The Bachelor and the Bride

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Pub Date 06 Sep 2022 | Archive Date 20 Sep 2022

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London, 1866

Dr. Barnabus Milligan has always felt called to help people, whether that means setting a broken bone or rescuing the impoverished women of London from their desperate lives on the streets as part of his work with the Dread Penny Society.

Three years ago, he helped rescue Gemma Kincaid by marrying her in secret to protect her from her family, notorious grave robbers who were intent on keeping her working in the trade.

But their unconventional relationship is nearly over before it begins when, six months after they exchange vows, Gemma realizes her love for Barnabus is unrequited. To protect her heart, she leaves, telling Barnabus to contact her if his feelings for her ever grow beyond a sense of duty.
When Gemma finally receives a letter from Barnabus, inviting her to return home, she hopes to find a true connection between them. But she quickly learns that he only wants her help to foil the Kincaids, who have been terrorizing the boroughs of London, eager to gain both money and power.
Heartbroken once more, Gemma agrees to help, but she warns Barnabus that she will not stay for long, and once she goes, he’ll never see her again.
Yet as the couple follow the clues that seem to connect the Kincaids to the Mastiff, the leader of London’s underground criminal network, Gemma and Barnabus both realize they might make a better match than either of them suspected. Perhaps the marriage that had once saved Gemma’s life, might prove the means of saving Barnabus—and his lonely heart—as well.
But before the once-confirmed bachelor can properly court his secret bride, they’ll need to evade the dangerous forces that are drawing ever closer to the hopeful lovers and the entire Dread Penny Society itself.
London, 1866

Dr. Barnabus Milligan has always felt called to help people, whether that means setting a broken bone or rescuing the impoverished women of London from their desperate lives on the...

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Featured Reviews

The Bachelor and the Bride by Sarah M. Eden is a great historical fiction that has it all: romance, mystery, suspense, and is the fourth book in the enjoyable The Dread Penny Society series.

I have now read all four books in this series, and I am still really enjoying them. Each one continues with an overarching theme, while spotlighting one of the members of the secret society.

This book continues at the same time/location of London during the year of 1866. The Mastiff and his underground crime network continue to escape justice and create mayhem at every turn. This book focusses on the characters of Dr. Barnabus Milligan and Gemma Kincaid and their complicated relationship. We get to see more of the backstory and also the conflicting and unbalanced emotions that are surrounding them. Brought together again to help right some of the wrongs that have come up, they both work together…and also maybe get a chance to work on their own feelings and their relationship as well.

The Penny Dreadful snippets that are sprinkled throughout add a bit of complexity to the overall novel, and I continue to enjoy those and the unique quality that they add to this series.

I am looking forward to the next book in this series. I love Ms. Eden…such talent.

5/5 stars

Thank you NG and Shadow Mountain Publishing for this wonderful arc and in return I am submitting my unbiased and voluntary review and opinion.

I am posting this review to my GR and Bookbub accounts immediately and will post it to my Amazon, Instagram, and B&N accounts upon publication on 9/6/22.

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What a phenomenal book!
This book is absolutely fantastic! Three years ago, Barnabus married Gemma to get her away from her father and the family business of resurrectionists (grave robbers). But just months into the marriage Gemma left when Barnabus told her he didn’t love her and didn’t see that changing. Now he has reached out to her and asked her to return. She assumes he has changed his mind, something she had been hoping for. Instead, the request is for her help in the efforts of the Dread Penny Society who are working against the Mastiff’s gang who have recruited the resurrectionists to help in their activities. With Barnabus and Gemma both struggling with horrible pasts and the present threats can anything change? Woven within this story are two other Penny Dreadfuls (short stories) and I found myself reading one of them, thoroughly engaged to the point I would forget they weren’t the main story. So much fun. Although this book is part of a series it could be read as a standalone although I’m sure you’ll be wanting to read the other books as well. Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the copy. This is my review and all thoughts are my own.

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Oh my goodness gracious! If you haven't had the chance to read any of the Dread Penny Society books, I suggest you start now because this one tops them all. There are so many spoilers and reveals that I can't share because it would ruin it for you but man this one is soo good. Sarah Eden has me sitting on the edge of my seat wanting to read faster but at the same time wanting it go by slow so I can savor it better. Dr. Barnabus Milligan is such a good-hearted guy- I mean all of the Dread Penny Society men are and Gemma is such a plucky, happy girl that you want them to figure things out to find their happily ever after. But there is soo much in their way- danger both of the heart and a physical nature. I can't say anymore otherwise I worry I will spoil it. I recommend making sure you have the time to read it all because I guarantee you won't want to set it down!

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This has been a good series. I have enjoyed it. I like Eden's writing. This one ended with an ending that was a little hard for me to swallow. I just couldn't believe it and that took away some of the enjoyment for me with this one. SPOILERS( The whole book they talk about how these men unbury the dead and in the end the whole point is for them to get away with faking there death. Wouldn't they have banked on the fact that these guys would dig them up? I keep expecting to see the police come out and finally get the grave robbers..... but what you get instead makes no sense to me....If the bad guys have known all along what is the point..) ENDED.
This one just left me scratching my head. I still am not a fan of the 2 other smaller books in the middle of the book either. I ended up skipping over them and then going back and only reading one. They just don't hold my interest. I love Eden's characters and all the feelings she puts into her stories.
So fun romance between these two but the mystery and all it's parts are getting unbelievable and too complex.

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It is 1866 and Barnabus, a doctor, writer of penny dreadfuls and member of a secret society aptly name the Penny Dreadful Society is trying to help the poor and exploited of London. Gemma, Barnabus’s secret wife-in-name-only is from a family of grave robbers, the Kincaids, and has been in hiding for the past three years. Barnabus, Gemma and all of London are being terrorized by the sinister criminal overlord, the Mastiff and his cronies, the Kincaids and the Kincaids want Gemma back.

Barnabus is closed down emotionally because of his painful past. It makes sense that he doesn’t recognize his love for Gemma. But it is beautiful to watch him come to that realization.

Gemma is such an appealing character: a strong and clever woman. In fact she is described as “sharp as shards and brave as arrows.” She is deeply in love with Barnabus and is willing to sacrifice herself for him. The Mastiff and the grave robbing Kincaids are out there and they are sinister. She’ll need that bravery and intelligence.

For those who’ve been reading the series it is a delight to finally learn the identity of both the head of the secret society and of the Mastiff. There are other mysteries being revealed as well. This is a satisfying and gripping novel and addition to the series.

It is a tale of suspense and love. You can feel the sense of foreboding, the race against time, throughout the novel. It just doesn’t seem like there can be a positive resolution. And as a entertaining added bonus there are stories within the story-written as if they were penny dreadfuls. This clever plot device mirrors and expands on the main story and is just plain fun and an interesting read.

The library has the rest of the series and they are quite popular. I look forward to recommending this recent entry.

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I always look forward to another mysterious Victorian tale by Sarah Eden! The Bachelor and The Bride was an interesting twist to this series. The danger seems to lurk around every corner and the criminal mastermind the Dread Penny’s have been chasing is becoming more bold and crafty which makes for an unpredictable story. The romance in this story was a bit unusual and I have to say that I wanted a bit more. Our hero and heroine share a past and the love story was more of a coming to awareness of love, rather than a falling in love. That said the relationship was tender and sweet and worth the slower paced steps it took to come to fruition. The end was intense and shocking! No really, you really cannot predict the end! Some major things were revealed and a nail biting plan was enacted! No spoilers! The next book is going to be epic I’m sure! This series is so fun and unique and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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I don't know where to begin. This book was everything I hoped for and also everything I didn't know I needed in this series. It is a perfect fit, with wonderful twists and turns, leaving the reader on the edge of the seat. I didn't want to put it down, however, I also did not want it to end. I would have to force myself to put the book down so that I didn't finish it too quickly and so that I could absorb all its goodness.

Barnabus Milligan is the DPS's resident doctor and bachelor, at least that's what everyone else thinks. It is not until the Mastiff's current works that requires him to tell the others that he actually is married and that his wife doesn't live with him. Gemma Kincaid married Barnabus three years ago to escape her family. She knew their marriage was not out of love, but hoped that something resembling it would eventually happen. After months of trying, she left, waiting for the day when he calls her back. When that day comes, Gemma is excited for what that means until she discovers what her despicable family has been up to. Gemma feels trapped, desperate to escape them again and keep Barnabus and her friends safe. Barnabus is desperate for Gemma to stay with him, and to understand his own feelings.

I cannot wait for more in this series! It feels like this and the previous books have been fantastic, but the best it yet to come!

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Oh. My. Word. I will read anything Sarah Eden writes. I wasn't sure about Baz and Gemma at first, I thought they would be fools who took forever hemming and hawing about their relationship, but Eden is better than that, and has proved it yet again. This was so exciting!! So much came together in this fourth installment of the Dread Penny Society. And that ending!! One bombshell followed by another. Chills, I got chills. My jaw is still on the ground needing to be picked up. Can I have book 5 immediately please?! The only thing is, in my opinion, a reader really needs to start the series from the beginning, but it's hardly a chore. Okay, I'll stop signing praises over this book now. I received an ARC copy from the publisher via netgalley for an honest review.

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I really liked the main story between Barnabus/Baz and Gemma.

Until now, everyone has thought that Dr. Milligan is a bachelor, but he's actually been married to Gemma Kincaid. They married in secret on account of her being related to the Kincaid family who are resurrectionists.

