I Snoop On My Feelings

Little People, Big Feelings. Help Kids Recognize Their Emotions And Express Their Feelings. Picture Book, Children Books, Age 3-5, Preschool, Kindergarten (My Body Tells Me)

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Pub Date 11 Aug 2022 | Archive Date 16 Oct 2022

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Kids feel emotions in big ways! This Little Book About BIG Feelings helps kids to recognize and explain their feelings so they can tell you rather than showing you.

None of us are born knowing how to control our feelings. Children often have no words to describe what they feel. This book can help you teach them how to recognize their emotions, whether they feel anger, sadness, or love.

In this story, a small boy moves with his mother to another town where he must face a new bedroom, a new school, and make new friends. These experiences awaken emotions that he must deal with.

This adorable story will help your children:

  • Recognize and respond to their feelings;
  • Encourage them to express their emotions, ranging from beautiful feelings, such as happiness, to the hard ones, such as sadness;
  • Help your kids realize there is no such thing as a bad emotion;
  • Realize it's okay to feel scared, surprised, shy, and even in love.
  • Coloring pages inside the book should keep your child busy long enough to take care of business.

Dealing with big feelings is part of growing up. It is our job, as parents, to teach them how to manage their emotions in a healthy and adaptable way.

Filled with colorful illustrations and charming rhymes, "I Snoop On My Feelings" will help your kids recognize the signals their bodies send them and deal with their emotions.

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Kids feel emotions in big ways! This Little Book About BIG Feelings helps kids to recognize and explain their feelings so they can tell you rather than showing you.

None of us are born knowing how...

Advance Praise

This is an interesting and inviting story for both children and adults. The story walks the reader through many of the basic emotions and shows what it feels like to feel those emotions. It's very relatable for kids and captures their attention. They can connect with and really feel, all while teaching children about emotions and feelings (what are they? Why do they matter? What do we DO with them?). Also, this book for children offers hands-on activities for entertainment after reading.

This is an interesting and inviting story for both children and adults. The story walks the reader through many of the basic emotions and shows what it feels like to feel those emotions. It's very...

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Kids feel big emotions in big ways. They feel emotions with their whole bodies and they feel them all to the fullest. Sometimes they may have trouble expressing those feelings in healthy ways, or finding the words to describe and explain to adults how they are feeling and why.

A delightfully simple exploration on the big world of emotions, Winn has created a book with a focus on social-emotional vocabulary. Tackling all five SEL core competencies, it touches on self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, social awareness, and relationship skills. The simple illustrations and simple rhyming text are a great way to open conversations between adults and young readers on what the different words mean to them and how to incorporate them into daily life. Some of the most important lessons include, recognizing and naming feelings, expressing all feelings in a healthy way, understanding they will feel all emotions and all emotions are okay to feel and there are no bad emotions, some emotions are harder than others but we have to work through them in ways that don't hurt ourselves or others and we use our words to talk about them.

This story was both entertaining and educational, which can be a tricky balance to maintain in a children’s book, and I will be suggesting it to teachers whenever possible. Incorporating topics such as this into children's picture books is a tried and true way to teach important life skills in a way that is fun. This would be an amazing addition for classrooms, libraries, counselling offices and more.

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This was such a sweet book for school-age children. It makes known that it’s okay to feel big feelings!

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Sometimes our feelings can take a massive toll on our day to day lives, knowing how to understand and navigate those feelings are important.
When a little boy is thrown with the unexpected of life changes, he experiences some big emotions. I love the way the Author describes not only emotions throughout the story, but they also dive into the physical sensations and facial features that we may show or feel when we are having these moments. I like how the Author took the time and made the emotional words in the story line stand out by being different colors that matched the characters emotion. The illustrations are beautiful but simple, the rhyming text are great way for children to stay involved and it opens the floor for discussions throughout the story.
I love in the end of the story there are prompts for us to try with our children a match the feelings word sheet and coloring pages. I would recommend this book.

Thank you NetGalley and Publishing for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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This story is about a boy who experiences big emotions when he discovers a very big upcoming life change. The author describes the physical sensations and facial features of how emotions manifest in our bodies. Colors are integrated into the story to match the character’s emotions. In this story, emotions are not shamed but described. Would recommend this book for preschool aged children!

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I loved this book and it is perfect for younger children to discuss feelings and emotions

The book was well laid out, it was nice, bright and attractive too

I thought that this book was fun and informative and I loved the added extras at the end that could be used as talking points too - as a mum I thought that it was a great book

It is 5 stars from me for this one – very highly recommended!

Was this review helpful?

My 5-year-old enjoyed reading this book. The language was easy for him to understand. The pictures were a great way to discuss emotions and throughout the book, we were talking about these as we read. This was a very interactive book for us and we are going to read it again. I would highly recommend reading this book for young children and within Eyfs for learning emotional responses to different situations.

