Pardon My Psychosis

To the Edge of Insanity and Back

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Pub Date Mar 19 2024 | Archive Date Mar 18 2024


Pardon My Psychosis delivers a raw and humanizing perspective of the mental, physical, and spiritual toll a psychotic break takes on an individual and their family.

Hallucinations and delusions of grandeur weave through James’s perception of reality, setting in motion the swift unraveling of time and space around him. Speaking with angels and defending his home against demons becomes an ordinary day.

Until it’s not.

When his mind shatters at work, the ER doctor suspects drugs, and his wife fears a tumor, but James wonders what all the fuss is about. His ability to see beyond the natural realm has burst into the open, and he is none the wiser.

As the doors to the psych ward close, his wife disappears into the darkness, leaving him to fight the spiritual battles that ensue.

This memoir will have you questioning if more is at play than brain chemicals and environmental conditions as James shares his unfiltered account of walking in God’s love through psychosis-induced chaos.

Pardon My Psychosis delivers a raw and humanizing perspective of the mental, physical, and spiritual toll a psychotic break takes on an individual and their family.

Hallucinations and delusions of...

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Featured Reviews

The first hand perspective of what it's like to experience a mental health crisis is eye opening to say the least. This memoir has the pacing of a thriller, which really brings out the uncertainty of what will happen next as I'm sure the author felt living through it. The imagery really brought the hallucinations to life with vivid descriptions that captured the intensity. I can now see why it would be hard to tell the difference between reality and what someone experiences.

The story builds like the 3 part story structure of a novel and gains intensity as it moves through the chapters. The psychiatry hospital is where it all broke loose for me. I couldn't put it down.

This book will be blessing to anyone who knows someone with a mental illness, as well as someone who lives with one. It will also be a great read for someone who is intrigued by spiritual warfare. My personal opinion is I believe there is a battle for our souls, and I also believe that may have been what drove the author to his breaking point.
As a Christian, mental health is not usually a topic of discussion, but it should be. His walk with God is very upfront from the very beginning and I enjoyed and learned from how his walk was strengthened even afterwards.

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An introspective reflection ingrained with faith, hope, and the potential of what will be and can be in the future!

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Thank you for sharing your story!

Thought provoking and scary, a reminder that we are all dealing with people who have things going on that even they may not be aware of.

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Featured more Christian spirituality than I had realized. I appreciated the author's vulnerability in writing this memoir, and I hope it reaches people and makes them feel more hopeful and less alone. Thanks for the ARC!

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Insert long exhale here.......... This book is so important. I have someone very close to me that also was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 in 2021 after a massive psychotic break. We knew nothing at the time. There was no family history or education in the world that prepared us for that chapter of our lives. Three suicide attempts. In-patient care for the majority of that year. Lithium was literally a life saver, along with therapy and some life changes. But this isn't about me. Reading through this experience (albeit, different than ours, but much the same) from the authors point of view shook me to my core. I cried through a large portion of the book just because it was surreal to read about it in a context that I couldn't fully understand before now. Thank you for sharing your valuable experience and I pray that you are able to help many people with your story. This book is well written, very detailed, and explains so much. Highly recommend!

Thank you to Netgalley for an Advance Readers Copy in exchange for my honest review.

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Pardon my psychosis is very well written. James carries you into his experience with psychosis due to Bipolar. Reading his story gives a visceral experience of the struggle and confusion of psychosis and the ways it can impact those around you. He weaves in how his Christian faith played into his delusions as well as how it provided support throughout his experience. It brought up some of my church/faith trauma and I really enjoyed considering how his faith impacted him.

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This is such an important read. The more books about mental health we can get out to the general public, the better. Thank you so much for this!

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"A once normal life now shattered like a piece of defective pottery at the hands of its distraught maker."

In what will be definitely remembered as one of the most smashing debuts of 2024, James Coast takes the readers by the hand and invites them to occupy his headspace during the tempestuous outbreak of mania. The authenticity and bravura by which the author handles his subject matter are indicative of a bona fide talent who took a big risk in his first writing attempt, choosing a distressing, even disturbing, main theme, nevertheless ultimately scoring highly in every aspect. While Pardon My Psychosis may be classified as a memoir, it certainly stands out among the other works of the genre. The author is himself the first-person narrator of a story that is brimming with insightful introspection and profound inner monologues that allow the quintessence of mania to be fully revealed. The book features a powerful first sentence, with Coast employing a sublime metaphor that encapsulates the essence of mental illness and sums up its devastating consequences for the sufferer.

The relationship of the narrator with God is one of the core motifs permeating the entirety of the text and Coast, a devout man of faith, is daring enough to intermingle psychosis and religion, never losing focus and remaining respectful towards the readers, believers or not. The author excels in the parts where he sinks his teeth deep into the description of the disrupted thought process and overwhelming elation experienced by a manic person. At one point, Coast makes use of a vivid simile as he mentions the Holy Book: "The words were a jumbled bowl of prophetic spaghetti." Confusion reigns in the narrator's mind, leading him astray to the perilous road of grandiosity, the pinnacle of the sickness; the man believes that he is God's chosen, thus as omnipotent as the creator of the universe.

