Daytime and Nighttime

Explore the earth's habitats during the day and night - Flip over to explore the Daytime

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Pub Date Sep 26 2023 | Archive Date Aug 30 2023

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Take a trip around the world to discover the busy animals active during the day, and the magical creatures that come out at night in twelve unique habitats in this extensive exploration of the natural world.

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This book's fun flip-book format gives readers two books in one. Beginning with the daytime, children can explore the biodiversity of a huge range of landscapes. Readers can then flip the book and arrive at extraordinary night-time scenes where the hidden, rarely seen creaturesof the night come out to play in the same landscapes, all for children to uncover.

This innovative title looks at the animals of both day and night in a huge variety of habitats including the South American Rain Forest, African Savannah, Australian Outback, and Andes Mountains

Firm favorites and widely unknown creatures, of both the day and night, are explored, including: 

  • Cockroaches, silverfish, and leopards that scour cities by night
  • Parrotfish, shrimps, and epaulette sharks that roam tropical coral reefs by day
  • Aye-ayes, leaf-tailed geckos, and tomato frogs that emerge in the Madagascan night
  • Wild boar, brown bears, and jays that enjoy the European woodland in the sunshine

Sections on the animals of dawn and dusk, and even urban wildlife, make this a truly fascinating, comprehensive, and fresh look at the natural world for children. The magic of the natural world during both the day and night is brought to life with Nic Jones' vibrant illustrations.

Daytime and Night-time provides the perfect opportunity for children to compare and contrast twelve habitats during the day and night, and uncover the true biodiversity of our planet at all times of the day.

Take a trip around the world to discover the busy animals active during the day, and the magical creatures that come out at night in twelve unique habitats in this extensive exploration of the...

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Featured Reviews

This book is absolutely stunning! The illustrations are bright, colorful, and completely draw you in. I love that this book is informative and highlights animals from different environments, including cities. This book is great for a range of ages, older kids will love learning about the animals while littles will have fun pointing out the animals in the illustrations.

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Quarto Publishing has done it again. This is a stunning book with a mirrored structure for its contents. Packed with information and stunning illustration, this book is a must-have.

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What a lovely book! Beautiful bright illustrations of animals and very informative reading. Really enjoyed the night to day separation.

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This book is absolutely amazing! Perfect for slightly older kids, or maybe for parents to read in smaller sections to the younger ones, the book (which is two books) is split into sections for the wildlife of each habitat and each page is packed with information and beautiful illustrations.
Firstly, the facts are absolutely fascinating, and information that kids will enjoy learning about. A LOT I didn't know (I'm 24) with a great mix of well-known animals like lions and animals I'd never even heard of (viscacha anyone?). The writing is definitely too small for the little kids to read themselves but written in a way (with small sections and easy wording) that they would love it read to them by parents. The layout of the pages, with stunning and bright full-page illustrations with the small sections of text spaced out over them is so beautifully done, they're amazing to look at. The illustrations are gorgeous, and in fact every single page in there would look perfectly at home as a big poster on a kids bedroom wall.
The fact it's two books in one I love. It means you could read both in one go or each night just pick whether you want to read about the diurnal or nocturnal animals and read one. I really love the fact that the illustrations for day and night of each habitat match. They're both of the exact same scenery, but done in daytime or nighttime colours and with the different animals, so you see the exact same snapshot of the landscape which I love. So you could also, if you wanted to read in even smaller sections, pick a habitat like the Andes Mountains and read the Daytime page and the diurnal animals living there and then flip over to the nocturnal Andes Mountains page and read that to compare and get the full picture on each habitat as you go.
An amazing read that even as an adult I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot. Perfect for teaching kids more about the natural world.

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Beautifully illustrated and chock full of amazing animal facts - follow Bright as he follows different animals and habitats from day to night! I absolutely love children's books like this - huge novels that are just full of information that, as a parent, I find fascinating!

I love being able to whip out animals facts walking about the zoo to impress the toddlers...not that my toddlers really seem to care. "Yeah, I knew that," is one of my 4-year-old's catchphrases.

If you also love having big, beautiful, colorful books on your kid's bookshelves, you need to add this one ASAP! You won't regret it.

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This was a highly engaging flip book about daytime vs. nighttime in the animal kingdom. I love that it was broken down into different habitats and represented animals all over the world.