As Baz and Gemma work together with the rest of the DPS members to get themselves and others to safety, their relationship progresses from their 3-year estrangement to friendship and eventually more.

The last chapter was a revelation and I'm looking forward to what that means in the next book.

I still think the little DPS stories would be better served as bonus content instead of in the middle of the main story. I skipped them, since I find them to be very distracting interruptions.

I received a copy from the publisher via Netgalley and this is my honest opinion.

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Book Review: The Bachelor and the Bride by Sarah M. Eden
I. Am. Speechless. Literally no words. Let me try and formulate something after finishing this book.
I read the first book in this series and didn’t think it could get any better. With each book that came out I was proved wrong. This is already such a unique idea and somehow Sarah M Eden just keeps topping her previous book. I love the mystery that she weaves through the books and draws me back with the need to know more. This book was so good! My jaw was literally on the floor by the end, and I need to know what comes next. All I have to say about this series is that it just goes to show how brilliant of a story weaver Sarah M. Eden is!
My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Clean romance, ends on a cliffhanger

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I loved this book!!!! Another great addition in this fun world of Penny Dreadful authors and those who love them. Great surprises and reveals. The characters are so real and easy to cheer for. I love this series.

Was this review helpful?

"The Bachelor and the Bride" was a good addition to the Dread Penny Society series.

I'm a big fan of Sarah M. Eden's, but I much prefer her Regency series to her Victorian one. The Dread Penny Society is still very well written, but I'm less attached to the characters and less interested in the working class people of London in the 1860s. I also generally don't like mysteries, and have to admit I was sometimes a bit lost in what was going on in this series with The Mastiff and his clan as I didn't remember the previous books in the series well. One needs to read them all to understand what's going on.

In "The Bachelor and the Bride", we follow Barnabus 'Baz" Milligan and his secret wife, Gemma, that he married to save her from her family (although I'm not sure how he did that - how did marrying her saved her? Why couldn't she just escape from her family?). Their relationship was sweet, but it wasn't the main focus of the story, contrary to what the cover might make us believe. It was nice to see them amongst the CALL society and Baz's friends.

I didn't really enjoy the penny dreadful novels included in the previous books in the series, but for this one, I have to say that I liked them more. I especially enjoyed the medical mystery - it fitted well with Doc's personality to have written it, and I was looking forward to the resolution of that penny dreadful. Unfortunately, that mystery wasn't solved...

As for the bigger mystery in the series, it's not getting close to getting solved. The whole whole fraud/child labour/forced prostitution/arson/blackmail/forgeries/extortion stuff is still going on in London because of the Mastiff, although we hear less about it than in "The Merchant and the Rogue". Here, we learn about the "restrictionist" trade (i.e. those taking bodies out of cemeteries to sell them), which was very interesting - and creepy. It gets a lot creepier towards the end of the book - for sensible souls, I wouldn't advise reading the last two chapters right before going to sleep!...

The cover of the book is gorgeous but definitely not in the tones that the novel inspires - I'd rather see it in dark grey tones!

I'm kinda curious what's going to happen in the next instalments but I hope the mystery will soon be solved.

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Okay, so this was just so good! And I need the next book right now! The Bachelor and the Bride is the fourth book in Sarah M Eden’s Penny Dreadfuls Series! I was super excited for this book and it did not disappoint. This was such a fun book especially because it had a marriage of convenience! I love these kinds of stories, and the romance was so sweet.
Dr. Barnabas Milligan was the bachelor of the group, content to be by himself but little was it known to his friends that he had a wife. It was so interesting to read about him. He had so many layers hidden behind his walls and facade. I loved him from the beginning. He cared greatly for those who were hurting. He wanted to help create a better world especially for the women who were forced into jobs. However, he was also scared of losing those he loved so he closed himself off. Baz will have to learn how to let Gemma in and allow her to bring light into his life.
Gemma Kincaid married Baz to save herself from her family. But she lost her heart along the way. Gemma was used to the shadows, to be ignored, but she couldn’t handle that from Baz. Oh, I loved Gemma. She was so full of life and joy. She had not had an easy life but she strived to look to the light. It was lovely to read about her and get to know her. She had to learn to open her heart back to Baz. Gemma had to learn to trust that Baz was different from those who had left her and led her astray.
Gemma and Baz were a fun couple. I just really enjoyed reading about them falling in love and connecting again. I liked their easy banter and how they made each other better. I also liked how the romance didn’t feel rushed but fit with the story.
The plot was also very engaging, and there were a lot of surprises and twists. I didn’t know what was going to happen and it was very exciting to read. It was a bit hard when the penny dreadfuls interrupted the main story, but it was not that bad. I also liked seeing the other characters and I am excited to see whose story Eden is going to write next. I have some theories but I really don’t know. :)
I would totally recommend The Bachelor and the Bride! It was a wonderful book! It is a clean historical romance. However, there is some violence and mentions of brothels because of the time period and where the characters are in London. The Bachelor and the Bride is part of a series, and it is best read in order.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher through Netgalley. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, a positive review was not required.

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Yet again Sarah Eden did not miss the mark with The Bachelor and the Bride. You will go wrong with one of her tales!

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Thank you for the ARC via NetGalley

First of all this was different than what I was expecting but was still a good read. When I requested this book I had no idea it was part of a series. I will need to go back and read the other books in the series to catch up on what I missed. That being said you can 100% read this as a stand alone novel, I had no problem understanding what was happening because the author recapped things thoroughly.

This was a great mix of mystery along with Baz and Gemma's story. I had a hard time putting it down because I wanted to know what was going to happen next.

I normally like my romance novels with a little more steam. This is a very chaste romance with brief kisses and embraces but I still enjoyed the story as a whole and would recommend to anyone looking for a good mystery with a sweet love story mixed in.

Was this review helpful?

This was a great story! What twists and turns this group of writers and do-gooders lives take! This book is focused around the Doc and his unknown wife prior to this book. Gemma is from a family of resurrectionists and left the family business. Things with the Mastiff have elevated and now they need to find a way to stop the evil.
This was so hard to put down. And the ending, Oh So Good!! I can't wait for the next one!

Was this review helpful?

I recieved an arc of this book from Netgalley. It was incredible. So many twists and turns with just the right amount leading up to it so that you are intrigued but you dont actually know. I can't wait for more.

Was this review helpful?

I totally loved this book. I loved the growing relationship between Barnabus and Gemma. Everything was woven together very nicely. Highly recommend reading this.

Thank you Shadow Mountain for the ARC and for bringing great stories like this one.

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I received this book from NetGalley. Sarah M. Eden does it again with the Bachelor and the Bride. The Dread Penny Society is getting closer to finding the Mastiff, and the danger has also gotten closer. This book follows Dr. Milligan and his previously unknown wife as they fight against the Mastiff, help the less fortunate, and fall in love. I loved this book. The plot was fast paced, and filled with mystery and romance. And as always I loved the Penny Stories that are told throughout the books.

Was this review helpful?

The Bachelor and the Bride is already the 4th amazing book in this series by Sarah M. Eden. (Which kinda means it was a very much anticipated and auto-request read)

As all books in this series we actually get 3 books in one (2 dread penny novels extra mixed in which in this slight way reflect = are inspired by the "real life")

Barnabus (Baz) is a Bachelor (or so everyone thinks...), who like every Dreadful fights his own battles and struggles. His speciality is safing women and children.

Gemma is a real gem indeed and for me was kinda the safing grace for this book because if not for her extremely hopeful and cheerful nature it would have felt a bit too dark...

Again, this book has a very open ending leaving lot's to the following books...

Generally this book was slightly darker and sadder again than the prequels and discouraging (I'm just one for very happy books).

Main Characters: Clear Backgroundstory, Locigal Actions
Side Charactes: Funny, Adorable, Clear Backgroundstory, Reoccuring (constant character) (though you could have let Fletcher and Elisabeth marry by now come on everyone else could...)
Writing Style: Very good
Content: Clean, just kissing
Violence: Medium, non graphic descriptions but lots of mentions of Resurrections and quite specific in that trade...
Would recommend: Yes, absolutely but read the prequels first.

By the way I'm freaggging excited for Moirjin and X's (you know who if you read this book) story

And also soo excited to finally hear something about Stone's lovelife...

***Thanks to Netgalley for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Review posted via Goodreads.
A bit confusing.
London in the 1800s, Dr.Barnabus has his schedule full between being a doctor and being a part of a secret society. Dr.Barnabus works with The Dread Penny Society, to save women in desperate need from the streets. Three years before this story takes place, The Doctor married a young woman, Gemma, to rescue her from her family. Gemma quickly comes to realize that her affections for the Doctor are not returned and flees. At the present time in the novel, Barnabus calls Gemma home when he needs her help to create the appearance of a happy couple. Upon her return, Gemma is once again heartbroken when she learns of Barnabus's true intentions, nevertheless, she agrees to help. As the two work together they learn they could be a perfect fit for each other.
Personally, this was not my favorite book. I liked the characters and plot but it was very confusing. I never really understood what the Dread Penny Society really did. Barnabus is also called Baz, it was puzzling and did not make sense. This was not a good fit for me but I would give the author another try for sure.

Was this review helpful?

I have read all of Sarah M. Eden's Penny Dreadful series, and I think this one is my favorite yet!! There was surprise after surprise in this book, and I could not put it down!

