Not Your Ex's Hexes

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Pub Date 07 Feb 2023 | Archive Date 21 Feb 2023
St. Martin's Press, St. Martin's Griffin


In April Asher’s next Supernatural Singles novel, Not Your Ex's Hexes, a one-night-stand between a willful witch and a broody half-demon conjures an adventure that wouldn’t be complete without several magical mishaps.

For her entire life, Rose Maxwell trained to become the next Prima on the Supernatural Council. Now that she’s stepped down, it’s time for this witch to focus on herself. And not think about her impulsive one-night stand with Damian Adams, a half-Demon Veterinarian who she can’t get out of her head. Neither of them is looking for a relationship. But when Rose is sentenced to community service at Damian’s animal sanctuary it becomes impossible for them to ignore their sparking attraction. A friends-with-benefits, no feelings, no strings arrangement works perfectly for them both.

After a sequence of dead-end jobs, it’s not until Rose tangos with two snarly demons that she thinks she’s finally found her path. However, this puts Damian back on the periphery of a world he thought he left behind. He doesn’t approve of Rose becoming a Hunter, but if there's one thing he's learned about the stubborn witch, it was telling her not to do something was one sure-fire way to make sure she did.

Working—and sleeping—together awakens feelings Damian never knew he had...and shouldn't have. Because thanks to his ex's hex, if he falls in love, he'll not only lose his heart—but his humanity.

In April Asher’s next Supernatural Singles novel, Not Your Ex's Hexes, a one-night-stand between a willful witch and a broody half-demon conjures an adventure that wouldn’t be complete without...

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Featured Reviews

A stunning sequel to 'Not the Witch You Wed', 'Not Your Ex's Hexes' follows Rose and Damian, during their journey to love, after Rose - the former Prima Apparent - steps down from her position and decides to figure out what she wants her future to look like. If you haven't read Not the Witch You Wed, you'll want to before picking this up, as it really sets the stage for this paranormal universe, and establishes some of these characters.

April Asher is so good at writing a believable, fun romance, and you'll 100% want to pick this up! If you love grumpy x sunshine, well-developed female characters, urban fantasy mixed with humor, then this is definitely for you!!

(I'm also a sucker for Damian and I'm so glad we got their story).

Not Your Ex's Hexes is set to be published on February 7, 2023. Thank you to St. Martin's Press, St. Martin's Griffin, NetGalley and the author for the Advanced Reader's Copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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If you are a fan of the grumpy sunshine trope, this is the perfect book. I absolutely adored Not Your Ex's Hexes in ways that I can't even explain. Damian and Rose made me laugh and cry and fall in love with them on every single page. I fully blame this book for putting me into a witchy rom com mood. It had everything from supernatural creatures, a sexy half-demon, an independent witch, and amazing support characters. April Asher has beat out all the other authors and is officially my favorite author. I highly recommend reading this book! I'm obsessed.

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GENRE: Plus-Size, Witchy, Romance
SPICE: 3/5

In the second novel featuring the Maxwell sisters, we are focused on Rose, the former Prima now witch-trying-to-find-herself-in-this-really-weird-world, a feeling man of us I think can relate to. If you loved April Asher’s first installment of this series, then you will absolutely adore this one. Especially since it features Damian, the sexy grump veterinarian half-demon. He is so dreamy. I thought I couldn’t like a male lead more than I liked Lincoln in “Not the Witch You Wed” but Damian really ups the ante. He is tough with a big heart running an animal sanctuary. Rose and Damian have such amazing chemistry, it’s almost hard to believe I was reading a book and not watching a film! I would pay my good well-earned money to see these books as a TV series or film series.

Asher does it again with this witchy romance, that not only leaves you utterly satisfied, but wanting more. It is witty, funny and filled with pop-culture and witch references that makes Asher a “instant-read” author for me.

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Such a cute book. Great banter and chemistry between the two MC. Look forward to the next book in the series.

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// ✨

Not Your Ex’s Hexes
(Supernatural Singles #2)
By April Asher

This standalone novel is the second novel in the Supernatural Singles series and it follows the oldest sister in the Maxwell triplets. I didn’t read the first novel (Not the Witch you Wed), I had no problem following along and really enjoyed it! It will spoil the first novel in terms of the ending, as this one picks up a couple of months after so you know how the first one ends, but now I can’t wait to read the first one.

