Time to Shine

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Pub Date 26 Sep 2023 | Archive Date 26 Oct 2023

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"Rachel Reid's hockey heroes are sexy, hot, and passionate!" —#1 New York Times bestselling author Lauren Blakely

From the USA TODAY bestselling author of the Game Changers series comes a merry and bright hockey romance about finding your place, finding your people and finding your way back to the one you love the most. 

For Landon Stackhouse, being called up from the Calgary farm team is exciting and terrifying, even if, as the backup goalie, he rarely leaves the bench. A quiet loner by nature, Landon knows he gives off strong “don’t talk to me” vibes. The only player who doesn’t seem to notice is Calgary’s superstar young winger, Casey Hicks.

Casey treats Landon like an old friend, even though they’ve only interacted briefly in the past. He’s endlessly charming and completely laid-back in a way that Landon absolutely can’t relate to. They couldn’t have less in common, but Landon needs a place to live that’s not a hotel room and Casey has just bought a massive house—and hates being alone.

As roommates, Casey refuses to be defeated by Landon’s one-word answers. As friends, Landon comes to notice a few things about Casey, like his wide, easy smile and sparkling green-blue eyes. Spending the holidays together only intensifies their bromance-turned-romance. But as the new year approaches, the countdown to the end of Landon’s time in Calgary is on.

"Rachel Reid's hockey heroes are sexy, hot, and passionate!" —#1 New York Times bestselling author Lauren Blakely

From the USA TODAY bestselling author of the Game Changers series comes a merry and...

A Note From the Publisher

Please note: TIME TO SHINE contains depictions of grief related to the past death of a close family member.

Please note: TIME TO SHINE contains depictions of grief related to the past death of a close family member.

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Featured Reviews

I love Rachel Reid. I have read the entire "Game Changers" series twice, and "Heated Rivalry" and "The Long Game" 3 or 4 times each... So, I was pretty (extremely) excited to see she had a new book coming out.

If you are a Game Changers fan, you'll love this too - a lot of the same vibes, but a couple of young players, battling with different challenges. In particular I LOVE Landon's character, his personality, how he's coming up to get his chance at the NHL, his way of speaking (he just has a great quiet straightforward way of talking - he doesn't say much, but says what he means when he does.) He and Casey are wonderful together as their relationship grows. The communication is phenomenal & refreshing compared to so many romance-genre books.

As Reid has written, it's set in a similar world to Game Changers, but just a little kinder/less homophobic one, which is nice. There are definitely echoes of Game Changers' series characters and scenes in here -- but who minds that?! (e.g. Casey's random ramblings/no filter remind me of Hazey the goalie from Game Changers, just turned up to 11; and there's one scene (you'll know it when you read it) that reminds me of the scene between Shane and Ilya the night Ilya won the award in Las Vegas....)

Anyway - it's more of wonderful Rachel Reid, the characters are lovely, the teammates are fun, the world is sweet, the hockey is awesome - I really like how Reid gives Landon the success he's worked so hard for - but doesn't overdo it (i.e. he falters, works hard, comes back, builds his reputation as awesome, but the team doesn't win it ALL.). I think the only thing this lacks that Game Changers' series has, is that depth that comes from getting to know more of the people & relationships in this world -- so what I'm saying is, I'm hoping for five more books in Casey & Landon's world....

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Rachel Reid has gifted us all with yet another gem of a romance. Tender, disarming, and charmingly funny. I smiled through my entire read, even through the thought moments.

Landon gets called up to Calgary from the farm team. He’s a good goalie, but he’s got his own personal struggles after the loss of his older sister at a young age. He meets Casey who is loud, funny, and never ever stops talking. The opposite of London in almost every way. When Landon’s stay on the team becomes longer, Casey invites him to stay in his way too big house because Casey hates to be alone and hates silence and a roommate should help right? From there is a slow burn tender friends to love story that I didn’t know Rachel had it in her to write. Slow burns aren’t always my thing, but it worked perfectly here. I won’t say why because spoilers, but their slow progression from teammates, to roommates, to friends, to lovers, was absolutely perfect. Their teasing banter was the absolute best. Nothing mean about it, just teasing and flirting and sweetness.

<b><I> “Y’know, you were the first person I tried not to flirt with, because I liked you too much.”