I've noticed some other reviews mention that this book was confusing for them- I did not feel that way at all. I've read all the books prior to this in the series, and I highly recommend you start with those. This book builds upon people and events from those books and is not meant to be read as a standalone.

Barnabus and Gemma are so likeable, but are not without flaws. Their flaws stem from broken childhoods, and Sarah M. Eden did such a wonderful job illustrating how trauma from childhood can have a lasting impact on people. Watching the pair navigate a loving relationship that has never been modeled for them had me cheering them on from start to finish. The love story was sweet, hard fought, and so satisfying.

The best part of this book for me was the last page though. We finally find out a key bit of information, and I was so happy with it.

Highly recommend this series and book to readers who love sweet romances, fun mysteries, or period pieces. It checked so many boxes for me! Loved, loved, loved!

Was this review helpful?

the cover of this book immediately caught my attention, then after reading the premise i was even more intrigued! i mean, marriage of convenience? unrequited love? forced proximity? pining? it had the ingredients for an ideal romance. and it succeeded... in the romance department. but this, despite being promoted as a romance book, is heavily plot-driven.

i started this book a) not knowing it was part of a series, b) having never read any of the other books in this series. so it didn’t take me long to realise the plot of this book has clearly been running throughout the previous four books. so i was kinda lost at times, ngl. but i did manage to wade through my disorientation and enjoy the plot on a basic level, but i wasn’t invested since i had never read the previous books so had no knowledge of the history leading up to this book.

the relationship between Gemma and Barnabas, however, i was throughly invested in!

Gemma was delightfully charming. she had an endearing air of mischief about her which instantly drew me in and i fell for her right away. she was incredibly easy to root for. while Baz was difficult to get a handle on at first but i grew to be quite fond of him, with his flustered nature combating his confident intelligence.

then Baz’s feelings for Gemma felt really authentic— it was soft and gradual, blossoming from a really tender affection he’s always had for her. the passing touches, the brief embraces, their hands clasped and the way they’d look at one another had my heart in a chokehold, ngl. it was wonderful.

as a romance, this was four stars. but like i said, this was so plot heavy it was would distract from the romance.

while the writing style felt so authentic, as in, if someone told me this was published in the 19th century, id very much believe them. but it wasn’t suffocating or stifling like some Victorian classics can be. if anything, it was vey Conan-Doyle-esque. i just adored it, honestly. the research and attention to detail was impeccable, it was so vivid i could picture the places thoroughly in my mind (some places still thriving today in London) and i loved it so much! so the writing style and romance is what worked for me.

i found the Mr King and Baz’s story excerpts a bit distracting and they definitely took me out of the romance between the MCs. but i eventually became somewhat invested in the tale Mr. King wrote— i liked Duncan and Sorcha, and i assume it was the parallel Gemma and Baz. i liked the story on a surface level but nothing much beyond a casual enjoyment.

while Barnabas’ Dread Penny writings i will admit i would briefly skim bcos they held no interest to me. i was desperately wanting get back to Gemma and Barnabas bcos i was so intrigued by them and their dynamic. i appreciated the attention to detail... but i just wasn’t a fan. i think it was too much on top of Duncan and Sorcha’s story. i think one or the other alongside Gemma and Barnabas’ story was enough. but not both.

and at times, there was a lot of info-dumping i found to be overwhelming. i think this could have been rectified with flashbacks or just more insight into Gemma and Baz from three years ago when they first married. especially bcos at times i didn’t know why they wanted to be together? relied too much on assumptions and telling rather than showing the depth and background.

i just think the book just wasn’t too sure about what it wanted to be? it was doing far too much at once that i struggled to truly stay invested. i am very intrigued by this author though and would love to check out more of her work!!

thank you to the author and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Such a great installment in this series. Kept me on my toes and loved getting to know Barnabus bettee. Would highly recommend

Was this review helpful?

Oh. My. GOODNESS!!! This is hands down my favorite DPS book yet, I loved the romance, the suspense, and just everything! Sarah M. Eden does it again, I don’t know how she does it but she keeps getting better and better!

Was this review helpful?

The Bachelor and the Bride

I’ll admit I’ve read a lot of Sarah Eden books, but not any of the Penny Dreadfuls, until now. This was my first and since it’s the 4th in the series I was a little lost for a bit, thinking “what have I got myself into?” However as I continued on I became more interested in the story and what was going on. Sarah has a talent for making anything interesting, though I would recommend reading them in order as they do build upon each other.

That said, there was a sweet love story between the two main characters. They both grew up with very difficult childhood situations, so were a little stunted in their expressions of love and affection. The author did a great job of building their relationship, making you want to cheer them on.

The main story however, revolves around the Dread Penny Society and the Charitable Authors League of London and their efforts to help the poor and downtrodden escape their desperate situations, many of which were caused by “The Mastiff” a big crime boss. In this story he was aided by resurrectionists or gravediggers. So there are some gritty scenes and situations, though tastefully handled.

This book also has a big reveal as they find out who “The Mastiff” really is and also the mystery of who the head of The DPS is discovered.

There were lots of twists and turns, mysteries, tense escape scenes, etc. if this is your jam you’ll be on the edge of your seat turning pages to see what happens.

Was this review helpful?

Sarah Eden does it again! The Penny Dreadfuls that feature throughout add a brilliant touch of uniqueness and mystery to these novels.

You might want to throttle Dr Milligan at times, and hug him at others. His soft heart allows him to feel for others and do anything in his power to save him. But it doesn't communicate well with his brain, which is adamant that he cannot love anyone romantically.

With unexpected twists and turns, this one will have you hooked. And with the big reveal you might end up wondering if you missed clues in the previous Penny Dreadful books, so be ready to reread those once you finish!

Was this review helpful?

I loved this book! It is book 4 in Sarah Eden's Penny Dreadful Series! It's my favorite in the series so far. I loved that this was a marriage of convenience! Barnabus and Gemma were so perfect! I was really impressed how Sarah Eden put this story together! At the end of the book I just sat there in amazement!! We learn some things towards the end that were literally jaw dropping to me!! I can't wait for the next book in this series. I do, however, think that these books could do without the short stories inside the main storyline.

I received an eARC of this book from Netgalley as well as a physical ARC from Proper Romance Publishing. All of my thoughts are my own. Thanks again to Netgalley for my eARC and Proper Romance Publishing for my physical copy! This book comes out on September 6th. I will be posting another review on my Instagram when it gets closer to the release date. ❤️

Was this review helpful?

This book picked up right where the third book ended. Immediately tension are high as our group of Dread Penny are trying to figure out what the Mastiff. It’s nonstop from there.

Barnabus and Gemma were great main characters. Both coming from a rough childhood, giving them something to build off. Despite their force marriage, Gemma grows to love Barnabus. This being a Sarah M. Eden book, Barnabus is a lovable idiot, and this sets up the the main couples problem for the story.

I love that we were able to see more of the society and their family. I love that everything is coming together in anticipation of the last book. 👏🏽👏🏽

This book has the same set up as the other three books which made reading it easy. The Penny dreadful stories were great, but a little frustrating at times. They happened when I really didn’t want them too.

I’m looking forward to the next book!

Thanks for NetGalley and Shadow Mountain Publishing for giving me the chance to read this ARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

Sarah Eden has done it again! This book was completely captivating from start to finish with plenty of twists, turns, and surprises! The characters were well-developed and intriguing. I highly recommend this fun read! Many thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for the advanced copy of the book.

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Wow! This is such a fun series. I loved this book. It is always amazing to me how Sarah M. Eden can write three stories within the book and I can follow each one. I love how the Penny Dreadful stories parallel the actual story. A very interesting way to write a book. Barnabus and Gemma are both delightful characters that have heavy histories. The twists and turns in this book are incredible! I did not see the the end of this one coming at all. I am so excited for the next book. Definitely recommend!

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Sarah Eden returns to The Dread Penny Society with "The Bachelor and the Bride", the fourth installment of her thoroughly charming series. Using her unique three-stories-in-one format, Eden pens three tales with different writing styles; one bears the title of the actual story, and the romance is mirrored there.

This one features Dr. Barnabus Milligan and his independent wife Gemma. As she hides from her unscrupulous resurrectionist family, who have teamed up with the elusive Mastiff. Fellow Dread Penny Society members are wonderful secondary characters, along with a few savvy street children.

I greatly enjoyed all three stories. Mr. King's tale spotlights whimsical Scottish folklore, with crafty spirits and attempts to defeat them. "Bodies of Light" has an unexpected macabre twist that is quite pleasing. The most surprises, however, are in the main story. Without giving spoilers, the story arc has taken a new direction.

Sarah Eden is a favorite author of mine, and her writings never fail to disappoint. Her prose is crisp, imagery is vivid, and characters are well-developed. Moreover, this book is clean with few grammatical errors. This is not a stand-alone novel; the series is better understood if the installments are read in order. As I have absolutely loved this series so far, this is fine by me. I am quite interested to see how the paths of future stories play out.

Thanks to NetGalley and Shadow Mountain Publishing for an ARC of this entertaining work.

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*Received a copy for review.*
This installment finds the Dread Penny Society still looking for the Mastiff and trying to protect the people who need it. Doc is married unbeknownst to the rest of the members. His words fe returns to help the team learn more about the resurrectionists and what they are up to.

It was a good addition to this series.

Was this review helpful?

I enjoyed this book. The plot was well paced and the characters were well developed. I would recommend this to my friends.

Was this review helpful?

