Ignite the Magic

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Pub Date Aug 15 2023 | Archive Date Sep 25 2023

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant delivers an epic prequel to her long-running and critically acclaimed Dark Universe series.

Passion’s magic ignites a fire too hot to touch—and too wicked to die…

The stars have always called to Ailis, beckoning her to see what other realms were out there. She’s told its impossible, but that doesn’t stop her need to explore beyond what others believe. Ailis never expected to change history by creating the first doorway to another realm. She certainly never imagined opening that door to find a commanding dragon who shifts into a man. She’s irresistibly drawn to Lennox, powerless against the yearning of her body and the longing of her heart.

Magic might have chosen Lennox as King of Dragon Kings, but it’s a position he’s never wanted. Until the day a new being arrives—and irrevocably changes his life. The closer he gets to the fearless, ravishing woman, the more he fights the passion that flares between them. He lives only for his duty, but one fiery kiss unleashes a firestorm of desire that will ripple across eons and realms. Fate might have brought them together, but will it also tear them apart?

The origins of the Dark Kings/Dragon Kings and the entire Dark Universe is finally revealed.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant delivers an epic prequel to her long-running and critically acclaimed Dark Universe series.

Passion’s magic ignites a fire too hot to...

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ISBN 9781958353172
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Featured Reviews

Ignite the Magic (Kindle Edition) by Donna Grant
WOW I really enjoyed this prequel Ailis and Lennox's story. It explains a lot and introduces us to Melisse and her beginnings. There are dragon kings and plenty of angst, danger, murder, hard decisions, adventure, a great love story and plenty of steam which gets us to Lennox and Ailis's HEA.
Reasons I enjoyed this book:
Great world building Action-packed Scary Tragic Page-turner Unpredictable Wonderful characters Entertaining Tear-jerker Informative Witty Easy-to-read Happily Ever After Steamy Romantic.

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Ailis, the adventurous Fae seeking to travel to other worlds, has done something unforgivable in her world. She stole a book from the royals, in order to fulfill her dreams of traveling to another world. Something many Fae have died trying to do. But that would never deter Ailis from attempting it. On her first try and while running from Fae trying to capture her, she makes a door into another realm. A realm with dragons. What a coincidence that the first dragon she meets is Lennox, the King of Dragon Kings? What a coincidence that their feelings and attraction to each other grows by the day? Will they find a way to be together despite being different species or will Ailis go back to the Fae world?
Ignite the Magic by Donna Grant is absolutely amazing. I was glued to every page. I have not read her other dragon works but now I’m fully committed to finding out about Melisse and the prophecy and I must know if Osric finds a mate, so I need to jump into the series to see if I will get any answers. Answers or not I will be reading them all. I loved the world building and the characters that are so easy to fall in love with. I loved the fast-paced storyline that made it so I couldn’t get bored even if I tried. The book is spicy but also has a deep story plot. I think the book is pretty much perfect, but the ending seemed a little too happy and wrapped up for me. I didn’t even care though because it was so good and absolutely hooked by the ending. I gave it a 5 out of 5 stars, hands down one of the best books I read this year.

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This is an awesome read. The Dragon Kings prequel sets a glorious stage for the books already in print. Two places brought tears as they were so poignant and real. The loss of a child breaks something inside. Loved the ending!

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Donna Grant once again transported me to an exotic and fascinating world of dragon kings and fae through her brilliant words in Ignite The Magic. She portrayed everything so vividly and beautifully that it felt no less real to me than the real world. Ailis and Lennox created a new chapter through their otherworldly love. Passionate. Heartwarming. Action packed. Ignite The Magic was amazing in every way possible.

Ailis is an adeventure lover Dark Fae.After years of research and practice, she managed to create a doorway to another realm. And the first thing she sees is Dragons. Lennox, King of Dragon Kings, shifts to a mortal form for the first time in her presence. He becomes curious about her and also..he feels a strange pull to her. But Dragon clans are very strict and protective and they won't accept a fae..leave alone a fae mate to the king. Can Lennox make change? Can he protect Ailis?

This is written as an origin story of another character in her Dragon King world but this could be read as a standalone as it ends with Happily Ever After for Ailis and Lennox. They were both strangers but from the first moment they meet, they can feel this strong unexplained connection. And you can feel it too. The shifter part is new for Lennox, bringing new sensation and Ailis was there to show him everything. He is an alpha with immense responsibilities, specially when the Dragon clans are at a crossroad. Magic rules and chooses but he is the one responsible for guiding the clans. Ailis was a constant source of support and peace for him. She was lonely and undervalued in Fae realm and meeting Lennox changed her life. To have such a powerful and gorgeous creature to love her was absolutely breathtaking. Their deep emotional connection and sizzling hot chemistry are the strength of the story. I was so immersed in this fictional world. Allis and Lennox both had to sacrifice for love but together they are complete. I am so excited to get more stories from Dragon kings world.

I reviewed an early copy voluntarily through Netgalley

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This is a prequel but it can be read as a standalone if however, you have read the Dragon Kings and wanted to know more about their past this read will answer some of those questions. Ailis and Lennox are great characters with intense chemistry and plenty of drama. Great world building and an entertaining story. I loved it!

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This is the first book I read by Donna Grant, and I'm pretty sure it's the second book about dragons that I read.

Here we have Ailis, an adventurer Fae who after losing her aunt decides she wants to travel to another realm, and Lenox who is the King of the Dragons, and who didn't know he needed her until he saw her (best trope ever). Together they will have to face some challenges to be together.

