The Bride of Blackfriars Lane

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Pub Date 01 Sep 2022 | Archive Date 30 Sep 2022
Barbour Publishing, Barbour Fiction

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The Continuing Adventure of Jackson and Kit!
Detective Jackson Forge can hardly wait to marry the street-sly swindler who’s turned his life upside down. Kit Turner is equally excited to wed the handsome detective, and what better way to show her love than providing him with a gift any man of the law would love? She determines to bring to justice the men who years ago maimed his brother—despite Jackson’s warning to leave the past in the past. As she digs into the mystery of what happened, she unwittingly tumbles into her own history and endangers her future happiness with Jackson.
The Continuing Adventure of Jackson and Kit!
Detective Jackson Forge can hardly wait to marry the street-sly swindler who’s turned his life upside down. Kit Turner is equally excited to wed the...

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Featured Reviews

THIS BOOK! Hear me out: this sequel was everything I wanted and everything I didn’t know I needed in a story. An action packed, victorian era mystery, with a romance between two partners at its core, the pages turn themselves.

The partnership between Kit and Jackson was one of my favorite aspects. They played off of each other’s strengths while on the job, while trying to juggle wedding plans. It was truly entertaining to watch unfold.

However, as the much awaited for wedding day draws closer, the case Kit is secretly working rises tensions that test the relationship between them. Things grow even more complicated when Jackson is assigned to a case that may be connected to Kit’s past, and he has promised to keep Kit out of it. Also, there may be someone trying to kill him. Needless to say, it’s stressful time for Jackson and Kit.

Jackson and Kit’s need to see justice served takes them into the darkest corners of Victorian London. The history tidbits are cleverly weaved into the story. The mystery subplots keep you guessing and wondering how it will all be resolved in the end ! The emotional moments between Jackson and Kit tug at the heart strings, and the cast of side characters bring in humor and sage advice.

And that last chapter? The cherry on top, a most fitting ending.

The bride of Blackfriars Lane is not one to be missed!

I was provided an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review. A big thanks to the Publisher for allowing me to read this title before it’s publication date.

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The Bride of Blackfriar's Lane by Michelle Griep was a delightful historical mystery with two unyielding characters who must put their love and their future joyment on the line. The plot was a little more mystery than her previous novels, which I really loved. I loved the opening chapter where Kit and Jackson are headed toward their wedding, and of course, the wedding does not go off as planned. A predictable reality if readers are familiar with the first book, The Thief of Blackfriar's Lane, and would expect nothing less from these two. I really enjoyed the concept of returning characters as they go past the engagement moment that the first book left readers in. This moment happens a lot, but it was nice to see the plot move past this moment. A brave and interesting romance as the two discover what they really want versus what they think they want. I would not feel disappointed if Griep writes another story with these two characters. Definitely another hit out of the park from a historical mysteries writer that I have come to devour.

I received a complimentary copy of The Bride of Blackfriar's Lane by Michelle Griep from Barbour Publishing, but the opinions stated are all my own.

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Page-turning Victorian Mystery and Romance!

Like its predecessor the Thief of Blackfriars Lane, this book was chock full of action with the first scene setting up a curious mystery that would continue to unravel throughout the story. Along with this mystery there were other detective cases to solve which contributed to the nonstop action and well-written period dialogue. Kit and Jackson’s relationship went through many trials and I read with much interest to find out how these two could possibly reconcile their differences. Would they be able to put aside their hurts, mistrust, and communication issues in favor of forgiveness and love? Reading how they got to their happily-ever-after made for quite the page-turning read. Although this book can be read as a stand alone I would highly recommend reading The Thief of Blackfriars Lane first, as it will provide very useful background information for this story. I know I am in for some riveting storytelling when I pick up a book by Michelle Griep and this novel did not disappoint. Well done!

I received an advanced review copy from the publisher via NetGalley and Celebrate Lit Bloggers and Reviewers. I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions expressed here are completely my own.

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The first one is awesome and this one is awesomer!

You'll need to read the first book in this duology (series?) so you can see how Kit and Jackson met. There's a lot to pack in their relationship and their insecurities come right to the top during this story.

But wow! So so much going on in this book! The mystery, the page-turning action and suspense, the tender moments and the deep trials. So much in the balance!

The writing is fabulous! Nobody can do imagery like Michelle Griep. The setting is quintessentially Victorian and the characters grip you from the beginning.

Go read The Thief of Blackfriars Lane and then read this one.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion.

