Kid Christmas

of the Claus Brothers Toy Store

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Pub Date 03 Oct 2023 | Archive Date 18 Jan 2024

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Enjoy the incredible story of Santa's very first night.

Nicky Claus works with his three uncles in the Claus Brothers Toy Emporium. Uncle Hanz makes the toys, Uncle Louis checks them and Uncle Levi adds the… what's the scientific term for it? Ah, yes. The magic! For each toy made at the Emporium has a special sparkle that means it will find the child it is perfect for. 

One day, Nicky notices a young girl with her face pressed up to the glass. When she disappears, he follows her and finds her living on the streets with lots of other children, none of whom can afford a toy. Nicky vows that for one night only, every child will have the toy of their dreams and – with the help of his uncles and some flying reindeer – the legend of Father Christmas is born.

This magical and heartwarming story from best-selling author-illustrator David Litchfield is a true festive treat centered on kindness, generosity and looking after each other. 
Enjoy the incredible story of Santa's very first night.

Nicky Claus works with his three uncles in the Claus Brothers Toy Emporium. Uncle Hanz makes the toys, Uncle Louis checks them and Uncle...

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David Litchfield's picture book - Kid Christmas is a wonderful children's story about Nicky who has three uncles - Levi, Louis, and Hanz - who own the Claus Brothers Toy Store. When Nicky grows up - he goes to work with his uncles - who make the best toys in the land - which just happen to have a little bit of magic added to them. This magic helps the toy find its perfect owner. Unfortunately, not everyone had the money for the Claus brother's magical toys, particularly those children who live underground. Nicky seeks out the children and promises to give every child a present. He returns to the toy store and informs his uncles of his plans and with the help of a magic sleigh, loving friends, and helpful fireflies - Christmas is born.

This a lovely Christmas story that can be enojyed by both children and adults.

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Absolutely adorable holiday book! I will 100% be reading this to my son for his first Christmas❤️ This is a great retelling of Santa’s origin story that teaches great values in children of all ages.

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This picture book gave me all the Christmas feels! I loved the illustrations and the story line! Such a good Christmas picture book!

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Brilliant. Another beautiful children's Christmas book. A slightly different take, but just as good if not better. The illustrations are amazing. Such detail. Anyone would enjoy taking a few extra minutes enjoying each page the artist created. I loved they incorporated children with less and then given to them and all. I highly recommend this gorgeous book for everyone to enjoy this Christmas.

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This was quick read for children. It has wonderful illustrations but I would recommend on darker pages in the future to use white text instead of black it will be easier to read . The illustrations are so lovely you want to take time on each page to study them like art at a museum. The story itself was cute idea of how Santa came to be and how the elves came into being. It is also aiming to show children to be kind to one another and give of themselves selflessly. Beautiful concept and ideas - very creative. Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read this story in advance.

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What a fabulous magical Christmas retelling of Santa Claus' delivering presents. The warm colors bring forward yellows, oranges, and lights in the night. Amazing art reflecting perfectly the holidays, decorations, classical toy stores, and the season. Sweet, excellent, with a lot of characters and emotion. A favorite for this year. The page design is impressive and the artist added speech ballons too to the illustrations.

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Review to come October 2nd to blog/other places.

I received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

OMG, FINALLY! I have had my eyes set on this book for a while, but I guess after a while I just removed it from my Goodreads list because it kept being unfindable. I am so happy that I can read this one now, thanks publisher/Netgalley! OK, it felt a bit odd to read this during a summer month (August), but I will take it!

In this wonderful book we meet a boy named Nicky Claus (yes!) who works at the toystore of his uncles making sure that every kid has a toy. And the fun things about it? Every toy is magical and so it will find the right owner to be with. Which just had me squee, plus wonder what kind of toy I would have gotten if I had such a magical store near me! Oh the possibilities! But back to the story, the store is one full of magic, and not just real magic, but also with how it looks. It is a warm inviting, glittery and sparkly place. You just are attracted to it. Like a moth to the flame, but without any of the burning, haha. I just loved how David Litchfield captured the store and the magic.