Overall impression: The masterful Sarah M. Eden has done it again! "The Bachelor and the Bride" kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire book. Then the ending left me speechless.

This book is the fourth in the Dread Penny Society series. I would recommend that readers read the first three in the series before reading this one since the over-arching storyline moves forward and is advanced in each book. That being said, I think this one is my favorite. I love a good second chance at love storyline and that is what we get in this book.

I also love the "Penny Dreadfuls" included in each book. This one features dreadfuls written by "Mr. King" and Dr. Mulligan. I love how Mr. King's book mirrors the love story of Gemma and Baz. Dr. Mulligan's story is symbolic of his passion in life and helped me understand him a bit better. Both of the stories enhanced the character development of the book and helped me understand the main characters better. There was also a twist in one of them that I didn't see coming. In fact, it distracted me so much that the ending completely blindsided me. The next book should feature a show down of epic proportions. My only complaint about the book is how long I will need to wait until the next one.

Was this review helpful?

I can't get enough of this series from Sarah Eden, and everyone I share them with says the same! All of these characters and their mission have my heart. The Bachelor and the Bride will keep you in suspense, and the ending doesn't disappoint! As always the penny dreadfuls woven throughout are such a fun addition. Thank you for another amazing tale!

Was this review helpful?

First off, thank you to Shadow Mountain Publishing, Shadow Mountain and two NetGalley for allowing to read this digital ARC of The Bachelor and the Bride.

The cover alone caught my attention (reminding me of Bridgerton LOL). I enjoyed this book even though I had not read the previous three books in this series. The plot was well paced and the characters were well developed. It was completely captivating from start to finish with plenty of twists, turns, and surprises! I highly recommend this fun read

Was this review helpful?

So sweet and witty! I have been loving historical romances and this was excellent! Just what I needed to refresh my slump. 10/10 would recommend!!! Perhaps a bit dry at times, but it was definitely unique and just so amusing.

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5 stars

I've now read 3 of the 4 book series and I think it's getting even better.

Baz is a doctor and a member of the Dread Penny Society. In victorian times penny dreadfuls circulated and were read by all members of socirty. The group as well as being authors help impoverished and tyrannised people.. Unknown to the others Barnabus is actually married to Gemma. It has to be kept a secret as her family are resurectionists and are looking to recruit her back into the work. She loved Baz but left him as he wouldn't commit to loving her.

Interspered in the main story are two penny dreadfuls, one writting by Baz and one by Mr King who we've met in previous books.

The society are desperate to stop The Mastiff but then realise he isn't the brains behind the operation. It was a big surprise at the end when we find out whois the malevolent influence.

I highling recommend this book and this series.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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First, this was my favorite one in the series so far. Gemma and Barnabus have been married for a few years... Not that anyone knew he was married! Gemma longs for love and feeling like "absence makes the heart grow fonder" took herself off until Barnabus could love her and want her back. Of course, he (really, the DPS) needs her back to impart some of her knowledge from prior to the marriage. Thus begins their journey ...

I really enjoyed the penny dreadfuls that are mixed in with the book. I didn't feel like they interrupted the flow of the story like I had with some of the others in the series. I also really felt for the characters. It most definitely was a favorite because of the twists and turns! (Why did I picture the great Sarah Eden cackling with glee because of my angst when I was finished?!) I guessed one part but did not see that other coming. (How did I not see that?!) Fans are not going to want to miss this installment!!

Was this review helpful?

"Life is often a struggle. There’s something beautiful about having someone who is willing to walk with you through it.”

So this is a marriage of convenience if sorts where Dr. Barnabus saves Gemma and helps her get away from her family of notorious criminals by marrying her. Unfortunately they keep this marriage a secret and no one knows that they're married and live separately for three years, untill a serious situation arises and Barnabus has to write to Gemma to return back to his estate because she's the only person who could know something about the situation. While I could connect with Gemma because she was just a ray of sunshine as everyone around her called her, I couldn't connect much with Barnabus. I mean he was strong and kind but his lack of emotions towards Gemma in the beginning put me off and I didn't quite buy his declaration of love in the end. I feel like he should've grovelled a bit more for keeping Gemma with him. Overall, the romance was okay. It was slow and the plot was interesting but I felt that it wasn't leading anywhere. The twist at 73% came out of nowhere and the ending was abrupt. So many questions were left unsaid but I guess they will be answered in the next book of the series. Still, I wasn't a very big fan of the ending tbh.

Thank you Netgalley & Shadow Mountain for providing me the ARC

Was this review helpful?

It took me a bit to get into this one but once I got hooked, I was hooked! I enjoyed these two a lot and their chemistry and friendship. I wish there was a flashback included about why she had to marry him exactly and the events leading up to it. Was a bit ominous. Overall the pacing was great and the tension phenomenal. I think I missed a book before this so I will have to read that one too. Cannot wait for the next one!! The reveal was great.

Was this review helpful?

Holy. Crap! I just finished this book and I am dying. Although I really enjoyed this book, it wasn't my favorite of the three. However, I did enjoy Baz and Gemma's relationship and their rise above difficult times.

I wasn't a huge fan of the resurrectionist aspect of this book, but I understand the need for it. I love how this story is progressing. Sarah is such a great writer! I really enjoy everything she writes but this series is one of my favorites. The writing just really resonates with me for some reason.

I'm desperately looking forward to the next one!

Was this review helpful?

Another great addition to the Dread Penny Society Series!

When I first started this novel, I was a little worried about how Barnabus and Gemma's relationship would play out, but it was all for naught. I ended up getting really invested in these two. I liked how they had a mixture of the slowburn trope with a dash of idiots to lovers. It was really sweet seeing their relationship develop.

I also enjoyed seeing the characters from the past few books, again! I really love this series's cast of characters!

The one thing that I did not love about this installment was the two Penny Novels. I've found that with each installment, I lose interest in them. I think this may be how they were placed. It seems like every penny novel chapter was placed after a cliffhanger chapter in the main plotline. I really do love the idea of their inclusion, but this time, I ended up skimming more than I typically do to get back to the main plot. (However, I did like how the last penny novel chapter inclusion tied in to the book).

All in all, The Bachelor and the Bride is an exciting adventure that thickens the overarching plot of the series. And I'm eagerly anticipating the next installment!

Many thanks to NetGalley and Shadow Mountain for the eARC! I really appreciate it!

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THE BACHELOR AND THE BRIDE by SARAH M EDEN is an historical romance novel that takes place in London in 1866. I enjoyed the story and the characters, especially Gemma Milligan and Dr Barbnabus Milligan with their unusual marriage relationship, and the members of the Dread Penny Society with their help to the underdogs in London’s society and their determination to find and destroy the Mastiff and his criminal activity, together with the “resurrectionists”, who are members of Gemma’s family that Barnabus saved her from.
The plot is good, full of intrigue and exciting. I had a problem with the two penny dreadful stories running through the novel and cutting into the flow.
I was given a free copy of the book by NetGalley from Shadow Mountain Publishing. The opinions in this review are completely my own.

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This is my favorite so far of the Dread Penny Society series. It is about Dr. Barnabus (Baz) Milligan, who is a practicing physician and also a writer of Penny Dreadfuls. He also saves women and children around London in the Victorian era 1830s. Over 3 years ago, he married Gemma to save her from her law-breaking family. After 6 months she leaves him and goes into hiding because he would not tell her he loves her. Through a series of events, they are reunited. In the middle of all of this, the Mastiff is growing stronger, braver, and more deadly in his dealings with the people of London who cross him. Will this bring Baz and Gemma together or tear them apart even more? This book was suspenseful, romantic, and scary at times. The Penny Dreadful stories dispersed throughout the book were very good and entertaining. New villains arise and the entire Dread Penny Society is threatened. New things were revealed and other people's lives were made more clear. Very entertaining and although there is romance in the story, it would definitely appeal to those who like mystery and suspense. I highly recommend this book to everyone!

Was this review helpful?

Another exciting installment in the series!

Sarah Eden has a gift for creating a large cast of characters that all have unique personalities, quirks, and intriguing storylines. No storyline ever feels repeated and no character copied and pasted into another story. I don't know how she does it!

This story begins with Dr. Barnabus Milligan announcing to his friends that their longtime bachelor friend has actually been married for years - and to the daughter of a notorious grave robber!

His wife has left that life behind, but she has also left behind Barnabus when she discovers that her new husband does not love her - and likely never will. She tells him to let her know that ever changes.

When she finally receives word from him after three years of separation, she is ecstatic that distance really has made his heart grow fonder... or does he merely need her help with a troubling case?

This installment ended on a bit of a cliff hanger and I'm excited to see where the series will go from here!

Was this review helpful?

i got totally into this book. So many twists and turns that I stayed up to finish it! I had to know how it was going to end! Look forward to many more i. this series.

Was this review helpful?

My least favorite of the series. Doc and Gemma didn't grab my interest as a couple, and overall the plot felt repetitive and tired. There is a plot twist toward the end involving their need to escape danger that I felt was wholly unrealistic and illogical. I'm very tired of the Mastiff, and at least there was (finally) some movement in that plot line. Some of the quirks of the Dreadfuls who were happily paired off in previous books are getting on my nerves.

As usual the book seemed well researched. I found myself looking forward to the chapters from the Penny Dreadfuls and dreading the return to the actual plot of the book. Not sure whether I will read future installments.

Was this review helpful?

A thoroughly wonderful romance that is perfect for any adult collection. I was completely invested in it from start to finish, and can see it circulating well!

