The Bookshop of Secrets

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Pub Date 25 Oct 2022 | Archive Date 29 Nov 2022

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A collection of lost books holds the clues to her family's legacyand her future.

Hope Sparrow has mastered the art of outrunning her tragic past, learning never to stay anywhere too long and never to allow anyone control over her life again. Coming to Wanishin Falls in search of her family's history already feels too risky. But somewhere in the towering stacks of this dusty old bookshop are the books that hold Hope's last ties to her late mother—and to a rumored family treasure that could help her start over.

Only, the bookshop is in shambles, and the elderly owner is in the beginning stages of dementia and can’t remember where the books lie. To find the last links to the loved ones she's lost, Hope must stay and accept help from the townsfolk to locate the treasured volumes. Each secret she uncovers brings her closer to understanding where she came from. But the longer she stays in the quaint town, the more people find their way into the cracks in her heart. And letting them in may be the greatest risk of all…
A collection of lost books holds the clues to her family's legacyand her future.

Hope Sparrow has mastered the art of outrunning her tragic past, learning never to stay anywhere too long and never...

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Featured Reviews

At the beginning of this book, I thought the plot was going to be very ho-hum, but it speeds up and gets interesting fast!

Hope, a newcomer in a small town has a past that she’s hiding from everyone. On the hunt for some family owned heirlooms, she gets a job at a bookstore to search for them. As a book lover, I understand Hope’s love for books and her need to hide from the world.

As Hope’s heart heals, and finds God she also finds romance and the treasure she is on the hunt for. Suspense and action are intermingled with deep issues like trust and forgiveness in this plot.

This book is suitable for teen readers and I was given a copy in exchange for my review.

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What a sweet story of redemption, restoration and healing as main characters find clues to their past, their families, the town. Through separating fact from fiction, both Hope and Ronan find themselves and more. This initial offering from Mollie Rushmeyer ensures that I will search for her books in the future. The picturesque descriptions of Wanishin Falls and threads of literary quotes are a joy to read. The bit of mystery plus uncertainty adds extra, enjoyable layers.

I received a complimentary copy of the book without obligation. This review is my opinion.

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The title had me at "Bookshop." After working in a used bookstore for fifteen years and handling valuable books, I was drawn into The Bookshop of Secrets like a moth is drawn to light. I learned what makes a book valuable and how to sell those valuable books at reasonable prices. The story that is presented in this book is one that is tragic in so many ways, but it is still uplifting and satisfying to read.
Hope Sparrow (nee Emily Carrington) has come to Wanishin Falls, Michigan, to find the books her mother left to her before she died. She knows they were shipped to the Dusty Jackets book store, but what she finds in the Dusty Jackets is a man within the throes of dementia whose memory comes and goes. She also finds the man's grandson, Ronan, who loves his grandfather and step-grandmother dearly and would do anything within his power to help them. Through the Ronan's help, Hope finds some of the books that are missing and encounters a sleazy book seller. Piece by piece, she puts together the real legacy her mother left for her and finds out where her true home is.

Mollie Rushmeyer has written a book that has it all, from sleazy businessmen to unscrupulous treasure hunters, to wounded souls, to hope-filled characters who build up the wounded and make them a home. This was one of the most rewarding books I've read in a while. I hope to read more by Mollie.

Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a first edition three volume set of Jane Eyre.

Harlequin Romance provided the copy I read for this review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.

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In The Bookshop of Secrets, a quaint bookshop, a delightful elderly couple, and a possible romance paint a cheerful picture over a deeper story. Hope Sparrow has changed her name, but she cannot change her past, nor forget the tragic and traumatic events she endured. Now that she is free to control her own life, she heads to Wanishin Falls to try and find the beloved classic books her mother left for her before she died. Only the books aren't there anymore.

So begins a far deeper story than I was anticipating, but am not the least bit saddened by that fact. This is a great bookish tale to curl up with this fall!

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This book was sent to me by Netgalley for review. The characters are likable and quirky from the protagonist to the store owners. Secrets…lost or hidden books… new mysteries…I enjoyed this book and look forward to more from this talented author. This is a cozy read and goes quickly. Who doesn’t love a bookstore mystery? Thanks to the author for writing this one.

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Hope Sparrow has mastered the art of outrunning her tragic past, learning never to stay anywhere too long and never to let anyone control her life again. Coming to Wanishin Falls in search of her family's history already feels too risky. But somewhere in the towering stacks of this dusty old bookshop are the books that hold Hope's last ties to her late mother—and to a rumored family treasure that could help her start over.

