The Last Girl to Die

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Pub Date 01 Sep 2022 | Archive Date 14 Sep 2022



‘Fantastic. Excellent. Incredible. I could not put this one down for the life of me.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reader Review

A stunner! Without a doubt, one of the best crime novels of the year!’ – No.1 international bestseller Jeffery Deaver

In search of a new life, seventeen-year-old Adriana Clark’s family moves to the ancient, ocean-battered Isle of Mull, far off the coast of Scotland. Then she goes missing. Faced with hostile locals and indifferent police, her desperate parents turn to private investigator Sadie Levesque.

Sadie is the best at what she does. But when she finds Adriana’s body in a cliffside cave, a seaweed crown carefully arranged on her head, she knows she’s dealing with something she’s never encountered before.

The deeper she digs into the island’s secrets, the closer danger creeps – and the more urgent her quest to find the killer grows. Because what if Adriana is not the last girl to die?

Beautifully haunting with twists and turns you’ll never see coming, The Last Girl to Die is your next obsession waiting to happen. Perfect for fans of Stuart MacBride and L.J. Ross.

Oh my goodness, I absolutely and totally loved this book. Outstanding and compelling, it gave me whiplash from all the twists and turns.’ – million-copy bestseller Angela Marsons

‘An adroit and highly atmospheric mystery.’ – Times Crime Club

‘Fields has a knack of keeping you gripped for hours.’ – The Sun

‘Gloriously dark and twisty.’ – Fabulous

Readers absolutely LOVE The Last Girl to Die!

Fantastic. Excellent. Incredible. I could not put this one down for the life of me.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘What rollercoaster ride this was. I love it when a book shocks me the way this did.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Breathtaking. Twists and turns galore. I couldn’t put it down, I loved it.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘A tense, twisty, phenomenal read!’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘Haunting. Breathtaking shocks, unforeseen twists, and an emotionally shattering conclusion.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘Twisty, unpredictable and kept me guessing the whole time.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘Breathtakingly brilliant… The ending left me stunned.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


‘Fantastic. Excellent. Incredible. I could not put this one down for the life of me.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reader Review

A stunner! Without a doubt, one of the best crime novels of the...

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Featured Reviews

This book was sent to me from Netgalley electronically for review. I have no clue how I will review this book. I really don't have the words. I do know that I will read another one by this author because it was a can't put down book despite the horror of the murders. The characters, except for the protagonist and maybe a couple others, just are not likable...they are despicable sometimes. The setting, Scotland, is not serene and is a place of secrets and the dislike of outsiders. Glad I have read other books set in this country, so I don't get an idea that Scotland is a place to avoid. That being said, this author has written an ingenious novel from the first page to the end...and do NOT stop reading if you want a huge surprise. The gory, horrible details are part of the herrings abound...don't be misled. This is like watching Criminal Minds or a movie that is almost unbelievable. Some of the language is offensive to me...maybe not to others. I could go on and on, so I hope others will read this book and review it.

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#TheLastGirlToDie #NetGalley
Adriana Clark’s family moves to the ancient, ocean-battered Isle of Mull, far off the coast of Scotland. Then she goes missing. Faced with hostile locals and indifferent police, her desperate parents turn to private investigator Sadie Levesque. Sadie is the best at what she does. But when she finds Adriana’s body in a cliffside cave, a seaweed crown carefully arranged on her head, she knows she’s dealing with something she’s never encountered before.
The deeper she digs into the island’s secrets, the closer danger creeps – and the more urgent her quest to find the killer grows. Because what if Adriana is not the last girl to die?
Helen fields is the queen of suspense. Loved it.
Thanks to NetGalley and Avon Books UK for giving me an advance copy.

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This was such a good read. I loved the writing and I found the story so gripping and compelling to read. It was twisty, unpredictable and kept me guiessing the whole time. I will be looking for more from this author.

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A new Helen Fields book is always a ‘must read asap’. I love her Perfect Series and One For Sorrow was one of the very best thrillers in years.

