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Pub Date Feb 27 2024 | Archive Date Feb 27 2024

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An imaginative new space opera for fans of Dune, Gideon the Ninth, and Sisters of the Vast Black filled with sapphic romance, space pirates, a blind witch and powerful priestesses

Korinna has simple priorities: stay on the Navitas, stay out of trouble, and stay alive. She may be a Redseer, a blind priestess with the power to manipulate space-time, but she is the weakest in her Order. Useless and outcast. Or so she has been raised to believe.

As she takes her place as a navigator on an Imperium ship, Korinna’s full destiny is revealed to her: blood brimming with magic, she is meant to become a weapon of the Imperium, and pawn for the Order that raised her. But when the ship is attacked by the notorious pirate Aster Haran, Korinna’s world is ripped apart.

Aster has a vendetta against the Imperium, and an all-consuming, dark power that drives her to destroy everything in her path. She understands the world in a way Korinna has never imagined, and Korinna is drawn to her against her better judgment.

With the Imperium and the justice-seeking warrior Sahar hot on her heels, Korinna must choose her side, seize her power and fulfil her destiny--or risk imperiling the future of the galaxy, and destroying the fabric of space-time itself.
An imaginative new space opera for fans of Dune, Gideon the Ninth, and Sisters of the Vast Black filled with sapphic romance, space pirates, a blind witch and powerful priestesses

Korinna has simple...

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ISBN 9781786189387
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Featured Reviews

Redsight is an incredible action/adventure story with twists and turns that catch you right where you're least expecting them, while also being a deep and thoughtful metaphysical commentary on what does it mean to be alive and treat others well. Korinna is an incredible, compassionate character and her story draws so much into the discussion about what the impacts of society are on our conception of disability.

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Redsight is a Sapphic science fantasy in the vein of Dune and Star Wars from the POV of a blind character.

From the very beginning, I was in love. This book was written specifically for me. The novel opening with a priestess being distracted by a beautiful woman is perfection and a woman turning into a giant snake and eating a man was everything I wanted in an intro chapter to the character.

I would love to say a lot of smarter things about this book, but all I can really say is ‘I love it, I love it, I love it.’

I would recommend this to fans of Dune and Star Wars who are open to Queer narratives. I would not recommend this to readers who are looking for less faith in their space operas or space fantasies.

My only concern is that it might be too close to blood libel. Korinna kills a child in a rite of passage connected to her faith to get their blood to fuel her magic. I am not Jewish nor am I the expert on blood libel, but I am concerned.

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There's a lot to love here, but what stands out the most to me in this book has to be the world and the concept. It very much fits what I've come to expect and love from Solaris as a publisher (i.e., high-concept science fantasy). The magic system (yes, there can be magic in space) is a delighful hybrid of fantasy and science-fiction that I struggle comparing to anything else but itself. Will it take time to understand the world? Yes. Will it take time to understand how to magic operates in the world and how it influences the characters? Yes. But that time is worth it, in my opinion. It's not a book for the type of reader who wants to understand everything at once (which is fair). You have to be able to trust that you're told what you need to know when you need to know it. Several times, I lamented not understanding something, only to realize some chapters later that I wasn't ever supposed to understand it. Not at that point, anyway, since it served a plot point/twist later on. Lastly, the politics and backstory were well-developed. They propelled the plot and the choices of the characters forward steadily and securely (if you've read this book, then this was an accidental pun, I swear).

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Oh my gosh YES! This is the kind of science-fiction I want publishing to focus on. This is so good, so focused, with such a good rep that I have not seen in this space before. I am going to be screaming on the rooftops for all my students to buy this. A huge win for the disability community.

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"Redsight" by Meredith Mooring is a stellar voyage into the depths of science fiction. Mooring fabricates a cosmos where every nebula conceals mysteries and technological marvels. Her narrative pulsates with the rhythm of distant quasars, pulling readers into a labyrinth of interstellar intrigue, advanced civilizations, and cosmic anomalies. The characters, equipped with intelligence and insight, are as multifaceted as a holographic projection. The plot, bursting with unforeseen revelations, mirrors the unpredictability of wormhole navigation. For enthusiasts of narratives that blur the lines between science and speculation, "Redsight" stands as a beacon in the vast expanse of sci-fi literature.

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Omg. This book was everything I was hoping it would be. Finding amazing science fiction lesfic is so very rare. Ms. Mooring was able to completely take me in and not let me go once I started.