I was hooked from the moment I read the title. A book about books will always catch my eye, and Mollie Rushmeyer did not disappoint me. When I read the first few chapters, I was unsure how I felt, but then it picked up, and I found myself drawn to Hope and Ronan, their growth, and friendship. I experienced all the feelings during this story. The two main characters felt real and relatable as they struggle with demons from their past. This story has a little bit of everything, mystery, friendship, and love.

The only thing for me is I wish I had read this book in the winter next to the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa because I wanted nothing more than to be cozy while I read it. But that's a me problem, not a book problem.

Thank you, Harlequin Romance, for this ARC.

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I really enjoyed reading this book, it had all the elements of a good story and great characters. I was captivated by Hope and I enjoyed that she had a bookshop. I love books of all kinds so this was a enjoyable element to the book. I loved getting to know the rest of the characters, I really grew to love everyone in this book.

"Oh, Daisy May, how does your garden grow? I’m making lunch, dear!” Ulysses’s singsong words drifted to the women near the front of the shop."

I felt so bad in this one sentence, I've known real people that get older and forget and this line and the line after was gut wrenching.

"It’s in our broken places God plants seeds of hope. He will grow something beautiful from ashes. Believe it.”

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Thank you to NetGalley, Mollie Rushmeyer, and Harlequin-Romance/Love Inspired Trade for providing this e-ARC in exchange for my honest review.

This was such a cute story with healing and romance. It was overall a happy story that I found myself smiling at while reading. The plot was interesting and it reads pretty fast. I would highly recommend this book!

This review will be posted to my Goodreads and Amazon accounts immediately and to my instagram account @ginganinja333 upon publication on 10/25/2022.

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This story dealt with the difficult subject of a woman struggling with the aftermath of human traffic, so it wasn't a "fun" read, but I appreciated how the author incorporated faith, romance and a little mystery into the character's healing journey.

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This book was hard to rate because I wasn't sure how I felt about it all the way through. And that's not bad. I felt my emotions changing throughout. From excitement at a mystery to empathy and all the despair Hope felt at times to the hope Hope tried so hard to feel as she got closer and closer to Ronin. It was an emotional roller coaster.

What made this 5 starts for me was the Christian content which is rare to find done so well. It wasn't too much that it overtook the story but yielded itself at the right times in all the right amounts. I could see Hope starting to cling to her faith in order to heal from her past. I also really liked how she found she could trust God and trust in romance. It was a nice marriage of the two.

There were a lot of tough subjects I felt the author handled very well.

Very well done!

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Hope’s story took my breath away. Set in a small town, we often think of the charm, the shops, the quirky characters, but something seldom revealed is the underside this author captured; the one where grudges are held and gossip is shared. Ronan’s family has caught the brunt of the rumors for years and paid the price. When Hope comes to town to search for the treasured books her mother left her, with plans to leave as quickly as she came, she discovers something she’s been missing for years, the possibility, if somewhat shaky, to put down roots. With Ronan’s lack of self-confidence and Hope’s fragile emotions, the two search with the help of friends for a treasure which may not exist and discover... well, you’ll need to read the book. The characters Rushmeyer created will stick with me for a long time. If you love stories with literary references, faith and hope, incredibly deep characters, and the prospect of love, you’ll want to read The Bookshop of Secrets. I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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This Christian fiction read is full of lighthearted topics such as bookish references, mystery, adventure, friendship and romance while also delicately tackling hard topics such as grief, trauma, abuse, mental decline and more. I found this book to be very enjoyable and couldn’t think of an unanswered question or thing I didn’t like about, so 5 stars it is!

Thank you to Harlequin and NetGalley for this advanced reading copy in exchange for my honest review.

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Hope Sparrow arrives at Dusty Jackets bookshop seeking the books her late mother left her, with possible clues to a family treasure. After a traumatic past, she does not want to stay anywhere long, but soon realizes finding the volumes and information she needs will not be a quick task...
This story has it all! Of course, it's a book about book lovers, set in a bookshop, with liberal literary references. Plus, there are family histories and generational mysteries. Not to mention a slow-blooming romance, growth and pain after trauma, and authentic questions about God's love. Supporting characters round out the tale, especially the bookshop owner who struggles through the fog of dementia to help Hope on her quest for history and truth. Granted, the opening scenes are a little trite in introducing the new arrival to the tiny town, and rather over-the-top with her love of classic books. But the endearing characters and the central mystery quickly overcome the early stories, and the story is well-developed, faith-filled, and satisfying.