Was this review helpful?

So many twists and turns in this novel! I have loved this series but this installment may be my new favorite! I was engaged in the story so much so that I stayed up to finish it! I had to know how it was going to end!

- Series best enjoyed when read in order!

I received an ARC through Netgalley and all opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

This one was super fun! I am enjoying this series quite a bit, and this one is just perfect! Barnabus is reserved but sweet and very steady. Gemma is sunshine and personality. They make such a great pair!

I enjoyed the premise of the book too, as Resurrection Men are from such a strange time in history. Very well played. There were twists that I knew would happen, but also several that caught me by surprise! The best part was finally learning who the Dread Master was—this person was one of my guesses, but it still surprised me a bit! :)

Very well done!

Rated PG-13
—some violence (none graphic)
—no gore
—mildly intense situations
—clean romance
—little to no language

I received this ebook free from NetGalley. My opinions are voluntary and my own.

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I always enjoy Sarah Eden’s writing, and this latest in the Dread Penny Society did not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed this latest installment; each volume focuses on a different set of characters, but because they’re all linked you get to catch up with favorites from earlier books each time. This time it is Barnabus and Gemma’s story, and their history adds some emotional weight to this book.

You will get a lot more out of this if you have read at least some of the previous books in the series, particularly for the broader plot about the DPS and their enemies in London. On this front, there’s a very nice twist at the end of this story.

Was this review helpful?

I went on a historical romance kick recently, so I was definitely intrigued by this book. Coming into this series mid-way was a little disconcerting at times and confusing at first, but eventually, I warmed to the romance at the centre of the novel. I feel as though I may have liked it more had I read any of the rest of the books in the series! Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC.

Was this review helpful?

Holy smokes! This book was just amazing. I am a huge Sarah M Eden fan and this book did not disappoint. Her writing style is just above and beyond and is so easy to read. This series has been so intriguing and I have looked forward to each book. The love story between Gemma and Doc was so sweet, and I loved their relationship.
This book is definitely a nail-biter and will keep you on edge, from the very first chapter up until the very last page! That twist at the end, AHHH!! I seriously don’t want to have to wait for the next one (and this one hasn’t even released yet 😂). The DPS will never give up, no matter how hard times get. I won’t give any spoilers, but be prepared to not want to put this one down!!!
Thank you Netgalley for an advanced reader copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

I love the previous three books in this series, and this fourth installment did not disappoint! Doc Milligan was such a private character before this book, and I just ate up the details of his private life and history. And Gemma is a fantastic addition to the crew.

There are two major twists/reveals in this novel. The first one, I have suspected since book three and found it satisfying that my instincts were confirmed. The second is the reveal of the Dread Master and I was WAY off!! Super fun reveal at the end.

The included penny dreadfuls in this book were also entertaining. Elizabeth’s is pretty straightforward but lovely in its sentiments. Barnabus’s caught me off guard at the end, a great mini twist there! In all, I really enjoy this series and was not disappointed by book four. Really hoping for a Stone story for book five…

Was this review helpful?

Barnabus Milligan has been known as “The Bachelor” in the Penny Dreadful Society, but unbeknownst to them he is already married. And because of the threat of the Mastiff in London, he needs to contact and help from his wife, Gemma Kincaid, a daughter of the dreaded Resurrectionist. And with them reuniting once again comes complicated feelings and emotions with each other. And unfortunately, complicated threats to the Penny Dreadful Society.

This is the fourth book of the Series. I was so thrilled to read this book because the story is about marriage-of-convenience, second chance romance plus mystery. Who could’ve asked for more, right?

Anyways, here are the things I like about this book. I love how Gemma and Barnabus’s characters grew as the story progressed. The author did well in capturing their emotions and how much life and circumstances lead them to where they are now. I enjoyed the historical tidbits about life in the streets of London, both good and bad, it made me see things from a different perspective. I especially like the mystery and suspense of the villains and that plot twist about the Dread Master, that was a fun one to read!

Unfortunately, there are a few things I missed in the story. Although, I appreciate how the author wrote the penny dreadful stories to be in line with the personalities of the “authors”, I feel like there’s a bit of a disconnect between the penny dreadful stories with the main plot compared to the previous books in the series. And the elaborate plan was a miss because there’s an obvious loophole, “her family is desperate”, so they will do what they can to get what they want.

Nevertheless, I truly did enjoy this book and I’m looking forward to the next book. I am curious to know a few unanswered questions in this book.

Overall I’ll give this book a 3.75. I would recommend this book to those who love clean historical mystery, marriage-of-convenience, and second chance romance.

Got this from Netgalley, courtesy of Shadow Mountain Publishing (Thank you!) in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I have really enjoyed the Dread Penny Society books, so I was excited to read about Dr. Milligan's story and to see how the Society is coming along in their fight against the criminal mastermind we know as the Mastiff.

I thought that the marriage of convenience played into the story really well. I also appreciated how much of the bigger story was uncovered - it was a good balance between Baz and Gemma's relationship and the Society's battle with the criminals of London.

I will admit that I didn't care for Dr. Milligan's penny dreadful story. It just didn't interest me., but I acknowledge that it fit his character well. Mr. King's story was more entertaining for me.

I learned a lot about resurrectionists, something I really didn't know much about before. It was an interesting twist in the story.

The book left on a major cliffhanger, so I'm curious to see what unfolds next. I'm hoping it will feature Stone as the main character, he really intrigues me!

I recommend this one to anyone who loves historical mysteries, clean romance, and a cast of fun characters!

Thank you to NetGalley, Shadow Mountain Publishing, and Sarah M. Eden for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest opinion!

Was this review helpful?

This is the 4th book in this series and I have to say I really enjoyed it. My favorite of the series is the first one (I just absolutely love Fletcher!) but this one is definitely #2. So much was packed into it, and the surprise villian? I was like, WHAT? I did not see that coming at all, I am usually really good at picking up the hints and clues in books but that one completely surprised me. I tip my hat to you Sarah, I am not surprised often. And we finally get to find out who the Dread Master is! Which by the way, now I am VERY much looking forward to THAT story.

Baz makes such a cute hero, I have to say I wasn't too excited to read his story, But I really liked him and his relationship with Gemma. And poor Gemma, what a life she lived. I do wish we got to see a little bit more of both of theirs lives before and how they met and were married, Like a prologue would have been great. Their history wasn't super clear, but overall it didn't detract from the book. It just kind of jumped into the story and I was expected to care for their relationship without really knowing much about it, but overall I still was able to get invested pretty quickly.

I like how many questions were answered yet at the same time I now have a whole new host of questions. And I am very excited for the next one, I hope I don't have to wait too long, ha! One thing I liked about this book, was I felt the penny dreadful stories were shorter in this one, which I appreciate because they aren't my favorite part of this series. At the end of day, I loved this book. I would completely recommend it to my friends. Can't wait for the next one.

I received a copy from Netgalley for my review, but my opinions are completely my own.

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“For so long I have feared what the world held. But I have faced it again and have discovered I am equal to it.”

Gemma and Barnabas married three years ago in a desperate attempt to save Gemma from her family. But after half a year of loving Barnabas and realizing that he doesn't love her back, she left.

Now she’s back. This time, Barnabas needs her help but that’s the only thing that changed. Distances doesn't seem to have made his heart grow fonder and her family is still lurking in the shadows. Literally. They are resurrectionists (Victorian term for grave-diggers) and the most notorious one’s in the city.

This fourth installment of the ‘Dread Penny Society,’ series, is once again filled to the brim with mystery, intrigue and elusive enemies. It was heavily plot driven and took me a while to get into and while the first half felt slow and at times confusing, the second half had me riveted.

Sarah M Eden’s characters have the familiar warmth of old friends almost from the first moment they step on the page. This book was no exception. Her incredible research lends a gritty kind of realism to her stories that brings everything to live in a way unique to her work. Eden doesn’t romanticize life; Characters that appeared in earlier books, still struggle with the long term effects of their escapades, but sometimes I could have stood for a tad more ‘romancing’ ;)

Gemma and Barnabus had a real connection—you felt their shared history and how comfortable they were with each other, which is awesome; I look for a strong friendship in any good romance, but I felt they missed a romantic spark and would have been perfectly suited to just being “good friends”. (Though Gemma would fins that sentiment terrible offensive🙃)

Having read only some of the earlier books, I at times felt like I was missing information that would have helped me immerse myself into the story and ask more plot-oriented questions rather than being distracted by, 'how is this character related to these people?'or, 'I feel like I should know this but...?”
So if you haven’t read any of the books in this series, I recommend you pick up an earlier one first. But if you have, this is an addition you won't want to miss. The ending blew me away, and I’m excited about what the next one will reveal.

Was this review helpful?

Continuing the series of the Dread Penny Society, The Bachelor and the Bride by Sarah M. Eden focuses the story this time on confirmed bachelor Dr. Barnabas Milligan. As The Pennys continue their battle against the mysterious and dangerous Mastiff, Dr. Milligan is forced to send a letter to the one person he thought to never see again, his wife, Gemma Kincaid.

Three years prior, Barnabas or Baz as his wife Gemma affectionately calls him, rescued Gemma from her dangerous family of resurrectionists (a Victorian term for grave robbers). Gemma left Baz when she realized he'd only married her to save her from her family.

But with the threat of the Mastiff looming and evidence that the Kincaids are involved, Baz sends a letter to Gemma inviting her to return home. She hopes that Baz has finally come to his senses and realizes that he loves her but she finds he only wants her help to foil the Kincaids, who have been terrorizing London..

