In The Dark

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Pub Date 19 Jan 2023 | Archive Date 26 Jan 2023


The next unputdownable, edge-of-your-seat crime thriller from the author of smash hit The Nurse – pre-order now!

My name is Nora Logue. You’ve probably heard of me – most people have.

I am the mother of Daisy Logue. Seven years ago, I took her for a walk in the woods. Only I came out.

I have no memory of what happened that day.

I have tried to rebuild my life. Met a man, had another child – Luca. But I can’t let go of Daisy, or give up hope of seeing her again.

And now, I have the chance to find out what happened to her.

But what if pursuing the truth about my daughter risks my son’s life?

A whiplash-inducing, unputdownable crime thriller from the author of The Nurse, perfect for fans of CLARE MACKINTOSH and LISA JEWELL.

Readers can’t put down Claire Allan’s thrillers!

‘Wow! This book had me gripped from the start!!! The perfect book! This book will stay with me for a long time.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘Electrifying and frighteningly believable. Loved it.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘Wow! This book kept me on the edge of my seat and every time I thought I knew what was going to happen there was another fabulous twist. I loved it.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘This was quite possibly the most terrifying book that I have read.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘I can't say enough good things about this novel and will be recommending it to everyone I know.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘Wow! This book gripped me from the first page to the last. I read The Nurse well into the night and at every spare moment.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘This book has everything: twists, heartbreak, hatred, love. It is definitely not one to be missed and you will not be able to put this book down.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘The storyline was amazing and the ending was super unexpected!!! This book will terrify you and have you gripped in equal measure! I couldn’t recommend this highly enough.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The next unputdownable, edge-of-your-seat crime thriller from the author of smash hit The Nurse – pre-order now!

My name is Nora Logue. You’ve probably heard of me – most...

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Featured Reviews

I have really enjoyed all of Claire Allans thrillers to date - but this one has brought it to another level. Claire has a gift when writing characters with all their humanity and foibles - and this was so apparent in this latest offering - the characters are so multi dimensional - particularly the 2 main ones. I had planned on reading it over the week - instead I abandoned all plans as once I had started I didn’t want to put it down. This is another psychological thriller from this writer - dipping into the dangers of the social media age without that being the central plot. I can’t say much without giving it away - but once again we have a masterful story around who can you trust - and what happens if you can’t even trust yourself? Thanks to Avon for giving me the opportunity to get an early copy - absolutely loved it and will be buying a copy to send to my dad who also loves this writer

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I read this brilliant book in two sittings because I had to know what happened. With a pacy, gripping storyline about Nora whose daughter went missing 7 years previously and who has repressed memory of the incident. Nora is taking part in a documentary of the events and things take a sinister twist when new evidence starts to appear and new voices start to talk.
Claire Allen always gives great suspenseful stories and this is no exception.

Thanks to Avon and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review.

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This is the 1st Claire Allan book I have read certainly wont be the last. I really enjoyed this book it keeps you gripped right from the beginning. It certainly makes you think about who what and why was done with few twists too. Away to download a few more.

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A thriller that slowly ramps up the tension to a mind boggling ending. The author did a great job of using subtle hints throughout the book to make it seem as almost anyone could be responsible for Nora’s daughter disappearance.. Nora can’t remember that night since she has holes in her memory. This makes everyone believe she is somehow guilty of having something to do with Daisy’s disappearance. Seven years later Nora is getting disturbing phone calls that make her believe she might have done something horrible on that night. At the same time Izzy, a journalist, is interviewing Nora for a documentary about her daughters disappearance and slowly uncovers some frightening clues about the night Daisy went missing. I enjoyed the slow build up of the story that ramped up in each chapter and the alternating characters point of view.

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This is a great dual perspective thriller about Nora Logue - the mother of Daisy who disappeared aged 4 whilst they were out walking together yet had no memory of what happened to Daisy, and about Izzy who is a documentary maker who is keen to look into the Daisy Logue mystery. Seven years have passed since Daisy went missing and Nora is now married with a young son but still tormented by what happened to Daisy much to her husbands frustration and he is concerned about the effect Izzy’s documentary will have on Nora. Both the main characters are great women, Nora is very broken and her behaviour throughout is fascinating, it’s also interesting to see how Izzy reacts to the revelations that just keep on coming as the documentary progresses and it’s increasingly difficult to know who to trust. It was impossible to predict how this would end but it was certainly original and well thought out, 9/10

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what a fantastic read, thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to review this book. I could not put it down.

