The Paris Soulmate

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Pub Date 15 Dec 2022 | Archive Date 09 Mar 2023

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A woman with autoimmune disorders. A mysterious British stranger. A dream trip to Paris. What could go wrong?

Reeling from the reality of turning 30 soon, Christine decides to take her bucket list trip. She has always dreamed of going back to Paris, but since being diagnosed with several rare autoimmune disorders, she never imagined she would get the chance to return.

Now she finds herself on her way to the city of love with an unexpected surprise. An extremely handsome British stranger seems to have mysteriously fallen onto her path.

Is it just a coincidence they are both traveling to the city of love at the same time? It all seems too good to be true.

If you like clean romance novels, feel-good novels, and romantic comedy books for women, then you'll love The Paris Soulmate.

Will Christine find what she's looking for in Paris? Click the BUY NOW button at the top to start traveling with Christine and Colin today.

The Paris Soulmate is a sweet romance for clean and wholesome romance readers in a charming debut from author Brooke Gilbert. This romantic comedy is the perfect way to travel to Paris while staying in your pjs. You will laugh, cry, and fall in love with the characters. It's a beautiful literary ride.

A woman with autoimmune disorders. A mysterious British stranger. A dream trip to Paris. What could go wrong?

Reeling from the reality of turning 30 soon, Christine decides to take her bucket list...

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Featured Reviews

Loved this read! It was fast paced but very enjoyable! I loved the characters Chemistry! It was written very well!

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I quite enjoyed reading The Paris Soulmate. This debut author did a great job of keeping it entertaining. The characters were well-developed and the story flowed in a way that it kept me interested until the very end.

Looking forward to reading more by this author in the future.

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This was a fun book, I wasn’t to sure at first but as the pieces came together I understood how the story was going to unfold . Not sure how believable the idea would be in the real world but it was perfect for this romance novel. I loved the main character's and how the author wrote their story with lots of highs and lows, I was rooting for their love story. This was a quick read for me and I found myself fully invested in the outcome . I love that the author writes her main character with autoimmune diseases…..the often silent sickness that others can’t see.

I received a complimentary copy from NetGalley and all opinions expressed are my own

I would recommend this book to family and friends and my book clubs

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I love how they made this love story in Paris. It is fun when they have love stories in different countries. You learn a lit having love stories in different countries. I enjoyed the storyline and the characters. This book was approved by netgalley and the publisher fir me to read and review.

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A quick, easy and fast paced read that I couldn't put down. Well written with well developed characters, I really enjoyed it,

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The Paris Soulmate is a wonderful romance novel - sweet and lighthearted and I loved the feature of a main character with an autoimmune disorder. I highly recommend.

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I liked this slow romance and that it is set in Paris. I also found it unusual to have a sympathetic main character with autoimmune disease, who has to be treated with kids' gloves at all times. It was a gentle read with not too much drama, except for the character's occasional medical flare ups.

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“How do you know I wasn’t just thinking how beautiful you are and that I wish I would stop making an idiot of myself?”
“I never said curvy was bad. I happen to like all your curves”
I absolutely loved this book!! I’m obsessed !! This probably just became my favourite, sweet as cake, romantic, gentle love story I’ve ever read !!!
Christine and Colin are just the perfect pair and that’s not an understatement!’n
Believe me when I say I am not a fan of insta-love … I’d rather read a slow burn romance with a lot of time to think about the tension in between the characters. But this book made me almost change my mind !!! I believe that this love at first sight was the sweetest and considering the circumstances under which they met … they were truly blessed !!!
I really liked the fact that there was some fake identity but there was no miscommunication and I love that !!!
And I also loved that he is the one to fall first !!!
But most of everything I loved the representation of people chronically ill and what they have to face in their everyday life !!!
And thank you so much to the author for providing not only a Spotify list for this book … but also a list of movies connected to it !!!!!
I’m so glad I had the chance to read this book and I truly hope the author has something more in store for us !!!
“He was an authentic man in a sea of shallow boys. And I was beginning to see that I was in big trouble”
“It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known a person … What matters is how your hearts feel together. How they fit together”

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I adored this romance novel! It was sweet yet captivating. And I found myself falling in love with the characters and aesthetic of the story. I was also laughing out loud at their banter and completely invested in their growth. I can't wait to read and see what else this author produces because it is now a must buy!