The Last Girl To Die sees Canadian private investigator Sadie Levesque called to the Isle Of Mull to investigate the disappearance of teenager Adriana Clark. Adriana's family are American, recent arrivals, 'off-islanders', exotic outsiders to the close-knit community whose traditions span centuries.

Sadie discovers a body the Police couldn't find, sparking an investigative murder mystery. The writing is atmospheric, detailed and descriptive. The level of detail and the depth of the investigation inevitably slows things down a little, a marathon rather than a sprint.

As more bodies are discovered the threat and tension increases building to a powerful finale and resolution.

My preference will always be for faster thrillers than murder mysteries, but I really can't fault it. The atmosphere, characters, investigation and character development are all excellent.

For an investigative murder mystery this is as good as it gets. The wistful, bleak atmosphere and the superbly constructed cast of characters will stay with me.

Definitely recommended, especially for fans of detailed, atmospheric investigations.

Thanks to Netgalley and Avon Books UK

Was this review helpful?

I sincerely thank Netgalley and Avon Books UK for the Arc of Helen Fields' upcoming book. This vividly atmospheric thriller is due to be published on September 01, 2022. This haunting, complex psychological mystery contains breathtaking shocks, horror, unforeseen twists, and an emotionally shattering conclusion.

I was slow getting into the story, but soon I couldn't put it down and became utterly absorbed in the plot. There was intense danger and suspense, with events moving rapidly. The Clark family consisting of the parents and two teenage children, have fled city life in America for reasons they are reluctant to disclose. They now live on the ancient, windswept Isle of Mull off the Scotland coast. The community does not welcome newcomers. The teenagers have difficulty fitting in with the locals of the same age. When their 17-year-old daughter, Adriana, disappears, the police are disinterested in pursuing the case, not taking the matter as seriously as if it were one of their own local teenagers.

Frustrated and desperate, the parents know that it is not in the girl's nature to go off on her own, as suggested by the police. While searching the internet, they find a specialist in discovering lost, taken, or runaway teenagers. She is private investigator Sadie Levesque from Banff, Canada.

Sadie arrives on Mull and finds the police rude, hostile and unwilling to cooperate. She is feisty, tough, and athletic, and she reassures the parents that she will be relentless in her search to find out why Adriana disappeared and what happened to her by any means necessary. We learn that Sadie can be impulsive and reckless, disregarding the consequences of her actions. After four days of searching, she finds Adriana's body partially hidden in a cliffside cave. There is evidence of brutal torture, and she has been suffocated by sand stuffed down her throat. There is a crown made from seaweed on her head.

Sadie learns there has been a long history of pagan rituals, rumours of witchcraft, and a similar murder that occurred decades ago. While hidden in the woods, she observes one of these rituals led by an older woman and attended by teenage girls. They bury dead animals and set them afire. Leaving this eerie scene, Sadie wonders if supernatural beliefs are involved. She has already found a seaweed wreath in her bed at the hotel and takes it as a warning sign. After viewing the unsettling ritual, she is almost murdered on her return.

Two more women are murdered, and Sadie is first on the scene. There are many suspects, but the police accuse her. She is arrested as the prime suspect because she found all three bodies before the police did, and to them, her actions are suspicious. As Sadie draws nearer to the truth, her life is in peril. Will she be able to solve the mysteries and reveal motives and perpetrator(s), or will there be a Last Girl Killed?

A powerful, emotional story of dark deeds and ancient superstition and folklore. There is a distressing, unanticipated ending after twists and turns in the investigation. Recommended!

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I received an advanced reader’s copy in exchange for an honest review

Super creepy (boggy? kelpy?) PI procedural set on an island in Scotland where girls keep disappearing. Add a plucky young outsider putting her nose into everything and you have a perfect Summer thriller. Hopefully she makes this one a series.

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I just finished reading this. The ending was *chef kiss*. This was so cleverly done. Reading this was definitely time well spent. 5/5

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The Last Girl to Die by Helen Fields is a tense, twisty, phenomenal read!
Fields always does an amazing job at creating such vivid descriptions and holding my attention till the very end.
Fantastic, excellent… Incredible… I could not put this one down for the life of me… Loved, loved, loved this book.
What rollercoaster ride this was. I love it when a book shocks me the way this did.