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With The Bride of Blackfriars Lane, master wordsmith and researcher Michelle Griep delivers another unputdownable, entertaining tale. In this action-packed read, Kit and Jackson are at it again adventurously traversing the streets of Victorian London in search of justice. The multi-layered plot, replete with suspense and mystery, drew me in with the first line and kept me hanging on every word for the entirety of the read. Vivid descriptions and sensory images allowed me to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the setting. I felt like I was roaming through “the narrow-throated alleys and shadowy nooks” of the dangerous London streets. I could smell the scent of cooked cabbage emanating from the soup kitchen and hear the “screeches and squawks” of the street hawkers selling their wares. This is not your typical Victorian romance story as Kit and Jackson are nowhere near your typical Victorian couple, but they are one of my all-time favorite fictional couples. In this story, you can feel their emotions as they struggle to sort out their relationship and learn to trust each other. The gentle faith thread carries reminders of God’s grace and provision. Sufficient background information is given to make this book work as a standalone read, but I recommend you read The Thief of Blackfriars Lane because it will give you further insight into the characters; and, like this one, it is just so wonderfully entertaining. I totally enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley with no obligation to write a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Another Kit and Jackson adventure, and I’m HERE FOR IT! I genuinely love these two.

Things I LOVED:
- The complexities of being in a relationship when you’re an independent woman. This was navigated so well.
- Kit. She’s strong, independent, witty, fierce and totally bonkers. What’s not to love?!
- Jackson. He’s sweet, protective, loyal and loves fiercely. He has to learn to give Kit some freedom but realises that loving someone for who they are is more important than trying to change or overprotect them.
- It’s a murder mystery romance set in Victorian London.
- Depiction of disability and acceptance.

Things to think about:
- Some plot points moved a little slowly.
- That’s literally all. I loved it.

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#TheBrideofBlackfriarsLane #NetGalley

This is the second book in the series, it can be read as a stand-alone novel, I didn't read the first book in the series. This book was one that I had a hard time putting down. Kit, used to be a street urchin, and knows her way around street thugs and can get herself out of any situation. Jackson, is Kit's fiance, an iinspector, trying to solve the crimes, with Kit as his partner. I loved Kit's no nonsense approach to sticky situation, her knowledge of living on the street and her tenacious attitude, she was a hoot. The scraps she gets herself into, and the banter between Kit and Jackson made this a fast paced read.

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4.5⭐Multi-layered plot, with suspense and mystery, action-packed, Michelle Griep brings to life the London of old in pristine color and makes you feel as though you're walking down the cobblestone streets right alongside Kit.

Kit and Jackson works well together, but they also come from different worlds, how these two could possibly reconcile their differences? , Things grow even more complicated when Jackson is assigned to a case that may be connected to Kit’s past, and he has promised to keep Kit out of it.

This novel pushes back reminding us of redemption and reconciliation. I enjoyed the Christian addition to the story. This is a clean fun read, with characters you will not soon forget. Full of adventure with lots of twists and turns. If you enjoy mystery, suspense, and hope in the brokenness, I think you'll like this one. I highly recommend it!

This book works as a standalone read, but I recommend you read The Thief of Blackfriars Lane because it will give you further insight into the characters.
Thanks to Netgalley and Publisher for the ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review

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Jackson's wedding day is coming up fast, but there are still cases to work - and danger to evade. But somehow, now that she's almost his, the characteristics of Kit that used to attract him now also irritate and even scare him. Kit loves Jackson but is coming to fear what marriage to him might mean - particularly the loss of the freedom she holds dear in life. Secrets on both sides don't help things either. But as they work, together and separately, to bring justice to Blackfriars, it becomes clear that there's someone in the background who doesn't want to be found out, and will do anything to avoid it, including murder. Can they evade his attempts and bring him to justice? And will they be able to work out and overcome their differences to have the marriage they longed for before fear got in the way?

I enjoyed the first book in the series and watching two such dissimilar characters get together - and this was the perfect follow-on, showing that life doesn't suddenly get easy because you're engaged. Now I have to admit that I'm really hoping for a third book post-marriage! However, I should note that I think this could be read perfectly well as a standalone story, though book 1 is so good you shouldn't miss it. I think one of the things I particularly liked about this was the way that those around Jackson and Kit encouraged them to work out their differences - and I loved the thought-provoking advice that Kit is given at one point: pride preserves you, humility preserves your marriage. Add in the unusual setting and the intriguing mystery they're trying to solve, and it makes a great story. I appreciated the way that, though the threads of the mystery were spread through the story, they only gradually began to be expertly woven together towards the end - it felt realistic (though there was one aspect I felt should have been followed up earlier...) and allowed Jackson and Kit to be the focus for a while rather than the mystery they were trying to solve. Oh, and don't forget the delightful ending! All in all, a great story, inspiring and enjoyable with a mix of romance, history and suspense. Recommended.

Note that I received a complimentary copy of the book from NetGalley. I was not required to write a positive review and this is my considered opinion of the book.

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Jackson and Kit are about to be married. But then, fate has something else in store. New cases, unexpected suspects, and a romp in the bowels of London leave Jackson and Kit on a future they didn't expect.