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Read it for the:
-Instant love/connection
-Disability representation
-Mental Health Representation
-“He takes care of her”
-Film and Literature references
-Romantic Paris setting

CW: Medical episodes, harassment
Final Rating 4/5

A romantic novel that gave a voice to those that struggle with illness and insecurity, while truly fulfilling the “when you know, you know” aspect of a romance.

What I liked the most: The author's overall writing, heartfelt message, disability representation, and Collin, always Collin.

**Long Review Ahead**

To be honest, I struggle with the instant love trope. However, what I enjoyed about this book was that it focused on building the connection between Christine and Collin. This is new to me author, but I loved her unique writing style. I appreciated that this book was written from multiple POVs allowing you to catch a glimpse inside the character's mind. And the PLOT TWIST? I gasped. It was the perfect setup for a conflict in an otherwise uplifting romance. This was a certified kissing book, (LOTS of kissing) with a good dose of emotion that stems from the feeling of not being enough.

I truly appreciated the author's care and research in writing a female main character with multiple autoimmune disorders. It is important to note the realism in Christine’s situation. When you have a debilitating medical condition, you cannot forget you have it - or you get sick. Although on a vacation in Paris, Christine's health was often mentioned, because it was a central part of their character. Her disorders heavily influenced her views on life and romance-and the struggles she faced were true. I teared up at Christine’s self-doubts and Collin’s constant care and reassurance. I loved Collin’s character and his own internal struggles and determination to love Christine. Honestly, Collin is setting the standard in this romance. Representation matters and I have to thank the author for giving a voice to those that may look normal on the outside, but face a terrible battle on the inside and for the message that you are loved and adored, wholly, for being yourself.

In addition to disability representation, I was really impressed at the author's depth in adding moments of faith, accountability, and raising mental health awareness. My only gripe was that the story's pacing slowed in a few spots for me, and I found myself flipping a few pages. I still struggled with the instant love aspect of the plot but was taken in by the strength of the character's feelings as the story progressed. Very small gripes, but not enough for me to stop reading or discourage me from picking up other works by this Author (going to read more by her for sure!).

I would recommend this read to those who enjoy a romance with an accurate representation of disabilities, all set in a city famous for love.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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The Paris Soulmate, now, this is a pretty decent read. The chemistry between the 2 who head to Paris, whose story of 7 days we basically follow in this novel, is pretty hot and dreamy at times.

It's an intense 7 days where basically 2 strangers realise they are Soulmates, made for each in other as they spend time together in the city of lights. They go through every emotion ,and then some more, a new couple goes through.

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I absolutely loved this romance novel. Christine was so low on her self esteem and confidence that I could relate to her, also with her immune disorders and feeling like it would be selfish to be in relationship with anyone. I totally understood her reasoning but felt she deserved so much more. Then Colin comes in as a 'fake' friend turned lover, he was jus such an amazing character, the way he truly felt about Christine was undeniable. They both deserved everything, so glad it ended the way it did. Will look out more from this author.

Thank you to Netgalley for the ARC.

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This was so fun. The plot was well-paced and captivating from start to finish. The characters were charming and witty. I highly recommend this quick read! Many thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for the advanced copy of the book.

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Absolutely cute read. Love how before the guy even meets her, just the one glance and he knew the connection would strong. Love out weights everything!

Was this review helpful?

I enjoyed this book - it was really sweet and as the owner of several chronic illnesses myself I really appreciated the disability representation and the sensitive and accurate way Christine's conditions were portrayed.

I struggled with how quickly they fell in "love" but I guess that is typical of a romance novel. The Paris setting was brilliant, and the extra side characters each added lovely elements.

