with the same person, usually Nina, it doesn't make so much sense to change the chapter. However, I understand that it would be strange for the reader to constantly switch between very short and long chapters. One suggestion I would make would be to assign numbers to chapters – with only names it’s almost impossible to jump between chapters without losing the notion of where we are.
Overall, it's an interesting and captivating story. The characters that pleased me the most are Grammy and Addie, for their joy of living and for the way they react to situations. I laughed a lot through the book and was amazed by the action and the information at the end of the book (the confusion with Antonio, the information about Lyle, and the last revelation about Melanie).

Another aspect that pleased me a lot was Nina and Harrison talking to the reader, to the point of stopping what is happening to talk directly to us.

It’s worth the reading!

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My turn is a definite 4 stars for me! This is a romance with twist after twist, a girl named Nina from a small town and an embarrassing mishap with a high school crush on prom night push her into moving early to NYC. Where 15 years later she finds herself around Harrison again after all these years. With a connection still lingering, a stranger, possible mob boss and angry father, I was unable to stop reading! ….

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About 60% of the way through this book, I realized I read Her Turn and these were a continuation of those characters. When I requested this book I had no idea - what a delightful surprise.
I enjoyed Nina and Harrison’s story immensely. The reader gets a peek into what’s happening with Addie and Jamison while learning the backstory Nina and her family. The story is lighthearted. A solid beach read. It held my interest and left me hoping for more on Nina and Harrison and maybe centered on Lillie & Masons evolving reLationship.

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Thank you to NetGalley for this arc !
This was such a good book, second chance romance. Nina and Harrison are the main characters. I absolutely loved this book and recommend it !

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Such a fun read! I love second chance romances and this one was super cute. Ive been having a hard time finding which books I want to read next and this was just the book to get me out of that little funk I was in.

A great read! :)

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‘My Turn’ by Allison Jones
A rich boy who is controlled by his parents stood up the girl he likes, who lives with her grandmother for a rich girl who his parents chose. Now they are navigating their love story trying to get over the hurt they caused each other.

This book was full of twists and turns, like right when I thought I knew what was going on, a turn. The writing style was beautiful yet simple. At first, it felt realistic getting hurt and not being able to let go but yet work with that person and the pressure of doing what others want you to do. Then it was just like no way, this could never happen but yet I still wanted to see how it was going to end. Yet I never forgot it was a romance. This book was actually enjoyable, I couldn’t put it down.

Thank you netgalley for the early arc.

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I have not had the opportunity to read anything by Ms. Jones before, so this was a first time read for me. A fun and cute, quick story that hit the spot on my rom com craving. The character were well-developed and interesting and you can't help but fall in love with them. Years ago, Nina left her small town and has made quite a successful life for herself. When she goes back home to attend her best friend's wedding, she is faced with one of the main reasons she left all those years ago, Harrison, who invited her to prom, but then stood her up and took someone else at the last minute. That hurt has stayed with her all these years and now her best friend is marrying his best friend and there is no chance of avoiding him. This could be a second chance for them, but others still want them apart. Will Harrison let her get away a second time? This was a cute story that I found to be quite enjoyable and entertaining. There were plenty of humorous moments that had me laughing or just generally left me with a smile on my face. A really adorable story and am glad I had the opportunity to read it.
I received a complimentary copy from Netgalley and am voluntarily leaving my review.

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Nina Bryant has everything under control or at least that is what she wants everyone to believe. Appearances can be deceiving.…. A lovely book with a great cast of characters. Beautifully written and I got really invested in the story. I would highly recommend reading this one.

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This is a good book. The two main characters are Nina and Harrison. They have known each other all their lives. Harrison asks Nina to senior prom, but on the night his parents make him take another girl to prom. This is start of their problems. They each have trust issues, together they work through these issues and find love for each other.

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My what a read and the weather suits the book. It's rainy outside while i cozy up to this beautiful beautiful book that left me gushing and swooning and wondering where i can find a Harrison in my life.
This is my first read by the author and I'm excited to dive more into her work
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for their next read or something light and heartwarming to cozy up to

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I am always interest in a second chance romance and this was another one that I fell in love with. I also love the covert art, this would be an instant buy if I saw it on a shelf in my local indie. I really enjoyed how Jones was able to create such funny and relatable characters with a romance that felt genuine.

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