Someone Just Like You

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Pub Date 25 Jul 2023 | Archive Date Not set

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Two childhood rivals are forced to work together to plan their parents’ anniversary party in “this pitch-perfect enemies-to-lovers rom-com.” (BookPage)

New Yorker Molly Blum knows everything about her lifelong nemesis, Jude Stark. With their families so close, they should have been best friends. Instead, she thinks he’s a too-charming slacker, and he thinks she’s allergic to fun. After years of one-upping each other’s pranks (chocolate-dipped cat treats are not as delicious as they appear), one high school joke went too far, and they stopped speaking completely. But now that they’re supposed to help plan a massive party for their parents—together—there’s no better time to resume their war.

And it is on. Only somewhere between all the sniping and harmless hijinks, a reluctant friendship develops, along with an unexpected spark of sexual tension. It might have to do with the fact that she’s been dating Jude-lookalikes and he’s been dating Molly doppelgangers. Or the fact that neither of them is nearly as horrible as they thought. All Molly and Jude know is that they’ve mastered the art of hating each other. Falling in love, on the other hand, is a whole new battlefield.

Two childhood rivals are forced to work together to plan their parents’ anniversary party in “this pitch-perfect enemies-to-lovers rom-com.” (BookPage)

New Yorker Molly Blum knows everything about...

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For media inquiries, please contact Estelle Hallick:

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ISBN 9781538754788
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Featured Reviews

- enemies to lovers
- polar opposites
- witty banter
- Jewish representation

- career-ending injury
- male pressure (very brief)
- parental separation/divorce

Molly and Jude have been enemies since first grade and their animosity has been a sideshow for their close families for the past 20 years. Both MC's are the youngest of three siblings and have been constantly thrown together throughout their lives, including the most recent time of planning a joint anniversary party for their parents. But doing anything together seems impossible as the two have been hating one another with ever-intensifying pranks since they were kids. Now, in their 20's, Molly is a Type A planner and Jude is a laid-back joker. I enjoyed the witty banter between Jude and Molly, as well as the banter directed their way from their siblings. My favorite part though was the trope in which both characters unknowingly dated those that were similar to one another each time. I could not stop laughing at the constant comparisons and snide sibling remarks on this! My only complaint was a month skipped between the two MC's that I believe could have been a lot of fun and given me a strong connection to each. Last but not least, Schorr never disappoints with her pop culture references and I adored the Beatles lyrics in coversations as well as one memorable scene talking through Hart of Dixie and its character highlights!

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What a delightful book! I loved this conceit: "I hate everything about you but everyone I've ever dated is exactly like you, oh fuck." Also known as nemeses-to-lovers AND one shared brain cell. Throw in a soupçon of forced proximity and you have Someone Just Like You!

My favorite things about Meredith Schorr's writing include the genius-level character names and more importantly, character nicknames they come up for each other (even more believable that the characters came up with them for each other as children iykyk). As a New York resident, the details about microneighborhoods are thrillingly accurate. And, pssst, this is not-so-secretly a baseball book!

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If your type is “people who look, dress, and act just like that person I claim to hate,” your subconscious may be trying to tell you something. I enjoyed the way Molly and Jude were experts at getting under each other’s skin, pranking and teasing each other just like they did as kids. It felt very true to their history as longtime family friends. The progression of their relationship and the issues they faced along the way also felt realistic. Their families and friends (Nani! Alex and Jerry!) were great and made me laugh. And I liked watching Molly handle her career dilemmas. This book was such a fun ride!

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Thank you Netgally and Forever Publishing for the arc! Someone Just Like You follows childhood rivals Molly and Jude who are forced to work with each other to help plan a joint wedding anniversary party for their parents who have been neighbors and friends for years. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Molly and Jude and learning about their long history. The banter in the beginning was some of my favorite and really funny. Although Molly and Jude couldn’t be more different, throughout the book they kept dating people who were like the other. Slowly realizing there might be something there they actually like. My one complaint would be the 3rd act, the conflict felt a little forced but I understood why it had to happen. Overall, I flew through this one and found it so funny and enjoyable. Highly recommend!! Thanks again to Netgally and Forever Publishing

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Molly and Jude were childhood friends, the youngest siblings of sets of three who grew up next door to each other and were inseparable...until they became sworn enemies. Fast forward through twenty years of rivalry, pranks, and hating each other, and they are thrust together as the two families plan a party. Over the years, they've each dated carbon copies of the other, unwittingly, which humors their siblings. The story comes together at the party, with a scene you can't help but picture in your head, and then they have to go through their ups and downs on their journey from friends to enemies to finally lovers.

