Save Me! (From Myself)

The Existential Crises of a Creative Introvert

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Pub Date 31 May 2022 | Archive Date 30 May 2022

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WARNING: This book contains so many feelings!

This colorful collection of comics will take you on an expertly guided emotional journey, from impostor syndrome to unrequited love, with stops along the way for excitement, joy, vulnerability, and existential dread. Illustrator and self-proclaimed crybaby So Lazo renders each experience with honesty and heart, navigating the obstacle course of early adulthood with their distinctive style and self-deprecating humor. Heartbreakingly earnest and effortlessly queer, this little book captures the trials and tribulations of the creative introvert in vivid detail.

DISTINCTIVE VOICE: Lazo’s work is earnest without being sappy or preachy and vulnerable without taking itself too seriously. It manages to be beautiful and messy, funny and wistful, inviting you into Lazo’s colorful, creative, anxious, determined, introverted world.

RELATABLE CONTENT: If you’ve ever lost your nerve upon running into your crush at a party, juggled your love-hate relationship with working from home, or wished that aliens would rescue you from the Dumpster fire that is human existence—this book is for you!

WARNING: This book contains so many feelings!

This colorful collection of comics will take you on an expertly guided emotional journey, from impostor syndrome to unrequited love, with stops along...

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ISBN 9781797203416
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Featured Reviews

I loved the bright cover of this book, I had to read it! this is NOT a children's book, as it contains mulitple curse words. However, this would be a great book for a teenager or young adult struggling with mental health, especially during the pandemic. I loved all of the illustrations, they felt so unique. I felt seen and better knowing I'm not the only one dealing with this range of emotions and fear.

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Save Me (From Myself) is like a children’s self-help book for grownups. It’s an intimate, emotional, and raw look into So Lazo’s mind through their art. And yet, as they describe in the intro to the book, it is not only about them. It is about all of us, every one of us should be able to see ourselves, a family member, or friend in one of Lazo’s quotes or drawings. Lazo lays their heart exposed for all to see through their stories and pictures in a way that is both heartbreaking and uplifting. I related with a lot of the snippets and enjoyed Lazo’s unique style of drawing. I especially loved their color choices: bright and dynamic. I appreciate Lazo for taking their innermost fears and desires and illustrating them for others to imbibe. I am giving this book-art 5 stars not only because it spoke to me, personally, but because I appreciate the courage it took for Lazo to share their feelings and art with the world, and in such a unique manner.

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This book was adorable. So Lazo’s art style is both simplistic and unique, full of color and dynamic. I loved Nachito the cat, probably my favorite part.

So Lazo’s Save Me (From Myself) is basically a very colorful drawn diary, full of self deprecating humor and the unbelieved inner positivity that some people desperately trying to work on themselves tend to think of. It very much gives the vibe of being surrounded by flames yet still saying “it’ll be fine. It’ll be fine.” Which I definitely emphasized with, since I tend to do that. Something goes terribly wrong, and you say everything is okay in hopes that you saying it will make it true, even though you don’t believe it at all.

So Lazo paints a realistic picture of someone with anxiety’s inner-thoughts about socialization, the pandemic, change,
Friendships, self worth, and overthinking. It’s basically a little self-help booklet with comedy. Very much gives mild “Everything Is fine” webcomic vibes, but without the horror and gore. Also the constant conversations with the moon reminded me of the “I’m in a relationship with the moon” tiktok audio.

Anyways, if you’re looking for a relatable author who uses comedy to mask their emotions, this book it for you.

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This book is very cute, relatable, and a quick read. I love So Lazo’s artwork, the vulnerability sprinkled in, and the way it speaks to many concerns and thoughts of many of us. I read this as a quick way to get out of a reading slump and it did just that. Love!