“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

Thank You for your generosity and gifting me a copy of this amazing eARC!
I will post my review to my platforms, blog, B&N and Waterstone closer to pub date.

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The Clark family have recently relocated to Tobermory, on the Isle of Mull. Coming from the USA to a small town, they are very much the outsiders. When Adriana, the eldest daughter of the Clarks goes missing, the family feel that they are not getting the full attention of the local police, and that the attitude of “she’s young, probably gone to the mainland, she’ll be back” is so totally out of character of the daughter they know, that the only alternative is to employ a PI to find their girl. Enter Sadie Levesque, all the way from Banff in Canada, a specialist in teenage cases.

This story is totally absorbing from the start, the setting is beautiful and the characters are very well written, a real joy to read. The pace is fast and at times breathtaking. Twists and turns galore. I couldn’t put it down, loved it. Had to read the ending twice - WHAT!! Excellent.

Thank you NetGalley.

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Breathtakingly brilliant from the stunning scenery of Mull to the complex characterisation of the locals, myth, legend and folklore to the inherent evil lurking beneath the surface.
I absolutely loved the contrasts between the tight knit locals along with their underlying contradictions of welcoming kindness and deep suspicions about strangers. The way they rely on strangers as tourists but also fear their judgement and lack of understanding of their deep rooted traditions. The narrative is emotive and all engaging and I got swept along by the tide of it, quickly finishing the book in a day because I needed to see where it ended. Excellent descriptions and comments on life are interwoven into the story as ever and I found myself nodding enthusiastically the sentiments as I thoroughly identified with them. I second guessed only a fraction of the twists and turns this time and the ending left me stunned and numb but also spiritually slightly calm but I can’t say much more without spoilers. Exquisite read and I can’t really recommend enough.

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I enjoyed this domestic drama set on a small island Very character driven and well written. Lots of surprises. So many twists and turns

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Drastic Downward Spiral…
Moving to the Isle of Mull means a new life for the Clark family. Nothing, however, is quite what they expect. When Adriana Clark goes missing their hope of starting again soon begins a drastic downward spiral. With her body later discovered in distressing and bizarre circumstances the danger is hideously apparent. What secrets is this island holding? Atmospheric, pacy and compulsive with often grotesquely credible description and with a compelling narrative. The final denouement, when it arrives, is nothing less than jarring.

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The Last Girl To Die by Helen Fields

In search of a new life, sixteen-year-old Adriana Clark’s family moves to the ancient, ocean-battered Isle of Mull, far off the coast of Scotland. Then she goes missing. Faced with hostile locals and indifferent police, her desperate parents turn to private investigator Sadie Levesque.
Wow - this book is so good , I could almost imagine myself on Mull watching the story unfold.!
I really felt the hopelessness of emotions of Adrianas parent when she went missing and was right along side PI Sadie Levesque in her quest to solve her disappearance.
An edge of your seat thriller .

Was this review helpful?

This new novel from Helen (whose writing I adore) is mesmerising. It should be a move leading to a new life for the Clark family who relocate to the Isle of Mull, off the coast of Scotland. But when daughter Adriana goes missing, her parents, finding it difficult to fit into island life, turn to private investigator Sadie Levesque. At 16, Adriana should have had life at her feet… instead, her parents and twin brother are preparing for the worst. Sadie has news for her clients, not the best news, and is swiftly plunged into a mystery far beyond anything she’s before encountered. The islanders are not keen to chat with her and someone makes it clear that she’d be better off leaving Mull ASAP. Here begins a tightly paced plot that makes it clear that a lot can happen even in a small place, and there’s nowhere better for secrets to be hidden. Is it possible more victims will come? And where does Sadie fit in this deeply unsettling location?

Was this review helpful?