The Bride of Black friars Lane continues the series in the same fasion as the first book. The main characters are anything but usual. Taking chances, defying the odds, and being sleuths in unusual places makes for a very interesting storyline.

The descriptions of the city, characters, and time period felt authentic. Very well researched historical information. The ending was surprising as was other events that kept me on the edge of my seat. With a Michelle Griep novel you will always be entertained. Highly recommended.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher and willingly choose to review it.

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The challenge of redemption!

Once again Griep gives us a London Dickensian backdrop, the seedy underbelly of so many stories. Here Kit Turner and Jackson Forge are forging more than a working partnership they’re committing to a “have and to hold” proposition.
There’s just a few problems. Jackson thinks his Kit will go into the place where all wives go, the home—gracefully. And though Kit wants to do this, tries to—she just can’t.
Plus there’s loose ends.
There’s some sort of mystery around her mother’s death.
Jackson and Kit’s joint effort at stopping a thieving ring had supposedly payed off, and yet it hasn’t.
There’s still stolen silver and goods showing up in these controlled rubbish dump. As Kit “suggested—that maid had been pilfering items and tossing them in the dustbin, [then] who was collecting them here and hawking them to Skaggs?
Someone wants Kit and Jackson dead and has made several efforts.
Then Kit misses her wedding. Oh dear!
What’s a girl to do, particularly as she discovers the man she loves is about to ship out? You’ll love her gutsy move. I did.
A wonderful story, the sinner moving forward, but only just.

A Barbour Publishing ARC via NetGalley.
Many thanks to the author and publisher.
Please note: Quotes taken from an advanced reading copy maybe subject to change

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I have been waiting for this book! I loved The Thief of Blackfriars Lane and was so happy to see that this second book is now available. I did receive my advanced reader's copy of the book from Barbour Publishing and NetGalley and this is my own unsolicited opinion.

Readers are back in Victorian London with Inspector Jackson Forge and the wild beauty Kit Turner. The couple are anticipating their wedding day. Everything will go according to plan, correct? If you read the first book then you remember Kit, right? She has her heart set on a wedding gift for the love of her life, no matter what it takes. This is no fairy tale romance and hearts may be broken. From undercover work to an explosive meeting this is one story I could not put down, even if I wanted to. I love it! Jackson and Kit are wonderful characters, and I will say that you really should read the first book because you want their back story. It can be a stand-alone book but...

Was this review helpful?

This was so much fun to be back on the streets of London and be reunited with Jackson and Kit. They are approaching their upcoming wedding but of course get entangled in some mysteries and difficulties. As they delve deeper into these mysteries they learn more about their own personal history.

This was wonderful to read as I reacquainted myself with the characters. The pages turned quickly as I enjoyed the story.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.

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1885 London. Oh it's good to return to Kit and Jackson's story. Two loveable, stubborn, independent, deadly skilled people who are well suited. But this much independence makes it hard to give the lead to the other and to build trust, when they hold back in order to fight crime and solve cases in their own way. Interesting cases and mysteries for them to solve, coming close to home. Thoroughly enjoyable read every second of the way!
I received this book free from the publisher and NetGalley book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
#TheBrideofBlackfriarsLane #NetGalley #MichelleGriep #BooksYouCanFeelGoodAbout

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An absolute delight, as always! Michelle Griep never disappoints, except when a book is over and you wish you had more time with her characters. This latest story fixes that! Kit and Jackson were absolutely characters I wanted to know more about and spend more time with after the first book, and I was so excited to see a sequel.
Their story is a love ahead of its time with Kit's independent spirit and Jackson's love for her unusual qualities. But will they make it to the altar?? Find out if their love can survive multiple cases as they fight to make it to their wedding day. Don't miss this one!

Was this review helpful?

Really loved this story about Kit and Jackson, I wish I had read the first book in the series first, but that made this one no less entertaining. Both of the main characters had a lot to learn about themselves and each other and that was accomplished in this book. The mystery had plenty of twists and turns that kept the story interesting. 5 stars.

Was this review helpful?

This is the second book of this series and after reading this book, I wish I had read the first book. This book was so interesting and I would have loved to see how it had all started with these interesting characters. Witty and adventurous as is Griep's trademark in this riveting tale. On the streets of London she has painted a web of intrigue with romance and mystery. Jackson and Kit face nonstop danger as they try to solve several mysteries. Mysteries that are detrimental to their engagement. Will their love survive these events? Can't wait for the next book in these series....Thanks to Barbour for allowing me to read and review this great book.

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Kit Turner and Jackson Forge are at it again in The Bride of Blackfriars Lane by Michelle Griep. With a setting in London in 1885, this sequel of The Thief of Blackfriars Lane has the loving couple at odds with each other when Kit fails to show up for their wedding. Griep’s skill at writing witty banter and imaginative scenes shines throughout the book. Colorful characters and crazy adventures abound to keep the reader amused and captivated.