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As an avid reader I can honestly say that this is one of the best thrillers I have ever read.

Did Nora Logue kill her daughter? Is Daisy Logue even dead? So many questions that keep the reader guessing right to the end of the book.
A total page turner....I couldn't put this down.
(Great ending too)

An absolute thriller by #claireallan

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I am ashamed to admit that prior to this, I had not read this author before. I have now added the entire backlist to my collection and need to get stuck in ASAP. This book has been gripping, addictive and completely unpredictable. I found myself craving more and more and devoiured this gem in just one sitting.

I absolutely will be recommending this book to other readers.

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Claire Allan does it again!
We follow the mother Nora and her story. First the horror of loosing her child, the living nightmare of not knowing what happened. Who can she trust?
I changed my mind several times and really was kept on the edge of my seat.
Thank you netgalley and the publisher for my copy.
This really is something different and certainly not what i expected.
Easy 5 star rating.

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WHAT A BOOK!!!!!!!!

Claire Allen is amazingly talented writer, Each book keeps getting better and better and this is no different.. Nora is a supremely wriiten character and her story will break your heart. This book is brilliant. the pace is fast moving and the plot is thrilling. Once you start this book you won't be able to put it down so cancel any plans you may have!!! What a legend of a writer she is.

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It’s every parent’s nightmare and for Nora Logue, it’s a reality that she’s been living for seven years. That’s when her daughter Daisy disappeared after a walk in the woods turns sinister. Only Nora left the woods, with no memory as to what happened, or where her daughter was. Since then, she’s met a new man and had a little boy, Luca. But of course, news about Daisy’s whereabouts remains ever present, so much so that she’s unable to function properly. When she agrees to cooperate in a documentary (the crew see Baftas lining up, their duty of care to a vulnerable mother sadly missing), Nora hopes to raise someone’s memory… but will doing so risk her son’s life and her own? She cannot let go of Daisy, much to the unhappiness of her new partner, but what is someone out there knows something? This is a great, layered read where you’re not sure it’s doing, neatly nuanced with shades of emotion that’ll make you think deeply about your own loved ones.

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In the Dark by Claire Allan

You often read book reviews stating that a book was a page turner or unputdownable . With this book you'd better believe it because it truly is .
A mother , Nora Logue , goes into a wood with her daughter Daisy , but comes out of it alone . What happened to Daisy ? Is she alive ?
I loved the storyline to this book and it's many twists and turns which kept me guessing to the very end.
Claire Allan is a brilliant author.

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Thank you so much for the opportunity to read In The Dark! Claire Allan remains one of my favourite authors! I cannot get enough of her cleverly written, Dark and twisted thrillers., and this one is no different!
Absolutely brilliant.
So engrossing and captivating.
Huge amounts of drama and amateur sleuthing I loved it.

One you won’t want to put down!

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I have read all of Claire’s books, she’s a brilliant writer.
This one is no different. This thriller also goes some way towards addressing some moral issues too.
Nora is well known in her town. Her daughter disappeared during a walk in the woods and Nora still has no memory of the events that took place.
She’s now got a son with with a new partner but suddenly she’s getting threats that she will lose him too.
Is it because she’s making a documentary about her daughter? Are the producers who they say they are? And who is really behind the posts on the forum?
Who would you save? Your daughter or your son? Who means more? Is your daughter alive? What would you do?
This is a gripping story. I really liked the different characters that were introduced and how each of them were potentially a threat and an unreliable source.
It will keep you guessing until the end.

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This was brilliant, I really enjoyed The Nurse, so I had high hopes for this too. I really like Claire's style of writing - fast paced but doesn't allow me to race on and skim read as sometimes can happen!
The characters were great, Nora's character was really well rounded, and I spent the whole time trying to figure her out. Each time I thought I had her figured out, another curve ball! I loved the way the story is told from both Nora and Izzy, the documentary director's point of view. Izzy was great too - another well-formed character who I believed and trusted for the duration.
Overall, a great psychological thriller!