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I read this to my son who is four and he loved it. He really enjoyed the illustrations with bright colors and enjoyed how the little one in the story displayed his mood in his actions and facial features. This was a great book about normalizing feelings and how to ensure you are aware of your feelings. Such a cute story!

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This one is dubbed a little book about big feelings, and it’s goal is helping kids recognize what they’re feeling and being able to express that. This one is as fun as it is important. From anger and rage, to worry, to fear, shyness, to puppy love, to happiness, and everything else, this one uses a little boy’s emotions and feelings after learning he must move to a new city, moving, and then starting a new school, to help illustrate and put a name and description to the feelings both adults and kiddos most commonly feel. If that wasn’t enough, this one comes with great questions to get a conversation going between parents and little ones, as well as some exercises where kids can match the feelings described to an emotion, and better help them understand their own feelings. I am all about communication and openness, and this one is a home run!

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This book was a cute way to discuss feelings and emotions with young kids. The child in the story goes through so many different emotions- anger, sadness, shyness, and many more. Each feeling is described very clearly in words a child would understand and in a rhyming sentence structure. The Illustrations are very simple and tie in colors associated with the feelings, like red for anger or blue for sadness.

My copy of the story had a part in the center that didn’t make sense and made me feel like I had missed a page or two, which is my only complaint.

Thank you to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for the opportunity to read and review this story!

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This book is full of educational information and gorgeous, colourful illustrations.

This book highlights important feelings for children and I adore how it goes through the symptoms and then states the feeling that they represent such as fear, anger etc, this is super important as it helps to identify how the children feel as even as an adult, it can be hard to pin point and identify the feelings in the moment.

Additional to this, I love how the end has multiple activities to complete ranging from questions to involve both the child and parent to colouring. At the end, there is also an activity to match the feelings which I feel like strengthens the knowledge of certain feelings and how they can present themselves.

The structure of the book itself identifies the “negative” feelings first and ends on the positive feelings such as feeling proud and happy which I think is a beautiful way to tie it all together and ends it on a positive outlook which I think was very cleverly thought out.

Was this review helpful?

I Snoop On My Feelings is a great book which explains to children what it's like to feel big emotions and how to deal with them. It has bright illustrations which all add to the enjoyment of the story.

Thank you to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for my ARC.

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I Snoop On My Feelings
5 Stars

I Snoop On My Feelings is a great book that teaches children to identify with their emotions. Younger children can get upset/cry when they get overwhelmed or overstimulated; I found books like this so helpful, because they help youngsters to better identify feelings. Thus, making it easier to deescalate the situation. The illustrations are very expressive, bright and colorful.

Overall, I love this book and it's a good addition to any library. I'd recommend this book to teachers, child counselors or parents with kids that have special needs. Thank you, NetGalley and BooksGoSocial, for an advance review copy for free and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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My kids are a bit older for this but they still enjoyed this. The book is great for talking about big feelings with kids who are still learning how to deal with them and communicate. Not just kids, some adults need such reassurances and validation too!

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A nice little story to help children recognise ‘feelings’ through the signals of their body.

A little boy is playing when his mom comes and tells him that they are moving to another city. Through the various reactions his body generates (heart pounding, cheeks flushing, skin tingling,…) at this news and the aftermath of the move, he understands the various feelings he is capable of, ranging from fear to surprise to shyness to even love. (I certainly didn’t expect a first crush to be part of a children’s picture book, but it sure was cute to see the little fellow’s love-struck eyes! 😄)

The idea behind the story is quite simple yet it works well. Children find it tough to express how they feel, so such books, hopefully, will help them understand their own needs and emotions and communicate better. It will also help them manage their emotions when a negative emotion threatens to take over.

The text is written in simple rhythmic prose in AABB scheme. The language level is mostly manageable for its target audience of 3-5 years old. There are a couple of nice discussion resources and activities at the end of the book.

The illustrations are nice and bright. They almost pop off the page because of the vivid hues. The little boy and his pet cat are drawn in a quirky way but they still steal the show with their expressions. The only sketch I didn’t like was the illustration of the mother – why did she have to be sketched like a blonde bombshell in a cleavage-revealing and figure-hugging outfit? She looks so out of place in this story.

Overall, definitely a helpful book for little ones that combines entertainment with education. Recommended for sure. It will work especially well in schools and libraries and will be a helpful aid for children’s counsellors as well.

4 stars.

My thanks to BooksGoSocial and NetGalley for the DRC of “I Snoop On My Feelings”. This review is voluntary and contains my honest opinion about the book.

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I snoop On My Feelings is a really nice and cute book. First of all I did like the representation of a curvy mother. Secondly, this book helps kids to understand what they are feeling. The feelings, are colored and bold, and it catches the eye. Also, I loved the cat. I really like when at the end of the book, has questions for conversation. Overall 5 stars for this one.

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I liked how emphasised the feelings were in this book, and the use of colours to identify them would make it work well with similar titles which focus on emotions such as the Colour Monster.