But what happens when Nicky finds out that there are kids who don't get presents? Who don't have the money? Who don't have the means? Well, kids, that is how the Claus legacy begins! Because Nicky isn't going to let his new friends and other kids be without toys! I loved that he immediately made a big plan and convinced his uncles to help out! I had a laugh at the reindeer and how much they relied on carrots. And I was cheering for Nicky, because that first night wasn't always the easiest. How to bring the presents? How to do it without anyone knowing? I loved that he found a way and I love that it involved friendship!

The ending was just a big warm fuzzy bath of feelings and happiness. I just loved it! So so much!

And of course the art by David Litchfield is just the most amazing. I have been a fan of his for a while and this one is no exception. It was stunning. You could just feel the warmth and the magic radiate from the pages.

I would highly recommend this book to all! A Christmas book not to be missed! Read it!

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Nicky Claus works with his uncles in their toy emporium and loves every second until he discovers some children don't have any toys or even a home of their own. Determined to change that, even if it is only for one night, Nicky and the uncles comes up with an idea which seems brilliant until a few unforeseen problems arise. Can he still carry out his plan or will this Christmas Eve be the same as every other?

This is a beautiful book which I can see becoming a regular festive tradition. The author's artwork is lovely and I'm looking forward to reading this with my grandchildren as Christmas gets ever closer.

I was able to read an advanced copy of this book thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the opinions expressed are my own. This is a lovely read, just long enough for overexcited sleepyheads and frazzled adults to enjoy together.

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This book is so cute and the illustrations are beautiful! We enjoyed this book as a family and will be adding it to our 10 days of Christmas book stack to enjoy again.

Nicky has always loved The Claus Brothers toy store his three uncles own.

Louis, Hanz, and Levi are known for the famous toy store and being the best toy makers in the land.

When Nicky discovers why some children would look at the window but never come inside. He followed them and uncovered the real reason why they could not get a toy.

Nicky makes it an unforgettable Christmas with all those children. Such a beautiful story to show how kindness and caring for others can make all the difference. The fireflies were my favorite part.

Thank you Netgalley for the EARC! As always, my review is my opinion and thoughts. This review will be shared on my Instagram (@Alexandriavwilliams_) shortly.

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I read this to my children last night . After we read it one child said , “I love it , can we read it again”.

Kid Christmas is another take on how Santa came to be. I love that in the secret workshop three brothers make toys and put magic in them that it will be the right toy for each child and will make them happy. Which is what I think all parents hope when they buy a present for their child.

I loved the addition of the magical carrots that let the reindeer see in the dark.

My kids truly enjoyed this story.

Great illustrations and great book!!

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What a beautiful, heartwarming book!

Nicky has three uncles, called the Claus Brothers who make the finest toys in the land. Each day, Nicky goes to work in the toy store and delights in selling his uncles' hand crafted toys. Little do the customers know that his uncles are working hard in their workshop behind a mysterious door in the toy shop.

Nicky starts to notice that there are children who peer through the toy shop window who never come in and when he does invite them in, they run away. One Christmas Eve evening, after closing up the shop, Nicky decides to follow them. They disappear into a hole in the wall. When he enters, he finds there are lots of children there who have never had toys because any money they make, they need for food.

Nicky vows to make sure that every child in the city receives a gift on Christmas day. However, can his uncles make so many presents and get them safely delivered in one night?

This is a beautifully illustrated, heartwarming book from David Litchfield which accentuates the importance of kindness and friendship whilst introducing us to a young St Nicholas.

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Oh my word, the illustrations of David Litchfield are amazing!!! I was drawn to them. I had to look through the illustrations before reading the book and then again after reading the book. INCREDIBLE. Kid Christmas: Of the Claus Brothers Toy Shop is an absolute delight and I can't wait to add it to my school collection and personal collection. I adore the characters. This beautiful picture book reminds us that the true joy of this holiday season is best when we give and show compassion, and kindness.

