The Immortal

Immortal Warrior

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Pub Date 11 Apr 2022 | Archive Date 30 Apr 2022

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William MacAlpin fights fires as a smoke jumper in rugged Montana backcountry. This reckless endeavor masks an even more dangerous calling—he’s from a dying breed sworn to protect the earth. When he learns a ruthless killer has escaped into sixteenth-century England determined to change history, he vows to bring the renegade back, dead or alive.

Isabel de Pinze, gifted painter and a servant in Queen Mary’s court, knows nothing of  the battle between good and evil. She knows only that the man she sees ambushed along the Thames River needs her help, and his stolen kiss stirs her deepest desires.

But the killer William hunts is linked to Isabel…the woman he has fallen in love with, the one person who can ruin everything.

William MacAlpin fights fires as a smoke jumper in rugged Montana backcountry. This reckless endeavor masks an even more dangerous calling—he’s from a dying breed sworn to protect the earth. When he...

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Scottish Time Travel

Scottish Time Travel

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This book had a good story and likeable characters but for me it didn't feel enough. The action scenes, felt over too quick.

I'm sure others will enjoy it .

Thank you netgalley

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"The Immortal" is a work of fantasy romance with elements of time travel and historical fiction. The story starts with William, a several hundred year old firefighter in Montana. He's originally from Scotland. He is part of a group called The Protectors, an elite group sworn to protect humanity and the events of history. His uncle, the leader, sends him on a mission to medieval England to prevent a rogue criminal from changing events of the past. Dressed as a highland warrior, appropriate to his heritage, he travels back in time to the year 1558 and crosses paths with Isabel de Pince, in a scuffle between him and four mercenaries. The rogue individual named Bartholomew hired the men to kill him. He gets injured and seems to be mortally wounded. Isabel takes him back to her home to recover. His injuries would kill a normal man, but he is immortal and can only be killed in a certain way. Bartholomew is posing as a physician to the queen and comes to Isabel's aid to examine William. He tells her that William is dead and should be buried immediately. Isabel's adopted father, Angus, tells her that he is not dead. He is in "the great sleep of the immortals" where he can heal. Isabel then learns some secrets about her parents (both adopted and biological) and her heritage.

Isabel is a servant in Queen Mary's court, but a talented painter by night. William, once awake, teams up with Isabel to keep her safe on her way to her art studio and to inquire about the whereabouts of Bartholomew. her studio, and members of it, are not what they seem. William admires Isabel for her dedication to her painting in a time where it is frowned upon for women to paint. Isabel and Willam bond throughout the book while searching for Bartholomew. In between investigating and painting, we get some well written steamy scenes. There's some more drama with Bartholomew, when he tries to have Angus and Myra (Isabel's adopted mother) murdered. Despite all of Bart's attempts to keep the queen alive, she still dies. He tries to have Isabel blamed for her death since she works in the kitchen as a servant. I would summarize the rest of the book, but it would give away too many spoilers.

***Do not read after this if you do not want to see spoilers***

What I liked:
This story is set up nicely for a sequel. I loved how the lost city of Atlantis was incorporated into the story and where the author located it. Willam and Isabel are both lovable characters and their chemistry is awesome. (especially the scene with the painting). I also really liked Rotan's character.

I would have liked to see more of Rotan's character and back story. She was an interesting element in the story. I also feel like Willam kisses her a little too early. It feels a little random, and I would have liked to see that build more. Also, I need more Misfit. I know the dog was used a plot device but I love dogs. lol.

Tropes I found:
Secret Identity, soul mates, sworn off marriage, sworn off relationships, damsel in distress, dude in distress, Injury, Different worlds, Star Crossed, Lovers in denial, protector, different worlds, time travel, dark past

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