Helen Fields is a go to author for me, and this series is one of my favorites. I’ve developed quite the taste for UK authors and mysteries, and this author has always covered the bases for me. Sadie Levesque is a PI, hot in the trail of a new case. Sadie discovers a body the Police couldn't find, sparking an investigative murder mystery. The writing is atmospheric, detailed and descriptive. The level of detail and the depth of the investigation inevitably slows things down a little, a marathon rather than a sprint. As more bodies are discovered the threat and tension increases building to a powerful finale and resolution. Good read, and a respite from the authors excellent DI Callanach series. Pretty cool twist at the end.

Was this review helpful?

An excellent stand-alone which was better than the latest Callanach book. There was suspense all the way through and I couldn’t guess them. The character had all the qualities to carry on as a series. Alas. The place added to the atmosphere of the story.

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An American family relocates to a close-knit, unwelcoming community on an island of Scotland. Their teenage daughter goes missing and the local police are not interested in pursuing the matter. The parents hire a specialist in teenage missing persons, who travels all the way from Canada. The book is people with an interesting cast of characters, but the biggest character is the island itself. Remote, forbiddding, atmospheric, tinged with superstitions and folkloric rituals. The investigation proceeds through twists and turns until a shocking ending. A gripping read.

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A book that kept me up late into the night could not put down.Well written tense chilling another terrific read by this author#netgalley#avonbooksuk

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Ooh a great psychological thriller that had me wanting more as I read it and the ending did not disappoint either…

Was this review helpful?

Huge wows! What an exciting book full of surprises. I loved the mix of legend and atmospheric island. The Isle of Mull was the perfect location for this story and Sadie was the perfect investigator. What a gutsy protagonist!

I found myself comfortably slipping into the the story from the first chapter and the characters brought everything to life. The cave gave me the heebie-jeebies and I don’t think I’ll ever look at seaweed in the same way again.

‘The Last Girl to Die’ had me instantly gripped. Hell fire - I lost sleep and bit my nails down as the tension ramped up. If you love murder mysteries and thrillers, you have to read this book. Fabulous!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you so much for the chance to read The Last Girl To Die.

Another absolutely brilliant book from Helen Fields, that was really easy to get into and lots of clues to get you guessing and questioning everyone.

Such a sad and shocking ending, and I liked how it wasn’t so predictable.

Was this review helpful?

Thanks to the author, Net Galley and Avon for the preview of this book. Helen Fields is a new author to me and I am so excited to read her backlist
This is a very fast moving, suspenseful murder mystery with excellent everything. The writing is outstanding and kept me absorbed from start to finish. My favorite part was the main character. The degree of character development in this fantastic plot driven novel was quite amazing. I love Sadie Levesque and the unique angle she has being an expert on missing teenagers. Her insights and growth were the best parts for me personally.
The setting on the bleak Isle of Mull in Scotland made me shiver as I read. The American family there was so obviously out of place and the villagers straight up scared me. I had a feeling of dread throughout. I appreciated the author’s note at the end of the book where she explained how untrue this is in real life. I totally felt like the island was its own character and the people were just part of it.
Body after body, all young and female, are found. The building tension was palpable as I rooted for Sadie while all the time knowing everything and everyone was pretty much against her. There are so many unlikeable characters in this book that it made me bond with her completely. I didn’t even trust the pathologist or helpful journalist.
Although I did guess who the bad guy was, there were enough other twists and turns to keep me on the edge of my seat and the ending gutted me.
Great read! Highly recommend.

Was this review helpful?

A cracking standalone story from the amazing Helen Fields!

A family whose daughter is missing calls in outside help in the form of a PI. Recently moved to the island, the family are not much liked or understood by the locals. This family equally has its own share of big secrets!

A missing person case soon escalates into three dead, and old murder case with similarities, several suspects wrongly accused and more than one who is capable of murder.

The ending though…My head is swimming with multiple emotions. Why Oh Why Helen did you do this to me!!

