The Essential Social Skills Handbook for Teens

Fundamental strategies for teens and young adults to improve self-confidence, eliminate social anxiety and fulfill their potential in the 2020s

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Pub Date 22 Dec 2021 | Archive Date 06 Jan 2023

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Is Your teen Anxious, Unconfident, or Shy?

Has Your teen’s confidence taken a HIT from the stress and disruptions of the pandemic?

Does Your teen refuse to go to school and never tell you why? Or just say ‘I Don’t Know!’

If you said Yes, EVEN ONCE, Do this….

Simply hand the Essential Social Skills Handbook For Teens to your child and watch their confidence SWELL in 30 DAYS.

If your teen's confidence hasn't skyrocketed in 30 DAYS after implementing the techniques…

You can (and should) get your money back. NO questions asked.

I only want to be paid for the value I provide.

I’m THIS confident because the techniques WORK.

It has worked for over 500 teens…

Parents have personally thanked me and expressed their relief.

SCROLL DOWN NOW to read the reviews. so you’re comfortable giving this book to your child :)

Here’s why the value I have to share will eliminate your teen’s anxiety...

I was JUST LIKE your Teen:

As a shy overweight teen lacking confidence...

I was haunted by the thought of raising my hand and talking out loud in class.

I stood in a corner at the party afraid to talk to the girl that I liked.

I was afraid of asking for what I deserved.

I was mentally weak and lacked belief in myself.

Figuring out my anxiety and shyness became my mission.

Thanks to HOURS of counseling and mentorship and COUNTLESS failures from trial and error…

Now, I’m not afraid and can talk to anyone I want to.

Now, I can travel confidently to foreign continents, learn new languages (in weeks!) and experience new cultures.

Now, I can talk to the opposite sex without any inhibitions.

Now, I can learn any skill confidently because my anxiety does not hold me back.

Your Teen can too! (without struggling and wasting years of their life like I had to)

I will help Your Teen discover:

  • How to communicate and get the message across even when they feel like no one will understand them.
  • An exercise SO Powerful, EVEN the U.S. Navy Seals unit uses it to remain calm under pressure.
  • The ONE simple fix to sentences that will take communication to the next level and grasp anyone’s attention.
  • How to communicate with parents even if the two of you are never on the same page.
  • EVERYTHING your teen needs to set and smash their goals.

And much, Much More

To make the deal even sweeter, I've carefully crafted BONUS templates (approved by licensed therapists) to help with goal setting, planning, and mindset transformation. FREE at the end of the book.

Surely your child's confidence is worth more than $5.99, click 'BUY NOW'

Dear Parent! This book is for YOU too!

Head over to the addendum, for targeted parenting advice to support your child's growth.

You'll NEVER be lost!

Even if they’ve tried and found other self-help books useless,

this book will work for them because this is NOT a self-help book, it's a book to help you take specific action using templates to start today and get closer to your goal today.

Even if your teen HATES reading,

this book will help overcome anxiety because it is a breezy read and relatable to their daily experience.

Even if mainstream generic advice has failed,

this book is addressed to YOUR teen (the one going through this rollercoaster in the 2020s).

YOU, the parent, have a Crucial role in the development of your child with every decision you make,

Scroll Up and Click Add to Cart NOW to gift your child the secrets they deserve to become the MOST socially confident version of themselves.

P.S. Get it now for a free GIFT with the book!

Is Your teen Anxious, Unconfident, or Shy?

Has Your teen’s confidence taken a HIT from the stress and disruptions of the pandemic?

Does Your teen refuse to go to school and never tell you why? Or...

Advance Praise

""This is a great book for teens and their parents. It is written in a way that will appeal to the teen reading it and gives suggestions for them to use to help their parents communicate better with them. The chapters on self esteem, communication, social media, social anxiety, and stress management have some helpful exercises. The appendix and resources has helpful templates, resources, and tools. ""

""The Essential Social Skills Handbook for Teens, by Richard Meadows, is a handbook that helps teens/young adults, to navigate the sometimes turbulent waters as they head into adulthood. We all go through those teen years, sometimes confusing, often times without signposts to help us along the way. Meadow's book provides some simple and easily applied approaches to help keep one's confidence, self-esteem and certainty raised above the waterline. The language used in the book speaks to its audience, and is written more like a friend giving you some advice. As he says in the book; ""Being self-confident means that you have faith and trust in your abilities. You accept who you are and feel a sense of control in your life.""

""This is a great book for teens and their parents. It is written in a way that will appeal to the teen reading it and gives suggestions for them to use to help their parents communicate better with...

