Beast Three Six

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Pub Date 14 Mar 2023 | Archive Date 28 Feb 2023

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David Rivers is used to his targets being chosen by the CIA.

But this time, the target has chosen him.

When a senator’s daughter is kidnapped in Benghazi, a Filipino terrorist named Khalil Noureddin claims responsibility and demands to negotiate with only one man: the leader of a CIA team that tried and failed to kill him over a year ago.

David remembers the failure all too clearly. And while his team narrowly escaped a ruthless terrorist force, the attempt catapulted Khalil into international notoriety and caused him to vanish completely—until now.

With David surrendering himself to Khalil to facilitate hostage negotiations, and his team embarking on a harrowing infiltration across Libya to support the rescue effort, the clock is ticking with an innocent woman’s life hanging in the balance.

But capturing a high-profile hostage is just one element of Khalil’s plan.

To uncover a far more insidious plot unfolding in Libya, David’s team will have to negotiate brutal militias, Russian mercenaries, and operatives of a mysterious terrorist syndicate…before it’s too late.


David Rivers is used to his targets being chosen by the CIA.

But this time, the target has chosen him.

When a senator’s daughter...

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ISBN 9781648753190

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Featured Reviews

Savagely violent and exceptionally inspirational with a delicious side of retribution, Beast Three Six is a tale of good vs. evil with the good guys putting it all on the line against the odds to save a hostage – and perhaps countless innocents – from gruesome and undeserving death. Jason Kasper delivers another balls-to-the-wall, nonstop action covert operations thriller that gets your heart pumping and your forehead sweaty from substantial anxiety and anticipation.

Olivia Gossweiler, the daughter of a US senator and chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, has been kidnapped by terrorists and is being held captive in Benghazi, Libya. The leader of this terrorist group, Khalil, has an interesting first demand – he will only negotiate with David Rivers, with whom he tangled with in the past. David agrees and is sent over to negotiate while his Project Longwing teammates prep the area of operations for the Navy SEALs in case a hostage rescue is needed. And it is needed because Khalil is the real deal and has no intentions of letting Olivia or David live through this ordeal…not to mention he has grander aspirations of launching additional terror attacks soon. But when the timetable is suddenly moved up and the SEALs not yet on target, it’s up to the 5 men of this disposable unit – plus a willing and highly capable Combat Controller – to go up against insurmountable odds by attacking a fortified position defended by an overwhelming force to attempt a rescue. It’s what Suicide Actual and his team live for. Though living through this will take all the skill and luck they can muster.

While Beast Three Six is a ceaseless thrill ride with relentless action and an incredibly high body count that will please even the most hardcore military thriller fan, what stands out from the viciousness and terrorism is an inspirational story of doing what is necessary to succeed in your mission. The men of Project Longwing know the deal. They are a deniable and expendable unit that are sent into untenable situations with low likelihood of success. Yet they continue to thrive and win the day, with this operation hopefully no different. They are constantly adapting to the changing landscape, equally able to think strategically and sling lead downrange, and put the wellbeing of others ahead of their own. They don’t complain or sulk that the original plans change or that the bad guys don’t play fair. They just tie their boots, grab their gear and sprint headfirst towards the danger. They are admirable, selfless, tough men who never quit. And if that isn’t inspiring as all hell, then I don’t know what is.

The whole series is fantastic, but Beast Three Six raises the bar to another level. It’s a killer story with emotion. Fast paced and ferocious. Merciless and uplifting. Exhilarating and gripping from the first page to the last. Jason Kasper writes phenomenal thrillers and is a must read anytime he publishes a new book. Don’t miss this one!

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Beast Three Six is the fifth installment of the Shadow Strike Series featuring David "Suicide" RIvers and his off the books group. This time a Filipino terrorist kidnaps a senator's daughter and demands that David be the negotiator for her release. The terrorist and David crossed paths in a previous story where things did not go well for anyone. Now David is on his own in Libya trying to get the young woman released while the group is working on a daring rescue mission. Things are not always as they seem, many twists and turns all the way to a thrilling finish.

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This series gets better and better. After a disturbing call from Duchess the guys are picked up in federal transport to see what their fate is. When they find out two things happen shock and awe.

Read the next adventure in this series that will have you cheering these guys on more than we already do.

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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I have been intrigued by this author but have not read any of his books previously. After reading this book, that seems like a poor decision. This book had a lot of action, was fast paced, and had memorable characters. Some of it was a bit implausible but it pushed the story along and made the ending a whole lot better. The daughter of an important senator is kidnapped and a former special operator is requested by name by the kidnapper to meet with him to discuss the terms of the release. A former meeting of these two is the basis of much of the story and I really enjoyed it. I look forward to reading more from this author.