4 Stars - Cracking Quick Read

Publication Date: 1st September 2022

Thank you to #NetGalley, #AvonBooksUK and #HelenFields for an ARC of #TheLastGirlToDie in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Wow!! Helen has done it again and has absolutely pulled a stunner out of the bag. I always read her books and think they can't get any better than this and then I read her latest one and it really is the best. I actually had to read this book in one sitting with no interruptions as I knew it was going to be as good as it was. You won't even believe the twists and turns that you are going to experience reading this book, there were just phenomenal, there were so many parts to this book where I didn't realise how much I was holding my breath, I felt committed to the story that nothing else mattered. It was just so good, I feel as though I want to read it again just to experience it all once more.

Was this review helpful?

Another page turner from Helen Fields. New characters to meet and to follow, the story has twists and turns and keeps you guessing until the end. Looking forward to the next one Helen

Was this review helpful?

This is the second stand alone from Helen Fields and she is getting better and better. Set on the Isle of Mull, mainly around the picture perfect village of Tobermory which contrasts with the savagery of the murders. The Island is almost a character in itself, claustrophobic even though there are wide open spaces. The murders are terrifying, the locals antagonistic and uncooperative, as are the police. The Private investigator hired by the family of the first murdered girl finds it difficult to make any progress, tangling with myths and legends of the local area. Any progress she does make puts herself in danger. Great characterization, ramping tension and atmosphere and a brilliant twist at the end. Mega!

Was this review helpful?

When an American teen goes missing on the Isle of Mull the police show a reluctance to investigate so the family bring in a private investigator to help. Sadie Levesque, a Canadian, has experience of tracking down runaway teens. Despite the hostility shown by the local police and a tight-knit community determined to protect their own, Sadie uses her skills and discovers the body of the missing girl. It is obvious that the girl was murdered. The police are convinced it must be an opportunistic murder committed by a tourist, Sadie is less convinced and continues to investigate.

I'd never heard of the author Helen Fields until I read One For Sorrow back in November 2021. Back then I was blown away by the novel so was pleased to receive a review copy of Fields next novel, The Last Girl To Die. Once again I'm absolutely amazed by the quality of the writing and story-line, I am determined that I am going to go back through Fields back catalogue and catch up.

This murder mystery has everything you would expect and more. Set on a remote Scottish island, inhabited by a tight-knit community you can fully understand the protective nature of the people wanting to look after their own and the hostility the police, and others, show to strangers. This also adds to the creepiness, making you wonder who can be trusted. Links to a similar murder 39 years previously make you wonder if the island has protected someone too well or is this a copycat?
As Sadie investigates we discover some of the ancient myths and legends associated with the island. These myths tie in with some of the witchcraft still practiced on the island, witchcraft that is possibly connected to the murder.

I really liked the character of Sadie Levesque. She's not prepared to back-down or accept the easy answers. She's isn't fearless, she has a healthy respect for danger preparing herself as well as she possibly can, but she's determined to leave no stone unturned in her quest for answers. I also liked the positive relationships she built with the pathologist brought in to carry out the post-mortem and the newspaper reporter, they balanced the negative relationships with the local police.

By the end I had an inkling as to who was responsible but I certainly didn't foresee the ending. In thrillers we expect twists and turns along the way and this story has a fair few but by the end I was shocked and saddened and I will freely admit to having a tear in my eye.

Was this review helpful?

This has to be one of the best books i have read in a long while.
A fantastic location and a very real main character.
If you are looking for a real thriller this is it.
Horrifying murders which we are given real descriptions of. I changed my mind on a number of occasions about the killer. ( I am doing my best here to not give anything away.)
Finally the ending was not what i expected.

Excellent book which i did not want to finish.

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for an advanced copy, I have left my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

The story had me hooked from the beginning, with great characters and an intriguing plot. A Canadian private investigator is asked to search for a missing teenager on a remote Scottish island, and soon becomes embroiled in a dark mystery.