***Will publish on Amazon prior to publication.
***Plan to purchase for church library

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I really enjoyed this book. I loved the characters and the adventures. It touched my heart and encouraged my soul. I have recommended it to my friends highly and am going to purchase a hard copy for a gift.

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From the first time I saw the cover and read the back cover copy of The Bookshop of Secrets by Mollie Rushmeyer, the book went on my to-read list. But this debut surpassed every expectation I had.
Hope Sparrow is a character I liked from the moment she walked on the page. Yes, she holds secrets, but as those ugly secrets are revealed, I just rooted for her to find happiness and healing all the more. Rushmeyer handles some difficult, but very real, subject matter in a way that holds both truth and delicacy for readers as we see Hope’s present-day struggles with her past.

As Hope searches for a treasure she believes her mother left her clues to find, her path takes her to a bookshop in a small Minnesota town. Here she meets (and makes) friends—something she has not allowed herself to have despite the people who have helped her along the way. From the elderly owners of the bookshop, their grandson, and the manager of the local café, the townspeople welcome her into their lives.

The Bookshop of Secrets builds upon the well-paced, character-driven story with the search for the treasure and the revelations of both personal truths and clues to the hunt at just the right moments. Hope (a name the character chose to separate herself from the past) is an apt name because this book is filled with just that—hope for relationships with God and each other, hope for a better life, and hope for a future filled with friendships and love.

Disclosure statement: I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book and was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.

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When reclusive, bookish Hope Sparrow alights in picturesque Wanishin Falls on the shore of Lake Superior, she is searching for pieces of her past. Not intending to stay long, just retrieve some family heirlooms and depart, Hope finds herself suddenly employed at a quaint old bookshop. Against her will, she begins to form attachments, especially to handsome, brooding Ronan, the bookshop owners' grandson. When clues to the puzzle of a missing pirate treasure start to fall into place, will Hope and Ronan be able to put their past traumas behind them and work together to solve the mystery? Find out in this warm, witty, and engaging novel about faith, trust, and second chances.

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Hope Sparrow recently lost her Mom after losing a part of herself due to her tragic past. Hope travels to Wanishin Falls as rumors of a family treasure surface. The clues to the treasure are hidden in books that have been passed down by her mother and grandmother. The elderly couple who own the bookshop named Dusty Jackets are welcoming and kind to Hope. Ulysses is suffering from the beginning stages of dementia and Mags, his wife, cares for him with tenderness and patience. Their grandson Ronan is protective of his grandparents but finally agrees to help Hope in her search of the 3 books that hide the clues. Will Hope find the books? Is there really a treasure? Why is Hope so guarded? What does Ronan have to do with the fortune? Can two broken people find it in their hearts to leave their painful pasts behind and learn to love again. I definitely will not spoil a thing. To say I was enamored by this novel is an understatement. The synopsis does not capture everything this book has to offer. It sounds like a simple story, but it is not. It has the atmosphere of a small cozy town, a bookshop filled with books and treasures, suspenseful moments, mystery, romance, humor, and some difficult topics. It is a clean book with an undertone of faith. Reading this book felt like being covered in a warm blanket with a cup of tea. I tried to savor every moment, but could not stop turning the pages. I was sad to see it end. I already miss Hope, Ronan, Ulysses, Mags and of course the fur babies Fitzwilliam and Charlotte. This is my top read of 2022. A huge thank you to Harlequin and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book:
“The swoosh of leaves on the trees surrounding the back porch of Dusty Jackets was like thousands of tiny books rustling their pages.”

“If she showed her deepest, darkest secret, would light stream into the locked place in the depths of her soul?”

“ Use your love of books to help you. The words are read for a brief time, but we remember the way they make us feel for the rest of our lives.”

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When I grabbed this book I thought it was going to be a great romance. I didn’t realize it was going to be just as much of great suspense read as well.

Oh and let’s chat about how it also has some hard topics within it as well. Not only is this book amazing on its own but it also has hard topics like human trafficking thrown in there as well.

The cover of this book pulled me in. And then the story refused to let me go. I don’t know how to tell you about the book without giving things away but just know that this book is amazing and you’re going to need to grab a copy of it now!

You’re going to love all of this book. The characters grab you and won’t let go. The topics are compelling and won’t let you go.

Get this book today! It’s a debut novel and it’s amazing!

I have voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from JustRead Publicity Tours. All views expressed are only my honest opinion. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC regulations.