“Kit Turner could talk a bandy-legged pirate into donning a white robe and joining a cathedral choir, such was her silver tongue—just one of the many reasons he admired the fiery woman.”
“But anyone can change, Jackson. By God’s grace, who we are today is not who we will become.”

With plenty of action, adventure, suspense, romance, and a dash of inspiration, this tale kept me turning the pages and rooting for Kit and Jackson. 4.5 stars

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy from Barbour Publishing. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to Net Galley and the author for allowing me to read this novel in exchange for an honest review.

Where to begin, as I never read the first book of the series, I was fairly impressed with how easy it was to understand the characters and their relationship to one another. I had actually thought this was a standalone novel, and it actually can be read that way, which brings me to the purely well written prose the author displayed in her novel. I am fairly new to Ms. Griep's work, and this did not disappoint as a well written narrative with engaging characters that must work together to plan for a wedding whilst handling side missions.

It's absolutely stunning to read a book with characters that balance one another so well and bring out the best in one another. With a perfect balance of mystery, romance, and twists--it makes the reader wonder if these two will make it to the altar at all.

I believe this has been the best romance novel I've read so far this year and I gladly and happily bestow it with a 4.5 out 5 stars. Magnificent storytelling Ms. Griep, I hope to be able to read more of our works!

Was this review helpful?

An exquisite story that takes the reader on a wonderful adventure! The romance was written in such a fun way that it kept me hanging by a thread. The cases that Kit and Jackson worked on had me on the edge of my seat the whole book. The danger and action was exciting not to mention it keeps the reader guessing trying to figure out who committed the crime. This is such a fun read that it was so hard to put the book down for even a moment. If you want an adventure that has so many twist and turns along with a romance that keeps your heart pounding this is definitely a book for you!
Was given a complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

If you loved the first Blackfriars Lane book, are a fan of Murdock Mysteries, and prefer a hint of romance with your detective novels, this book is for you! In The Bride of Blackfriars Lane, Michelle Griep takes readers on another wonderful adventure with Jackson and Kit. I loved the opportunity to revisit these familiar characters and to see their story progress. While the two do grapple with some communication issues, they learn and grow so much throughout the story. Overall, this was a fun Victorian read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

*Thank you to Michelle Griep, Barbour Publishing and Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

Griep has given readers another entertaining romp in historical London. We are immersed in the atmosphere of the back streets, the ruffians and even the sewers of the city. What makes this novel work for me, though, is the character Kit. What a feisty woman. And that she has agreed to marry is amazing. Of course, she is so bent on solving a mystery she wreaks havoc to her own wedding day. It was interesting to follow her as she recognizes her independent ways and comes to grips with what that means.

This is a fun historical novel for readers who like a strong and gutsy female heroine who can sometimes be a bit too independent for her own good. There is a good balance of police investigation, personal experience with character development. Griep's writing style is a pleasure to read. I do hope there is a sequel as I'll be watching for it.

I received a complimentary egalley of this book from the publisher. My comments are an independent and honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I loved this second book in this series. I loved Kit and Jackson. There were a lot of twists and turns in this story. I loved finding out how Kit and Jackson were going to get through this newest twist in their relationship. I could not put this book down. I received a copy of this book from Celebratelit for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.

Was this review helpful?

It takes some courage for an author to return to characters who have already had their happily ever after and show that, in fact, the happily ever after was actually a happy for now. And this is exactly what Michelle Griep does in The Bride of Blackfriars Lane.

From their upbringing to the way they go about doing things, Jackson and Kit are opposites in almost every way, yet they fell in love and look forward to being married…until those little things that they once found endearing in each other become annoying. Both Jackson and Kit exhibit stubbornness when it comes to their relationship, which puts a huge chasm between the two of them.

Yet, a cold case they are both looking into keeps bringing them back together (not that their thoughts don’t wander that way on their own). This is a story about looking into ourselves and finding our own faults before we point them out in others. It’s about finding a love big enough to forgive perceived hurts and wrong doings and it’s a lot of fun getting there with this particular hero and heroine.

Disclosure statement: I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book and was not required to write a positive or negative review. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

This was a great book by Michelle Griep. I have always enjoyed her books. I liked the characters of Kit and Jackson. I loved how independent and daring Kit is. I love how they challenge each other and although they disagree at times, they are perfect for each other. I loved how the mystery developed and was solved. This story grabbed me from the first page and I didn’t want it to end. I would love to see more books with these characters. This was a very enjoyable book that I highly recommend.

I received a complimentary book from publishers, publicists, and or authors.  A review was not required and all opinions and ideas expressed are my own.

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