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Thank you so much to Quarto/ Frances Lincoln and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

A new take on the story of Santa Claus and how he became who he is today. The story of him as a young kid wanting to help the children who never came into his uncles toy store and who had nothing. He wanted them to have a special gift, and how he learnt to deliver them.

This was a very different take to any I’d read before and it was a really fun read. I loved that he had three special uncles who all made the toys and added the magic into them, that they’d secretly been working on a magical sled. To the outside they were just toy makers but they held so much magic and kindness.

I really enjoyed Nicky’s interactions with Lottie and their relationship, he wanted to help her and the other children feel special for once. Then she managed to help him when he hit a bump in the plan, I really adored that so much. I also loved the illustration of the two together at the end of the story, so sweet.

The illustrations were really pretty and and I always love seeing how the illustrations capture the story so wonderfully, they really did in this book. This was such a refreshing story full of magic, kindness and love. I completely recommend this if you enjoy a sweet Christmas story or like reading magical Christmas books about Santa to your children each holiday season, they will love this one and so will you.

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Thank you for advanced copy

This book was fun and entertaining. Personally, this book made me missing christmas

Was this review helpful?

As the wife of a teacher, this book is a definite must add to my husband's classroom shelf.

Giving the origin story of Santa, and his workshop, the book presents dazzling illustrations and heart warming dialogue.

"Nicky realized that sometimes, when all hope seems lost...a friend can help you find light in the darkness."

Without spoiling anything, this quote leads to such a beautiful drawn picture that you have to see it to believe it.

Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this story for free and give my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Kid Christmas of the Claus Brothers Toy Shop is a magical, festive story, perfect for winter. It would make an excellent Christmas Eve reading book.

The book is a new and uplifting tale of where Nick Claus came from and how the tradition of receiving a special gift, on Christmas morning, began.
The story tells the tale of a young boy called Nick Claus, his 3 uncles Hanz, Louis and Levi and their toy shop. After discovering children living in poverty, Nick Claus felt sad and decided all children deserve a toy at Christmas. So, Nick and his uncles set to work to make enough toys to deliver a special gift to every child in the city.
With the toy production complete, Nick's uncles give him the Yule 3000 sleigh and some reindeer to help him deliver all the presents.
We see Nick trying to figure out how to get the gifts into the houses and with the help of Lottie, one of the poor children living in the tunnels and her fireflies, his mission is complete.
After such a successful adventure Nick decided that every Christmas all the children in the world should receive a special toy to wake up with on Christmas morning.

The illustrations throughout the book are beautiful. They really bring out the magic of Christmas with the snow and the twinkling lights.

I would recommend this book for children aged 4-9 years.

Was this review helpful?

This is a fantastic Christmas book for children, which would make a wonderful gift for any child! My daughter and I loved the story of how Santa and the elves started, and what they got up to. The images in the book are stunningly beautiful, with a lot of details in them. This is an amazing book, which we recommend highly!

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this book.

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Adorable Santa Claus origin story. The illustrations are so incredibly well done, the book is truly beautiful. I would definitely buy this for my niece and nephew. Probably best for ages 4-8.

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Genre ~ children's fiction (4-7)
Publication date ~ October 3, 2023
Page Count ~ 40

A sad situation is turned into a heartwarming and uplifting magical tale.

What I liked:
~ Nicky's brilliant idea to give every child in the city a toy
~ how the Uncle's didn't question Nicky's idea and just got to work
~ how the reindeer need carrots to help them see in the dark ~ perhaps a cute ploy to get children to eat carrots.

"Nicky realized that sometimes, when all hope seems lost...a friend can help you find light in the darkness..."

My thoughts on the illustrations by the author (none of which affect my review):
~ the very first page was hard to read because there is a floral wallpaper background that makes the font hard to see (I was reading on my phone, so I don't know if that makes a difference in the print form)
~ most every page seems like what you'd expect to see during Christmastime ~ snow, trees and houses decorated

Overall, a lovely book that would be a great addition to the Christmas Eve reading routine along with Twas the Night Before Christmas. It might be on the longer side for the super young ones, but it's a magical story so I hope not.

