Tattooed Sweetness

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Pub Date 07 Dec 2022 | Archive Date 11 Jan 2023

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Do opposites attract? Like sea salt and sugar? Like espresso and latte? Like TATTOOED and SWEETNESS?

Philipp: Of course, I know how people like you see me. Do you think I am fucking stupid?

Short, shaved hair, full-body tattooed, always a curse on my lips.

You eye my body modifications, and you see an outlaw. Why else would someone ink every square inch of his skin?

You literally could not be more wrong. Being occupied with running my business and practicing my art, I am turning my dream into a reality.

And it is precisely on the last point that a sweetness as innocent as she is pure-skinned crosses my plans.

Celine: Degree completed—check. Started the first job—check. Now I just have to complete my first client appointment successfully.

Then the realization of what I long for most of all will come closer: a real, genuine family of my own.

But now the client turns out to be not only fully tattooed and equipped with an excess of smugness, but also irritating charisma: exotic, masculine, and dangerous.

I should keep him at a distance and my well-ordered strategy in mind. Right?

Oh my God. I don't think it will work out. Because I can't get this man out of my head.

Opposites attract slow-burn romance

Do opposites attract? Like sea salt and sugar? Like espresso and latte? Like TATTOOED and SWEETNESS?

Philipp: Of course, I know how people like you see me. Do you think I am fucking stupid?


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I found this book very entertaining, I liked that they didn't jump into a relationship, and they actually formed a friendship first and then proceeded into something more.

I loved Celine, the fact that she was kind, lovely, loyal, hardworking... I loved that she did shopping on discounts, making a grocery list with her family all those simple everyday tasks that an everyday person can relate to. I liked that she didn't change herself to fit in the new crowd, she just appeared and everyone was like 'ok we now love Celine'

After all i was even ok with Bela whose character I didn't like at first, the fact that they overcome their differences later even being friendly with Celine (exchanging recipes, etc)

The one thing I was missing was a little more romance, hence the 4-star rating. They got together in the end and it was too short for me, I would really love to read a bit more of the romantic side before the baby. But all in all, I loved it, and will search for more work by this author!

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I read this book was going to be a slow burn, so I prepared myself. These tend to take me longer to get through because of the whole will they, won’t they, and OMG when?? I couldn’t believe how quickly I zipped through this book.

I adored the unlikely pair. The book allowed them to bond and grow a genuine connection. They both helped each other through some heavy situations (like the moments w/ Celine’s absolutely atrocious bf who deserved way worse). But like a previous reviewer said, I wish there had been a bit more romance prior to the ending.

Still, I was left highly satisfied. I adored this book. I really enjoyed the recipes given at the end as well, that was a nice touch. I will definitely take a look at other works by the author. Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read another wonderful book.

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The chemistry between the two of them is enough to incinerate those who come between them, every remark and interaction only adds to the angst. Great read.

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The translation made it a little difficult to read, but I enjoyed the story. It was a fairly quick read. The characters chemistry and life situations made the storyline awesome!

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Thank you NetGalley for sending me a copy to review.

This book was an enjoyable quick read, the slow burn romance was just what the doctor ordered.

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Good! I’ve been enjoying some romance, but this was a little less to my taste. Even so, the prose was good, and the characters were fleshed out. It was a quick read, nothing too crazy. I’ll recommend for anyone looking around in this genre!

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The book is a slow burn. If you cross first ten chapters the you might love it. The hero keeps his feelings hidden for the heroine even though it was very clear that he can't pass a day with her. I just needed more of description as on some chapters I found we reached the conclusion soon.

Philipp - The male character's past was something I didn't expect. I adored the way how he shared everything with Celine.

Celine - The female character is independent and confident woman who will steal your heart.

P.S: I loved the way Kevin proposed Celine that was really romantic for me.

I am hoping to try the Dutch version of this book as I felt the translation didn't to justice.

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Phillipp and Celine were the epitome of opposites attract. I enjoyed their development and storyline. Poor Phillipp has had a rough life and he just needed someone like Celine to come along and believe in him, give him comfort and support and be a partner. Great story!

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I loved the characters and the plot of the story, I will definitely be reading more from this author.

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This was definitely a fun and entertaining read despite it being quite predictable. I thoroughly enjoyed and loved it

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Review for 'Tattooed Sweetness' by Katlyn S. Coen.

Read and reviewed via NetGalley for Katlyn S. Coen.

Publication date 7th December 2022.

This is the the first book I have read by this author but it most certainly won't be my last!!

I was originally drawn to this book by its beautiful eye catching cover and its intriguing synopsis and title.

This novel consists of 31 chapters and an epilogue. The chapters are short to medium in length so easy to read 'just one more chapter' before bed...OK, I know yeah right, but still just in case!

This book is based in Mosbach, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany🇩🇪.

