Sir Cumference and the 100 PerCent Goose Chase

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Pub Date 31 Oct 2023 | Archive Date 31 Oct 2023

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Medieval math favorite Sir Cumference series is back! Lady Di of Ameter and Percilla Centwell figure out parts of a whole in this fun percent introduction.

Percilla Centwell and Lady Di are off to Gaggleston-on-Green to deliver Percilla's flock of one hundred geese to the townspeople who ordered them. When some of the geese go missing on the way, Percilla and Lady Di must figure out a way to make sure all of the customers still get their fair share of the flock. 

In this latest medieval math adventure, readers learn about finding percents as part of a whole by using fractions. The endnote includes step-by-step instructions for calculating percent.
Medieval math favorite Sir Cumference series is back! Lady Di of Ameter and Percilla Centwell figure out parts of a whole in this fun percent introduction.

Percilla Centwell and Lady Di are off to...

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I'm not familiar with the rest of the series, but I think this was a nice introduction to percentages. I would have liked to see more of the calculations drawn, and perhaps more integrated in the plot.

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My six year old enjoyed the pictures and the cute story teaching math in an interesting way. The funny story is definitely one that she can listen to more than once in order to cement the mathematics concept of percentages in her mind. A perfect addition to her homeschool books

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As an educator, I’ve come to love Neuschwander’s medieval mathematical series. I began collecting these at the start of my career in 1997 and now my classroom shelves are full of them. I’ve discovered that despite them being aimed at a primary audience, my secondary school students love them, too. While some of the younger students might not pick up on the wordplay or puns, the older students laugh and groan as they eagerly solve the math adventures. The younger students are always captured by the illustrations and rely on re-reading these stories for a chance to focus on the math concept.

In this particular adventure, readers learn about percentages as part of a whole by using fractions. They follow familiar characters, Percilla Centwell and Ladi Di, as they fulfill the townspeople’s orders for geese. As is always the case, there’s a challenge involved and these ladies struggle to get their customers a fair share of the flock when a few geese go missing.

I can always count on the endnote for step-by-step instruction on the math concept learned.

I’ve come to love this series because it makes math fun and accessible for everyone!

I was gifted this copy by Charlesbridge and NetGalley and was under no obligation to provide a review.

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In medieval times on market day, Centwell Goose Eggs were for sale. Sir Cumference and Lady Di purchased all the available goose eggs to make custard. Poppy Centwill explained that her daughter Percilla now had her own flock of one hundred geese, had sold them all, and aimed to deliver them to merchants at Gaggleston-on-Green, a two day journey. Poppy, stumbling and hurting her foot, allowed Lady Di to go in her stead and accompany Percilla to her destination.

On a piece of parchment, Poppy Centwill wrote:
50 percent Geese to Butcher Drummstickey
25 percent Geese to Baker Butterwick
15 percent Geese to Innkeeper Loftsworth
10 percent Geese to Farmer Muckley.

Despite the beautiful recorder music played by Percilla to entice the geese to follow, only forty geese arrive in Gaggleston-on Green. Each customer still needed to get a fair share of the geese. Pictorially, 10 rows of 1o were drawn in the sand to explain the original order. New representations based upon the forty remaining geese followed. Percentages were explained as parts of the whole using fractions. End notes contained a formula to calculate percentages.

This excellent read on percentages is a great addition to the Sir Cumference math book series. Highly recommended.

Thank you Pushkin Children's Books and Net Galley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Great series! Excited to see a new title released.

Thank you to NetGalley for the chance to read this title ahead of its release!

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Another fantastic book in the Sir Cumference series. This book focuses on calculating percentages based on whole numbers. When Lady Di and Percilla Centwell lose their geese on their travels to town they must work together to make sure the remaining geese are shared fairly.
This book would make a wonderful provocation at the beginning of an investigation into percentages. Or alternatively used at the end of an investigation to test for understanding and get students thinking about similar real life applications.
A great addition to the series!
Would work well for middle to upper primary/middle school.

Thank you so much to the author, publisher and Netgalley for this arc in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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My siblings and I loved the Sir Cumference books when we were children, and I'm pleased to see that there are still new books coming out in the series. This one introduces the concept of percentages, and does so in a way that will entertain and educate school-age kids. The story is quirky, funny, and clever, and younger kids who can't yet grasp the math involved can still enjoy the story and pick up some basic vocabulary and concepts that will help them with math later on.

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Sir Cumference and the 100 PerCent Goose Chase is such an excellent introduction to percentages. My 4 year old enjoyed the story and the funny antics and it opened the conversation about what percentage means in an approachable way. Highly recommend this book for home and school bookshelves - great series addition!

Thank you to Charlesbridge and NetGalley for this ARC

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Sir Cumference and the 100 PerCent Goose Chase is a delightful math story. The character names are rich with puns and the illustrations suit the theme 100 percent. *wink wink*

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Thank you to Charlesbridge Publishing, and NetGalley for an Advanced Reader Copy of Sir Cumference and the 100 Percent Goose Chase by Cindy Neuschwander.