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This book was absolutely brilliant! I am a huge fan of Claire Allan's work so was very excited to get accepted for this on netgalley. It follows Nora in the aftermath of her daughter going missing and her remarrying and having another child, but always with Daisy on her mind. The characters were all ok, not particularly likeable but also not hideous, with the exception of 1 or 2! I was surprised at the twists and didn't see them coming....which is quite a tough thing to do with thrillers nowadays! I can't wait to read more and more from this wonderful author ❤️

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I enjoyed this book by Claire Allan so much and was absolutely drawn in by the unreliable character that is the mother. What does she know? Does she truly not remember what happened to her daughter? Or is she hiding a huge secret? I loved the POVs between Nora, the grieving and bewildered mother, as well as getting to know Izzy and her point of view as they filmed the documentary. Well done!

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I couldn't put this book down, it was well written with a storyline that had me gripped right from the start and well developed characters. It was fast paced and full of twists. A fantastic read.

Was this review helpful?

WOW. I was lucky enough to receive a pre publication copy, what a gripping read that keeps you guessing as the story unfolds and main characters continue to develop throughout the book. I have read many (all) of Claire’s psychological thrillers and she just gets better, the plots, the characters and their relationships making them a compelling read. I thoroughly recommend, you will not put this down so plan accordingly. What happened to Daisy, is Nora really unhinged, who can you trust?

Was this review helpful?

Really enjoyed this- trying to figure out what happened Daisy-whonwent missing in a woods 7 yrs previously. some surprises in the process. Well written and had me guessing until the end

Was this review helpful?

A well done twisty thriller about the past rushing back to a mother whose child went missing years ago. Nora was never able to explain what happened to Daisy that day in the wood but those around her in Derry have had a lot to say about it. She was able to pull herself together, fall in love, and have another child-a boy named Luca. Now Izzy and Tom are making a documentary and want her cooperation. How reliable is Nora as a narrator? Well, no spoilers from me but there's a darkness lurking here that will pull you in and keep you guessing,. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC, A very good read.

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I received an E-ARC with a request for my honest review.

This crime thriller is set in Derry and follows Nora who is still reeling from the disappearance of her daughter Daisy 7 years ago.

With a documentary crew in town asking for her input, she agrees to try and set the record straight and to hopefully find her daughter after all this time, or at least the answers she seeks.

Soon the search becomes dangerous, but Nora is determined to still find the truth.

Will Nora find the answers she seeks? What happened to Daisy?

This crime thriller keeps you riveted throughout as you follow Nora’s journey to discover what happened to her daughter.

The mystery becomes more psychological as the story continues, and I felt the storyline messing with my head along with Nora.

It did make me think a bit about the reality behind true crime documentaries and the lengths they will go to get footage that will interest their audience.

Overall, a riveting crime thriller where a woman is determined to unravel the truth of her daughter’s disappearance.

Was this review helpful?

Absolutely loved this book. Had me hooked from the start and seeing how everyone tied into the story was flawlessly written. Kept my attention throughout

Was this review helpful?

I always get excited when I hear Claire Allan has a new book out and this is no exception. This is another unputdownable read from the author.

Seven years ago, Nora Logue went for a walk with her four year old daughter Daisy in the woods but only Nora came out. Nora cannot remember that day or where her daughter has gone. It is all a blur. After extensive search by the police, daisy still hasn't been found.

Seven years on, Izzy and Tom are making a documentary of the case to see if it will bring in new leads to find Daisy. As sightings of her are talked about on a blog called Nora thinks after all these years that her daughter may not be still alive. Nora has now moved on with her life. She has met Brendan and they have a little boy called Luca. Nora has never forgotten her daughter.

Thank you, Avon for an ARC of 'In the dark'. This is another thriller full of tension and suspense from the author, of a mother's plight to find her daughter I really enjoyed this story, but as other reviews have said., I did feel the ending was a bit rushed. 4.5 stars from me.

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