Was this review helpful?

Autumn is my favourite time of year for so many reasons but one of the biggest is that it leads up to Christmas. Nothing puts me in the mood more than the first Christmas stories appearing in late summer. That’s why I was so excited to spot Kid Christmas of the Claus Brothers Toy Store on NetGalleyUK.

Kid Christmas of the Claus Brothers Toy Store is a charming story of Christmas magic and generosity. Exploring the origins of Christmas gift giving, it will inspire young readers to share what they have and think about how they can help those who may not have many gifts this Christmas.

Nicky’s uncles are the first toy makers in the land. Their mysterious workshop produces the most wonderful toys for children to enjoy. When Nicky realises not every child can afford one of these marvellous toys, he vows to do something about it. He comes up with a plan to deliver a toy to every child in the city. With determination, teamwork and a bit of magic, the legend of Father Christmas is born!

Kid Christmas of the Claus Brothers Toy Store will be a gorgeous addition to every Christmas picture book collection. Perfect to read in the run-up to Christmas, it will encourage children to think of others and find ways they can honour the spirit of Nicky and the Claus Brothers. Originally published in hardcover in October 2022, the paperback edition will be available in October 2023.

Thank you to Frances Lincoln Children’s Books and NetGalleyUK for this lovely book.

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Heartwarming story with beautiful illustrations! Will definitely read this to my kids on Christmas Day.

Was this review helpful?

Adorable, magical play on the beginnings of Saint Nick/Santa Clause. Beautiful illustrations and clear, short prose. Perfect for children of all ages who want to read about the magic of Christmas.

Was this review helpful?

A great Christmas storytelling about the importance of generosity and working together to help others. A twist on the original story of Saint Nicholas.
I enjoyed the story, but the standout was the pictures. The colours were bright and eye-catching, and there were lots of little details that you could spend a long time looking at. I would recommend this book to my friends with kids to add to their collections.

I received this book from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own,

Was this review helpful?

I love love and love this story! It's like a Christmas retelling but within modernized settings.

My heart ached when reading the first few pages, oh, how i can relate with those kids who kept on looking at the toys via the mirror😔

But im glad how the plot entailed next, it soothed my inner child (mind you im 20+ years old but love children's book, cus man... I've been dealing with a lot of heavy things in my mind, hence i prefer a light reading to refresh myself)

The illustrations? Chef's kiss! I would totally love to purchase a physical copy, adding to comfort book list! Thank you netgalley for giving me an opportunity to read this advanced reader copy, in exchange of honest review. Looking forward to another book by this author, and maybe another Christmas books?

Was this review helpful?

I received an ARC of this children's book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book was adorable. The text was great, but the pictures were also really wonderful!

Was this review helpful?

I had so much fun reading this book, the story is so adorable and the illustrations were so well done and charming, there’s so many little details in every page that I couldn’t stop but be mesmerized by it all. I will definitely be recommending it! Thank you netgalley and the publisher for this early copy

Was this review helpful?

Unless your name happens to be Scrooge or The Grinch, everyone loves a Santa origin story and not many come better than David Litchfield’s Kid Christmas. With all the magic expected from a Christmas story, this book won’t fail to warm even the coldest of hearts.
Nicky Claus works in his uncle’s toy shop where the toys always seem to find their home with just the right child. However, Nicky has noticed some children who stare through the windows, but never enter. One Christmas Eve, he decides to follow them to find out their identity. Finding a large group of homeless orphans sparks an idea in Nicky that will change the course of his whole life, and that of the history of Christmas, forever.
Litchfield’s illustrations are as much a part of this delightful tale as the words, all coming together to make the perfect festive treat.

Was this review helpful?

Absolutely gorgeous illustrations!! They are stunning and what initially drew me to want to read this short children’s book. They are bright and vibrant, though it was hard to read the text on some pages.