Now with all of London under threat, the Penny's network is tasked with doing what has proved impossible: discover the identify of the Mastiff and put a stop to his dirty dealings.

I have been reading this series from the beginning and this latest installment did not disappoint. Eden is meticulous in her historical research and is adept at bringing her captivating characters to life. While some of the mysterious reveals I was able to call, the final one took me by complete surprise and I await anxiously for the next in the series.

Note: I received a complementary copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

A fun addition to Sarah Eden's Dread Penny Society series. Some memorable characters from previous books in the series play small-large parts in this book, but this can easily be read as a stand alone. Once the plot thickened it was fun to see how the Bachelor and the Bride attempt to get out of the snares of The Mastiff and Gemma's corrupt family. And there are a couple big reveals at the end.

Thanks Shadow Mountain Publishing and #NetGalley for the ARC for review.

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This has been such a fun series that I recommend you read in order. The secret society of Penny dreadful authors also help the community is saving street urchins and other unfortunates. Many bad guys have tried to beat them but The Mastiff always weaseled out.

These books are unique in the Penny dreadful stories you read along always coincide with the main story. I LOVED King’s dreadful with the Scottish mythology. That was so interesting, I could read more!! I felt like Barnabus’ started off interesting but it never went anywhere.

I enjoy marriage of convenience and seeing Gemma and Baz trying to connect was great. The ending was wild, some of it I felt like there was a huge detail they should’ve known but EXCITING revelations at the end!!

If you like the past books, mystery and intrigue then this book is for you! This book releases this fall and I received an e-arc from Net Galley and the publisher. These are my own thoughts and opinions.

Was this review helpful?

I have loved every book in this series and this one was another amazing read! I already need to read the next book! This book has so many crazy turns and I couldn't put it down. If you have not read this series then do it now. You will not be disappointed.

The Dread Penny Society (a group made up of Penny dreadful writers who continually work to help the poor and infirm) must stop the Mastiff before it is too late. But as the DPS learn more, they realize how little they actually know.

Sarah Eden always does a fantastic job of bringing you into the story and immersing the reader into these incredible stories filled with adventure. She not only writes an incredible main story but she then threads in two penny dreadfuls that are also beautifully written. If you haven't read a book by Sarah Eden, then you are truly missing out.

#netgalley #thebachelorandthebride

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Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with an ARC of this book.
This is the 4th book of a series but I only read this book. After reading the book, I feel like you can read this as a standalone but you have a better idea of the whole story if you read the previous books. There were clearly several characters from past books who played a significant part in this book and it would be interesting to know their stories. Overall, this was a really interesting, mysterious, and a bit of a scary book.
Spoilers ahead:***********
<spoiler> First thing since I just finished the book: DANG THAT REVEAL ON WHO THE TEMPTEST WAS AND WHO THE DREAD MASTER WAS!!!??? I have to admit, I didn't see that coming at all. It's pretty cool that the main villain and main hero are both women. I'm especially pleased that Moirin is the Dread Master. I really could not see that coming at all until I read the last sentence and as shocked. Moirin is so cool. I haven't read the previous books so Idk if Stone's girlfriend is mentioned or if Moirin has a lover or anything but I kinda ship those 2. I barely figured our Serena was bad until Doc said that her voice was familiar when they were in the graveyard. She is one manipulative person, I tell you. Very clever, and very evil.
One thing I'm confused about is so do the dreadfuls know who the Mastiff was? Cuz the impression I got was that they didn't know who he was and he was totally mysterious but then somehow they all recognize him when they see him and I'm like so they know his appearance? So they already know something about him? They just don't know his real name?
Also, I think my favorite character was Fletcher lol. I think I need to read his book.
Throughout the book, the urgency and danger in present in the story is always there. I was pretty worried in the scenes where Gemma's family appear.
I have to admit, I skipped past all the penny dreadful story entries. Idk, I read the first one and didn't like it that much so I just skipped the rest because I wanted to go back to the main story and felt that these mini side stories were distracting.
Last thing in this disorganized mess of my thoughts, I think the dragging of the romance and pacing of the first half could be improved. The relationship between Doc and Gemma really dragged on the first like 60% of the book and the annoying part was they both already loved each other or at the very least, felt fond of each other and liked each other so the angst of 'does he love her' dragging on was a bit of a put off. And then, again the pacing was a bit weird when they do get together because suddenly, Gemma and Doc are just too affectionate and lovey dovey when just chapters before, it was more subtle? Basically, romance in first half: too long and dragged out; romance in last half: too rushed. </spoiler> *****************8
Final thoughts: a really interesting and intriguing book about a mystery and secret society.

Was this review helpful?

I don't even know what to say about this book. I've read each in the series but I feel like I need to reread each one back to back to fully grasp everything that happened in this one. Gah! Talk about plot twist. I actually gasped at one key point and had to go back and read it again. Yes, I read it right the first time. I also think I would love to listen to this as an audiobook. A good narrator would add far more in terms of accents etc. that I can't do in my brain.
I know that some people have a hard time with the Penny Dreadfuls that are intermixed into the main plot. I kinda like them though. It is a good reminder of what this group of people do.
I confess that this isn't my usual chosen genre but I love Ms. Eden's books and once I started on this series I felt the need to continue on. I must know that good will triumph over evil in the end. The continued battle with evil is not resolved in the series so far. In that sense, each book is a cliffhanger. Only the romance aspects are resolved in each book. This book was high drama with surprising plot twists. But start with book 1. They need to be read in order.

Sex: no
Language: no
Violence: yes
*I received a complimentary ARC through NetGalley and voluntarily chose to review it.

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Oh my freak!!!! I feel like each novel from the Dread Penny Society series are all so different and yet so similar. They all include the members of the DPS who find love and save others from the terrors of the Mastiff. I was NOT expecting that ending though. It took me completely by surprise and now I’m dying to read the next one.

I can’t even believe it. The storyline for this one was pretty different and one that took a bit of brain effort to follow. The ending made everything worth it. This was one of my favorites in the series. That’s for sure.

Favorite parts:
The wedding scene. Fletcher was hilarious!
Everything about the ending, if you couldn’t tell.
Baz’s declaration. 😍

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Reading the novel was a joy and I was taken aback by its sheer complexity. I wasn't really expecting to be enamored by it because it sounded a bit cliché at first but then once you started the lines, it just went on and smoothly prepares you for the finale. But, of course, the end will just make you want to read the next installment.

Thank you to NetGalley and the Publisher for providing an E-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Hello! I really enjoy Sarah M. Eden's writing. It is fun, descriptive, engaging and consistent. This series, of which Bachelor.and the Bride is now a part, definitely does not disappoint in its story of Barnabas and Gemma. To see how Barnabas begins to realize dormant feelings for Gemma, translating into a real romance, was super fun to experience and so sweet. I liked Gemma, but Barnabas was the one to watch and one to follow, it seems, in terms of an evolution of a hero and partner. Sarah M. Eden does a fabulous job of building clearly to a crescendo, and the reader does not even realize the climb until just about there. I always feel like I am literally walking alongside her characters and, that I am interacting with them in real time. I have always been fascinated by penny dreadfuls, and this series gets better and better. I might suggest that all the penny dreadful installments be contained at the end of the book or even at the outset, altogether. That way, I can focus on all of these at once...and focus on the hero-heroine story all at once. But otherwise, this book is stellar. I was ARC by NetGalley, and this is my honest review. Thank you!! :)

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The bachelor and the Bride, by Sarah M. Eden, is a classic historical romance with a twist of mystery solving.
I really enjoyed this one! It was well-written, cute, romantic, and had just enough mystery solving to keep things really interesting.
I would easily recommend to all historical romance readers.
4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the ARC. All opinions are my own.

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Soooo good. As always. Hold on to your hat because this is one Penny Dreadful Society story you're going to adore!

Was this review helpful?

The Bachelor and the Bride was very well written. A most interesting story line! I’ve never read a story like it before! Loved the details of London life and how the characters played out. It kept me entertained the whole way through even though at about 80 percent into it I figured the story was over and it would just be dragged out to the finish. NO! That was not the case! It kept going to the last page and kept my full attention! Loved it! Great job Sarah Eden!

Was this review helpful?

I received a copy of this from NetGalley and this is my freely given opinion.

I think I love Sarah M. Eden books because she has such interesting characters with so many layers, depth and grittiness, and you get to see the inner workings of the minds of both the hero and heroines. There is no heat or steam excitement, but I love the characters for the interesting workings of their minds.

The story of the Dread Penny Society and their challenges to help the unfortunates in Victorian Society continue. The Mastiff is continuing to terrorize Victorian London, and the DPS is trying to figure out how to foil him, and help his victims. Dr. Barnabus Milligan is one of their members. He was born of a woman who ended up working in a brothel, and his father unknown. He was tossed onto the streets by the abbess as a young child, but managed to overcome his upbringing to become a doctor, with his goal being to help as many woman and children as possible escape the life that his mother was forced to lead. His doctoring funds the many safe houses he runs.

Gemma Kinkaid is one woman he helped three years previously. She is from a family of famed and dreaded resurrectionists, and forced to the trade by them. To help her escape, Barnabus married her 3 years prior. But she left not long after, because she loved him, but he did not love her in return. She vowed that she would return to live with him as his wife only if he requested her to. He kept their marriage a secret from his friends, the other members of DPS. However, their recent activities involve the resurrection of dead bodies related to the Mastiff, and they need more information. So Barnabus contacts Gemma, and she returns, mistaking the message as his request for her to return to him.