“That doesn’t make sense.”</I></b>

I loved how they brought out the best in one another. Casey made Landon laugh, made him open up, made him fearless. Landon kind of taught Casey how to be human Lmao. Brought him down to earth. There is so much more I want to say but this is an arc review and the book won’t come out for months but, Rachel tackled some big things in this holiday romance and she did it well. Important things. I think for a romance from someone like her (with the kind of reach she has) to tackle those topics, as understated as they are, was important. I’ll just leave it at that :)

I can’t wait for everyone else to read this! I will say all though this is a “holiday romance”, the holidays didn’t play a huge part in this book. So really this will be an easy reread any time of year for me. I love Casey and Landon, they’re at the top of my Rachel Reid faves now. They’re a pure shot of joy and happiness in a sometimes rather bleak world ♥️

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If Rachel Reid is writing a queer hockey romance, I'm dropping everything to read it. This latest sunshine star winger / grumpy, shy goalie romance was everything a queer hockey fan could want. Reid perfectly balances a story that is sweet, sexy, silly, and sincere--touching on serious mental health topics without losing the charm of a Christmas time romance. Stick taps all around!

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I never thought I'd love another Rachel Reid book - or any book - more than I loved Heated Rivalry, but this book did it! It was an absolute delight from start to finish. I stayed up way past my bedtime reading it. I ADORED both Landon and Casey. The dialogue was snappy and adorable, there was just the right amount of tension and angst without being overpowering. There was demisexual representation!! Which I cheered for! I'd give this ten stars if I could.

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This was such a marvelous read! Absolutely adorable! So cute, fun and heartwarming, and with the sweetest main characters that completely stole my heart from the very first page. I stayed up all night to read this book, completely hooked!

Time to Shine is the new MM hockey romance by Rachel Reid, who has written many great ones, but this is a sweeter story and closer to YA in the writing style. Which I loved! It was such a perfect slow burn romance that focused on the main characters truly getting to know each other and build the trust in one another to dare to fully open up and be vulnerable before getting physical. But don’t worry, there were some precious steamy moments worth waiting for!

The story is about the two hockey players Landon Stackhouse and Casey Hicks, who on paper are as different as one can get. Where Landon is shy, introvert, dealing with grief and guilt after the loss of his sister, having proximity problems and not making friends easily, Casey is the complete opposite; an all star player thriving in the spotlight, easy and outgoing, loving people and flirting. His only problem is that he’s afraid of the dark and of being alone. So, his offer to let the new called in backup goalie stay in his house is actually more for his own benefit than a pure act of goodness.

The way the awkward roommate situation turns into a bromance that turns into something else was so heartwarming. Casey was such a cinnamon roll, so sweet and kind and always focused on making everyone feel happy, always up for a party and never ashamed of the mess he creates on the way. I loved the way he cared for Landon and adapted to Landon’s need for privacy and his inexperience. And Landon was so precious. My heart ached for the way he grieved and blamed himself, not letting himself live his life fully. Until Casey came along. I absolutely loved how the two of them brought out the best in each other! And their banter… pure gold! This story was full of humor, witty humor and comradery with the wonderful and supportive side characters.

All in all, this was a completely adorable, sweet, tender, witty, thoughtful and heartwarming story about falling in love, dealing with grief and guilt and finding your place and yourself and allowing yourself to be happy. It’s a story that deals with difficult topics in a both honest and fun way at the same time, and I cannot recommend it enough!

Thank you to NetGalley and Carina Adores & Harlequin for the ARC of the book, which I have voluntarily reviewed.

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Time to Shine is the sweetest, steamy queer hockey romance. Rachel Reid creates a new, low low angst professional hockey world that will delight new and longtime fans alike.


Outgoing Casey Hicks is Calgary’s star forward. While he doesn’t seem outwardly bright, he loves people and makes friends with everyone he meets. Including quiet new goalie Landon Stackhouse, who’s just arrived from the minors. Dealing with people is tough for Landon, but Casey encourages him to feel like part of the team. Soon Landon is moving into Casey’s house to keep him company. As the two grow closer, their attraction to each other develops. Can they be together, even with Landon’s uncertain future with the team?

These two are the sweetest pair of hockey players ever! This book is clearly a case of opposite attract. But, the level of care that goes into examining both Casey and Landon’s personalities is impressive. While always more introspective, Landon’s past loss has shaped his outlook on life. He’s never given a tough time about it though, just accepted as who he is. There is also wonderful discussion and acceptance about his sexuality, and the demisexual rep here is top notch.

Meanwhile, the sheer joy Casey brings to every human interaction is a delight. To simply call him a himbo is to sell him short. He’s unashamed about everything, from his bisexuality, his love of sex and his love of Captain Crunch, and is unafraid to ask any question. Another treat in this book is an idealized view of professional hockey, where homophobia doesn’t exist. It’s refreshing that any conflict in this low angst book is romantic, and doesn’t revolve around the characters’ sexuality.

Time to Shine is like reading a warm, cozy hug. Casey and Landon’s sweet and steamy queer romance brought me so much joy. I can’t wait to see what hockey goodness Rachel Reid has in store next!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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