Dragon Arisen

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Pub Date Jun 13 2023 | Archive Date Jul 11 2023

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In the latest story in the scintillating Dragon King series, Donna Grant, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, unites a sexy, determined Dragon King and an enigmatic woman who holds him enthralled.

You have to burn before you can rise.

Handsome. Commanding. Powerful. Alasdair isn’t a Dragon King to sit and wait. His carefully laid plans dissolve when he comes upon an enchanting woman. Lotti’s beauty beguiles him, her spirit intrigues him. The longer he’s with her, the more mysteries he uncovers. And the more his passion grows. He never expects she will lead him into the heart of Stonemore —while ensnaring his at the same time. With their enemies closing in, Alasdair will do anything to protect the woman he’s destined to love.

If there’s one thing Lotti knows, it’s that she’s a danger to others. She keeps her distance. Always. But all that changes when she lands in a difficult situation…with a gorgeous, seductive man. Every choice somehow leads her straight back to Alasdair. She can’t ignore his sexual magnetism or the undeniable desire between them. Their journey unravels everything she knew about herself to reveal a carefully constructed fallacy. Yet, she discovers an inner strength she didn’t know she had. But is her yearning for Alasdair worth the risk for them both?

In the latest story in the scintillating Dragon King series, Donna Grant, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, unites a sexy, determined Dragon King and an enigmatic woman who holds him...

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Netgalley ARC Review


So many questions finally answered and answers to questions I didn’t even know needed answering. Big reveals.

Lotti has been on her own for as long as she can remember. Constantly run out of villages and treated with mistrust and hate she has learned to avoid others and depend only on herself.

Alisdair thought coming to Zora was a dream come true until his long lost dragons turned their backs on him and shunned him. He turns his focus towards finding Merrill and along the way stumbles across Lotti who at first doesn’t trust him or want his help but soon realizes they work better together.

Alisdair quickly realizes Lotti has magic though she has no idea who or what she is but they work together to find Merrill, take on Villette and uncover mind blowing truths about Earth, Zora, the Dragons and more!

This is the best installment of the entire spin off series. A must read!

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Loved reading the mesmerizing and engaging paranormal romance story. When Alasdair, a Dragon King, saves Lotti, he is attracted to her, but Lotti, at first is scared of Dragons, Alasdair learns that Lotti has magic, and the evil Divine want Lotti and to destroy the Dragon Kings. Read the highly recommended, wonderfully written full of mystery and intrigue, and a must read riveting love story. Can't wait to read the next book in the series by the phenomenally talented author, Donna Grant!

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What to say without giving anything away? Secrets. Dragons. Edge of your seat plot. A little sex. Answers to a lot of questions but more questions raised. Donna Grant has one wicked mind on her. How she comes up with these stories I'll never know.
Lotti has been in her own since she was little. No one ever wanted her and they always ended up running her off. She doesn't know what she is or how she does the things she does. While traveling through the woods, she hears a baby cry. She doesn't know what to do because she's afraid to let people near her.
Alasdair is the dragon king of the amethyst. He visits Zora where the other dragons have been found. They want nothing to do with the dragon kings and this upsets Alasdair. He decides to go hunt for Merrill, another dragon king that is missing, and comes across Lotti. Together they look for Merrill and find a connection between them that Lotti has never known before.

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Alasdair is a dragon king. Ancient and immortal he encounters Lotti. Shockingly he has no idea what she is. As they battle the evil they soon have more questions and few answers. Hot, intense and filled with twists it is a very good read.

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<b>Dragon Arisen by Donna Grant was a sensational read every way. The plot is so intricate and tension filled that I just couldn't put it down. The action and the suspense was mindblowing. This exotic fictional world felt more real than my real world! The author's imagination knows no boundaries here. Alasdair and Lotti are caught in a tangled web of magic, conspiracies, love and passion. And I cannot wait to go back to the Dragon kings' world.</b>

Alasdair and the Dragon kings are trying to fight many battles together. Saving the children with magical power from the evil Divine and the city of Stonemare. Trying to reconnect with the Dragons. Trying to find out the invisible enemy. Alasdair has to go in search of the missing Dragon king Merrill. On the way, in the forest, he meets Lotti. She is a loner and she is afraid to stay close to anyone. But why? Does she have something to hide?