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Incredibly thorough nonfiction text about nighttime and daytime animals as well as their habitats. Colorful illustrations and fascinating facts make this a book that every teacher would want in the classroom library. I can see the students diving into this book all year long!

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Fascinating. Wonderfully done. Beautiful book.

I finished last night and was thinking about it as the last light (still past midnight here in Alaska right now) slipped away. My dog had jumped up on her back-of-couch perch to survey the yard and I wondered what she might be seeing. Here in Alaska, you just never know. In the same streets that children ride bikes up and down and people walk their dogs, not to mention working in their yards, wildlife cams have been known to show up everything from bears to moose to lynx and rabbits and, well, who knows. In any case, it made me all the more intrigued by the author's look at what comes out in the daylight and dark in the same place daily around the world.

I'm not going to share many details because that was part of the delight of going through this book. It takes us from city streets to the European woodlands to Australia to....well, too many to list. The illustrations are both colorful and beautifully done, giving us a peek at life in places most of us will never see with our eyes. I've got to admit, this is one of those books I found myself flipping through initially simply to enjoy the illustrations before going back to soak up the info shared. You'll recognize some of the wildlife shown but perhaps meet something new to you. As a fan of the ol' Monkees tv show where Mike Nesmith frequently wore a shirt urging us to "Save the Prairie Chicken", I laughed outloud to find it profiled here. Past life, meet scientific observation.

While this is aimed at children, all age groups can and should enjoy this book. The info is at once intriguing while also being presented in an easy to read/understand manner and, of course, you'll spend a good bit of time marveling at the illustrations. I'd suggest a hard bound copy of this, however, as I found it a trifle awkward when I wanted to flip back from the same daylight and dusk/dark scenes via my Kindle copy. Doable but slowed me down. That said, many thanks to #NetGalley and #QuartoPublishingGroup - #words&pictures for allowing me to soak up this wonderful book. As noted, it made me think and, more importantly, taught me something new. I'm still digesting that both humans and snakes are diurnal creatures, however.

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Phenomenal nonfiction book for kids! It is truly like visiting a zoo inside a book. You travel through all the different areas of the world as it teaches you all about the animals that live there, both day and night, and what makes them unique. The illustrations were beautiful, and the pages were jam-packed with interesting facts. I know several kiddos who would just soak this up, you know the ones that can spurt off random facts about their favorite things that leave adults shocked? Yep. This is the book for them!

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Clear, thought out layout. Wonderful descriptions and beautiful illustrations. My children loved it!

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Daytime and Nighttime is beautifully illustrated (by Nic Jones) and packed with information. The format is two books in one. Going one direction you get animals, insects, birds, and sea life in the day. It includes info on adaptations that make them good hunters or hiders. Going from the other direction you get the critters of the night. Habitats include African Savannah, Rain Forest, Australian Outback, European Woods, Desert, Ocean, Cities and more. The information is done in word bursts, not long narratives, making it easier for younger readers to follow. I can see this easily useful in a classroom or library. Thank you to Quarto Publishing Group for the temporary ARC via NetGalley and I am leaving a voluntary review.

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Very cool! My kids absolutely enjoyed all the neat information this book had to offer. And it was a lot of information! From oceans all over the world, all the forests, prairies, deserts, and all the different animals that call those places home. This book has so much to offer with vibrant illustrations to go along. A wonderful book for an adventurous mind, perfect for kids. Would definitely recommend.

I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a copy.

Was this review helpful?

I absolutely love the bright colorful and imaginative illustrations in this book. They give it so much life and make it a joy to read. It's also jam packed with lots of great animal facts which I know my kids are going to love. The way this book is laid out is also so unique, flipping from day to night- and vice versa. So fun AND educational!

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We really enjoyed this book! There is so much to learn on each page and it was really cool to explore the habits and how they are the same/different during the day versus at night. Both of my boys (7 & 5) really liked this book. The great graphics helped and interesting information shared. The way the information is shared (in short bursts) helped to keep their attention and the array of different ecosystems included will keep us coming back to the book again and again. Just overall a great learning book for young kids. The kind of learning book you find them flipping through on their own as well as asking you to read it to them.

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This was a beautiful book. I liked the way the book was set up, the facts and details about the wildlife was interesting and just enough to engage young readers. What I really loved were the illustrations. These were so vibrant and brought the pages to life, some were truly exceptional. I have already bought copies for my libraries and I'm sure it will go out well. Very enjoyable.

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