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This book was a fun twist on a soulmates trope and I thought the premise of them constantly dating people that looked like each other was super unique. Meredith's books really bring New York to life and utilize the setting so well. It makes the NJ native in me excited to see names and places I recognize.

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This was a delightful read! The immature pranks between the love interests really feels rooted in their childhood relationship that they just can’t quite escape. Had a blast reading this and finished it in one day. The author did a great job with the push and pull and the ups and downs of the protagonist’s journey.

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What a fun rom-com! I really like Meredith Schorr’s writing style. She has the perfect amount of fun and steam. I do recommend this book for a quick and entertaining read!

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Thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and author for an ARC in exchange for my honest review!

Molly and Jude’s banter made this book. It was so quick witted and kept the story moving so well. It was great to watch them navigate their feelings and towards each other. You could feel he tension when reading. I also loved their friends and their involvement in the story. Plus the epilogue was cute!

This was a fun, charming read. It moved quickly and I wanted to know how it all played out.

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This was the first book I’ve read by Meredith Schorr but it definitely won’t be the last!

Jude and Molly are childhood friends turned enemies. They used to be best friends until becoming rivals in elementary school. Molly is very Type A and has to plan everything out while Jude is Type B and goes with the flow. Jude loved to play pranks on Molly and Molly always retaliated. Since graduating high school, Molly has done her best to avoid Jude. However, now they are forced to work together to plan a party and of course Jude starts up with the pranks again and Molly can’t resist getting him back.

I’m a huge fan of enemies to lovers so I really enjoyed this book. This was a cute story and I thought the pacing was great. I liked the scenes when all the siblings were together and picked on the “juniors”. If you’re a fan of childhood friends/rivals, enemies to lovers, I highly recommend!

Thank you NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for the arc!

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Schorr delights again with her breezy, joyful prose, this time celebrating love-disguised-as-rivalry between two New Yorkers who can't seem to see eye to eye. One is a planner. One is more prone to spontaneity, But perhaps their differences can lend a relationship strength. The characters' history of dating people who resemble one another provides entertaining background, while 3 plot-lines braid together: Molly's struggles with a toxic work environment, her attempts to keep her parents' marriage going, and her growing realization that Jude might be the perfect guy for her. We also get a fabulous best friend and a few key cameos from an adorable dog. A swift, fun read, and a great fit for readers who enjoy rivalry as a love language, classic rom-com references, public declarations of love, caring but complicated families, learning how to diverge from the best laid plans when life doesn't pan out the way you thought it would, and a light hint of steam.

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Rom-coms are meant to make you smile, and Meredith Schorr’s Someone Just Like You does just that. You will sometimes find yourself laughing out loud, which, as we all know, is the best feeling ever!

We all know Molly and Jude; sometimes, we’ve actually been one or the other, so how can we not fall in love with these fabulous characters?

From the first page to the last, I adored this book.

Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley for the opportunity to read this book.

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3.75/5 stars

Okay-this was cute. Enemies to lovers is always fun, even if it was a bit forced initially (and a tad immature with all the pranks). But I liked the severe personality differences between the two MC's. And that everyone else seemed to notice they were dating versions of each other...but they didn't.

A fun rom-com, with a quick pace and realistic characters with real flaws and growth. Oh, and cute dogs galore. I'll be keeping this author in mind in the future.

Read if you love:
Childhood frienemies
Enemies to lovers
Big families

Thank you Netgalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for an ARC.

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Someone Just Like You is a feel-good rom-com with the perfect happily ever after.

- childhood friends
- enemies to lovers
- NYC setting
- opposites attract
- banter & pranks abound

Molly and Jude are the youngest sibling in their families and have been neighbors as well as family friends since birth. They are tasked with finding a venue for a joint anniversary party for both sets of parents. They can barely get along but somehow find a way to work together. All along Molly and Jude’s family/friends point out how they are dating clones of their sworn enemy but of course Molly and Jude can’t see it.
During their venue search, Molly begins to “notice” attributes she never noticed on Jude. She sees a sensitive side she’s never seen and now she’s having random thoughts about him.