Some pages had the end of one event and the beginning of the next together in order to keep to the four line pattern - I feel it would be more effective for pupils if these were on their own pages to better differentiate between events and the feelings they cause.

I would use this in my classroom to prompt discussion about feelings, causes, and behaviours.

Was this review helpful?

I Snoop On My Feelings is a story about a young boy that is feeling many emotions after moving, starting at a new school and making new friends. This would be a great book for Pre-K to 2nd grade.

Was this review helpful?

I enjoyed the illustrations of this title very much. I feel like the character had very distinct expressions and body language, which made it easier for my young readers to understand.

I particularly enjoyed the questions at the back, which ask about certain situations, and ask the reader to express how they think that person would feel and why.

Would recommend for early readers, especially those who could benefit from more emotional control.

Was this review helpful?

Anyone, not just childre, can feel a lot of emotions after a lot of changes. It can be very overwhelming.
I Snoop On My Feelings has cute illustrations and I love how it is able to depict each color with an emotion. This can help children express how they feel I think, it can help them communicate better.

One thing I do not like about the book is how the mother's clothing is quite too revealing for a children's book.

Was this review helpful?

This short children's book is perfect for children aged between 2 and 5 years old. The author used rhyming words at the end of sentences to act as a continuous beat throughout to keep the reader/listener engaged.

The illustrations highlighted how a child might feel with finding out about big changes. It was easily relatable to the reader/listener as they would be able to recognise and relate to the story emotions.

I like how the emotions text were a different colour (similar to the Zones of Regulation).

The story in this book highlights how children are often unable to cope with new challenges until they are ready/have faced their fears.

I absolutely loved the activities at the end of the book, as it concretes the children's understanding. The child would have the opportunity to recognise the emotions and work on the areas they are unsure of. The colouring pages at the end were a nice touch, it makes a serious subject about feelings and handling them into a fun activity!

Was this review helpful?

This is a really good book for exploring emotions and working on thematic lessons in school. The illustrations are lovely, aside from the Illustrations of the mother which I was a little unsure about. The images of the child dealing with his emotions were very clear to understand, and I liked the way the words describing the emotions were colour coded so they could be easily recognised and discussed. Overall, like I stated previously, it's a good book for discussing feelings, but also for a lesson around English, or Ethics.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you, BooksGoSociql, for the advance reading copy.

I find the book very creative and full of good vibes!

The highlights would be the illustrations and the amazing portrayal of the different emotions with words/artwork.

This little book is perfect!

Was this review helpful?

As a Nana who is also trained in child development, I loved this book! Using situations easily relatable to children, Melissa Winn very accurately describes and names feelings that children will be able to identify. The illustrations were simple but effective. Great book! Thanks #NetGalley #MelissaWinn

Was this review helpful?

In a world trying to move on from the impact of Covid lockdowns on education, it is clear that children are struggling with a whole range of emotions but are not necessarily equipped to name and recognise them which leads to more frustration.
This book is tagged as being aimed at children aged 3-5 but I think it could easily engage children up to the age of 8 and there is plenty of discussion to be had linked to the colour of the new vocabulary on the pages, for children to relate those experiences to occasions in their own lives and to understand what those feelings actually are - to develop and use the vocabulary around it.

This is a good book to read with your own child or to use as within a lesson. I enjoyed it.

Was this review helpful?

I loved this book and my kids will love it! I will be using it within groups as well as individual recommendations. Thank you so much NetGalley for this ARC. It was great getting to read it.

Was this review helpful?

This rhyming picture book tells the story of a child who is feeling a variety of feelings around the idea of moving to a new town. Throughout the story, the child recognizes the feelings and ideas around emotions such as rage, fear and pride. With colourful pictures and large, accessible font, this book would be perfect for both shared reading and independent reading experiences for children in the age 5-9 range. I could definitely see myself using this book with my grade 3 class when introducing lessons related to emotions and body responses as well as normalizing a variety of feelings in different situations. I also love that the book ends with a variety of statements or discussion prompts for parents to use to facilitate discussions about emotions. Thanks to NetGalley and the Publisher for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book!

Was this review helpful?


First of all, thank you so much to Melissa Winn, BooksGoSocial, and Netgalley for giving me access to this book in exchange for an honest review of this book.
This is such a cute and important book.
Talking about emotions is so important and this book is a great introduction to the theme. The drawings are very cute and also very expressive so they recognize facial features and also it puts explanations into the feelings so kids can connect them to their own feelings.
Parents/guardians/people in general that read them the book also have aid at the end of the book to help the kids work through their emotions so in general, it's a great book to help children start processing the thoughts and intentions behind what they feel.

Was this review helpful?

I read this book with my 2-year old students and they loved it! The illustrations were very evocative of each emotion mentioned and I love that emotions that aren’t normally mentioned in books were named. This helps to give children names for more than the basic happy, sad, mad that many books mention.

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