The Son's Secret

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Pub Date Jan 02 2024 | Archive Date Jan 26 2024

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What if you're the only one who believes your son is missing? A chilling, twisty psychological suspense novel, perfect for fans of Laura Dave and Gillian Flynn.

Maggie Lawson is the smart, capable dean of a boutique college, but even the most confident mother has a weakness - her child. When Maggie can't reach her college senior son, Aiden, to tell him that his father has been shot, she starts to panic. She texts. She calls.

Is Aiden ghosting her, or have the dangerous stories Aiden's father, her investigative journalist ex-husband, pursues finally brought trouble to her door? Maggie is sure that something is very wrong, but no one believes her. As dark events unfold, she must rely on her own investigative instincts to find Aiden. But when Maggie uncovers a devastating secret, she faces a race against time to save him.

What if you're the only one who believes your son is missing? A chilling, twisty psychological suspense novel, perfect for fans of Laura Dave and Gillian Flynn.

Maggie Lawson is the smart, capable...

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Thank you to NetGalley and Severn House for an ARC of The Son's Secret.

Dean Maggie Lawson's adult son is missing. She knows something is wrong even though people keep telling her to not worry. I enjoyed following along as Maggie solved the mystery of her missing son. Some of the side characters, like her ex-husband and her bff Gina, were really fun. I really liked the fortune teller Maggie comes across. I would have liked more of her in the story. I can understand why some might have found Maggie annoying but I thought she acted the way she did because she had an anxiety disorder.
The only thing I really had a problem with was the antagonist's reasoning for what they did. I think because the whole thing was focused on Maggie and only knowing what Maggie knows did that no favors. Aside from that the journey to the conclusion was interesting enough to keep me reading.
Over all, I found this to be a solid 3.5/5 and a nice thriller perfect for the beginning of autumn.

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I really enjoyed reading this nook,it felt easy to get into and to read. Overall it felt exciting to delve into the story and find out who to trust.

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Thank you, NetGalley and Severn House for the copy of The Son’s Secret by Daryl Wood Gerber. I was pleasantly surprised by how engrossing this book was, especially because it’s more of a cozy mystery than a thriller. Maggie is an interesting character, but she was kind of annoying so I didn’t like her. I did like the complex story though, and even though I knew early on who the culprit was I didn't know why until the end. If you want a good and fast read, this is the book for you.

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Maggie’s son is missing. She does not believe he would willingly ghost her and the texts he’s sending her do not sound like him. She makes it her priority to find him. Seeing Maggie turn over every stone and watch along as she eventually figures out who is responsible for her son’s disappearance made for a very easy book to find hard to put down. Maggie was a complex character and truly a mother who loves her son. I liked her tenacity; she didn’t ever give up. I think anyone who likes a good mystery will like this book. I received an arc of this book from NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Maggie Lawson is the dean of a small college and a single mom to a son who is in college. Things seem to be normal until she suddenly can't reach her son to tell him that his father has been injured. She thought they had a good relationship but ever since he got married things haven't quite been the same. She realizes that something more is going on than a son ignoring his mother and decides to investigate on her own. Was he kidnapped by someone his father exposed in hos writing? Did he get himself in some kind of trouble that she doesn't know about? Is it her fault for cutting off the money.she can no longer afford to provide him? As more and more comes to light she finds herself in danger. Follow along in this exciting new read and see just what secrets Maggie uncovers and the devastation they could lead to.

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I have enjoyed other thrillers, as well as cozy mystery series by this author, so I wasn't surprised when I also enjoyed this one. The Son's Secret is an intriguing, suspenseful novel. Nobody believes Maggie Lawson when she fears something has happened to her college-age son, but Maggie knows her son and knows he wouldn't just leave. There are many people who act suspiciously in the story, so I wasn't sure what had really happened until the very end. 

I enjoyed the suspense and coming up with my own theories about what may have happened to Aiden. Some of the subplots and red herrings may have been a little too detailed, slowing the pace in some parts. However, overall, I enjoyed the book and was entertained from the beginning to the very end.

I received an advance copy of this ebook at no cost from NetGalley and Severn House, but my review is voluntary and unbiased.

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From the first pulse-quickening chapter to the spine-chilling climax, Daryl Wood Gerber's "The Son's Secret" gripped my senses and refused to let go. This psychological thriller is a rollercoaster of suspense and intrigue, a literary labyrinth where every twist and turn heightens the stakes and intensifies the urgency to uncover the truth.

Meet Maggie Lawson, the brilliant and capable dean of a boutique college. Yet, in her world, even the most unyielding motherhood can crumble. The synopsis hinted at the tumult that ensues when Maggie, in a gut-wrenching moment, can't reach her college senior son, Aiden, after a devastating revelation about his father. The characters are not mere players in a narrative; they are intricately woven threads in a complex tapestry of mystery, leaving me questioning motives and alliances until the final page.

The plot is a tautly pulled string, resonating with tension and mystery. Gerber's narrative expertise shines through as Maggie's frantic attempts to contact her son escalate into a harrowing race against time. The story's pacing is relentless, a cadence of suspense that had me compulsively turning pages, desperate to uncover the secrets veiled beneath the surface of Maggie's seemingly ordinary life.

As the dark events unfold, Gerber masterfully navigates the terrain of psychological suspense. Every revelation is a gut punch, every twist a tantalizing tease that amplifies the enigma. The psychological elements are woven seamlessly into the narrative, blurring the lines between reality and deception. Maggie's journey becomes a labyrinth of doubt, and I found myself haunted by the same questions that tormented her—Is Aiden ghosting her, or has the dangerous world of investigative journalism her ex-husband pursued finally caught up with them?