This is a fun, creative retelling of Santa Claus’ origin story with a unique twist. It was really sweet and heartwarming. There are definitely some positive messages in it for kids. This will definitely put you into the holiday spirit and make you think about the true meaning of Christmas. Highly recommend!

Was this review helpful?

“When Nicky was born he was surrounded by love. And toys, of course. Lots and lots of toys.”

I think it’s safe to say that his uncles Hanz, Louis, and Levi were toymakers extraordinaire. Their toys had special magic in them. He worked there every day when he was old enough.

[My Goodreads review includes an illustration with the caption:]
“It was full of excited, happy children all wanting the latest Claus Brothers toys!”

What a colourful toy store! Behind the scenes, Nicky’s uncles were creating the perfect toy for each of the children, but Nicky noticed some other children looking in the window.

[My Goodreads review includes an illustration with the caption:]
“Nicky would invite them inside, but they would always just run away.”

One Christmas Eve, he followed them through an unusual hole in the wall and down a tunnel. He could see, because there were jars of fireflies on the walls, flashing their little lights. Eventually he came to a big room full of children.

A little girl, Lottie, tells him they go above ground only to look for food and fireflies, and they have never had toys.

[My Goodreads review includes an illustration with the caption:]
“Nicky realized that this was their home. A small girl stepped forward. Nicky couldn’t believe these children had to live this way. At that moment, he vowed that he would give every child in that room—no, every single child in the city—a present so they could feel happy, even if it was for just one day.”

Well, that’s commendable and easy for him to say. He’s not the one making the toys and putting in the magic. But it’s already Christmas Eve! Back to the toy store! His uncles are still working, and he announces his grand plan.

Can they do it? They must. They work feverishly, and begin packing up the toys.

[My Goodreads review includes an illustration with the caption:]
“ ‘WAIT A MINUTE! How am I going to deliver ALL of these presents in one single night?!’”

[My Goodreads review includes an illustration with the caption:]
“‘Well, young Nicky, we have a plan for that. Allow us to introduce you to the YYUULLEE 33000000!!
A little something we’ve been working on recently.’”

Just to give an example of some of the detail in these illustrations, here is a close-up of the Yule 3000’s “carrot pouch”, wiring and twin exhausts (?!)
[My Goodreads review includes an illustration of the close-up]

The bags are loaded and he’s off, with shouted reminders to remember to regularly feed carrots to the team of two reindeer. They have special propellers on their backs for flying, but they need extra carrots to be able to see in the dark.

Nicky makes his first stop on a rooftop, slides off the roof, tries all the doors and windows, but can’t find a way into the house. He hears a small voice coming from the chimney. It’s Lottie! She’s been chimney-sweeping and got stuck. He grabs the broom, and down they both tumble.

[My Goodreads review includes an illustration with the caption:]
“It wasn’t as comfortable as going through a door, but it gave Nicky a great idea.”

With Lottie to help, they’d fly across the rooftops and be done in no time. But the reindeer won’t move.

[My Goodreads review includes an illustration with the caption:]
“ ‘I forgot the carrots!’ Nicky said. ‘It’s too dark for the reindeer to see without them.’ “

Lottie climbed down, leaving Nicky alone with his thoughts, but in parting, she said. “ ‘I believe in you, kid.’ ”

That’s all very nice to hear, but Nicky is miserable, thinking he has ruined his great plan, and the night is getting darker. Then looking across the night sky and the snowy roofs, he saw a glimmer, and then it grew brighter and brighter.

[My Goodreads review includes an illustration with the caption:]
“Nicky realized that sometimes, when all hope seems lost …a friend can help you find light in the darkness …And that’s when real-life magic truly happens.

‘The FIREFLIES! Incredible!’”

Nicky and Lottie and all the children fly through the night on the Yule 3000, delivering gifts to all the children in the city. When they’d completed their trip, Nicky surprised them back at the toy shop with extra-special gifts for each of them.