First of all, I wanna say it made me cry. Like I cried a lot. And for me, to say it is a good book it has to make me cry, it has to bring all the emotions the characters are feeling to the reader.

I loved Ailis, her personality and that even after meeting Lenox, she kept being independent, not like some other books where as soon as the fmc meets the mmc all her independence, just dissapears. She's no longer the fmc but the mmc AND the fmc.
Donna Grant did NOT do that and I'm so thankful for it. Ailis is sweet, funny, caring and fierce.

Lenox is literally warmth. He does the best he can so everyone is taken care of in Earth. He seeks knowledge and change, and an important part of his development as a character is actually Ailis.

Their chemistry is immaculate. They work together, they understand eachother, the communicate with eachother. They're so sweet trying to understand and accept each other.

I feel like the pacing of the book was kind of fast, but it is a short book, and so I understand it. It actually felt a bit longer, maybe cause I wanted to keep reading it lol. Another thing I liked, was that every chapter was connected to the next one (once you read it, you will understand what I mean).

It´s a refreshing short story you can't put down. I even suggest it if you're tired of reading contemporary romance and need a break, this book is for you!

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Loved reading the amazing and exciting paranormal story by the exceptional author, Donna Grant. When Ailis, a dark fae, goes through a realm door, she meets, Lennox, the King of the Dragon Kings. Read the highly recommended, wonderfully written, a must read riveting romance of two beings attraction to each other, and the forces against them.

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Ignite the Magic is an intense and spectacular bridge between two incredible series. Nothing is quite like seeing two breathtaking series converge and meld into a seamless bridge. It's like watching a life take shape while you are left breathless and in awe. This is a gift beyond measure, and in turn I give Grant my highest in esteem with her extraordinary mastery of the paranormal craft.

Ailis has longed to find something that she can't name. She has searched fervently for a missing piece of her very soul. When she miraculously has the breakthrough that she has been waiting for nothing is ever the same again. Lennox shoulders a very heavy burden. As King of Dragon Kings, he is charged with taking care of all of the dragoms on Earth. His hope for a mate has proven fruitless, so he puts all his concentration and heart into his people. When Ailis upsets his world, will he see her as the blessing that she is, or will he turn her away with his suspicions of an imminent attack?

Lennox has more then his share of problems to deal with not counting covering over his disappointment in not finding a mate as he longed for.
Ailis challenges and brightens his world in ways he never thought possible. Lennox not only intrigues Ailis, he opens her eyes to the impossible, and she doesn't know how she can thank him. All she knows how to do is to open her heart to him, and through her caring and wonder, she finds the one thing she has been truly searching for all this time.

Donna Grant really knows how to capture and hold my attention, my heart, and my soul into all of her books. I hate to put down her books and go back to normal life. Being immersed in one of her stories is like Heaven on Earth. You want to hold it in your hands for as long as you possibly can.

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Ailis is a Fae who is alone in the world. She’s always been an adventurer. After the death of her only living relative, Ailis decided to embark on an adventure few have survived. Lennox is King of the Silver Dragons and King of Dragon Kings. Things for the dragons have been the same for centuries. Lennox is about to try a new way of ruling. When Ailis succeeds in opening a doorway into another realm, lives will be changed forever when she meets Lennox and they Ignite the Magic between them and worlds.

Ignite the Magic is the seventh book in Donna Grant’s Dragon King series. A Dark Fae who loves adventure is about to have the one of a lifetime. Alone in the world she’s determined to gain enough magic and knowledge to open a doorway into another realm. When Ailis succeeds, her life becomes more than she thought with a trip through a doorway to Earth. She meets dragons and especially the King of Silvers also the King of King of Dragons, Lennox. As they become learn about each other and their species, they find common situations. Ignite the Magic is the prelude to the current Dragon Kings books and shows how they came to be in their current evolvement. It shows how two different species are more alike than they realize as well as dealing with the bias of a interspecies mating between the dragons. Lennox gets a different perspective on the whole situation when his personal life mirrors that of two of his dragons with the addition of Ailis. Donna Grant’s Ignite the Magic is the origin story of a much beloved character in the series by showing the story of her parents. Donna Grant writes a story of passion, danger, upheaval, along with secrets and finding the dream you didn’t know existed. She takes a lonely adventurer and gives her the biggest adventure of her life by giving her love. A dragon learns a new way of life when a visitor to his world captures his heart and has him making changes that will affect the lives of his dragons forever. Grant also shows her fans how the Dragon Kings shifting into human form came about and how maybe the Fae started to find their way to Earth. This origin story is a great way to find out how the modern Dragon Kings came to be formed and a must for Donna Grant fans who love her Dark World and Dragon series. Ignite the Magic by Donna Grant a must for her legion of fans and a great way to learn the start of a beloved character.

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OMG Miss Donna, when we asked for a prequel to the Dragon Kings, you DELIVERED!

This is a beautifully written piece of art that has epic romance, heartbreak, intruige and tension. Donna's ability to create history, culture and polictics while bringing romance and adventure has me in awe of her world building.

What a fantastic read that had me captivated, as usual, and a MUST add for your TBR 🥹😍

This is also a standalone read for people who haven't entered into Dragon Kings series yet.

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I am I huge fan of the Dragon Kings and Donna Grant has given us a prequel! And while it answered many questions, it also leaves us with so many unanswered. The love story of Lennox and Alisi begins with a Fae needing to see what else is out there. Once she walks thought the doorway she meets this handsome dragon who steals her heart. There are Melisse's parents. While we have some ideas of their future their love story was amazing.

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