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3.5 stars

This graphic novel was short and sweet, with a colorful and unique art style that immediately draws you in. It’s a quick read, the actual individual comics are so short and mostly disconnected from one another that it’s not hard to follow. I guess I was hoping this would be one continuous diary-like entry versus a lot of bite sized ones, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. My main critique would be that I wish it went more in depth about topics, especially emotions, because it felt surface level and not raw like I was expecting. I also felt it was slightly repetitive on some things, such as love not being worth it. It’s shown multiple times how love sucks and isn’t actually worth it and then, at the end, they said that there’s love everywhere and it’s something to look forward to. Perhaps they were trying to show the growth they had from when they had those feelings, to now, or it was to remind themselves that love will always be there. Overall the book was beautiful to flip through and I’m excited for others to read it.

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I wish it were longer! Every page of this book had me either deeply in my feels or dying laughing. At first glance, this may look like just an ordinary art book, but inside you will find that there is so much more there. Lazo takes us on an autobiographical journey that is both relatable and wholesome. It's obvious that this is someone who has invested deeply into themselves, and they were kind enough to take the reader along for that journey. I cannot say enough good things about the content, but also it's very visually appealing. If you are someone who uses humor as a coping mechanism, this book is absolutely for you. I can immediately think of several people I'd like to gift it to!

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I really like this book because it's very relatable to me and my life. All the thoughts keep my mind busy and it's funny how this book describes that. The images and the simple English makes it easy to read through with such an easy flow. Anyone who is feeling down or wants to be related to especially if they think too much or feel down from time to time, should read this book. Some of the words such as reminders like "you choose to hurt" or "nothing is forever" are aha moments, whereas "breathe, just breathe" is what I constantly tell myself. It's a very simple but useful book. Great reminder for those of us who constanly feel inadequate or down.

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Adorable drawing accompany both light hearted and heavy topics interspersed with inspiring quotes. This is a great book for anyone who has trouble expressing their feelings (and honestly, who doesn’t?).

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This was incredible.
Humor and tragedy are two sides of the same coin. So Lazo expertly presents us with her diary of her thoughts and experiences.
It was honest, relatable and inviting.
I didn’t want to finish it! Go read this asap!

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This is absolutely beautiful,funny,heart warming,
heart breaking,endearing,relatable, and raw.

The art style is one of my favorites that I’ve seen so far in a comic/graphic novel!

I absolutely adored this!

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Save Me! (From Myself) by So Lazo With rich, vibrant and colorful images, the author illustrates her inner thoughts, feelings and experiences in a unique art style. The loving messages resonate hope that you are not alone with your feelings, The quotes are inspiring.

Thank you to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for the opportunity to preview the book.

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Wow. For such a colorful book there is a surprising, uncomfortable truth within. Many of the pages depict things that could have been plucked directly from my brain - self doubt, loneliness, anxiety - you name it. There are a few uplifting pages but not a whole lot. While this may seem like a negative review- it's not. I quite enjoyed this - the bright tones and offbeat drawings are a perfect balance for the feelings contained within.

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So sweet and relatable. Sonia’s illustrations are playful and I love every single one of them. I would absolutely have this as a coffee table book!

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What a wonderful book I identified with on so many levels. The colors and the imagery, the ability to connect on so many levels. I really loved this book; thank you for the opportunity to read it.
I look forward to seeing it on shelves and purchasing copies for my friends and myself.

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The author and illustrator, So Lazo, understands my friends and I and would fit in with us seamlessly. Lazo’s art is the type of thing my late 20’s early 30’s friends send to each other or post on our social media. She irreverently addresses things which only laughter can be used to distract us from bleak hopelessness. And adds cute pictures. Touching on present and future insecurities and past traumas, Lazo depicts a generation lost but still having to deal with everyday shit. This is the type of book I would send to my friends to let them know that I care. It sends a message of “life sucks but I support you!” The book also shows how the pandemic made mental health struggles even worse, and perhaps how we can make it a bit less bad.

Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read this with their Read Now option.

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This book is one of the most relatable there is. It's a reminder that we are not alone with all this feelings and that everyone experiences them. The way its written makes it easier to understand and follow, along with the graphics it contains. This book can be show to teens who are experiencing some strong emotions so they can see that they are not alone. It explains very easy different situations and makes you relate to it one way or another. Will recommend! It's a good and short read.