Despite her disappointment, she does care for Barnabus and wants to help him. Her family turns out to be involved with the Mastiff, and it also turns out they are looking for Gemma as well, to help them as business is too good and too much for the Kinkaids remaining in the trade. They are just as relentless as the Mastiff in trying to get their hands on Gemma, and she does not want Barnabus or any of her new friends in the DPS to be hurt by them in their search for her.

This was a fascinating read about the continued adventures of the DPS, and pushes forward the story of the criminal actions of the Mastiff. The added element of resurrection/body snatching was quite interesting. The stories of other members of the DPS, told in preceding books in the series, are carried forward as well, and there is quite a twist (well, two) and cliffhanger in the end. This is not a story with a traditional HEA. But, while I usually don't like cliffhangers, this was done well, with a good resolution to the story of Barnabus and Gemma - the cliffhanger is more the story of the criminal dealings the DPS is fighting against.

Also, there is the added elements of the little Penny Dreadful stories intermixed in the novel as well. I quite enjoyed the gothic paranormal story by Barnabus, and the more mythic fairy tale styled one by "Mr. King".

Sometimes it got a bit heavy and dragged a bit, but overall, I quite enjoyed the story of Dr. Milligan and his erstwhile wife, Gemma, as well as the rest of the DPS.

4.75 stars out of 5.

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Three years ago, Dr Barnabus Milligan helped rescue Gemma Kincaid by marrying her in secret to protect her from her resurrectionists family intent on keeping her working in the trade.

But when Gemma realized her love for Barnabus was unrequited she left him, telling him to contact her if his feelings ever changed. When Gemma finally receives a letter from Barnabus, she learns that he only wants her help to foil the Kincaids. Gemma agrees, but she warns him that she won’t stay.

This is the 4th Dread Penny Society book. I read the first one but I think you need to read the series to enjoy the overarching mystery. I’m indifferent to the mini story mixed in with the main plot. I end up skimming them.

The DPS aspect was interesting and that part is progressing nicely, but the romance was a miss for me. I figured out who the Dread Master might be, because I had been wondering how that character could be involved and I think fans of the series will be intrigued.

But it was never explained why the Kincaids needed Gemma. What exactly was her skill in body snatching? Her uncle even says she’s only as good as the shovel in her hands. That’s not exactly a specialized skill, so why do they need her to steal bodies?

This is both a second chance/marriage of convenience romance, and for that to work I think you need a slow burn with some chemistry, and I felt that was missing. Their history was a vague info dump and we never saw why Gemma wanted to be with Baz and he never showed much interest in her before suddenly saying he decided he loved her after all. We don’t even know why marriage was the only way to save Gemma.

I didn’t understand why Baz didn’t try with Gemma when he had her or why he wouldn’t put in the effort when she first came back. I wanted Baz to put in real work to earn her trust after all of Gemma‘s attempts and her subsequent hopelessness, but we never see that from

Was this review helpful?

I’ve enjoyed the three previous books in the Penny Dreadful Society series. The Bachelor and the Bride is fun and entertaining but the story seemed to be more about advancing the series narrative rather than concentrating on the main characters. The arc of the Penny Dreadful series is intriguing and this book had a pivotal reveal plus some additional information about characters (mostly bad people) from previous books. For that information alone, and if you enjoy the series, you must read this book.
London 1850’s.. The two main characters are Dr. Barnabus “Doc” “Baz” Milligan and his heretofore unknown wife, Gemma née Kincaid…(the infamous resurrection family. Three years ago Baz married Gemma so that she could escape her criminal family but she left Baz when she said that she loved him and to contact her if and when he could say that he loved her. As crimes against ordinary Londoners escalate, the PDS needs Gemma help to find out who is directing the terror and intimidation and what’s the motivation.

Was this review helpful?

This is another fun addition to Sarah M. Eden's Dread Penny Society collection. I admit I struggle with characters who speak in a... I think she says is a Southern London dialect, so it takes me a little time to warm to them - but as I get into it, I find them fun and engaging. Anyway - if you want an entertaining read, you can never go wrong with Eden and this book holds true to that.

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After finishing this book, all I can say is that my mind is blown. Straight up blown. How does Sarah Eden do it?!

This book seemed to have it all, just like the rest of the books in the Dread Penny Society series - action, adventure, mystery, intrigue, daring rescues, secret hideaways, awesome penny dreadfuls, the sweetest love story, and plot twists you didn't even see coming. And let me just tell you friends. That ending especially was mind blowing. I can already tell book 5 is going to be epic.

Barnabus and Gemma were the cutest (I think I say that about every couple I read about, but this time it's really true, I promise). They are the sort of couple you just want to cheer for, the ones you immediately want to give their happy ending to. Gemma and Barnabus aren't your typical couple, given that they had already been married for three and a half years when the book started. BUT they'd been separated for three years after Gemma left, believing that Barnabus didn't lover her, six months into their marriage. I loved watching Barnabus realize he actually did love Gemma and fight for her and their marriage.

Technically this could be read as a stand alone, but I suggest you read them in order. Several things will make a whole lot more sense if you do.

Thank you NetGalley and Shadow Mountain for the early copy!

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The shortest way to describe this book is that things escalate SO quickly but in the best way possible.

I've loved all of the books in the Dread Penny Society series (I think it may be Sarah Eden's best series yet which is saying a lot because her other series are incredible), but this book is one of the best so far. There were a few plot twists I absolutely did not see coming and I'm definitely still freaking out over it. 😂

I started this book wanting to learn more about the identity of the Dread Master and how the Dread Penny Society was ever going to take down the Mastiff and his complex web of organized crime. So questions were answered and some weren't, but I was very surprised by the answers I did get from this book.

"The Bachelor and the Bride" is the fourth book in the Dread Penny Society series. This series is about a group of Penny Dreadful Authors (short stories written for the working class during the Victorian era) who have formed a secret society devoted to improving the lives of the working class in London, usually by fighting against the most hardened criminals in the city.

If you love action, mystery, organized crime, vigilante secret societies trying to makes the streets of London safer, all while still being a romance novel, this book is for you.

Nothing but good things to say about this book. It's definitely worth investing the time to read the entire series. You won't be disappointed.

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I’m a big Sarah M. Eden fan but the Dread Penny Society Series just hasn’t gripped me the way the rest of her books do, so I came into reading this one with lower expectations. Much to my surprise, The Bachelor and the Bride hooked me almost from the start and is easily my favorite of this series (and makes me look forward to book 5).

In this book, we’re focused on Dr. Barnabus Milligan (aka Baz) and Gemma, the woman he secretly married years ago to help her escape the nefarious family business. Out of all the MCs in this series, I think these two are my favorite. Baz is such a good-hearted man and Gemma is a happy, strong heroine that you can’t help but root for them to succeed in their marriage.

This series has an overarching mystery to it and four books in, it feels like we’re actually making some progress. We get a couple significant reveals toward the end of this one and I’m excited to see where this goes from here.

Thanks to NetGalley and Shadow Mountain Publishing for the ARC.

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First sentence: London was no place for the faint of heart. Fortunately for Barnabus Milligan, he'd stopped listening to that organ long ago.

Premise/plot: The Bachelor and the Bride is the fourth book in the Dread Penny Society series by Sarah M. Eden. Each book in the series features characters who are also authors of penny dreadfuls. Readers are treated to two penny dreadfuls in addition to the actual romance/story. This formula also proves true for this latest novel. The two penny dreadful serials we are following are "The Bachelor and the Bride" by Mr. King and "Bodies of Light" by Dr. Barnabus Milligan. (The two serials could not be more different!)

So throughout the series--previous three books--the Dread Penny Society have been on the case--or on the chase, if you prefer, to bringing down (unmasking) the Mastiff who has been terrorizing parts of London. In particular the weakest, most vulnerable communities of London. Each novel--four now--has been working towards this goal...the mystery element of his identity and his ultimate goal have been slow to reveal. (As has the identity of the Dread Penny Master, by the way). But the "big" reveal in this fourth book, is, well, I will never be the one to spoil a novel before it's even released. But let's just say that there is more than one villain in London.

The heroine of The Bachelor and The Bride is Gemma Kincaid, a woman with a shady family history. She's incredibly ashamed of her family--with good reason--and wants NOTHING at all to do with their evil schemes and fortunes. The man who rescued her is Dr. Barnabus Milligan; and that rescue involved saying I do. But though "rescued" in one sense, Gemma is still very lost...and her husband is in part to blame.

My thoughts: If I had the time, I would love to read the series back to back. All four novels over the course of a month, let's say, I think my overall reaction would change. It is just plain hard to wait a year for each book and then be able to jump straight back into the action and remember WHO all the characters are and their relationships to one another. Each novel features a new romance--which is always a bonus. But still there is an interconnected story that progresses with each book.

I definitely enjoyed the serial "The Bachelor and the Bride" by "Mr." King. I don't always love, love, love these penny dreadfuls that are bonus stories essentially. Sometimes I do.

I would say that the pace was so-so and the story was just okay for me....until I reached a certain part in the story where the intensity was cranked up. THE LAST FEW CHAPTERS, oh my!!!!! It's like the climaxes of all four books come together in this one novel...and without warning...we've got the mystery finally beginning to pay off. Not that there is resolution...there is absolutely NO RESOLUTION. It ends on a big cliff hanger.

