Do Your Best

How to be a Scout

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Pub Date Sep 28 2023 | Archive Date Apr 17 2024
Nicholas Brealey US | Hodder & Stoughton

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What more could you ask for, than a book stuffed like an overfilled rucksack with tips and tricks from one of the world's most celebrated adventurers from pitching a tent, leading a team, how to keep fit, tie knots, memorise facts, identify trees, stars and birds, as well as learning real survival skills like putting up a tent in the wild and stashing your breakfast in ground to keep it hot for the next morning?

This is the book for anyone who is a Scout, was a Scout, or wants to be a Scout.

Do Your Best is the handbook for every Scout, young and old. It's a warm-hearted book in which you'll learn all the skills the scouts use to do their best in everything they do and set themselves up to face life head-on and make a real difference in the world.

Not since Scouting for Boys, the seminal 1908 book by Robert Baden-Powell that sparked the global movement, has there been a single handbook for every Scout. Whoever you are it will help you step up, speak up, skill up and dream big.

Grab life with both hands, never give up and give life you your best shot with Do Your Best: How To Be a Scout. Stunningly typographically designed and richly illustrated, this will be the perfect Christmas gift for the adventurer in your life - young or old.

Chapters include: 'How to Survive'; 'How to give first aid'; 'How to protect our planet'; 'How to be organised'; 'How to be an adventurer'; 'How to be a camp cook'; 'How to live freely'; 'How to predict the weather'; 'How to be a team player'. And that's just for starters!

What more could you ask for, than a book stuffed like an overfilled rucksack with tips and tricks from one of the world's most celebrated adventurers from pitching a tent, leading a team, how to keep...

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Featured Reviews

Fantastic! This book is in the true scout tradition really helpful for all. And this isn't only because of all the practical information, but mainly in the morality and guidelines, and thus the very appropriate title. Part 3 is the most important and contains lots of wisdom to live by, and it's summed up in the first pages of the book "You only get one shot at life", which is pure poetry and should be read by everyone every day.

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"Do Your Best: How to Be a Scout" by Bear Grylls is a treasure trove of essential knowledge and skills for adventurers of all ages. Bear Grylls, a renowned adventurer and survivalist, has compiled a comprehensive guide that is bound to be a valuable companion for scouts, aspiring scouts, and anyone who's curious about the great outdoors.

This book is like an all-encompassing survival toolkit, covering everything from pitching a tent and tying knots to identifying trees, stars, and birds. It not only imparts practical skills but also instills a sense of self-reliance and the spirit of adventure. Grylls' wealth of experience shines through as he shares real survival techniques, making it an excellent resource for those who love to explore the wilderness.

However, "Do Your Best" isn't just about outdoor skills; it's also a guide to becoming a better, more capable individual. It encourages readers to step up, speak up, skill up, and dream big. Grylls' inspirational message resonates throughout the book, reminding us to seize life's opportunities and face challenges head-on.

The book's visually stunning design and rich illustrations add to its appeal, making it an engaging read for both young and old adventurers. It's not just a practical handbook; it's a beautifully crafted piece that would make a perfect gift, especially for those who embrace the call of the wild.

In a world that sometimes feels disconnected from nature, "Do Your Best" serves as a beacon, reminding us of the importance of outdoor skills, self-reliance, and the spirit of adventure. Whether you're a seasoned scout or someone taking their first steps into the world of outdoor exploration, Bear Grylls' book will equip you with the knowledge and inspiration to do your best and make a real difference in the world.

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I had so much fun reading this book, the story is so good and the illustrations were so well done and charming, there’s so many little details in every page that I couldn’t stop but be mesmerized by it all. I will definitely be recommending it! Thank you netgalley and the publisher for this early copy

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This book for me is a must have for all scouts, new to the family of scouts or those that have been long ago, it is full of skills for those that are learning life’s skills and those that have forgotten those lessons along the way, navigating life with what was a reliable compass and that along the way it has been broken. This book helps guide you in the right direction whether your starting your journey or you’ve been travelling for some time. As a former scout and now a scout leader this is a must have for all, not just scouts.

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I've got two scouts in my house and I know what an amazing job their leaders do each week during their sessions. I jumped at the opportunity to review Do Your Best by Bear Grylls. Sure, this is written for Scouts but really, this book has a wealth of information that will be useful for everyone.
There's Scout specific information and facts - who knew eleven out of the twelve people to walk on the moon were Scouts? I enjoyed learning about the history of the Scouts as well as reading about Bear's own time in the scouts. However, there's brilliant advice on mental health, how to be a team player, what you can do about climate change, how to give first aid, how to make breakfast and how to survive in the great outdoors, how to be a good friend, how to communicate and many, many other scenarios. Each chapter contains real life examples and situations to learn from, which really help to engage you as a reader. There's even emergency postcards in the appendix and a spare page you can rip out and light for a fire in an emergency.! The book really has thought of everything a Scout would ever need to know.
It belongs on every coffee table and at every camp.

Thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to review an advanced copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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As a former scout/leader and who was awarded Wood Badge I couldn't help wanting to read this book.
It's an excellent book, a sort of Scouting for Boys updated to our times and way of living
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher for this ARC, all opinions are mine

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Bear Grylls, the very well-known adventurer, has here written a book in which he shares some of his expertise. The result is a title packed with information in its over 350 pages. Chapters include everything from How to be a Scout and How to be an Adventurer to How to be You. These sections are followed by one called Useful Stuff That Just Might come in Handy (indeed!).

The book opens with a welcome in which Bear signs off as “your friend.” He is truly welcoming as he encourages kids to use this book in whatever way and/or order makes sense to them. He gives permission to get the book dirty and messy. He hopes that this is a title that will be kept and used for many years. I love how he encourages kids to face life fearlessly and with a spirit of adventure.

This title is nicely illustrated and filled with information and inspiration. Even just a few pages in, learn all the things that can be done with a neckerchief. Learn how people have coped with adversity with Nelson Mandela as just one example.

I highly recommend this book. Even though it is for kids (possibly), there is much that could benefit an adult as well. For a start, take a look at the section on what makes a good leader.

Note: The title is connected with and references the Scouting program.

Many thanks to Nicholas Brealey/Hodder & Soughton U.S. for this title. All opinions are my own.

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I adore and admire Bear Grylls, so I was intrigued by his book "Do Your Best: How to Be a Scout". I'm not a Scout myself, but I really enjoyed this very comprehensive and inclusive guide, that focuses not only on useful skills to have but also on how to be a good person. It evens tells us about this history of the Scouts (and the Jamborees, etc.), which is quite interesting—I didn't know much about that.
I found it to be a great read no matter one's age; children, teens and adults alike will appreciate the message Bear Grylls delivers.
I found this book to be really inspirational, and if I knew of children that age interested in nature activities, I wouldn't hesitate to gift them this book.

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Do Your Best: How to be a Scout - Bear Grylls

This well written book is for everyone; it has inspiring templates, history lessons, and so many experiences. All this is woven into the instructions that are simple, easy to follow along with. There is plenty to learn in this book, all the while giving you the wisdom to help achieve your goals. Overall a delightful read, and one that’ll stay in my “read again” part of my bookshelf. I can’t wait to own a physical copy.

Thank you for the chance to read this before release.

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I received this as an ARC from NetGalley.

I am a big fan of Bear Grylls and so wanted to read this book when I saw it. I'm not a Scout myself but I found this to be an absolutely wonderful book. It's not just about 'how to be a Scout' but 'how to be a good person in general' which I think is a very good moral/message. I found that this book was filled with lots of good sense, and a very good, wholesome message. There were sections on the history of the Scouts (and associated things such as Jamborees) which I didn't know before. I learnt a lot from this book and is certainly something I would recommend.

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As the sister of 4 Eagle Scouts and daughter of parents who were den leaders, I cannot tell you how wonderful this book is! Not only does it talk about the importance of Scouting in the world, it does such a fabulous job of talking about the core components of what being a scout means - which apply to children everywhere regardless of if they are scouts or not. This books would make a perfect gift to upper elementary aged kids.

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An excellent book to read, share and gift to any of the young people in your life. Not many have the opportunity to join the scouts and/ or follow the guidelines and programs involved with the scouts. With DO YOUR BEST, the information is educational and fun. My group of 8-10 year readers were all asking for a copy of their own. What better recommendation can you find?

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This is a fantastic handbook for any Scout!

With illustrations throughout, every single aspect of scouting is covered. This would be a great gift for boys and girls when they are invested into the scouting movement. Although it is longer than I expected, it's the kind of book which you can dip in and out of

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For all Scouts and adventurers out there this is an extremely useful handbook packed full of information. Chief Ambassador of World Scouting, Bear Grylls, has written and organised it in three main sections. Part one focuses on 'How to be a Scout' and explains the role of a Scout, the Scout promise, and the Scout motto as well as the history of the Scout movement initiated by Robert Baden-Powell. Part two is 'How to be an Adventurer' and guides the reader on e.g. How to survive, how to camp, how to tie knots etc. Part three is about 'How to Be You', how to achieve your goals, be a friend, be fit and healthy, etc. A couple of pages focus on testing/ discussing your Scouting knowledge by describing some difficult situations and asking 'What would you Do?' At the end is a section 'Useful Stuff That Just Might Come In Handy' including for example, a morse code chart, semaphore and world Scout Jamborees. This is not just about being a Scout, it's about living a good life and how to enjoy the outdoors. Thank you to Net Galley for an arc in exchange for an honest review.

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This book is so amazing to read. As a girl scout myself, I've always loved knowing these practical tips. These survival tips are great and I think everyoen should read them whether they're a scout or not. It's books like these that shoudl be gofted to young children so that they learn the basics of life. The number of people connected with nature ir dwindling by teh minute and books like this teach us to go out and enjoy nature, have fun while learn some tricks. There is also immense wisdom in the book, which I think is needed for the younger population. Overall, I would really recommend this book to everyone. Would purchase a copy myself.

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