Murder on a Melbourne Tram

Dusty Kent Mysteries Book 6

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Pub Date 15 Apr 2022 | Archive Date 07 Apr 2022

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A celebrity chef with an acerbic tongue is dead! Was he murdered by the young woman who suffered his verbal abuse every day? Dusty Kent is determined to hunt down the killer whoever it is.

An Australian murder mystery - Agatha Christie style.

Twenty-nine-year-old Gracie Chamberlain claimed she didn’t know her boss’s dead body was decomposing in the upstairs bedroom while she went to work every day in the downstairs office. That is one reason the police arrested her.

It is the hot autumn of 2019 in Melbourne when Dusty Kent starts to investigate the strangulation of celebrity chef Rafe Mason. Four suspects have been identified by Gracie’s wealthy father who believes his daughter is innocent of the murder.

Dusty must decide if one of them is the killer. Her task is made difficult when it is established that each of the suspects has an alibi for the night of the murder. Dusty’s assistant suggests the police got it right in arresting Gracie Chamberlain. However, Dusty is not so sure.

Secrets unravel, tempers flare and suspects attempt to flee.

Murder on a Melbourne Tram is book #6 in the Dusty Kent murder mystery series written by Amazon best selling author JB Rowley under the pen name Brigid George.

A celebrity chef with an acerbic tongue is dead! Was he murdered by the young woman who suffered his verbal abuse every day? Dusty Kent is determined to hunt down the killer whoever it is.


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Murder on a Melbourne Tram starts off by describing how long ago the body of a man, Ralph a celebrity chef had been dead before it was discovered.

As Dusty begins to delve into the case four suspects appear to have had a motive for strangling Chef Ralph. To make matters worse each one has an alibi and thus Dusty is unsure whether one of them is really the killer. As secrets surface the task at hand becomes difficult.

In the end, you will be surprised, pleasantly so.

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Wrongfully accused of murdering her boss, a celebrity chef Rafe Mason, Gracie Chamberlain is put behind bars. This cold case was two years ago, now Gracie’s father, Brain Chamberlain has found evidence that proves his daughter is innocent and recruits none other than Dusty Kent to aid in the release of his daughter. Along with her assistant Sean O’ Kelly, they investigate each murder suspect that Brain Chamberlain’s team has put forth on the night Rafe Mason died.

Lured with the pretense of getting an all-expense-paid trip, if they participate in the event that they were invited to take part in, Dusty uses her skills to determine which among the four suspects is the murderer.
I can say that I love this novel, it was fast-paced, exciting and a fun mystery. I liked the characters; my favorite is one of the suspects. He has a strict and serious attitude most of the time Dusty interrogates him. He gives off the murder vibes, but he is kind and is always subjected to accusation without reason.

It was quite interesting, that each suspect had a connection to the murdered victim but the reason behind the murder was inexcusable and there was also a twist closer to the end of the novel which I was not expecting in terms of how I read the character throughout the novel. I expected that person to be the murderer, but he was also a victim and this led to his downfall because of his past life.

Murder on a Melbourne Tram was really a lovely story, I liked the attraction between Dusty and Sean. They did not directly hint that they have feelings for each other but throughout the novel, you can decipher that they care for each other.

Since this is my first novel in the Dusty Kent Series, I can’t say much about Dusty’s character, but from this novel she is a mystery solver the most obvious, she has an outgoing nature, she cannot see innocents’ lives being held accountable for what they did not do, and she steps in where need be. Sometimes her emotions can cloud her judgement of people, but she is skilled in reading persons based on their expression, attitude, and demeanour.

I would say Brigid George's novel was a catch. I immediately enjoy the novel and could not put it down. It was very interesting and captivating read. Some mystery novels are gruesome, thrilling, and detailed in their own way, but this was a fun and insightful mystery that is suitable for all ages. I would recommend this book and I rate it 5 out of 5 stars.

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investigative journalist, Australia, secrets, author, whodunit, murder, relationships*****

The wealthy father of the young woman accused and convicted of the murder of her employer has found new evidence that nearly shows that his daughter was falsely convicted. So, he hires Dusty and her business partner to gather the real suspects in a high-end mansion and dangle a cruise to get them to stay and allow Dusty's interrogations. They all had passed the police alibi test, but are they all true? Dusty has a great track record of solving cold cases and she has to work hard to solve this one. Great read!
I requested and received a free temporary e-book copy from BooksGoSocial via NetGalley. Thank you!