This was a well written story with sweet characters and a lovely setting. I was a massive fan of the spotify playlists and movie lists at the end - a great touch. Recommend for a light hearted quick read.

Was this review helpful?

This book is so good. It's a clean romance and done so right. Throw in Paris and british accents. I could relate to and see myself as the main character and I don't do that very often but the writing and the plot wad so could I could. I will now pick up any and everything this author writes, she is going on my auto buy list.

I just reviewed The Paris Soulmate by Brooke Gilbert. #TheParisSoulmate #NetGalley
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Favorite parts:
-Meet cute
-Getting schooled by the grandma on the plane
-The first kiss
-Franc's restaurant
-Mona Lisa

I loved how it was so easy to put yourself into Christine's shoes. She may have had a lot of disorders, but you don't learn a lot about what they are. We see anxiety (maybe not to the degree she felt it, but we still have felt some form of anxiety).

I also loved how we see Colin's insecurities. Christine doesn't see how he is insecure because of all she is going through, she thinks he is this perfect man. It was nice to see that he wasn't perfect and that he struggles with things as well.

I thought that Colin was just so great! He understood that Christine has struggles, just like he does, just on a different level. I love how he helped her to see the beauty in herself and helped her feel more secure with who she was.

I was given a copy to read and review from the author and NetGalley for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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The Paris soulmate
🖋️ Brooke Gilbert
Pub day: 15 Dec 2022
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

"He was too good
to be true.And maybe if I
were in any other city, I would
have run, but this was the
city of love."

Such a cute read!! The Paris soulmate is a romance story about Christine, a woman with a diagnosed autoimmune disease, and Collin a jobless actor. One day she decides to go a trip to Paris one more time for her own reasons and in the airport she meets Colin . And then it started all....

As a hopeless romantic, I identified with Christine. I fell in love with Collin, he was so caring and possessive, and I loved the descriptions about my favourite city, Paris. I travelled with them, I laughed and I cried. I liked the insta love, the story wasn't slow burn. We have dual pov , love at first sight and so many kisses!!!

"But then I met
you, and Paris became
something morethan I ever

It was an interesting reading and I recommend it to everyone!!

I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I enjoyed this a lot. I really did see myself in Christine. But once she felt it, she knew. I loved that. It's very cliche but... sometimes we need that in romance books! I can't wait to read more from the author.

Was this review helpful?

First of all, I want to thank NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book!

“A sweet romance novel” as described on the cover is exactly what I expected when I started reading. We meet Christine, who suffers with a chronic illness and is able to finally find a way to travel to Paris. She never thought she’d be able to travel with her health the way it is, but with the help of her friend Lola, she finally convinced herself to go. She meets Colin at the airport and it was love at first sight for them(well… almost), but Colin has a secret that Christine doesn’t know - it wasn’t just a coincidence that they were on the same flight and staying at the same hotel.

I’m someone who loves cute love stories and while at times it felt quick and a little bit unrealistic, I was in love with their love story from the beginning anyway. I was rooting for them to make it all the way until the end of the book. I enjoyed that the author added some drama upon Christine finding out the truth, leaving the reader to wonder what was going to happen with their relationship after all.

This is the first book I’ve read from this author and I’m looking forward to reading more in the future. I give this book four out of five stars and recommend it to anyone looking for a light read full of romance. I also have to say I love that the author included a movie list and Spotify playlist at the end of the book, what a nice touch!

Was this review helpful?

This was AMAZING. I've read alot of books this year and this book takes the cake as one of my top 5 favorite books this year. Such beautiful characters with amazing character development. Christina faces so many challenges in life and Colin is legit the right one to face them with her. So many ups and downs it had me on the edge of my seat fighting for them the entire time. The ending was unexpected but worthy. I loved every moment of this, even stayed up until 2:30am to finish it one sitting. (Yes, this is me leaving a review at 2:30am because I just put the book down and I'm in awe!!) Such a breathtaking journey. I loved how the author created these moments that just engulf you into them that you feel like you're watching it play out right infront your eyes in real time. Beautifully breathtaking.