Sir Cumference and and Lady Di of Ameter arrive at Market Day and are delighted to see their friend Poppy Centwell selling eggs. Poppy explains these eggs are special because they are her daughter Percilla Centwell’s taken from her flock of 100 geese which have been sold. Sir Cumference and Lady Di offer to accompany Percilla on her journey to deliver the geese to their new owners, but not all of the flock stays with them. In order to fulfill her orders, Percilla has to come up with a new way of thinking in how the remaining geese will be divided.

I love all of Neuschwander’s Sir Cumference stories and recommend them to all of my pre-service teachers who will be teaching math at any level. This particular installment explains percentages in a way that is attainable and easy to understand. A great one to add to the collection!

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Sir Cumference and the 100 Percent Goose Chase was written by Cindy Neuschwander. It is part of a series, but it is not necessary to have read the previous books in order to enjoy this one.

Summary: When Lady Di of Ameter and Percilla Centwell travel to a nearby town to sell a flock of geese, not everything goes according to plan. Will they be able to make all of their customers happy when they arrive with less geese than originally promised?

My Thoughts: I liked this book. The writing is well-done, and I enjoyed the illustrations.

The author does a wonderful job of introducing the concept of calculating percent in a fun and engaging way. And, there are step-by-step easy instructions at the end as well.

I really appreciate stories that are interesting yet also provide a great learning opportunity, and this book definitely accomplishes both of those things!

I would like to thank Charlesbridge for providing me with a free digital copy of this book in exchange for my review. Thank you!

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This book is an excellent addition to the Sir Cumferance collection. It explains percentages in a whimsical way which should hopefully help students better understand this concept. Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read this in exchange for my honest feedback.

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This was such a great informative read! I enjoy this series for read alouds about math, and I think that this is a great addition to explain percentage. It takes a more complex topic and lays it out in a way that is fun and very clear to students.

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Sir Cumference and the 100 PerCent Goose Chase is a fun and inviting tale all about the way percents work. Loved how the story starts with 100 geese and the simple mathematical breakdown of percentages of geese for each customer Percilla and Lady Di have to deliver. Unfortunately things go awry as some geese are lost in the journey. Percilla still is able to give each customer the percent of geese they desire based on the remaining geese. Loved the pictures that aided in seeing the concept of percentage as well as the definition after the story of what a percent is and the different parts needed to solve a percent problem.

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I’ve always been a fan of the circumference books. I think they are a great play on words and a great way to learn math skills. They put all of these skills into a story form that makes them more memorable for any age. The new additions have a boring cover, and I wish they would make them more interesting for kids to check out. What really matters is the material inside and it is excellent.

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This is a really fun book for kids who are learning about percentages in math. The story line was captivating enough to help hold children's attention, while also presenting math in an engaging, interactive way. It would be good for big math groups in the classroom, as well as just reading it to your own kids at home.

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I have loved this series as a math teacher for years and I was excited to see a new title! I was not disappointed at all. Many parts of it made me chuckle and I cannot wait to get a copy for my classroom!

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Tune in for another adventure in the world of Sir Cumference where every thing you know about math is just a little bit different but then it also seems to make a lot of sense in the end. In this adventure a whole flock of geese teach the reader about PerCent or should I say percent?

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Thanks to NetGalley and Charlesbridge Publishers for the opportunity to read Sir Cumference and the 100 Percent Goose Chase (Percentages) by Cindy Neuschwander. Sir Cumference is the first book in the math series that I have read by this author. I found the medieval tale of learning about the elements of percentages—percent, part, and whole—using fractions to solve the goose-chasing dilemma compelling and exciting. Ms. Neuschwander's story has characters with witty, creative mathematical names: Lady Di Ameter, Sir Cumference, Poppy Centwell, and Percilla Centwell. In the story, Lady Di Ameter helps Percilla take 100 geese to the town of Gaggleton-on-Green to sell them to 4 townspeople. They lost a few geese during the journey and arrived in town with 40 geese. Unfortunately, Percilla cannot sell the townspeople the number of geese expected, but she can sell them the exact percentage ordered from the remaining flock.

Sir Cumference and the 100 Percent Goose Chase (Percentages) has a publication date of October 31, 2023. This book would be a great addition to math class as it is an effective tool to help students learn the formula for percentages step by step and apply the skills to solve the problems posed in the story. I highly recommend this book for classroom use.

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These books are the best way to sneak in some math learning for kids. I love how seemlessly the Sir Cumference books are able to input math concepts into an interesting story. This volume provides great visuals for percentages as part of a whole by using geese feathers. While this book is part of a series, each book can be read alone. This is great for those (like me) who want to use them as supplemental material when teaching specific math concepts. Or they can always be read for fun! The only note I have is that I would love for there to be some practice problems and answers to help make it a more interactive experience.

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Another Sir Cumference Math adventure with a 100 PerCent Goose Chase! This is a fun and entertaining way to teach kids about percentages in another great book of math adventures. This is a genius way of showing kids this important concept. Great illustrations and fun story!

Thanks Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to review this advanced review copy (ARC) in exchange for my honest review on the book!

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I love books like this. It is such a fun way to learn about math. I can't wait to add it to our shelves!

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