This book is written in third person perspective and the main protagonists are Philipp Sandtmann and Celine Lechner. The benefits of third person perspective with multiple protagonists are that it let's you see the bigger picture of what's going on and you get to know more characters more, what they are thinking and what they are doing. It feels like you get to see the whole picture and not miss out in anything.

In 'Tattooed Sweetness' all of the characters are flawed and struggle with their own issues and insecurities. Tattooed Sweetness is about love, loss, and experiencing life in all its facets. It deals with sensitive topics that may be triggering for some readers.


The storyline is an absolutely perfect example of not only how opposites can attract but how you shouldn't judge a book by its cover or a person by their skin. I was sucked straight into the storyline from the first page to the very last and loved discovering the different areas of Montreal. The setting is gorgeous and I love the fact that Katlyn includes QR codes that you can scan throughout the storyline to help you get an even more vivid picture of what is happening in your head. I found the storyline to be unique and I enjoyed watching the friendship and relationships between the characters develop and change throughout the book. It is filled with romance, tattoos, friendships along with some tension, suspense and abuse. Katlyn has done an amazing job on writing from both Philipp and Celine's characters and I enjoyed discovering what was going on in their minds as well as seeing what they were doing. I enjoyed the fact that the chapters had their own titles related to what was going to happen in that chapter and I also found the translations of some of the different languages used to be very helpful. I absolutely adored the last chapter 'What Really Happened' as I always love discovering where authors get their ideas for their storylines from and the fact that this one came from a chance meeting of a couple who were the complete opposite is fantastic. Although this book is advertised as a slow burn I found the storyline itself to be fast paced and I absolutely flew through it in a day and still wanted more. I started it in the afternoon and I just could not put it down until I finished at 2am so I completely blame you Katlyn for the bags under my eyes!!! It is absolutely gripping and will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions from happy to sad, angry to filled with a bubbly feeling. I loved the tattoo aspect of the book being a huge tattoo fan myself. I am the type of person when wearing a long sleeve top and trousers nobody can tell I am inked but in shorts and a T-shirt you can see I am covered which always seems to surprise people. I absolutely adored the ending which was absolutely perfect. I was shocked when Philipp's past was revealed and then shocked again when his father revealed his secret. It does annoy me though how he could protect Konstantin but was an awful father to Philipp. I loved the fact that Katlyn included the recipes for Celine's Pide-Pizza and Philipp's Jalapeno Pimento Cheese Sandwiches at the end which I thought was a nice addition and not something you come across much. I would have liked to know more about what happened to Kevin and the gang that came to the tattoo parlour but not every book is ended with a perfect ribbon and I didn't think it affected the storyline. I also want to point out that this book was translated to English and I think that the translator did a fantastic job!

I was not a fan of Philipp at all when I first met him and found him to be obnoxious, full of himself and to put it bluntly just up his own butt. My first impressions of Celine were of a hard working, sweet woman who unfortunately could not see her scummy boyfriend for the using piece of crud that he was. I absolutely could not stand Kevin from the start and the way he treated Celine made me sick. I mean what sort of loser gets jealous of a character in a book for crying out loud? Philipp, however, started to grow on me and as we started seeing his softer side I started liking him more and more. I loved Celine's friend Pauline and thought that she was a great friend for her and excellent support. She was full of life and laughter and she is the type of friend everybody needs. I thought Bella, Philipp's girlfriend at the start iof the book, was a bit desperate and clingy as well as being extremely jealous. However, Bella also grew on me as I continued through the storyline and it was nice to see a friendship develop[ between her and Bella. I absolutely adored Celine's Aunt Mareike and her "partner" Horst who were both larger than life characters and absolutely brilliant support network for Celine. regardless whether you love or hate the characters they all work perfectly together in this sexy page turning romance.

Well done Katlyn on an absolutely fantastic page turner. I am looking forward to reading more of your books! Here is to your next success!!

Overall a page turning, sexy romance that goes to show how opposites can attract!!

Genres covered in this novel include Romance, Comedy, Contemporary Romance, Slow burn Romance, Romantic Comedy Comics, Graphic Novels, Manga and Humor & Satire amongst others.

357 pages.

This book is just 99p to purchase on kindle, free on kindle unlimited and £11.99 on paperback via Amazon which I think is an absolute bargain for this book!!!

Rated 5 /5 (I LOVED it ) on Goodreads, Instagram, Amazon UK and Amazon US and on over 30 Facebook pages plus my blog on Facebook.

Feel free to add me on Goodreads or follow me on my website or Facebook for more reviews

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My first and not last story by Katlyn S. Coen. I love slow burn stories and this definitely was a slow burn. I really enjoyed the story and the plot. The cast of characters grew on me and I loved getting to know them.

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This story was not what I expected but I liked. The slow burn is one of my favorite tropes and this was really slow, I feel like there was not much romance. I did like that the character kept his feelings from her.

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