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REVIEW: This is the fourth book of a mystery series but I only read this one. You can read this as a standalone because at the end is a mystery, but in this case I think it would be better to read the previous ones.
I liked the book, the author writes really nice, and I liked the connections between the characters. The relationship Baz-Gemma was very good, fake marriage, complicated childhood, and helping each other, a good mix.
I didn´t like to much the stories in between, didn´t get why are there either, I mean yes, they write stories, but why? Maybe I need to read the other books to understand this part. But the principal story I liked it.
I enjoyed the book and that´s always a good sign.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


RESEÑA: Este es el cuarto libro de una serie de misterios, pero yo solo he leído este. Se pueden leer por separado al ser de misterio, pero en este caso creo que hubiera sido mejor haber leído los anteriores.
Me ha gustado el libro, y la escritora escribe muy bien. Me gustó las conexiones entre los personajes. La relación entre Baz-Gemma es muy buena, falso matrimonio, complicada infancia y ayudarse el uno al otro, buen combo.
No he pillado mucho las historias entremedio, sí, entiendo que escriben historias, pero no tengo claro por qué, a lo mejor se necesita leer los libros anteriores para entender esa parte. Pero la historia principal me ha gustado.
He disfrutado el libro y eso siempre es buena señal.
Gracias a Netgalley y a la editorial por dejarme leerlo a cambio de una honesta reseña.

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There is nothing better than a good period romance novel. I didn’t even know that this was part of a series and that the first book has been in my TBR for months. If I am ever in the mood for a period romance (which honestly when am I not) I know exactly what book series to read.

Was this review helpful?

A really beautiful historic read that'll capture your heart and something a bit different from the norm. This novel has plenty of layers and kept me interested throughout. There's a few points within the book that didn't just quite gel for me however I am looking to reading more books from this author!

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Wow! Where do I begin? What an exhilarating reading experience! Sarah M. Eden continues to showcase her talent for writing suspenseful, romantic tales.

This is the fourth book in the Dread Penny Society series. The Dread Penny Society comprises of ordinary individuals who protect the vulnerable from being exploited or harmed. They are also penny dreadful authors. If you are new to this series, then, I strongly suggest reading them in order. You have a treat in store for you! The unique thing about this series is that you get three stories in one book! Seriously, you get the main story and two bonus short stories in the form of penny dreadfuls, written by the characters. These penny dreadfuls are brimming with gothic atmosphere.

For those of us familiar with this series and invested in the philanthropic efforts of DPS, this book adds another layer of depth to the series. In addition to mystery, action, adventure, there is also a tender marriage of convenience/second chance romance. Fyi, second chance romance is totally my jam. And who doesn’t love a good marriage of convenience? So, this is a win-win for all!

The Bachelor and the Bride features the penny dreadful author and doctor, Barnabus Milligan, and his estranged wife, Gemma. Gemma Milligan, formerly Gemma Kincaid, is the daughter of a notorious resurrection man. They are a family of violent criminals. Three and a half years ago, Baz, as Gemma affectionately calls him, married Gemma to help her escape her violent family. However, Gemma left Baz six months into their marriage, fearing Baz can’t love her. Now, after three years, Gemma returns to offer assistance to DPS in neutralizing the threat posed by her family and the ruthless Mastiff. While fighting evil, Gemma and Baz get a chance to work on their relationship, and maybe fall in love?

I can’t wait for the next one. These books are so immersing, so entertaining! The wild ending was fitting, too.

I’m grateful to NetGalley and Shadow Mountain Publishing for giving me the opportunity to read an advance copy.

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#thebachelorandthebride #netgalley

This was a great story to read. I loved the storyline and the characters, definitely recommend this book!

Was this review helpful?

The Bachelor and the Bride is book four in Sarah M. Eden’s Dread Penny Society Series.
It has mystery, action, intrigue and a fantastic marriage of convenience/second chance romance trope!

I loved this addition to the DPS series! I had a lot of questions from previous books answered and yet I have so many more I need answered! I loved seeing more of the inner workings of both the DPS and the crime boss they’re fighting, The Tempest. I was constantly on the edge of my seat anxious to see what was going to happen next and how everything was going to work out.

I loved Baz and Gemma! I loved seeing them overcome their insecurities and learn to trust each other completely. I loved see them become partners and realize just how much better they are together than apart. I loved seeing them learn from each other and reassure each other. And I loved seeing them make sacrifices to prove to the other how much they love them. Baz and Gemma are just great! They fit together so well, it just took them forever to realize it! I really enjoyed this sweet, slow burn romance!

I refuse to spoil this fantastic book for anyone, but I will say this is one that should not be missed! If you’ve read and enjoyed the first three DPS books you absolutely MUST read the Bachelor and the Bride! I myself I am anxiously waiting for the fifth and final book!

Was this review helpful?

I am always amazed by Sarah Eden's ability to weave together stories of mystery and intrigue. I feel like this was a twist on a second-chance romance, where Barnabus and Gemma had already been married for three years, but separated for most of it. When they are reunited through a bit of a miscommunication, they end up working together to try to stop the Mastiff and those who work for him. This book is filled with danger and intrigue - again, I'm always amazed at how Sarah Eden can plot some of the mysteries. She is also creative in how her characters solve problems.
Read this book. You won't be disappointed. It has romance, mystery, danger, and several big revelations within the Dread Penny universe.
This is a book in a series. It could be considered standalone, but you would definitely enjoy it more if you've read the other books first.

Was this review helpful?

I enjoyed this book a lot, which surprised me because I thought it started out slow. Eden really amped up the intensity as the book progressed, which I loved. The romance between the two main characters was nice, but personally I think the romance took a backseat to the plot. Again, for me, that was great. This is a really fun series with Eden's own installments of Penny Dreadfuls inserted into the the book. These side stories parallel the characters, which is fun. I'm really looking forward to the next one in the series, because it isn't over yet.

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London is getting more dangerous. The Mastiff is sowing fear all through the city. People are killed and then their bodies go missing. Dr. Barnabus Milligan and the Dread Penny Society need help understanding why resurrectionists would steal the bodies. Dr. Milligan calls in some help. The wife no one knew he had.

Gemma is a gem! She’s tough, funny, and vulnerable. I loved seeing her and Baz rebuild their relationship. The resurrectionist aspect was equally unnerving and intriguing.

I love the penny dreadfuls woven into the tale. Mr. King’s really are the best!

This book should be read as part of the series, in order. It has a satisfying conclusion, but builds more conflict and suspense for the rest of the series.

I don’t love these as much as Sarah Eden’s regencys, but the mystery pulls me in every time!

Was this review helpful?

This is my first book by Sarah, clearly I didn't realise this was the FOURTH book in a series 🤦‍♀️
(I will be reading books 1-3 asap)

I'm sure I've missed alot with the workings and the members of DPS, which most likely would have helped me with the plot of TBATB but I didn't struggle or feel lost starting with the 4th book.

I loved Baz and Gemma, watching them grow as individuals and a couple was so beautiful, especially Baz.

The DPS have my full attention, it's like an early day Kingsmen and I love it.
I really enjoyed how the pieces of the puzzle all fit together, I didn't see that ending coming!!

The two other stories/books that popped up through TBATB, were interesting, I'm not sure the reason behind them, (one being TDPS books), they may be better suited to read after your finish the main story.


Also I'm not sure why Baz, Gemma and the DPS didn't plan that the Kincaid family, being resurrectionist, would do their job, for the main event.

Special thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for a free, electronic ARC of this novel received in exchange for an honest review

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Great story, great romance, great mystery. Love the addition of the penny dreadfuls. This is my first book in the series but I now want to go back and read the others. Must suspend disbelief a lot, but it’s still enjoyable in all the ways.

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For the poor and infirm,
the hopeless and voiceless,
we do not relent.
We do not forget.
We are the Dread Penny Society."
If you have read the previous installments you will be familiar with this creed and the group.
Fantastical twisting story that kept my brain trying to keep up with all that was happening. Very much enjoyed this installment with a delicious cliffhanger!

I received an eVersion for no compensation or expectation. All opinions are mine alone.

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If you are looking for a historical romance with mystery, intrigue, danger, plot twists, and villains, purchase t-h-i-s book. Sarah M. Eden does it again with her marvelous, masterful story telling of the Dread Penny Society. She not only has this amazing story about the members trying to thwart the Mastiff, a criminal mastermind, his network, and a family of nasty resurrectionists, but she also tells Baranbus Milligan’s story of his unusual marriage. But, wait, there’s more! There are not one, but two penny dreadful stories included throughout the book as well.

This is the fourth book in this series and I wasn’t sure if I would love this as much as the others. Well, I should not have even given it a thought because Ms. Eden has certainly outdone the others and has a cliff hanger that left me shouting, “Nooo! What happens next?!” I can’t recommend this amazing book enough and the rest in the series.

This is my favorite quote that is the motto of the Dread Penny Society. “For the poor and infirm, the hopeless and the voiceless, we do not relent.” I can’t wait to read the next book!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

The ending of this book gave me the chills! Wonderfully written which is no surprise from Sarah Eden. I have really enjoyed how different this series is with the penny dreadful tales woven into the main story. Gemma and Baz have a beautiful story of overcoming their past and motivating them to make a difference in the world around them. So many questions answered in this book I’ve had since the first novel in the series and I can’t wait for the next!

Was this review helpful?

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