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Featured Reviews

With two types of power you can save your life from harshly effects . First by power of thought ; Second by power of action .
To enhance power of thought , Knowledge is must have thing. After getting knowledge about special matter , it is now your turn to take action for your betterment.
To all teenagers or teachers and parents who have to deal with teenagers , I will recommend this handy book . You should read this to enhance your power of thought .
It will help you how to deal with your anxiety which is a harshly state of mind , and how to become confident in your life .
It's language is so pure and easy that it does not hurt its main motive.
It is helpful as it is not just Theory but includes those disciplines which are implementable in this real world .
It explains personality and all traits related to personality .
It is not boring .
The writer uses the phrase " Now , why I am telling you this ? " frequently . This phrase increases your interest and attention ; as after this you will find the logic and purpose of reading the material discussed in the book . The writer tried his best to involve the reader utterly .
According to writer :
teenage is the period of rapid changes in growth and personality. It is the tenure for which a person is not ready . Teenager is Moody and do things according to his will , sometimes which are said harmful by Aged people .
This time is for learning how to live life after maturation.
"Personality is how you observe , conceive , perceive and interpret your environmental events. "
" Confidence is the state of mind in which you rely upon your abilities . You think that your abilities are suitable for you . "
I paraphrased some main points from this book , I hope you will find it helpful if you read it .
So , change your personality and accommodate it according to your environment . Go , and get started today . It all starts from you .

Was this review helpful?

This was good. I think for teens, this is essential, I’m sure after reading this, they’ll realise things they least expected. This isn’t for me, I’m not a teenager anymore and haven’t been for years, but the overall concept was very interesting to read about!

Was this review helpful?

This handbook is a remarkably practical, down-to-earth guide for teens who are coming to grips with their own personality and anxieties. It hits a nice balance between allowing them to feel what they feel, and at the same time giving them tools to understand and meet some of the expectations of people around them. A truly helpful guide promoting self-awareness, good even perhaps for people past their teen years!
The book addresses things like social anxiety, communication barriers, and personality types (although it doesn't get bogged down by using just one methodology to define types),. It has encouraging suggestions for how to make daunting situations seem more manageable.

Was this review helpful?

Throughly enjoyed The Essential Social Skills for Teens. Richard Meadows really captured the essence of how social media will follow our youth through their years of university and careers.

Highly recommend for parents, youth and educators. Teaching the essential skills to keep social media a positive life tool.

Was this review helpful?

I recommended this book to my best friends daughter and it changed her life.She is now no longer afraid to talk to people she does not know and her confidence has increased massively.

Was this review helpful?

The Essential Social Skills Handbook by Richard Meadows is a self-help book for all teenagers but particularly those who may be dealing with poor mental health and may suffer from social anxiety, anxiety, depression and so on. This book takes the reader on a journey to develop a number of skills from communication to goal setting to allow them to thrive. The book is full of practical advice, particularly on social anxiety which there's a whole chapter dedicated. You may think you don't have social anxiety or any of these things but this book is still a very good read and you may even surprise yourself.

I like this book for a few reasons. Firstly, a central topic in this book is mental health and psychological issues which are commonly suffered by teenagers, including anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and so on. Anyone with poor mental health may feel alone and not feel like they can talk about their illness. This book changes this and really emphasises how many of these mental illnesses experienced are more common and many teenagers experience them. This alone is a great confidence boost. The book also has lots of great advice for the reader to use to really take control of their life and do new things which they may have originally been held back from.

A few things which I did not like about this book, firstly, despite this book being written for teenagers across the world, it is very American. For instance, there are lots of websites and phone numbers for mental health support but this is just for America and there are some terms and acronyms which may not be known by many non-Americans so this can make it slightly harder and less valuable to read in some areas. Also, the advice given in this book is great but it is written for a neurotypical audience. A neurodivergent audience with conditions such as Autism, Schizophrenia and other mental health conditions will have the same anxieties as normal teenagers but these will be heightened and they will also have additional symptoms. This will make the advice given really hard to follow and so may not be suitable for all individuals. Finally, whilst reading the book I was questioning the audience this was written for. There is some language which I feel would make this book more relevant to pre-teens or early teens which is good, but this book would also be good for older teens and even young adults so I hope some of the language used does not put the target market off reading this book.

Altogether, I rate this book 4 stars as it is a really good book to help teenagers not just with their anxiety but in many aspects of their life. The teenage years are not easy, as is acknowledged in this book, but the advice presented here can make this stressful period of life just that bit easier and more manageable. I would therefore recommend this book for all teenagers, young adults and parents so everyone can support each other but also improve themselves. I would like to thank NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for providing me with an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book in return for an honest book review.

Was this review helpful?

As a BCBA and owner of a practice specializing in caregiver training for teens, I’m always looking for worthwhile social skills support materials. So many are aimed at young children so I loved that this focused on the teen population. I will be buying a few copies!

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