<b>The best part of this story is you can go right in here without reading the previous books yet not feel lost. The author has cleverly crafted the story in such a way that you get to understand the complex politics and war faced by the Dragon kings. Alasdair is definitely a larger than life character. His magical ability is powerful. He is alpha through and through. He has all the instincts of a king. Protectiveness. Fairness. Strength. Kindness. Fierceness. And all these made Lotti fall for him. She had a lonely life without love or care since she was a child. She has a strong magic within her but she never knew how to use it properly. She has been ostracized and hurt and she was afraid that her unknown power may harm others. It was hard to trust Alasdair and he wasn't sure if they can trust Lotti. But together they went on the mission to find Merill and the Divine and on the way, they realised they have a bond that goes deep and is more than their electric chemistry. Lotti came out of her shell as she started to feel protective of Alasdair. Together they formed a formidable force. Secrets and twists keep on coming like an avalanche and my heart is all kinds of chaos now. It was sinful and adrenaline filled and extraordinary at every step. Alasdair and Lotti won my heart easily.</b>

I reviewed an early copy voluntarily

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Another winner in the Dragon King series, it had everything that I enjoyed from the previous books. I loved that it had dragons and a romance line going on. The characters were what I expected and have come to care about. Donna Grant does a great job in creating this world and I enjoyed what I read.

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Wonderful Story. It took me a little while to remember all the characters from the previuos books and then it just clicked. I coudn;t put it down. I read way too late and got up this morning to finish. I felt so bad for Lotti and the life she had led. It certainly seemed cruel. Alasdair came across her when he was looking for his brother, Merrill. She was standing over a baby and not picking it up even though the baby was crying. It turned out she was afraid to. She was afraid she would hurt it. She led such a soliitary life that she could have turned mean, but she didn't. She wanted someone to love but was afraid she would hurt them. Alasdair was a strong dragon king and wasn't afriad of anything she could do. The secrets they found out were shocking and there is bound to be more trouble ahead for these dragon kings who just want to live their lives. The story was fast paced with alot going on. Well worth the time to read

I got this book from NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a revew

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This is the sixth book in this wonderful series and while it can be read as a stand alone it is far better experience if you read the entire series as there is an underlying story throughout In fact Donna's books are so good and to a certain extent inter connected that i would recommend reading her entire back list in order.

This is the story of Alasdair is the Dragon King of the Amethysts and his search for his missing brother Merrill who disappeared when he entered Stone more trying to find out its secrets. On his journey he meets Lotti a beguiling blond haired turquoise eyed woman who trusts no one after all she was deserted by everyone when she became an orphan She offers to take Alasdair and sneak him into Stone more Can he trust her and what is the secret that she is hiding You will have to read to see. But there are many secrets revealed but even more asked in this latest addition to this wonderful series

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good story. I love these dragons and how their story just keeps evolving. Zora is such a magical place and the characters there are so complex.

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Dragon Arisen (Dragon Kings #6) by Donna Grant
WOW! Donna! So many new twists and turns for the Dragon Kings. Alasdair and Lotti, our newest H/h, are both fantastic. There are old and new friends/family and enemies, mysteries, discovery, evil, goodness, suspense, love, heartache, steam, I can't wait to see what happens next in IGNITE THE MAGIC.
Reasons I enjoyed this book:
Action-packed Unpredictable Wonderful characters Tragic Steamy Romantic Page-turner Scary Happily Ever After Entertaining Great world building Haunting Tear-jerker Informative.

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I was unsure what to expect going into this book. Although this is part of a series, I have never read anything by this author, so I was worried I would be lost. However, this author did a fantastic job of explaining to and immersing the reader in the world and politics. The characters are also so rich and compelling. Their connection, tension, and magic was amazing. Alasdair is everything you would want out of an alpha type book boyfriend, and Lotti is a wonderful FMC that can hold her own. Seeing them grow together was such a compelling part to this book, alongside the twisty and turny plot that kept me hooked.

Now I have to go read the rest of the books in the series!

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