Queer Power Couples

On Love and Possibility

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Pub Date 07 May 2024 | Archive Date 06 May 2024

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This photographic celebration of queer love and excellence gathers fourteen LGBTQ+ power couples, offering a glimpse into the journeys that led to their meaningful relationships and thriving careers.

From designer Debbie Millman’s ardent courtship of writer Roxane Gay to the romantic and creative relationship forged between Perfume Genius bandmates Mike Hadreas and Alan Wyffels on stage during their first world tour, this beautiful book offers a closer look into the lives of fourteen inspiring LGBTQ+ couples and the meet-cutes, success stories, and personal reflections that made them the role models they are today. These icons come from a range of backgrounds—they are trailblazers who lead research labs, kitchens, and news organizations; create life-giving art and music; and tell queer stories in award-winning books, films, and television shows.

With in-depth original interviews by journalist Hannah Murphy Winter and intimate photography by their wife, Billie Winter, this diverse collection is a jubilant celebration of queer love and an empowering reminder to younger LGBTQ+ generations of their limitless possibilities.

This photographic celebration of queer love and excellence gathers fourteen LGBTQ+ power couples, offering a glimpse into the journeys that led to their meaningful relationships and thriving careers.


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Featured Reviews

I read this book in a day, unable to keep down the smile on my face. The book is what it says on the tin - a celebration of queer power couples, put together by two women (spouses) as a writer and a photographer duo, and if that concept fills you with joy, then the book definitely will. I enjoyed it so much. It's thoughtfully put together, balancing asking the same questions to different respondents for thematic consistency and giving the couples room to be comfortable in their own space. The photography was wonderful and warm-hearted: I absolutely loved the idea of including pictures the interviewed couples took of one another. I didn't know many of the people the authors interviewed (ND Stevenson and Molly Knox Ostertag is probably the only one I had good visibility of), but each story was so heart-warming to read about. As if each of this story left me in a more uplifted, optimistic space than it found me.

A whole-hearted recommendation to all of the queer community on this one. Do yourself a favour and get this book as a pick-me-up.

Thanks to #Netgalley for a copy of #QueerPowerCouples by Hannah Murphy Winter and Billie Winter.

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Wow. I never knew how much I needed this book. This book is pure joy. I loved how each of the couples were in different fields of work. I never knew about some of them or what they had accomplished in their fields. It was eye opening to say the least. Each of the couples obviously have different stories and backgrounds but through all of the stories the couple’s love for each other shined through every word.

I especially loved the beautiful photography and the idea to have them photograph each other as well.

I really couldn’t recommend this book enough. It is filled with hope and love, and that’s something we all could benefit from. It’s especially impactful for the LGBTQ+ community who doesn’t often get to see these stories portrayed in media.

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Absolutely loved this book! It’s so heartwarming to be allowed access into these people’s lives and getting to hear their stories of love and triumph really made my whole day.

The photography was gorgeous! Felt so cozy and endearing. Really really enjoyed this and can’t wait to purchase a physical copy. I can already imagine how gorgeous it is in person.

Thanks to NetGalley and the Publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book!

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Though not the most unique book (this book reminds me a lot of Holding Space: Life and Love Through a Queer Lens by Ryan Pfluger), it holds intimate first person accounts of the queer experience that I really appreciate. I especially enjoy the portraits that the couples took of one another--a unique insight into each individual's perspective that goes beyond words.

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This is a beautiful book, not only are the photos great but the interviews let you get a glimpse of these couples and their love. Representation is so important and it was nice to see couples that look like my wife and in represented in this book.

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What a beautiful book! For fans of photo-books like Loving: A Photographic History of Men in Love by Hugh Nini, this edition showcases fantastic photos of, like the title suggests, queer power couples that have proven themselves to be leaders and inspirations within varied professions and communities. Covering areas like music, food, education, sports, and film-- the couples featured in the photographs also provide interesting interviews covering many different topics suitable for each pair.

I was not previously aware of every person featured in the book, but I can confidently say that I learned a great deal about each of them while also basking in the queer joy featured in this book. I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoys photography, the LGBTQ community and allies, as well as anyone who enjoys learning more about interesting people. This book was a quick read, having finished it in a day, but it is also suitable for reading small sections at a time. This is a gorgeous book and I look forward to adding it to my collection. Thank you to NetGalley and Chronicle Books for providing this eARC in exchange for my review.

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Gay marriage is not even a decade old yet. For queer couples their partnerships can be whatever they want them to be. For the couples in this book they might have been in long partnerships then married legally, they might have businesses together, they might have had children or not their relationships are as diverse as their personas and it's wonderful that trailblazing couples can be in the relationships that they want how they want and it's charting a course for other couples to show them that they too can have happy relationships in whatever form that may take for them.

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I love queer history and the preserving of our experiences today. The photography was brilliant, and the interviews were handled wonderfully. This is a great source of inspiration for those of us who get to experience queer love.

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This is such a great collection of photos and interviews, representing a richly diverse cross-section of queer folks.

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What a beautiful visual and written celebration of queer joy. Queer Power Couples combines photographs, interviews, and essays to tell the story of prominent queer couples. The authors, who both grew up without much in the way of queer role models — and even fewer queer couple role models, conceptualices this book in response to what they recognized as a need for more media that provides a look into real life queer romance. This beautiful book very much delivers just that.

Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC!

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This book is so much more than I thought it would be. In addition to photos, this book contains beautifully thoughtful interviews. Each of the couples was asked the same questions so the interviews flow beautifully together. I also liked that the book included photos the couple had taken of each other in addition to those take by the photographer. The book is just so full of queer joy you can't help by smile.

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Queer Power Couples by Hannah Murphy winter is the book with beautiful pictures about successful couples that’s being in the LGBTQ plus community the author asked everyone the question when was the first time you knew and how did they meet which made for a very interesting read from journalist to chefs photographers authors dancers directors in on and on they represent every walk of life and the questions the author ask lead into some very interesting conversations about living abroad how they see their self and on and on but even have an Emily Dickinson scholar a scientist who was on the team that found synthetic insulin and much more their achievements are astounding there’s even one who went back to school after already being a successful journalist the stories really are incredible interesting and inspirational my favorite was Anthony and Stephen but that really does Ty with Jenna and Ayesha and if I think too much about it they probably would have others that I would say were my favorite as a mother of a lesbian daughter it makes me feel good to know not only do they have successful long term romances and careers that are comfortable in their skin I love this book and although I am legally blind and couldn’t see up every picture for those who can see it will be a treat I’m sure. This was a great book and when I totally loved it definite five star read and a great coffee table book for anyone’s living room or at least for those who want to look like they’re in the know. I read this in one setting and totally recommend it. I want to thank The publisher and NetGalley for my free arc copy please forgive any mistakes as I am blind and dictate my review.

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"Queer Power Couples" is just such a lovely book. While many of these couples were new to me, the stories they shared about their relationships definitely felt familiar. I do love that within the pages of Hannah Murphy Winter & Billie Winters book of photographs and interviews, the thing that stood out to me is how groundbreaking this book is. Why do I say this? Because the queer community doesn't have examples like this historically. Generations that didn't get to age due to AIDS, generations that stayed hidden in the closet for fear of how others would treat them, always being the joke or villain in the media.
Finally, fighting for it every day, there is space being made for these couples, of course each and every one of them has a different relationship, and of course that is the most beautiful thing because there are still many members of the LGBTQ community in the closet with nobody out there to guide them along or show them how normal they are and how ok it is to be themselves. "Queer Power Couples" is a shining example to let them know they are not alone, that we have normal, healthy relationships too. We still have so far to go, and the Winters are helping to inch us one step closer.

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The photos are great, the interviews are thoughtful and overall it’s a delight and a huge relief to see well-established queer couples thriving.

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This book is so much more than the tin promises.

Going in, it felt more like an Art book, with photos and blurbs. Instead, we get amazing, intimate photos, taken both by the photographer and by the couples themselves. And we get full, rich interviews with people I've never heard of (other than Roxanne Gay), and people I REALLY want to know more about.

Did I know that the creator of Nimona was married to a writer on Owl House? NOOOOOOO.

Did I know that I was supposed to be watching the new Interview with the Vampire? NOOOO.

Did I know there's a restaurant in Washington State helmed by two brilliant and talented lesbians? NOOOOOOO.

But this is not about my lack of knowledge, so let's move on.

Visibility is so important, and far more than being a book about queer love, this is first and foremost a book about queer success. Queer visibility. Queer normality. It's a book that every generation needs, from the younger growing up in a much more forgiving world to the older generation who have watched so many before them die out to the AIDS crisis.

These couples are WONDERFUL. They're delightfully human, and these conversations feel like we are eavesdropping on an every day chat between friends. But so many times throughout these talks, there's a nerve that's sizzled, a moment to make you pause.

I love this. So very.

Was this review helpful?

This was such an empowering book to read. I love that there was so much attention put by the author's in capturing a wide spectrum of LGBT couples of varying races and designations. A very inclusive read, for sure, though I think a few of the interviews were a bit meandering and did not really emphasize much of the "power" aspect of being a power couple and lingered too long on the interview questions that were a bit less interesting to read. Overall, I support elevating LGBT voices and celebrating queer couples that have become powerhouses in their respective fields.

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Super cute book that as a queer young adult gave me alot of hope for what my future can look like. I work with queer youth and can see myself reccommending this to some kids who need some hope. It was also very diverse in both identity as well as careers and lifestyles to show that queer people can lead many different lives

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Written and photographed by a queer power couple in their own right, Hannah Murphy Winter and Billie Winter’s coffee table compendium offers both history and hope. I learned so much about my queer elders, and I couldn’t stop talking about these culture leaders and their stories with my friends! The portraits often brought me to tears; I was overwhelmed with the softness, satisfaction, and safety portrayed. I look forward to buying this book in print and lending it to all my young friends that need to see that it gets better.

Thank you to Hannah, Billie, and all the couples for being radically visible. Thanks to Chronicle Books and NetGalley for the ARC.

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this book was wonderful! i took it very slowly, reading no more than one interview at a time. it was truly a breathe of fresh air. i've never read anything like this, and as far as i can tell, there's nothing else like this on the market.

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"On love and possibility"

"Queerness felt like this secret I had with myself"

What a powerful book. Very inspiring about queer joy. When you can't find yourself in history, you create the space. I respect that.

Was this review helpful?

What a beautiful celebration of queer love! "Queer Power Couples" is a gorgeous celebration of love that captures the essence of LGBTQ+ relationships.

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