With plenty of twists and an enthralling storyline, it kept me gripped all the way through. Another great read from Helen Fields.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you Avon Books UK and Netgalley for the best book I have read so far this year.
I have read everything by Helen so was really excited to get an advanced copy of this book.
How different was this from other books written by Helen and such a different story. Yes there was still murder but so different to her other books.
This was an excellent story, with great characters where they were bad or good. I loved Sadie she was such a wonderful person who just wanted to do the right thing. I already really liked Hilda - a witch is always good.
I did see one twist but not the final twist coming and the ending was so sad in its way - I won't give any spoilers. This was so atmospheric and spoke not just about the story but about Mull too - one day I will visit.
I'm not one for spoilers but you must read this book if I could give it 10/10 I would.

Was this review helpful?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It was an excellent page turner that I couldn’t put down. It’s full of twists and turns throughout that keel you on the edge of your seat. The characters were interesting, the plot was excellent, and the style of writing was perfect. The first book I have read by this author and I will be keeping my eye out for more in the future.

Was this review helpful?

You know a book is exceptional when you struggle to put into words just how good it was! Just a few pages in I was so absorbed, I found myself putting off things I should have been doing just to squeeze in an extra chapter! I always get excited when I see a new release by Helen Fields but this really was the best yet! I wasn’t even terribly sad I couldn’t catch up with Luc and Ava.
The plot is perfect, a young girl’s missing, and private investigator Sadie is trying to piece together the circumstances and her whereabouts. From the start you are plunged into the atmosphere of Mull Island, a place that seems to both haunt and consume it’s inhabitants. A place where tradition and custom rules. A place totally alien to an outsider. You feel instantly that Sadie, not part of the police and not part of the community is on the back foot and under threat. It builds a tension that backs up the plot to perfection and presents a toe curling read.
The graphic imagery, the horrors that surround the girls of the island and the hints of witchcraft and long lost legends still preying on the characters makes for a haunting and powerful read. I absolutely LOVED the commentary of the island spaced throughout the novel; it was perfect. Making sure that the island became a character in itself, almost stalking the people.
The cherry on top was that I was genuinely mystified all the way through. I couldn’t guess or have seen the ending coming. I would never have anticipated the twists, turns or imagined the outcome. The conclusion to the plot was both horrifying, and twistedly beautiful. It was the most fitting and perfect tribute to conclude the events on this almost magical island.
I really can’t wait to see what Helen Fields has in store for us next, each story is so expertly executed, just when you think it can’t get any better it does!

Was this review helpful?

I was absolutely gripped throughout this book and didn’t put it down until I finished it. So many twists and turns, a fascinating read and an ending I just didn’t see coming. Such an emotional end that has left me feeling sad and empty.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for the ARC in return for an honest and unbiased opinion.

Was this review helpful?

I enjoyed this book upto the ending, what a twist I never saw that coming. Sadie is a private investigator paid by a family to her find their daughter who has gone missing. When she finds her dead and others as well things don't look good for her. The murders are quite graphic and disturbing so be warned.
I really enjoyed the book right upto the ending which I didn't like. Yes the ending was different from what I expected but left me feeling annoyed.

Was this review helpful?

Firstly I would like to Thank netgalley and Avon books and Helen fields for a copy of her book to read.

This is a standalone book,she has a wonderful series out which I'm still reading.This book is located in Scotland where I live, a fantastic location as visited iona abbey a ferry from oban would like to visit tobermory as it famous for having colourful houses.This author describes mull beautifully.This book starts with a murder investigation,a young girl Adriana Clark her body was found by a private investigator hired by Adriana family her name is Sadie Leveque.What did happen to her? Was it someone on the island or an outsider?A book with lots of twists A great read.looking forward to reading more of her books.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read an advance copy of this book. This was an excellent read. Couldn't put it down and shocked at the ending.
Thoroughly recommended

Was this review helpful?

Such a breath of fresh air, this book had my jaw on the floor! I was absolutely hooked and just could not figure out who was behind it all. I really didn't see a lot of those twists coming and couldn't even bring myself to put it aside to sleep lol. I have no regrets, it is worth staying up a few extra hrs for!! Definitely recommend

Was this review helpful?

I would like to thank Netgalley and Avon Books for an advance copy of The Last Girl to Die, a stand-alone thriller set on the Scottish island of Mull.