As a risk-averse planner, people pleaser and Type A person myself, I could definitely relate to Molly. She likes control and loves her structured life. Jude is more of a go with the flow, spontaneous free spirit and that’s hard for her. What isn’t hard? Their pranks and banter which adds such a fun element to the book.

If you’re looking for an easy going read with good pacing, a few twists and turns and a great HEA then Someone Just Like You is your book!

Thank you NetGalley and Forever Publishing for the ARC!

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Someone Just Like You by Meredith Schorr

This book had me laughing from the first time Jude calls Molly “Mole”.
Enemies since childhood, Jude and Molly are thrown together by their elder siblings to help find a venue for an anniversary party celebrating their respective set of parents. While Molly is the type-A-get-it-done kind of gal, she get’s flustered when Jude’s lackadaisical attitude and childhood pranks pick up again. Jude seems to have things fall into his lap and that is just not part of Molly’s plan.

I enjoyed this read so much. You know when you just want a feel-good book? Something that makes you laugh, has realistic expectations/scenes but also gives you a solid list of restaurants to hit up the next time you’re in Manhattan? Yeah, that’s this. And so much more. I loved the tension between Molly and Jude from the get-go. I loved the drive Molly has for her career and how she navigates her money-hungry misogynistic boss. It is such a satisfying feeling to have a feminist undertone in a book without it overriding the plot.

I loved these characters, the settings, the banter and the ups and downs. It felt like I was a bug on the wall the entire story, rooting for the characters to find happiness. The storyline felt true, the characters reacting in ways that their personality would dictate which was very refreshing from the typical rom-com clichés.

I would recommend this book to any and all that love a good laugh, endearing characters, and a realistic love story with a few spicy scenes sprinkled in.

Thank you NetGalley for access to this wonderful read.

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Someone Just Like You has all of the opposites attract, enemies to friends to lovers, why don’t they just talk already vibes that you could ever hope for! You get witty banter plus serious name-calling, adorable dogs, tangled family dynamics, Jewish rep, and some serious cocktail love.

Meredith Schorr does a great job of creating relatable and likable MCs. Her pop culture references, including working Beatles’ lyrics into her characters’ conversations, are on point. The career and family dilemmas both MCs faced felt all too relatable and realistic - doing what you love vs what pays the bills, changing careers, being stuck in a career, and dealing with divorce.

Fantastic, fast-paced romcom that draws you in and keeps you riveted, determined to see how everything works out.

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I enjoyed this fun romantic comedy. Childhood rivals forced together is always a fun troupe. Some of their antics did seem a little childish for their age though. Throw this one in your beach bag or to read on your next flight.

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Jude has been Molly’s nemesis for as long as she can remember. Growing up as neighbors should have made them close, but Jude thinks Molly is a goodie two shoes and Molly thinks Jude is a slacker whose sole purpose in life is to mess with her. After years of an all out prank war, they stopped contact after one practical joke went too far. Molly and Jude are forced together again when their siblings decide to plan a giant party for both sets of parents, and the pranks start anew. Forced to work together to plan the surprise party, the two develop a sort of begrudging friendship. But when they each show up to the party with dates that are essentially each others’ clones, Molly and Jude are forced to consider that the line between hate and love is much blurrier than they thought.

Thank you so much to @netgalley, @readforeverpub, and @meredithschorr for the advance copy! The cover of this book is the absolute cutest. I really liked the pranking between Jude and Molly—it kind of reminded me of Jim and Pam from The Office. Molly’s character was super relatable for me, and I really sympathized with her feeling stuck in her job and people pleasing tendencies. I think she and Jude brought out the best in each other! The dynamics with their families were also a great added layer. This was a fun read! Someone Just Like You releases July 25!

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This was a fun read. The friends to enemies to lovers trope is well done, as is the Jewish representation. In addition to a good romance, there are a lot of other layers to unpack, including our roles in our families and our places in the world. Both Jude and Molly are super cute together, and all of the Beatles references are fantastic.

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