Side note: I loved how the author took the time and made a Spotify Playlist for this book. So you can listen to it while you read along and it just feels even more magical. She also included Yin Yoga and a Movie list from the book. So much greatness wrapped up in one nicely packaged book.

I received this ARC from NetGalley and the publishers to read and review. All of the statements above are my own true opinions after fully reading this book.

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When an American woman with autoimmune disorders, Christine, and a British man, Colin, meet on a flight to Paris, they don't expect to enjoy each other's company so much and spend their holiday together. But they do...

This sounds like a typical romance but there is so much more to the book, especially when we find out more about Colin and why he is in Paris. Super cute, super clean (nothing further than kissing) and guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face at the end. Did I mention this was an instalove situation? Not my favourite trope but the author wrote it well and I couldn't help rooting for our couple!

Was this review helpful?

The Paris Soulmate is the debut offering from Brooke Gilbert and tells the story of Christine, a woman on the verge of turning thirty who has decided to take a trip to Paris, something she has long dreamed of but never done for numerous reasons, not least of which is a range of rare autoimmune disorders which take a heavy toll on her mentally as well as physically. Before she even boards the plane she finds herself struggling and it is only with the help of a kind stranger, Colin, that she is able to get on board and keep her dream alive. The chemistry between the pair is undeniable, and Christine is starting to wonder if she has found the man of her dreams , but is it all a little too good to be true? The course of true love never did run smooth and that is certainly true of this book, and as we the readers soon learn there is more to Colin than meets the eye.
This is a sweet story, full of flirty moments and with an obvious chemistry between the main characters. The underlying set up may be implausible, but to be fair ,when you pick up a romance novel you are looking to be taken away from reality and this book will certainly do that. I appreciated that Christine was living with chronic illnesses and I thought the author did an excellent job in portraying that and helping those who do not have to live with such conditions to understand the limitations they can cause and how they impact so many aspects of daily life. Besides the sweet romantic moments there were also some genuinely laugh out loud moments , most notably involving an elderly lady on the plane. On the negative side, I thought the insta-love was a little heavy handed ,though it was interesting to see it coming from the male character first, and I found the inclusion of some religious elements towards the end of the book a little jarring and out of place.
Overall a perfectly enjoyable romance.
I read and reviewed an ARC courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher, all opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

Can you fall in love in a matter of hours? Christine is on her way to Paris when she meets Colin in the airport. He swoops in and helps her out in a time of need. Sparks fly as words are exchanged during some banter and the two separate. The next thing Christine knows, she is sitting next to Colin on the plane and the crew is taking bets on whether or not they work out their issues. By the time they reach Paris, they are smitten. The two spend their trip together seeing the sites and falling in love. But there is a twist to their story and Christine didn't see it coming...

This story really opens your eyes to what a person in Christine's shoes deals with on a daily basis. Christine has autoimmune disorders and calls herself a medical mystery. Just getting to and on the plane was a journey for her. I think we need more books with characters who open our eyes to what real people deal with every day.

I love sappy love stories. While I do not believe in insta love and this was just not realistic to me in terms of how these two just connected and fell so fast, it was a love story that I loved all the way through. Colin was enamored with her not despite her health issues but because of her strength. He saw the person she was inside and out. Everyone they met could see how perfect they were together. You couldn't fake those feelings.

I'm not sure how I feel about Lola. I get that she wanted to take care of her friend, but the whole ordeal was sketchy. Christine forgave her a little too fast for me. She made Colin work for it more. I guess you just chock it up to pregnancy hormones!

This is a book worth checking out if you love to read a love story that you can get swept away in!

Thanks to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for this ARC! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

This is a really sweet and lovely read. When Christine and Colin meet at the airport before their flight to Paris, it’s practically love at first sight. However Colin is keeping a secret.