Canadian PI Sadie Levesque who specialises in finding missing teenagers is on Mull to look for Adriana Clarke, a member of an American family who recently arrived to live there. Her parents are worried about her and don’t feel that the local police are taking her disappearance seriously enough so they have hired Sadie. After a serious search she finds Adriana’s body, buried with a crown of seaweed. As she digs into the island’s culture and inhabitants she finds that not everyone welcomes her investigation.

I enjoyed The Last Girl to a point. It upset me that the author chose to situate her novel in a real place when she could have made up a fictional location, because it is not kind to the inhabitants, painting them as insular and decidedly unmodern, and, worse, it takes a foreigner to uncover it. The author explains in the afterword that Mull and it’s inhabitants are nothing like her portrayal, but by then it was too late for my impressions of the novel.

That said, this is an excellent thriller, mixing murder with folklore and traditional values with an unusual, robust feminism. It has twists, some more guessable than others, and an interesting non standard plot line. I applaud the author for trying something different and pulling it off. I found myself glued to the pages, but putting it down frequently for a breather as the tension and dread caught up with me.

The narrative is also unusual, not quite novel as I’ve seen it before, but enough to remark on. Most of it is told from Sadie’s first person point of view, but when the author wants to offer context she insets passages titled “the island”. It works well offering the reader more information than Sadie has and an impartial analysis of events. It works well. I was less impressed by the ending. The events are acceptable but the philosophising seems a bit too, I don’t know, snowflakey? different from the practicality of the preceding pages at least.

The Last Girl to Die is a good read that I can recommend.

Was this review helpful?

A thrilling emotional read. Sadie has travelled to a small island Mull in Scotland to find a young girl Adriana Clark. Sadie is a PI that specialises in finding teenagers. Unfortunately she is too late & someone has murdered her. The people on the island aren’t too happy about an outsider looking into everyone. But Sadie won’t stop until she finds out who wanted Adriana dead. The parents are hiding something but she doesn’t want to push them too hard especially now that another young girl has been killed. But someone wants to silence Sadie but she isn’t that easy to get rid of. Will she be able to find the killer before they strike again?She is about to uncover many secrets of the Isle of Mull and not everyone wants the truth to come out.
Sadie is a great strong character who never gives up even when she is in great danger. I think that she would have been a great aunt. The ending made me cry I was so invested in her story. A good solid read enjoyed it.
Thank you Netgalley & the publisher Avon for the ARC copy. This is my voluntary review. My first 5 star read for this year. Highly recommended

Was this review helpful?

So many shocking and unexpected twists! This story blew me away and had me turning pages like a mad woman. The final twist at the end had my jaw on the floor. You have to get this book! Now!

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first of all, I thank NetGalley and the publisher for approving my request and giving me the ARC copy of the book. I pick this book because of the title and the book cover. I love the seaside and want to watch the sunset at the seaside. this story is set in Scotland. the story begins with the murder of Adriana Clark a young teenager. Adriana's family hired a private detective Sadie Leveque she founds the body of Adriana in a cliffside cave. the question is who killed her? how did she get there? the more she digs into the island's secrets, the more closed to the danger.
I love the book and I am happy I choose the title and NetGalley approved it. the book has so many twists in it. the storyline is soo good. when I download the book I was unable to open it there was some bug or I don't know what was wrong with the file I was a little disappointed. but then I downloaded it again. once I start it I want to complete it I wanna know about the island's secrets and I love the writing and atmosphere of the story. this was my 1st book by this author but I definitely read more books by her. I recommend this book to mystery lovers. once again thanks to the publisher for approving my request.

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This is a standalone book by Helen and one you will want to make sure you read. The writing and history about the area in Scotland where it takes place is enough to recommend it. It brings you to feel as if you are there and taste the salt in your mouth and the wind thru your hair. With breakneck speed and all the twists you could want, the Isle of Mull will fascinate you, as will the characters that are brought to life.

