Attached at the Hip

A Novel

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Pub Date 21 May 2024 | Archive Date 04 Jun 2024
St. Martin's Press, Wednesday Books


Survivor meets The Bachelor in Attached at the Hip, an irresistible, romantic adventure by New York Times bestselling author Christine Riccio.

Orie Lennox has spent her entire life prepping for her happily ever after -- and now that she’s graduated, she’s low-key wondering, when the heck is it gonna hit. Her love life, her new job, her relationship with her sister: none of it is quite what she envisioned it to be.

One evening, on a whim, she applies for a reality show where she’ll be stranded on an island, with a bunch of strangers, to play a game of human chess for a shot at a million dollars. What better way to force herself to break up with the things that aren’t bringing her joy, than to abandon them all on short notice to live off the grid on a beach in the South Pacific!

Orie's shocked when she ends up cast in an experimental romantic edition of the show: and even more surprised to find that her old high school crush, Remy, has been cast as well. Orie's one of ten contestants, set to compete in formidable challenges, while speed dating, in the wilderness: without deodorant, toilets, shaving cream, or showers. (How!?)

She finds herself tied up — literally — in a game of risky alliances as she navigates ever-growing feelings for her one that got away, alongside an exciting array of budding new relationships.

Survivor meets The Bachelor in Attached at the Hip, an irresistible, romantic adventure by New York Times bestselling author Christine Riccio.

Orie Lennox has spent her entire life prepping for her...

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Featured Reviews

Thank you NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for accepting my request for an ARC of this book!
“I am on a beach in Fiji about to be voluntarily marooned on an island to prove a point.”
I have to say Riccio’s personality really shines in her books and her newest one is no exception. I laughed so much while reading this book. I enjoyed every second of it. I think that say’s something for I’m not a reality tv person. The characters were done well and the show I was impressed with. I mean, creating a story is one thing but then creating a tv show inside of a story? Hands down was the highlight of my year in reading.

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This romance was just what I wanted. The setting would be perfect for summer time. I enjoyed the romance very much. I would highly recommend this book!

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Throw Survivor and any dating show together and you get Attached at the Hip. I don’t think I have read a book in so long that has had me smiling and actually laughing out loud in a while. I really enjoyed the story that Christine Riccio put together when it came to the novel. This is a ROMCOM without any spice.
Orie is our FMC and she is 23 years old. She has graduated college with a bachelors in English and is still living at home with her parents. She is a Social Media Influencer with her sister and they do AcroYoga. They have a large following and she is dating a guy who she’s been in a relationship since she was in high school. All that changes when her sister tells her that she is codependent and cant do anything by herself. Basically also calling her lazy as she has everyone do everything for her. This sparks Orie into applying for Survivor…. She has been obsessed with the show since she was 8 (if I recall correctly). She did not thin she would actually be chosen!!

In this we see great character growth and Orie learning how to tackle puzzles, obstacles and becoming more independent day by day, even thoug she i attached at the hip with her partner for that round. Now I don’t normally read romance books without any spice…but I found myself not missing it at all. I really liked the interactions Orie had with the other contestants on the show and the friendships that grew from those interactions.
I do see that this author does have two other novels out right now and I am definitely going to be checking them out. If they are written anything like this one I will be captured immediately into the world that Christine Riccio spins together and will easy read it in one sitting like I did this one!

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Man I had a really great time reading this book! I watched Christine Riccio's Trials and Tribulations of Writing a Novel videos, and it was really great to read the book that was written and edited in those videos! The fire scene! Also, there's just the tiniest of cameos with Shane from Again, But Better, and I absolutely loved it!

Orie was such a fun character to read about. She's easily relatable, from her fear of spiders, to when her narration would include capital letters. Not to mention her dependence on others that her sister brings up. She was just so entertaining to read about, and to be a contestant on this show!

I was reading this at work while on break and I had to tell someone a bit about it because I just couldn't help but laughing! I mean, she's on an Survivor-like show, but with relationships, espcailly dating, and she's literally attached at the hip with these people, including her high school crush-and the idea of having to poop while he's that close? I couldn't help but laugh!

It was really entertaining to watch Orie compete, from the relationships that she builds, to the way she does on the challenges. She was a strong competitor, and the game and the competitors really gave her an adventure! I loved how it all played out!

This was such a great, funny and entertaining read and I can't wait to read more by Christine Riccio!

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I could not have loved this book more. It was everything I needed in a romance novel. And y'all, Y'ALL, it had an overlay with a Survivor-esque reality TV show! Seriously, it was EVERYTHING. Orie is selected for a reality TV show that she initially thinks is Survivor. Turns out, it's a relationship-based show where contestants are literally attached to one another. One of the other contestants is her former high school crush, Remy. As happens with a show like this, there are also other relationships and gameplay in motion. What I loved about this was that it was about love, but it was also about a reality TV show (one that I became very engaged in and wished was real), AND it was about Orie just trying to figure out life and relationships. I'll just gush again and tell you this is incredible and such an outstanding experience! Thanks to NetGalley for the early look at this May 2024 release. Until it's out, I'll be taking time to tell everyone they NEED to read this!

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