I really enjoyed these two characters and their blossoming romance. My only downfall is that I wish there had been some more detail on who they were as individuals as well as who they are together. But this was a truly romantic read.

Was this review helpful?

I was not prepared to love this book as much as I did!
I don't take a risk on new authors or authors I haven't read a book of before but I'm so glad I read this. This was such a cute book the plot twist had me wide-eyed and gasping!
I absolutely loved the chemistry colin (a cute British guy) and Christine shared and how he didn't judge her or demean her for her disabilities.
definitely a fun read.
Brooke Gilbert is an an author to take a risk on <3

Was this review helpful?

This book was excellent—a cute, feel-good romance with soulmates and instant connection. The characters were lovable and I want a man like Collin in real life, please :) I highly recommend it if you love cutesy romances.

Was this review helpful?

I was drawn to this book by the title and who doesn't want to read about Paris. This was a cute rom com filled with twists and laughter. I loved the main characters and the writing flowed well.
Would definitely recommend this book to others. Thank you netgallley and publisher for this ARC read!!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you so much to NetGalley for sending me this book!

I adored this book. As someone who also has multiple autoimmune issues, it was nice to be seen and be able to see myself as Christine, the main character. This whole story is so adorable. A 5-star read!

Was this review helpful?

This debut novel by Brooke Gilbert really took me to Paris!

The Paris Soulmate only spanned the course of 7 days, so there were a lot of vivid descriptions that made you feel like you were there with the characters. Because of the fast timeline, it was an insta-love story, but it was interesting to see how the characters’ feelings grow over the course of the week.

I really admired Christine’s resilience to the health challenges life threw at her. And I think she was well-paired with Colin who was sweeter than pie!

You may enjoy this book if you like:
✈️A trip to Paris
✈️Autoimmune disorders rep
✈️LOTS of kissing
✈️Movie references
✈️Faith elements

Content warning: anxiety, medical episode, sexual harassment

Thank you so much to NetGalley and the author for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Was this review helpful?

This book's extremely sweet & lighthearted. It had me smiling the entire time.😁
It describes Christine & Colin's 7 day Paris trip in such a way as if its you who's travelling.✈️
Christine's illness and the effects it has on her life, relationships & her self esteem was dealt with care.💟
This debut novel is full of so many classic movies references & swoonworthy lines, that one couldn't help but adore.❤️
The movie list, spotify playlist & Yin Yoga routine at the end are wonderful💫

*Thank you NetGalley for the ARC.*

Was this review helpful?

This was such a cute read! 😍 My favorite part of this story was of the FMC learning how to love herself and others and let her true love in. Colin and Christine have the best character development and they both grew so much individual and together as a couple. I really enjoyed reading this book there were so many laugh out loud moments, my favorite character is probably Doris and all her advice! She was so funny and I loved her story. I laughed, I cried and so happy with the ending the author gave us 10/10 highly recommend

Was this review helpful?

Paris, a whirlwind romance, secrets, deep understanding of chronic diseases/disorders, and nods to classic films made this sweet romance such an enjoyable read! It’s a great debut novel and I’ll definitely be looking for the next book from this author. While the story takes place over a mere week, the insta-love romance felt natural and believable.

Christine suffers from numerous autoimmune disorders. Her dream is to return to Paris now that she has more control over her body. In the airport, she meets a handsome stranger with a delicious Mr. Darcyesque accent and persona. Her cautious nature though kicks in and even over the ten hour flight with him sitting next to her, it’s hard to believe this guy is real. Throw in a caring best friend who can’t be with her because she’s getting ready to have a baby, a meddling older lady, a bet, and the romance of Paris, and you have the makings of a good story. Colin has his own secrets he’s hiding and just when he’s gained Christine’s trust, their budding relationship could all come crashing down.