The Clark family has recently moved here from the USA and feel the full gust of being outsiders. Their daughter Adriana goes missing and they don’t feel as if the local police are taking it seriously due to the, being outsiders and thinking she’s just a young girl run off for some fun. They hire PI Sadie who is from Canada to investigate. Soon she finds her body in a cliff side cave, set up with items that make this clear thus isn’t any random murder. As she digs into finding who the killer is it becomes apparent she may not be the last girl to die. This island is full of secrets and so much more dangerous than anyone thought.

I recommend this book for those that love an atmospheric mystery.

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I did not see that ending coming! This had plenty of twists to keep me guessing. As soon as I settled on a suspect, something else happened. The ending also answered many questions from throughout the book, rather than leave them to be guessed at. The descriptions had me imagining the settings. I enjoyed this book.

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The Last Girl to Die is a a standalone thriller from the author of the popular Turner and Callanach series.
The Clark family move from America to the remote Isle of Mull off the coast of mainland Scotland. Within a few months 17 year-old daughter Adriana has gone missing. In the face of apparent police incompetence, and more worryingly seeming indifference, the Clarks employ Canadian investigator Sadie Levesque to track down their missing girl.
Sadie almost immediately manages to find Adriana's body ,naked,subjected to a savage assault and wearing a crown of seaweed. Having already upset and been warned off by the local police Sadie looks for Adriana's murderer and finds that life on the small island is very far from normal with local folklore,legends and superstitions playing a big part in island life. With seemingly everyone and everything on the island set against her Sadie finds that even her employers are not all they seem.

I really enjoyed this book,having read all of Helen Fields' books I'd say it's her best work so far.. It's more than "just a detective story" with the reader kept on their toes as to which direction the book is taking as Helen Fields plays with misdirection and false perceptions.. There's even a bit of confusion as to the genre of the book as the tale unfolds,I can't think of any way to explain without spoilers.
A clever and atmospheric tale with plenty of action that's "a bit different", not least the ending.

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The American family of missing Adriana Clarke who are now based on the Isle of Mull call in Canadian PI Sadie Levesque, a teenager tracking specialist when the island police failed to take the case seriously. Several days into her search Sadie finds Adriana‘s body in Mackinnons cave on the western edge of the island and it’s a gross, symbolic scene that confronts her. Will she be the last girl to die?

Wow wow wow. How does Helen Fields keep doing this?! Talent is how!! Once again she has me enthralled and gripped in the storytelling from the first to very last word. The plot of this defies description and in all honesty it wouldn’t be fair to spoil it for future readers. The author utilises every ounce of history, atmosphere, myths and legends in this novel with the island taking centre stage. There are some chapters simply entitled “The island“ and these are truly amazing as you feel it’s power and draw.

I love the character of Sadie, she’s intuitive and has all the smarts, she is brave and single minded and I like the strongly evident thread of feminism throughout the book not just in her character. The dialogue is smart too when she’s about, with the quick fire responses she is able to come up with which delight you and make you smile.

There are odd unsettling vibes from the beginning, there is hostility in several quarters but especially from Sergeant Harris Eggo but not exclusively so as there is resentment and jealousy combining with secrets and lies giving numerous disturbing signs which pervades the entire novel. The writing is very powerful, it is chilling as you feel and smell the evil and fear and at times the tension and suspense is so intense you can scarcely breathe. To describe the story telling as escalating is an understatement, the danger is all around and as for the ending what an emotional gut puncher that is. The final chapter is quite spiritual and although it makes you sad it’s also beautiful and feels right.

PS how great it is that Lance Proudfoot features too from the Luc Callenach series and he is another great character and I really enjoy his important role in the drama.

I’m just off to recover now and I don’t think the story will leave me for quite a considerable while. An amazing read and an easy five stars from me as I eagerly anticipate her next blockbuster!

With thanks to NetGalley and especially to Avon Books UK for the much appreciated arc in return for an honest review.

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Wow! This was absolutely ram packed with twists, and lots of shocking parts! Really creepy, and an excellent story.

Sadie arrives on a remote Scottish Island, hired to find a 16 year old girl who has gone missing. She soon finds her body, but the way she has been slayed is horrific! Is she the last girl to die?

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