I love the supernatural aspect of it, the writing was smooth and funny, the plot was perfectly timed, the development of the characters was perfect and so enjoyable! This novel did a wonderful job setting up the plot of the third novel, and I can’t wait to read the youngest sister story.

Rose and Damian are the perfect sunshine/ grumpy pair. Rose attempts to “recuse” horses by kidnapping them in the middle of the night, only the horses are at Damian’s animal sanctuary. This leads to Rose needing to complete community service at the sexy half demon’s sanctuary. This novel is the perfect amount of sexual chemistry, laugh-out-loud moments, and an engaging plot. Also, if your looking for delicious smut scenes, this novel has you covered. I love a no strings attached fling that evolves into a head over heads romance. I now have to go read Not the Witch you Wed, and wait till autumn to feel my witchy vibes.

I would like to thank St.Martin’s Griffin and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Publication Date: February 7 2023

Romance Level: ❤️❤️❤️
Steam level: 🌶🌶🌶
Plot Points: 💥💥💥💥
Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

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A super enjoyable read about another one of the Maxwell triplets, as she recovers from events in the first book in the series. It isn't necessary to read the first book to enjoy this one, but I do think you will get more out of it if you understand a bit more about Rose's history, through the events of book one. A little bit of supernatural in this series where they coexist with "norms". Happy Rose got her HEA and I can't wait for the next book about the final Maxwell triplet!

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Not Your Ex’s Hexes is a witchy romp of a good time! (That wasn’t as funny as I’d hoped) Well written with fun(ny) characters, spicy sexy times, and my weakness - authentic experiences and emotions. This second in the series satisfied what I wanted and expected from the author and story - hijinx, heart, humor, heat, and hexes. I love the Maxwell sisters and am so glad I read Rose’s story. And it might be cheesy, but following your magic because it will not lead you astray are probably some of my favorite literary words of wisdom.

I received an ARC courtesy of the publisher and NetGalley. The opinions and definitely kind of cringe review are my own.

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I had a hunch that I would love this book, and it happened! Rose and Damian were everything!

Their relationship starts with a one night stand so that’s already a winner for me. Then the forced proximity and their opposite personalities did the rest. I enjoyed so much how they bonded thanks to the animals in the sanctuary! They had all the chemistry, and the steam was amazing because their banter made it funny but sexy at the same time. I also loved the touch of forbidden love since Damian is literally hexed to be ruled by his demon side if he falls in love… but he obviously can’t not fall for Rose. The romance was my most favorite part of the book, and I loved how everything was solved. Also, I loved Rose’s determination to find her true calling after stepping down as Prima Apparent. She’s a queen.

As in the previous book, I loved the Maxwell sisters so much! Rose, Vi and Olive are so cute. They’re so supportive and protective of each other! I can’t wait for Olive’s book. In fact, I already read between the lines in the first book and started seeing couple potential between her and Bax, and it was so obvious in this book! I really hope their book is next! Also, please, give Harper a bookie too, I don’t care she’s not a Maxwell sister! I love them all.

This series is funny, steamy, the characters are amazing and the magic is super cool. I’m very excited for more books by April.

Rating: 4/5
Steam level: Open door, 3-4 scenes, high level of detail

Thanks to St. Martin’s Griffin and NetGalley for my ARC. Opinions are my own!

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This book was fabulous. From witches, demons, shifters, supernaturals, and mates this book had a little bit of everything. Would recommend!

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Thank you, NetGalley, for an eARC for my honest review. I haven't read book 1 of the Supernatural Singles series, but that didn't deter me from devouring this one. I absolutely loved the banter between Rose and Damian.

The fact that we have some of our favorite tropes, including forced proximity, a good girl with a bad boy, a one-night stand, and opposites attracted. I'm probably missing more, but these should be the ones roping you in.

Rose Maxwell is looking to find her new path in life after giving up her position as a Prima Apparent (head witch, watch out). When she has a one-night stand with Damian Adams, a grumpy half-demon veterinarian. They both think they'll never cross paths again, and what do you know... they do. You can only imagine how this plays out. The two interact again due to circumstances, and the pieces all fall into place.