This book really captured my heart. As someone who also suffers from autoimmune diseases, I could really identify with Christine and the emotions she feels. Her struggle with trying to be independent and yet having to constantly be aware of everything that triggers her symptoms was very realistic. The descriptions of Paris made me feel like I was right there with the main characters, visiting all the famous sites. I appreciated Colin’s compassionate nature and the way he cares for Christine without seeming pitying or condescending. Anyone who suffers from a chronic illness will appreciate all that Christine goes through and feel her triumph when she’s able to fulfill several of her wishes.

It’s a fun, sweet, story with great representation of those who suffer from autoimmune diseases. I also enjoyed the way the author wove faith into the story in a natural way. This is definitely an author to keep an eye on. I received an advanced complimentary copy from the author through NetGalley. All opinions are my own and I was not required to provide a positive review.

Was this review helpful?

This book was the absolute cutest. I have to say, I normally really don’t like insta love because it’s a huge cliché, but this one was amazing and not weird or cliché at all.

The disability representation was amazing. And Colin is just such a sweetheart. The writing style was perfect and extremely enjoyable and the overall story was beautiful. It has everything you need or want in a romance book. My favorite character has to be Doris though. She is so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing.

Thanks NetGalley for providing me with this arc!!

Was this review helpful?

As well as being a "nice rom-com" this was a very interesting read adding chronic illness into the mix. It gave an insight into life for a young person in today's world living with serious limitations. There was a lot of humour though in the situations Christine and Colin, two most unlikely names for romantic leads, got into. I could just picture François the concierge as an archetypical moustache twirling villain. All through the book i was cringing at the thought of Colin having to come clean to Christine about why he was on the trip and was hoping so hard she could see past the origins. An enjoyable and somewhat enlightening read. #netgalley #theparissoulmate

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to BooksGoSocial and NetGalley for the review copy.

"The Paris Soulmate" is a super cute and lovely story to read. True feel good and romance. Such a sweet story. Some might say that it is way too cheesy, but it is most definitely cute.

The book is well written in a somewhat fast speed tempo. With that said, the tempo is perfect. Just enough details and just enough action. And a lot of fun and love. The perfect combination.

Also, the descriptions of Paris are great. I love the setting there. The city of romance.

If you want an easy read and a super cute and heart warm story, "The Paris Soulmate" is the novel for you!

Was this review helpful?

Brooke Gilbert is a new to me author but wow she writes amazing.

She thinks of amazing characters with wonderful development.

I was so wrapped up into this story.

There were so many twists and turns, funny moments.

I can not stress enough how amazing a read this was, a heart warming story.

Christine is on a trip of a lifetime after she got the news that she has a multiple rare autoimmune disorders.

(amazing representation of them as well)

She has a low self esteem.

All that makes sure she thinks that it is selfish to be in a relationship with anyone.

Colin is a bit a standard romance character.

Was this review helpful?

This one is a sweet and clean romance that relies on the characters conversation and POV to dig in to their minds and getting to know them more. The story itself was charming and nothing like I've seen before.. Especially their exchanges and as each conversations getting deeper, it's getting gentler to at the same time. I'm so attached to them to the point it makes me nervous on what would happening once the secret being revealed because I knew it'd crushed their tender souls too much. I love the great details of Paris and art references here. It has been enjoyable and exciting read for me so far, the author really great job in building the tensions. I can't wait for the next book!

Was this review helpful?

This was a romance set mostly in Paris. A quick easy read. Christine suffers with chronic illness but is determined to travel to Paris to fulfill a secret desire.
Christine’s best friend Lola is pregnant and can’t travel to Paris with Christine but secretly wants to ensure Christine is safe.
Colin, an out of work actor also has a secret. He is travelling to Paris and helps Christine when she has a panic attack.
I loved the way movies and songs were interspersed throughout the story. Also I loved the descriptions of the tourist attractions and places visited by Christine and Colin.

Was this review helpful?

Christine has battled with an autoimmune disorder for most of her 20’s. She’s finally at a place where her health allows her to live life to the fullest again so she decides to travel to Paris. In the airport she meets the most incredible man, the man of her dreams and they decide to spend the week together in the city of love. What could possibly go wrong.