The strength of "The Son's Secret" lies not only in its ability to maintain an unrelenting pace but also in the emotional resonance it evokes. Gerber delves deep into the complex mother-son dynamic, portraying Maggie's relentless pursuit of her child as a testament to the indomitable power of maternal love. The characters are vividly drawn, each layer peeled away to reveal hidden facets, and the narrative unfolds with a delicious mix of unpredictability and inevitability.

While the novel's brilliance far outweighs any drawbacks, it's fair to acknowledge that the resolution, though satisfying, may leave some readers craving an even more profound revelation. Certain plot elements, while effective, may tread on familiar ground for seasoned psychological thriller enthusiasts. However, these minor quibbles fade against the backdrop of the narrative's relentless grip.

In conclusion, "The Son's Secret" is a psychological masterpiece that catapults readers into a world where secrets breed shadows and every revelation is a step deeper into the abyss. Daryl Wood Gerber has crafted a symphony of suspense that resonates long after the final page, making this novel a must-read for aficionados of the genre. Brace yourself for a thrilling odyssey through the murkiness of deception, and savor every heart-pounding moment. 📚🕵️‍♀️💥

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Wow! This story was intense. Maggie knew something was wrong with her son but no one believed her. She had a lot of her own demons to deal as well as trying to convince everyone that something was wrong. There were other things happening that may or may not have been related to Aiden’s disappearance that muddied her search. I couldn’t put it down!

Thank you to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for the Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) copy of this book and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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Maggie's son is missing. Her son Aiden is an adult. She is finding it hard to believe he would just ghost her and totally disappear or disregard her texts. Maggie loves her son very much and is going to leave no stone unturned until she gets answers. Where is her son Aiden? Why has he disappeared?
I found Maggie a complex character and really annoying at times. There were times I just wanted to say "seriously".
As a mother I could understand her need to keep digging deeper for answers while not knowing who she could trust.
A thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat as well as trying to guess who was behind what was happening.

Thank you NetGalley and Severn House for the opportunity to read this book.

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A mother's intuition always knows best, but what happens when no one else believes her? Convinced her son is in danger a mother fights against time and everyone in her life to prove it. A gritty, dark and twisted psychological thriller that will have you turning pages as quickly as you can to see if the mother will be in time or if she is just out of her mind. If you pay close attention to the clues in the book, you should slowly start to reveal the villain, but beware there are many villains to choose from so make your choice wisely! I swear this author gets better with each book and I'm not sure how that is possible when I think each book is outstanding then the next one outshines the last! Characters crafted so lifelike that you actually feel as if you can reach out and touch them are wrapped in a gripping plot that will have your heart pounding as you follow this mother on her harrowing journey to find her son! Definitely a great read if you like mysteries and thrillers!

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I have read much of Daryl Wood Gerber’s previous works and really enjoyed them. I read all types of mysteries but I tend to like thrillers more than cozy mysteries, so I was very excited for this one. Unfortunately while it was a decent mystery it fell a little flat for me and was harder to get into than I expect. I didn’t really like the main character very much, but honestly I didn’t really like any of them. The main character fell between unreliable narrator and over anxious. While I did see the twist coming I thought it worked pretty well and did tie everything together nicely. Maggie knows something is wrong with her son, but she can’t seem to get anyone to believe her that something is off, even when he doesn’t visit his father in the hospital. The longer he is gone the more she knows something is seriously wrong. Will she find him before it is too late? Overall I gave this one 3.5 stars rounded up because I do love this author and it was a fun mystery.

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Can you trust a mother’s intuition? A son disappears but no one takes it seriously. How far will the mother go to discover what is behind her son’s disappearance? Will it be too late when she is finally believed? This book is set in the historical New Orleans and pays tribute to its past. This book was a good read with well written characters that unfolded to reveal the events leading to the disappearance.

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Daryl Wood Gerber, best known for a string of successful cozy series, will strike an emotional chord in mothers with this story of a woman trying to find her missing son. When college dean Maggie Lawson's son stops communicating, she knows that isn't normal behavior for him, but the people around her keep telling her he's a grown man and entitled to go off the grid for a few days. She begins to fear that someone enraged by her ex-husband's investigative journalism has taken revenge by harming their son. She feels she has no choice but to do everything she can to find him on her own. The writing doesn't have the bite of a thriller, but it's an entertaining read.

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An excellent thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat. I started to figure out who was behind the deeds done, but I needed to know their reasoning why. Maggie Lawson is pulled in all different directions between her job and her personal life. She has a great relationship with her son, but when he stops contacting her, her mother's intuition starts to kick into high gear. This story was well thought out, and well written. I love Daryl Wood Gerber's books, and I highly recommend this story. If you haven't read any of her books, you definitely should!

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Daryl Wood Gerber has written a suspenseful story. Maggie is certain that her adult son, Aiden, has been kidnapped. No one else believes her. She's forced to investigate on her own. I felt Maggie's fear for her child. I understood her frustration. The more questions she asks the less it made sense. As much as Maggie tries, Super Mom can't save the day. Unexpectedly Maggie and Aiden's new wife work together to find him. I wanted them to find him. Is Aiden punishing his mother? Is her fear irrational? I wasn't sure. The Son's Secret is a gripping and powerful tale. This story pulls you into a world where lies and deception are everywhere and everyone has an agenda. I wanted to know if Maggie found the truth and her son. Daryl Wood Gerber is a master storyteller. She found my fear - can I keep my child safe.
I received a copy of this book which I voluntarily read and reviewed. My comments are my honest opinion.

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