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This is a charming collection of comics with vibrant color and a unique visual style. The comics are relatable and play out in somewhat of a diary format, with the author frequently illustrating her feelings (sometimes more seriously, but frequently in an amusing manner). If you’re a fan of this kind of stylized, self-reflective web comic, you’ll enjoy this collection.

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This was a fun read. It's basically a diary with a dash of self-help. It's full of vibrant illustrations and comics. There were snippets about love, loneliness, trauma, Covid, etc. It was a mix of everything. I really enjoyed reading the comics about the moon.

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Interesting concept with real and raw emotions experienced by introverts and people with trauma everywhere.

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I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I started this book, but I knew it was going to be relatable based on the title. Inside is a journal told through a series of drawings and some text. We’re taken on a journey through a variety of events and feelings that are extremely relatable. From funny to sad, so many panels hit hard while throwing in a good amount of humor. I think many people will see at least one page that metaphorically sets a spotlight on them while setting their hair on fire.

I had a great time reading this and am extremely glad that I picked it up. Between the funny to sad but usually relatable many pages and the fun and bright artwork, I think So Lazo has a new fan in me. Whether or not you are familiar with them or their work, I think this is the perfect book to pick up and dive straight into.

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"Save Me! (From Myself)" by So Lazo is a beautifully drawn, witty graphic novel that explores one person's innermost thoughts and feelings over a period of their life. While this book is written about the author it is also incredibly applicable to the everyday reader and achieves what the author set out to do: remind the reader that they are not alone is the way the feel about life or the things they think. There were moments of this graphic novel that did get dark but ultimately the book ends on a positive note. The art style was incredibly beautiful and colorful and aided well in telling the story and putting the author's thoughts and feelings onto the page. You get a real good sense of who the author is through their illustrations. It's a quick but impactful read and achieves what it set out to do.

Thank you to NetGalley for this e-arc of "Save Me! (From Myself) in exchange for an honest review.

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Wow. This book! This book, man! So Lazo's Save Me! (From Myself): The Existential Crises of a Creative Introvert had me lol'ing with how relatable it is. I loved the emotions; the art style; the humor; the moments of tenderness; the moments of, "Wow, can you not?" from the author, where I, too, thought, "Yeah, can they not?" And then there were the moments of sadness where I felt, "Yeah, me too, but we're not alone."

This is a small book of short anecdotes/thoughts and feelings and situations and non-situations of a, well, creative introvert. And sometimes a moon.

I may have cried at the end.

I hadn't heard of @sonialazo before stumbling upon this ARC, but I'll definitely be pre-ordering and re-ordering this book for my own collection and for folks who I think would appreciate it. I haven't seen it in person, but the description says it's 6"x6", so I'm not sure how it would work in all libraries, but I think it has a place in people's hearts.

Thanks to #NetGalley for an eARC of this book.

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I'll be blatantly honest right now- the colorful cover art is what made me pick this up. I wasn't 100 percent sold on the actual content or the title because who likes to admit they need saving? (Not me most of the time, #truth)

I AM SOOOOO UTTERLY grateful that the art drew me in because this was a book that my soul needed but didn't know it. THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART- you'll feel called out, you'll feel angry, you'll feel confused- but you'll also feel connected, and understood in a way that I bet you haven't in a long time (if ever).

Anxiety, fear, love, dread, anger, sadness, loss are heartbreakingly depicted by So Lazo in a way that's beyond relatable. I'll be repetitive- the artwork is BEYOND dazzling and provides depth to the emotional and transcendental quality of the words on the page..
It's tough love, but also in a way that's understandable and not preachy.
Knowing that someone else feels EXACTLY the way that you do when you don't know why you feel that way is powerful and enlightening.

In a world where we are possibly as dis-connected as ever, So Lazo flies out of the woodwork with this emotional journey destined to bring us all together.

*THIS IS NOT A BOOK FOR KIDS!- adult language and situations are presented. I'm no expert, but I would recommend for mature teens and adults*

Highly recommend to almost everyone as I'm sure we've all felt an emotion or two in our lives.

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