If you’re not a fan of the insta love trope this one isn’t for you. Christine and Collin have an instant connection and their relationship progresses really fast. I got fairytale vibes, a woman who’s finally found herself and her perfect match is the dream. It’s cheesy and I love it.

Then there’s the twist. I was so wrapped up in the fact that she meet this seemingly perfect stranger to even consider there was a set up. This added another layer to the story that made for an interesting conflict.

Other things I liked was the dual pov, chronic illness representation, the map and lists included. A movie list, playlist, yoga routine all related to the book ofc. Amazing!

I highly recommend this one to fans of sweet romance and women’s fiction. It’s available in KU so go download it!

Was this review helpful?

Rating: 4 stars ⭐️
Tropes: instant connection 👫
enemies to lovers 💋
fake marriage 💍
one bed 🛏
closed door romance🚪

This story follows Colin and Christine, they met at the airport and there was an instant attraction! There was a lot of banter when they were flying to Paris! 🇫🇷

He falls head over heels for her and has second thoughts about the offer he took from her best friend Lola. 🌸

I liked the characters and this story was really cute! He did everything for her! 💕

This story has chronic illness representation.

Thank you to the author and Netgalley for providing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

The Paris Soulmate by Brooke Gibert is a fun and engaging read. Told from the viewpoint of Christine, a soon to be 30 something who has had her life limited and dictated to by autoimmune disorders, you will follow as she not only survives her ilnesses but thrives because of them. Visiting Paris on her own and claiming her Dream Trip of returning to a city that inspires her love and lust for life, she seizes this opportunity to be her best self. However, unbeknownst to her, her best friend Lola has hired a wellness body guard to ensure that Christne stays safe, well, and does not exert herself. Cue the Meet Cute of Southern born and out of work actor Colin to present to be her perfect Mr. Darcy. In the best and truest of Rom Com Fashion it was love-at-first sight for Colin when he sees Christne's image and he is not so keen on simply protecting this lovely body and woman from a distance. With backstory of his own, and the help fo Doris - the lovely 'Grandma from seat 12 C' the City of Love will bring these two lovers all that that deserve!

Filled with great dialogue and a lot of life lessons along the way, you can read what would be a wonderful LifeTime Movie that brings all the best of what it means to not just find The Love of Your Life, but remind you about the power of Loving Yourself.

For my both Bookstagram Visual Reviews of Paris Soulmate please see

Was this review helpful?

Christine decides to take her bucket list trip back to Paris. Since being diagnosed with several rare autoimmune disorders, she'd given up on returning. On her way, an extremely handsome British stranger seems to have mysteriously fallen onto her path. Is it just fate that they're both heading to Paris at the same time?

"Soulmates don’t come to us as we expect them to. They don’t come in the package we expect, they don’t come the way we expect, and they certainly don’t come when we expect.”

Christine and Colin had amazing chemistry, instantly connecting and growing even closer by the time their plane landed in Paris. Colin cherished her and if nothing else wanted her to remain with the truth that she was enough, and a beauty to behold no matter her disorders.

I loved that I fell in love with Paris as I read this story; I got to go with them to different places, from Colin's awe-inspiring declaration of love at the Louvre in front of the Mona Lisa 😍, cruising on the red moped 🛵 to Normandy, having a caricaturist draw their portrait 🎨, and meeting amazing people.

The plot twist a few chapters in had me intrigued to find out how things would play. Their love was so cheesy, but that made it even sweeter, that they could let go and risk it all for another having only known each other less than a week. I absolutely loved this 🥰

Thank you Netgalley and Publisher for the ARC.

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What can I say this book had me hooked and loved it all from beginning to end. It was a good read. This had it all. Gave me the feels.

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Such a cute read! The Paris Soulmate is a romantic story about Christine and Colin. Christine is a woman with an autoimmune disease while Colin is a jobless actor. Christine decides to take to take a trip to Paris where she meets Colin at the airport and it all starts there.

I loved the characters, the description of Paris, and overall the whole book!

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