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David Rivers is back in the fifth book of this exciting series as a super (anti)hero in this thriller filled with international good guys and bad guys. David is always operating with a target on his back, and in this story the bad guys are zeroing in on him.

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A fun read! The book continues the story of this series. It is easy to follow and not get lost without reading this authors other series. The story incorporates from the characters past and gives enough of a backstory to help newer readers of this author. A very fast paced story that is hard to put down, nonstop action. Mixes in the right amount of politics and story development.

This is a must read, especially for fans of the author. Can't wait for the next book in the series

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Jason Kasper brings the heat in Beast Three Six, packing tenacious action and kickass heroes you’d want to save you if you ever got yourself in a jam.
After the harrowing ending of Narco Assassins, David Rivers and his team are on the hunt for those that escaped their grasps with weapons of mass destruction. Their directive gets trickier when a senator’s daughter is abducted by a Filipino terrorist who had crossed paths with the team once before. When the terrorist explicitly demanding a meeting with Rivers, the timeline on their mission accelerates as the team finds a nefarious plot brewing under the pretense of a hostage situation. It’s up to the team to rescue the hostage while preventing a large scale cleansing in Libya with the weapons they failed to secure the first time around.
Jason Kasper brings the action to life with characters that feel so authentic that we have no trouble imagining them running around the globe saving us from all the unsavory bad guys hiding in the shadows. Even acting as expendable assets with no clear oversight, the team led by David Rivers is one of courage and honor while staying pragmatic about the parameters of the mission. The action sequences are rendered in crisp and clear images in your mind with way too many badass moments to count on one hand alone. With a sense of righting a wrong on a more personal scale, the action is tinged with an emotional vendetta that makes them team even more unpredictable in its mission to destroy its enemy by taking bold risks to get the job done.
Beast Three Six is an adrenaline-fueled tactical adventure that continues to show why Jason Kasper is one of the best military action thriller writers of this generation, mashing tactical and technical authenticity to achieve a symphony of hard-hitting violence for the sake of good.

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Jason Kasper is bringing the heat in Beast Three Six. Kasper has no lack of imagination or ammunition in crafting another great Shadow Strike adventure.

On the heels of Narco Assassins, David Rivers and team are on the hunt for the lost VX that left Columbia not long ago. Rivers and the group of other ‘expendable assholes’ are busy sniffing out the trail that leads to one of the world's most dangerous chemical compounds, when one prominent U.S. Senator’s daughter is kidnapped.

Rivers and the team are forced headfirst into the lion’s den in Libya to negotiate a transfer of Olivia Gossweiler while they place the hunt for the volatile VX on the backburner. River is forced to leave the team as ground force commander as Khalil Noureddin wants to meet with the one and only ‘Suicide’. While Rivers is slowly meeting the commands of Khalil, one of the worst terrorist attacks ever to occur hits the streets of Egypt that puts the team on full alert.

Using assets to help locate Olivia, the Shadow Strike team is left as the only advance team around to execute a mission that no one should come home alive from. Teaming up with some veteran aviators and shooters are well versed at delivering dirt naps, Rivers and team gear up for something next to impossible.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but Jason Kasper’s storytelling ability is some of the best I’ve read. The Shadow Strike series has been phenomenal, and the characters just keep getting better. The team is made up of some superstar military professionals while they all have some unique charisma. He is continuously building on stories and blending plot lines to keep the story worthy of current headlines. You don’t have to take my word for it. Give The Enemies of My Country a try, you will be pleased.

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I've said this before but it bears repeating: no author has improved more over the last ~5 years than Jason Kasper. He has always been a talented storyteller but nothing like this. His latest books are more complex, crisper and more engaging than his earlier works. Kasper is firmly ensconced in my list of must read military authors.

I've had a hard time reviewing Beast Three Six due to what I believe Kasper was trying to accomplish with this book. Sure, Beast Three Six is a continuation of the series and is meant to move the story forward. To me, Beast Three Six feels like a test-bed to try new things, if you will. Kasper seemed to use the first half-ish on experimentin' by splitting the team and introducing a new character. Admittedly, this wasn't my favorite part of the story and it took me a while to get through. I don't know -- it just didn't have that pizzaz that the rest of the series has. However, the second half of the book-- wowsers. Could not put it down.

If you love military fiction and are not reading Jason Kasper you don't know what you are missing!

Many thanks to Jason Kasper, Severn River Publishing, and NetGalley for the opportunity to review a galley of Beast Three Six!

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