The Maker's Guide to Magic

How to Unlock Your Creativity Using Astrology, Tarot, and Other Oracles

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Pub Date 26 Sep 2023 | Archive Date 10 Oct 2023
St. Martin's Press, St. Martin's Essentials


A guide to unlock creativity through the use of tarot, astrology and other esoteric tools in the modern age.

Every creative knows those magical moments of inspiration and flow can be hard to come by. And in today’s fast-paced, high-stress society, they can feel impossible to reach. Certified astrologer, yoga teacher and creativity workshop leader Andrea Hannah introduces an innovative approach that any maker can use to build their toolkit and align with their creative potential.

Diving into astrology, tarot, the natural elements and other oracles, The Maker’s Guide to Magic breaks down these tools into manageable and easy-to-follow parts that anyone can use to access their creativity—whether they’re beginners in the esoteric realm or advanced practitioners. With the help of spreads, prompts, and other simple exercises, creatives will develop a fresh and customizable approach to explore their art in a mindful way.

A guide to unlock creativity through the use of tarot, astrology and other esoteric tools in the modern age.

Every creative knows those magical moments of inspiration and flow can be hard to come by...

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Featured Reviews

An interesting book for those looking to get into astrology and learn more about the creative spirit behind it.

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This was a really informative read that I thoroughly enjoyed. I especially liked the astrology part and the way the tarot cards were explained. It was an interesting way of interpreting the information that I thought was creative and helpful. It was a cool read that I suggest others interested in astrology and tarot cards check out.

Thanks to NetGalley and the Publisher for the ARC.

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Easy to read with great insights. I’m always curious about astrology, tarot and other unknowns so this book was perfect for me. Quick book with lots of interesting info!

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A good read for anyone wanting to get started in magic or even just curious about it. very informative and educational.

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The Maker’s Guide to Magic is an informative and accessible guide to the esoteric tools that can help creative people fill their lives with magic. Hannah explains that “magic is a tender thing, felt most often in the agony of a sleepless night and the lull between scattered thoughts.” She encourages her readers to embrace their own creativity and enrich their life journeys.

The book introduces the basics of using candles, crystals, incense, and tarot cards, but it is careful to define these items as simple tools for creating magic which truly comes from our own human heartbreak. Hannah, an astrologer and certified yoga teacher, outlines the four steps to the magic process which include clearing the channel, tuning in, taking action, and distilling wisdom. She leads her readers through information on moon and planet cycles and breaks down the complexity of tarot and oracle cards for divination. She offers advice for amplifying or softening the traits of your astrological signs and advocates for the beauty of meditation and mindful time spent in nature. Her organized and informative approach is punctuated by “spellwork” sections which contain journaling prompts designed to help readers connect to their own intuition.

The Maker’s Guide to Magic lightly explores the connections between science, nature, mindfulness, and magic to conclude that the making of art is a necessary element in human healing. Hannah explains that it is impossible to go through life without heartbreak, and she says that “pain is where the light gets in.” She defines the making of art and magic as a conversation between the cosmos and the human heart and she upholds the sacred nature of all creative acts from cooking a meal to starting a business. This book made me think about creativity in new ways, and I highly recommend it to everyone who would like to fill their lives with magic.

Thank you to Netgalley for a free copy of the book in exchange for a fair review.

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I enjoyed reading the book and learning about different concepts of magic. I appreciated the description of the cards more than anything. I know everyone has their own perception about tarot cards but this writer did an amazing job using descriptive language and interpretation, and the meaning of each card.

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Taking Andrea's unearthed classes changed the game for me when it comes to creativity and this book distills everything I loved about those classes in a digestible, delightful format! I highly recommend this book for any creatives (no matter what format you create in) who want to step outside a capitalistic system and work with your own rhythms (and the universe's rhythms) to make creative magic in a sustainable and fun way.

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Yes to communing with tools! ✨🔮♥️ Magic, Creativity and Activation — in my opinion a sacred triad. Andrea Hannah defines magic as a conversation with the cosmic and the human heart — ooh yes!!! As a fellow yoga student and teacher, a lot of what Hannah says speaks to my heart and soul. Distilling the wisdom and working with Tarot are a big part of my everyday practice and I’m always grateful for well written reminders. This book serves as perhaps a new way to look at all the fabulous ways of magic, an opportunity to build new pathways to your personal power. In whichever way this book greets you, it’s a glorious mystical reminder to tap in. Go Boldly!

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This book is the A through Z book on witchcraft. I have never given a five star review, but this book...Wow! As a person who has been practicing for over 30 years, I Wish this had existed back then. This book covers it all ! If you are a new or moderately new witch you will learn a lot. I can't say enough about this book other than Buy It!

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I love this author take on these topic, and pulling from history vs modern concept to support their ideas throughout this book. We’ll explain for any beginners and anyone of teen age and up. If not so much spirituality as is based of humanity in a way, such a unique book. I plan to add it to my bookshelves when in print.

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So much to unpack here. This book somehow manages to be both general and specific. Andrea Hannah packs a lot of information in what does not appear to be a very large book, 176 pages in the galley. (I noted one page was missing: 133 Tarot spreads. After her insightful breakdown of the Major Arcana, I really wanted to see what she would have done w/ spreads. No matter, this will be my birthday gift when it comes out in September.)

Going back to the general and the specific, I think what makes this book work so well is that she cut out all the filler. I love this genre, but in almost every book I think: yeah, yeah, we all know this, skip to the point. That's not absent here, but it's kept to the minimum.

I also like that she defines all the parts we love so much - tarot, astrology, oracles, nature, the elements - as tools. I am a tool nerd, a process nerd, and completely agree with her. There is too much filler in our community centered around buying this tchotchke and you're done, you're enlightened, problems fixed. That's capitalism, not magic. This work is all about our intention, our purpose, our focus, and doing the actual work.

So, that's all general. Here is my specific: her definition of the Justice card, the bit about making your own oracle, her summary of Virgo as the editor and not the virgin (she says Cancer is the most misunderstood, ha! it's Virgo), Earth signs, and especially all the processes of preparing to do the work: Clearing the channel, tuning in, taking action (yes!), and distilling the wisdom ( this last bit is often ignored but so important to the bigger picture.)

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I have always wondered how people use astrology or tarot to do things in their lives that create positive change. This book has many ideas and ways to do just that. The writing is concise and the tools needed are easy to find. The way to plan out your desires is discussed and the meanings of many symbols and memes that may pop up also looked at. This book is fun and IMO easy to use. Excellent.

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Thank you to the Writer and publisher, also thank you NetGalley for the ARC!

This was magic! You learn so much about different ways to use magic from tarot, astrology, nature... the list goes on. This book is so much more than a how to. It's about dwelving deep inside yourself and learning about what kind of magic you possess.

This book teaches you that you have it in you to do so much you just need to believe and take care of yourself.

Reading this book was so much easier than most books dealing with magic or witches. It wasent boring and didn't drag on. It was written beautifully and just on a in depth soul level. I truly enjoyed reading this book.

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This book was wonderful, although not at all what I was expecting. It focused a lot on the cycle of the year, the seasons, the way the world evolves around us and how we can work that into our magic and our creativity. I can honestly say this has been one of my favorite magic books in a long long time.

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