The premise of sapphic priestesses in space was so original that I can't wait to read more from this author if she is able to come up with these types of ideas for stories.

This is a for sure on anyone's reading list that loves sci-fi lesfic and a greatly told original story.

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This was such a great space opera, I enjoyed the Sapphic elements of the novel. It had everything that I wanted from this type of book. The characters worked overall in this setting and I enjoyed their story. Meredith Mooring does a great job in this debut and it left me wanting more from the author.

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I thoroughly enjoyed "Redsight" by Meredith Mooring. This LGBTQIAP+ fantasy novel kept me engaged with its imaginative world and unique characters. The book's blend of fantasy and LGBTQIAP+ themes created a captivating read that I couldn't put down.

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Fast-paced and original space opera told from three POVs, although Korinna the Redseer is the main POV. I was particularly fascinated with her--(note: I hid some spoilers here in my Goodreads review) Also, it's really difficult to talk about this book without spoiling it--that's not a knock at all: it just means that there's a lot to consider about this book, both on the surface and what might be hiding below the surface as subtext.

In the end, Redsight is an entirely unique idea, and a story well-told. It'd definitely for science-fiction lovers, anyone looking for stories of disability and LGBTQ+ representation, and even horror fans.

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I am in pure awe of this book.

I don’t give 5 star ratings lightly, and this book is the most deserving.

I don’t even know where to begin. The concept, the world building, the magic system, the other worldly beings, all of it was just out of this world, figuratively and literally!!

All three FMC are smart, questioning and believing, but they make mistakes and learn from them. They are so complex and it really makes this whole book.

And the ending!? I had goose bumps at the way this book and I can’t stop thinking about it. Meredith Mooring is an incredibly talented woman and I can’t wait to see what else she produces in the future!

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You say sapphic space opera with great disability rep. I say give it to me!! This fast-paced space opera with deeply immersive world-building and novel magic systems DELIVERED. The fantasy elements jelled very well with classic space-opera beats and created additional layers to an already really nuanced and meticulously crafted story. I am really thankful for NetGalley giving me this ARC and I can't wait to see what Mooring comes up with next!

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I really loved this one, the style is perfect, the lore is wonderful.
The story of these three priestess and the sapphic love are just marvellous !
I appreciate how the author render the disabilty (blindness) of Korinna and how it is incorporated in the scenario.
We need more good books in OwnVoice like that !!!

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An expansive, ambitious science fantasy with one of the most intricate magic systems I've encountered in a while and three-dimensional, flawed characters you couldn't help but root for. I can't believe this was a debut! Meredith Mooring is definitely an author to watch.

P.S. Thank you to the publisher and to NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Okay, I won't lie -- sci-fi/space-centric books often intimidate me because they usually deal with topics far more clever than I, and I was nervous when I first picked up Redsight for that very reason. The good news? I stopped worrying about being out of my comfort zone almost immediately. Redsight is incredibly well-written and extremely accessible to both the veteran sci-fi enthusiast as well as the relative newbie like myself. Mooring is such a talented and deft writer, and the way that she weaves the story so seamlessly between our three POV characters makes it both an engrossing and easy read, while also thought-provoking and poignant. Korinna and Aster in particular are extraordinarily developed characters with whom I empathized deeply throughout the story, and I was fascinated by the intricate magic system which Mooring has established. The pacing is excellent, tightly-woven and packed with action and tension while also emotionally evocative -- I blew through this book in less than 48 hours! A stunning debut, and one I highly recommend!

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This was amazing! I want more. Meredith mooring is now on my radar. I’d love more immediately! I loved the characters especially, they were really complex and intriguing

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This was incredibly well-written--the characters and the world were all so well realized and accessible. I don't normally enjoy a story that switches POVs but I actually enjoyed the way it functioned in this story! I couldn't get enough of the characters and the magic system. I flew through this so quickly and was so saddened when I turned the last page (how could it be over? :( ) I cannot wait for more in this world and more from this author. I can see this being a huge hit this coming spring!

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I LOVED this book, the world building and history was refreshing and bizarre in the best way. Korinna is an amazing MC, starting at the bottom of her order as the weakest student unknowing that one of her teachers has been purposely hiding her potential to save her life, revealing it at the last moment for Korinna to ace her tests and leave the spaceship in hopes she can fulfil her destiny to remove the current high priestess and become the new one. There eyes bleed when they use their magic is such a violently beautiful way, and when she meets the famous space pirate Aster? Nothing will ever be the same, In life and love

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