Rose and Damian have magnetic chemistry from the moment they meet, and reading about them fighting every page makes the story much more enjoyable. and they fight it at every turn, which makes the angst SO good. If any of that tickled your fancy, read and enjoy!

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This was a fun follow-up to Not the Witch You Wed. Rose is a little lost but is eager to figure out her own place in the world. Meanwhile, Damien is just trying to keep to himself. I liked seeing Rose find herself while also helping Damien find a way to continue living on his own terms. It was interesting to see the push and pull between what might be Rose’s calling and the things the haunt Damien most about his past.

As with the last book, I really love the support network that both main characters have, especially Rose. They’re a little zany, but if Rose needs anything, they’ve got her covered. Need a job? Harper knows a guy. Need some information? Olive will figure it out. Need to stage an impromptu mission? Violet will borrow her fiancé‘s SUV. Need someone to run interference on your mother’s matchmaking attempts? You’re on your own kid. She tried to set up Gran, too!

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I love a good spooky rom com and this hit almost everything on my checklist.
Rose and Damian’s chemistry was undeniable from the start. And their denial of it made everything so much better. I love a romance full of angst. And the supernatural elements made it so much more fun to read.
I highly recommend reading this around Halloween to get into the season. I’m so happy I was able to read this.

Was this review helpful?

A fantastic, quirky, and wonderful read! I really enjoyed this book starting from page one. My type of rom-com book has a flare of fantasy, lots of banter back and forth, and a slow burn. This book gave me everything I wanted and more. With supernatural elements set in present day, it is magical realism/low fantasy fiction with sisterly & family love, a handsome, broody MMC, and irresistible rescue animals! Who wouldn’t love this?!

Rose Maxwell, the middle sister of the Maxwell triplets, has recently been released from her Prima witch duties as her older sister finally received her powers. Now that Rose is able to do whatever she wants, she has no clue what she wants (typical, right?). She decides rule-breaking is top of her list of activities to try, now that she is not under the strict guidance of the reigning Prima, her grandmother Edie. One night of rule-breaking sets Rose down a path of serving community service hours at an animal sanctuary. Lucky for her, it’s with grumpy and handsome veterinarian, Damian Adams. Damian is half demon and has secrets of his own - his bad boy attitude comes from years of fighting and Hunting, taking down other demons. Rose learns that Damian’s hard exterior might just be all bark - but she doesn’t know why he keeps everyone at arms length. Damian, of course, has a secret. He doesn’t allow himself close to anyone, or to develop feelings, because of the curse that has been set upon him by an ex.

The banter between Rose and Damian was great - I audibly laughed out loud several times in this book. I came into this book blind (after getting the ARC approval) and have not read the first Supernatural Singles book - it wasn’t necessary. I will be adding them to my list now, though! The Maxwell sisters stole my heart and I will come back to this series solely for their sisterly bond. Can they adopt me, please?!

If you’re a fan of “I hate everyone but you,” forced proximity, “who hurt you”, or grump/sunshine, you’ll love this book.

I would give it a 5 star rating and 3 spice rating.

Thank you Net Galley and April Asher for this read!

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Rose Maxwell has trained all her life to become the next Prima on the Supernatural Council. But after stepping down, it’s time to focus on herself and find her “thing” and not think about her one-night stand with hot, half-demon veterinarian Damian Adams. After getting sentenced into doing community service at his animal sanctuary it becomes impossible to ignore their sparking attraction. Neither wants a relationship, so what better solution than an FB arrangement?

First off, this gave me Charmed vibes! (I haven’t seen Buffy or Supernatural, but I’m sure the vibe is a mixture of all these worlds, lol). Rose and Damian are sunshine and grumpy, for sure. Rose is admirable in her determination to find her “thing” and help the sanctuary. Damian may think himself as a heartless demon but he has a soft spot for animals and a certain witch. They may banter like enemies yet they have more in common than they think and it’s not just their attraction for each other.

While well aware this is part of a series, I haven’t read the first one and I really should. I enjoyed the dynamics between the sisters and the other characters. I can’t wait to read about the youngest sister next!

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Not Your Ex's Hexes by April Aher is book #2 in the Supernatural Singles series. I loved Rose and Damien's story! It was so much fun to read. The dialogue was very entertaining and the characters are quite likeable. This is a great addition to the series.

I received an ARC and this is my honest review.

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