As things gradually settle down in the toy store, Nicky and his uncles plan for an even bigger event the following year – gifts for all the children in the world,

[My Goodreads review includes an illustration with the caption:]
“But for this plan to work they would need lots of Little Helpers to assist them. Ones who understood how real-life magic truly worked.”

The illustration above is just a corner of the full picture, which shows all the children helping in the workshop. In addition to these children finding a new life, I wanted to emphasise a sign and three characters. The black sign says “The Christmas Coalition”, and Lottie is telling the characters “ ‘Welcome to the workshop, our global partners.’ ”

The three she’s addressing are wearing badges saying “Snow Maiden,” “Nisse,” and “Krampus” - mythological characters from northern folk tales. It’s a nice touch.

I’m sure it seems I’ve shared a lot of the illustrations, but many are just small parts of pages with more story and pictures. They are wonderful, better than the story itself, but I think they lift it enough to make this a special Christmas book. There’s plenty to look at and point to and talk about, and it’s a nice twist on the usual Saint Nick, Santa Claus story.

Thanks to #NetGalley and Frances Lincoln Children's Book for a copy for review of #KidChristmas.

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Perfect Book to Share With Your Favorite Kids This Christmas Season

I enjoyed this story and the wonderful illustrations. I could see kids looking through this and getting excited for all things Christmas. This book will draw out emotions and feelings that will bring about some great discussion depending on the age of the kids. This will be a favorite every year!

I received a complimentary ARC of this book from NetGalley on behalf of the Publisher and was under no obligation to post a favorable review.

Was this review helpful?

Nicky was born into a loving family with three clever uncles.

Together they ran a toy store where they sold their own creative, unique toys.
Those toys were embedded with a special kind of magic allowing each child to find their perfect toy.

But Nicky soon finds out not every child can have a toy as not every child has a home..

Kid Christmas is a clever origin story of Santa Claus that touches on some heavy topics, opening the door to important conversations.

Kid Christmas is the perfect combination of whimsy, magic, and compassion, while covering issues like true friendship, homelessness, poverty, and compassion.

Loveeeeed all of the themes in this and can’t wait for Christmas!

Was this review helpful?

What a gorgeous book that will be enjoyed by both adults and children.
The pictures are detailed and vibrant and help bring the Christmas story and the all important messages to life. I can't wait to share this with our children at our annual winter reading session. I'm sure it will be an instant hit.

Was this review helpful?

Beautifully illustrated. This is a different origin story for Christmas. In this Nicky has three uncles, Levi, Louis and Hanz who own the Claus Brothers Toy Store. Nicky realizes not everyone can afford the best toys in the land. He comes up with a plan with the help of his uncles to give every child a magical present once a year. I thought this reimagined story is creative and children will recognize the traditions they know like reindeer and chimneys. The art of David Litchfield is truly outstanding. (4.5 Stars)

Was this review helpful?

This was such a wonderful read. I read it to my 3 year old and he was mesmerized by the illustrations and ask me to read this again to him.
What a wonderful story,

Was this review helpful?

A beautifully illustrated book, perfect gift for Christmas, about a boy and his uncles who make toys. Another interpretation of Santa Claus at the beginning, and I do love this story that told us how his compassion for others makes him share happiness of owning a toy,

Was this review helpful?

The Christmas kid is a colorful picture book, in the book you travel to a dark Christmas eve long ago. Nicky works with his uncles in a toy store. One day he sees some children standing by the shop window, they can’t afford to buy a toy. Nicky feels sad for the children and he gets an idea. His idea grows into a big dream, but it does not remain just a dream…

What a richly illustrated book this is. The prints are sometimes covering the spread and sometimes in small frames, which gives pace to the story and occasionally reminds of a comic book.

Highly recommended to read with Christmas. In summary: a festive feel-good story about sharing, working together, realizing dreams and persevere.

Big thanks to NetGalley for providing an advanced readers copy in return for my honest opinion.

Was this review helpful?

David Litchfield has created a different origin story for Santa Clause that is absolutely adorable.