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I really enjoyed this book and the main characters. It was fast paced and keep you guessing right to the end. It was great to learn about Australian phrases and I have downloaded the other books by this author. I would highly recommend this book.

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Evocative of traditional “whodunnit” mysteries, this book appealed to me as it is set in Melbourne and features the iconic trams. The modern celebrity chef angle brought this firmly into the current context and I really liked the way the characters were described, how they developed through the book and their inter-relationships.

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I love a good psychological mystery/thriller and this one went above my expectations. The twists and turns, the suspense, the shock factors! It was all enough to keep me reading, especially as I got closer to the end.

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Murder on a tram by Brigid George.
Dusty Kent Mysteries Book 6.
A celebrity chef with an acerbic tongue is dead! Was he murdered by the young woman who suffered his verbal abuse every day? Dusty Kent is determined to hunt down the killer whoever it is.
A slow but good read. Didn't realise this was a series. I did like the cover. I will see about reading from the start. 4*.

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The sixth in the Dusty Kent series of mysteries finds Dusty seeking the killer of a celebrity chef with a mean reputation. Rafe was found strangled but have the police arrested the correct person for the crime? After all, she suffered his wrath on a daily basis. Dusty is not so sure. Elimination of suspects begins by the strategic and logical Dusty. A task too tedious as all the other suspects appear to have an alibi. Enjoyable, well crafted whodunnit with a colourful cast of characters and a solid mystery at heart.

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Murder on a Melbourne Tram is the sixth book in the Dusty Kent series by Australian author, Brigid George. With her perfect record for solving cold cases, investigative journalist Dusty Kent decides to look into the murder, some fifteen months earlier, of celebrity chef, Rafe Mason.

His secretary, Gracie Chamberlain was charged and convicted, and is currently serving a prison sentence for his murder. His terrible treatment of her constitutes a motive; she was at the scene on the night of his murder; she talked to a friend of wanting to kill him; and she lied to the police about her whereabouts.

But her father, Brian Chamberlain, is certain his daughter did not commit murder, and is sparing no expense to prove her innocent. Dusty Kent assures him she will uncover the truth, whether or not that exonerates his daughter.

But an added impetus is the deathbed confession to the murder made by Rory Flynn, who maintained that Gracie did not murder Rafe. Inconveniently though, he didn’t mention who his two accomplices were before he was himself murdered.

So here is Dusty with her talented sidekick, Maze Master Sean O’Kelly in the role of devil’s advocate to all her theories, ready to apply her skills to four of Rory’s “associates” with dodgy alibis for the time of the murder.

They have been enticed to the luxurious Villa Depaul by a substantial reward if they cooperate with Dusty’s investigation. Engaged by Brian Chamberlain to keep a close eye on Dusty’s safety is footman Bentley Dobbs, who brings along his red, three-legged bloodhound, Cheyenne.

A few days on, are Sean and Dusty making progress? They certainly feel they have learned more about their suspects, and are possibly getting closer to a confession, until one of the four is murdered, throwing a major spanner in the works. There was always a good chance that two of Rafe’s murderers were among the four, and now the remaining three come under close scrutiny. Will Dusty maintain her flawless reputation?

This is a fun cosy Aussie mystery set in Melbourne, with a cast of slightly quirky but still believable characters, a clever plot, plenty of red herrings and a twist or two before the final reveal. Dusty’s educated guessing is supplemented by Sean’s IT talent, the setting will please locals, the Moomba festival makes an appearance, and there’s even a touch of romance.

While it is the sixth in the series, it can easily stand alone, although readers may be tempted to seek out the earlier books. An entertaining read.
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Brigid George's 'Murder on the Melbourne Tram' adds to the Dusty Kent Mysteries series with a slow yet engaging read. Set in Melbourne's elite neighborhoods, the story follows PI Dusty Kent as she unravels the murder of a celebrity chef. The plot, centered around suspects gathered in one place, echoes Agatha Christie's style. While dialogue-driven, the book offers moments of tension and a satisfying conclusion.

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