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Such a good book, drew me in immediately. I love a good story set in a bookshop especially one with an intriguing name like Dusty Jackets. There are so many layers to this story of family, faith, love, trauma, healing, trust and redemption. I love how the characters interact with each other in such a natural way. The story also has mystery, intrigue and plenty of action. It’s the perfect blend of emotional topics and lighthearted and adventure. Looking forward to reading more from this great first-time author.
Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the chance to read for my honest review.

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The Bookshop of Secrets tackles the tough topics of trauma survivors and PTSD in a very hopeful and grace filled way. While the author doesn’t sugar coat the effects of trauma, she gives hope that survivors can find healing from their past pain. The characters in the book are so easy to love, and the setting of a small town bookshop is perfect. I love the added mystery the main characters work through. I also loved seeing characters with a diversity of special needs featured as major characters. This is a great read! I look forward to seeing more from both this author and this publisher. This is the second book I’ve read from the new Harlequin Love Inspired Trade line, and I have definitely found another publisher to add to my favorites list!

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CW: Abuse, trafficking (mild, not detailed), episodes of elderly with dementia

This captivating novel is a definite win for me! Mollie Rushmeyer has a fantastic writing style that is instantly noticeable from the first chapter and on. It is well paced and filled with an appropriate amount of detail to make you feel like you know the setting and characters. On top of that, the story line and plot are very interesting. Following Hope, we come across a wide variety of characters that each have their own personality and backstory. Slowly, it is revealed that Hope has a dark past that is sucking her under clouds of insecurity and pain. We also find out that Ronan has his own painful background and wants to help Hope in her search for peace and security. He reveals the only way to that is through Jesus, all while promising her to treat her as she should be. This romance is sweet, clean, and inspirational. Throwing in a treasure hunt in the mix added a great suspenseful and intriguing atmosphere. I would definitely recommend this contemporary Christian romance to anyone searching for a clean romance with an adventurous side!

Was this review helpful?

The Bookshop of Secrets is written by Mollie Rushmeyer. I was super excited when I saw this coming up in Love Inspired Trade upcoming publications. I love that they have expanded stories so that you get to know the characters deeper. Hope Sparrow has had a rough life. She lost her mom at a young age, was wooed away from foster care by a dangerous boyfriend. (Trigger warning - the author does touch base on human trafficking and violence, however the way she presents it is a reminder of God's grace and healing). She never puts down roots and when she feels like someone has figured her out - off she goes again.

Ronan's grandparents own the Dusty Jacket book store. He meets Hope when she is working for his grandparents and trying to find books that her mother entrusted to a friend that have possibly made their way to his grandparent's shop. Hope wants to find these books, learn about her mother, and fufill her dreams of having a mobile bookstore and food truck. All of this without letting people get too close.

Enter the small town of Wanishin, Minnesota. A picture perfect small town where everyone knows everyone and the town holds some secrets too. Ronan's family has had a tarnished name for as long as he can remember. He lost part of his leg in an boating accident but relies heavily on God to get him through. Hope starts to let her guard down when she becomes friends with Ronan and Kat (owner of the diner). Will she be able to disclose who she really is? Will something spook her and run her off?

This was such an amazing story! The author crafted her scenes so well I really felt like I was standing in the middle of Dusty Jackets learning about the classics. I love the faith element that the author has placed in her story - and her characters are so well developed.

Thank you to the author, publisher and JustRead Publicity Tours for allowing me to read a copy of this book - all thoughts are my own.

Was this review helpful?

'How, God? How can I possibly trust You?'

This debut novel from Mollie Rushmeyer is so stunning and precious. I was immediately drawn in, something that just makes me so happy when I'm reading a book. Everything about this book was good. The characters were well thought out, the plot was really good, and the writing very well done. I totally loved it. The main female character, Hope Sparrow, has been through such an ordeal, it hurt to read parts of it, especially when she was remembering the bad parts, but I loved how God began the healing process. The other characters were also incredibly well done. Totally a wonderful debut and I look forward to more from this author.

My thanks to the publisher for a copy of this book via Net Galley. The opinion in this review is my own.

Was this review helpful?

This was a new author for me . I never read anything from this author before but for the most part I really liked this book. I thought the whole story was amazing. I honestly didn’t want this book to end. I can’t wait to see what this author comes up with on the next book they write. I usually judge a book from the cover because for me it shows if it’s going to be interesting or not and I loved the book.

Was this review helpful?

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