Young Nicky works with his uncles at the Clause Brothers Toy Store. For each toy made at the Emporium has a special sparkle that means it will find the child it is perfect for. But Nicky discovers children who have no toys and very little else. This story is a tale about kindness, generosity and looking after each other. The story is engaging, and the themes are perfect for the holiday season. Litchfield’s illustrations are a delight.

Was this review helpful?

This was a super sweet and wholesome Christmas book for kids. It is definitely appropriate and brings attention to less fortunate children and teaches a lesson of kindness and generosity. The illustrations are beautiful. Overall, this book is super wholesome and holds a valuable theme for children.

Was this review helpful?

I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Kid Christmas: Of Claus Brothers Toy Shop is a beautiful enchanting retelling about how Santa came to be. Nicky and his three uncles run a toy shop, and when Nicky realises that not everyone can afford to buy toys, he formulates a plan to ensure that every child is gifted a toy on one night of the year.
This was a lovely story with tradition woven into its core, and children will delight at the illustrations, traditions they recognise and know, and feel the magic and spirit of Christmas. This is a great book to use for a discussion point, too, to talk about gratitude, kindness, and compassion.

Was this review helpful?

Thanks Netgalley for providing arc version of this book.
No matters how old you are, if you want to feel Christmas vibes - this book exactly what you need.
Cozy, beautiful, childhood naive story with fantastic illustrations.
It’s truly delicious not just read it but also see any small detail in illustrations.

Was this review helpful?

This was SUCH a sweet story absolutely perfect for kids. The message of this story is as christmasy as it could get, with a wonderful depiction of true Christmas spirit along with beautiful art and some little comedic comments here and there! This is the book the young children in your life should be receiving this Christmas!

Was this review helpful?

This is a lovely heartwarming story about the magic of Christmas and a possible beginning for the legend of Father Christmas.

Was this review helpful?

This is such a beautiful and heartwarming book - I read it several times with my daughter and each time we found something new to explore in the story,

A new take on the story of where Father Christmas came from, this tells the story of Nicky Claus who works in a toy shop and who has the dream of making sure that every child has a gift to open on Christmas Day. The story was heartwarming and charming while the illustrations were incredible. A lovely book to read to children of all ages,

Was this review helpful?

This book was so beautiful! The illustrations were gorgeous and the story was so sweet. I always love origin stories, and this is such a cute story explaining why Santa delivers toys every year.
Thanks to NetGalley for letting me read this

Was this review helpful?


This is the story of before Santa. And oh my goodness it was so cute.
The main character Nick Really embodied the spirit of Christmas and with the help of his uncles and some other little helpers they created what we now know as Santa and Christmas.

It was so well written and made me feel all the good feelings Christmas is supposed to bring.
The Illustrations were beautiful.

Me and my kids really enjoyed this story and will be making this a yearly Christmas read for sure!

Thank you Netgalley and The publishers for The ARC copy for Reviewing purposes.

Was this review helpful?

I loved this story and the enchanting illustrations! It’s the perfect thing to get into the mood of the Christmas spirit! I adored the beautiful message of how Santa got his start, that darkness will not win. And friendship is the way to bring the light into the world!

Was this review helpful?

What a wonderful spin on the story of Santa Clause! I love that it was kids helping other kids to have a beautiful, magical Christmas! And sleigh....what about the Yule 3000?! Read to find out more!! The illustrations are so bright and pretty.

Was this review helpful?

It is an adorable story about the origin of Santa Claus, with cute illustrations and warmth in its narrative it is perfect to share with children and make them reflect on how lucky we are, since not everyone has the same opportunities but we can all do our best to make others happy.
It also gives us joy and hope, just what everyone is looking for at Christmas.

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Sweet, wholesome, cozy and whimsical - these words can perfectly describe this book.
It's perfect book for your child (or you) for Christmas time.
Just you, your family and this book, I guarantee you'll have amazing evening.
I think I'm unable to describe how beautiful the Illustratrations are and how sweet the story is - you'll just have to see for yourself.

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