Despite the book being a true-to-life account of the author's personal experiences while battling mental illness, it often feels more like a thriller, the tension gradually escalating to reach a climax and then melting away to let the afflicted breathe freely again and find his footing in the world, away from the distortion and turmoil imposed by the sickness. As a bipolar myself, I was diagnosed 11 years ago, and I've been on medication since, I know first-hand the hallucinogenic perception of reality by the manic and I always aspired to write someday an account of my own experience. After reading Pardon My Psychosis, though, I realize that I couldn't come even close to Coast's brilliant and accurate portrayal. His prose is something to be relished and doesn't even for a moment allow the reader to think that the author is a novice. I cannot recommend this title strongly enough and I want to thank Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a free ARC in exchange of an honest review. The title will be released on March 19, 2024.

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“Pardon My Psychosis" by James Coast offers a compelling exploration of the mental, physical, and spiritual challenges faced by individuals experiencing a psychotic break. Through James's candid narrative, we witness the unraveling of reality as hallucinations and delusions intertwine with his everyday life, ultimately leading to a journey of self-discovery and spiritual warfare amidst chaos.

Coast's writing effectively communicates the complex themes of psychosis, mental illness, and christianity, providing valuable insight into the human experience. The seamless integration of these elements creates a captivating narrative that keeps readers engaged from start to finish. Prior to reading this book, my understanding of psychosis was limited, and I had assumed it involved sudden breaks with notable warning signs. However, Coast's writing slowly takes readers down the rabbit hole, illustrating that for some, the descent into psychosis may be gradual and imperceptible until they are fully immersed, only becoming aware once their behaviour begins impacting others. I was particularly struck by James's own walk with Christianity, which added a unique layer to his story and offered a compelling lens through which to explore the complexities of mental illness. Despite not being religious myself, I found this aspect of the narrative to be deeply impactful and allowed readers to fully follow the authors own descent through a tangible lense. I was also struck with the final chapters of this book, in which Coasts reflects on his experiences. Personally, I’ve never thought of what happens after and although I was heartbroken at the continued confusion and anxiety of relapsing that Coast shared, I was grateful that he shared this part of his journey so that I can be more aware moving forward.

Overall, "Pardon My Psychosis" is a poignant and thought-provoking memoir that sheds light on the often misunderstood world of psychosis. Coast's ability to convey the emotional depth of his experiences while maintaining a sense of hope and resilience is commendable. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of mental illness and the human spirit.

In conclusion, "Pardon My Psychosis" is a must-read for its ability to blend raw honesty and vulnerability. Coast's narrative flows effortlessly, captivating readers with its powerful storytelling and relatable themes. This book offers not only insight into the complexities of mental illness but also a message of hope and redemption that resonates long after the final page.

I’d like to thank NetGallery, the Publisher, Author and all those who helped create this novel behind the scene. I’m very grateful to have an Advance Reader Copy and to share my thoughts. Id highly recommend reading Pardon My Psychosis when it hits shelves on the 19th March 2024.

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This was a truly interesting book told from the perspective of the author as he goes through a psychotic episode in his life.
It was a change in reading style for me but very effective in that I felt like I was “in his head” and it made sense what he thought through the entire process. I am so glad he got the help he needed in a timely manner as I know finding a diagnosis such as this can sometimes take months to years.

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James Coast's compelling narrative in "Forgive My Insanity" delves into the intricate challenges faced by individuals amidst a psychotic episode. As readers embark on James's candid storytelling, they witness a profound journey through the blurred lines of reality, where hallucinations and delusions seamlessly intertwine with his daily existence. This tumultuous exploration ultimately guides him towards self-discovery and a spiritual battle amidst the chaos.

What was truly interesting was the slow unraveling of James’ grip on reality. While I always thought that the descent into psychosis was immediate, that was merely an assumption. It should be noted that the theme of Christianity and religion is offered up in this book. Don’t be swayed away from this novel however, if you are not religious. There is much more offered in this book.

This book allows a front seat view into descent and ascent from a mental illness. It offers hope to those that may suffer from mental illness or may be impacted by family members and friends with mental illness. All is not lost upon a diagnosis. There is hope to be had and James’ book clearly shows that. I recommend this book to anyone that is affected by mental illness in some capacity (self, friend, family member). I applaud the honesty and forthright manner in which this book was written. James was unafraid to share his story in the hope that he would help others.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the advance review copy in exchange for my honest review.

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The author describes the story of his psychotic break. This took the form of an insidious religious mania in which he believed he was chosen to wage a war against evil, that built up over time to the point of hospitalization (which he interpreted as the Rapture). This was such a compelling book, as harrowing as any fictional horror story of someone fighting demons would be, maybe more so since this was a real person's experience, regardless of the fact that it was hallucination. I could not put it down. As a note, there is of course a lot of talk about religion and prayer and so on, as that was the focus of his psychosis, but it was not a preachy book and absolutely should put off anyone who is not religious. Not entirely a spoiler as such, but I was kind of shocked when Coast had himself released from the hospital, and his wife noted he'd only been there for two days! Through all that he experienced and described, it felt even to the reader as if it had been weeks. I really enjoyed this book, though I am sorry that it was at the expense of the author's mental health and was glad to read by the end that he seems to be doing well. 5 stars

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Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for sending this book for review consideration. All opinions are my own.

This book is a memoir telling about an experience with psychosis. As a mental health provider, I hear many people tell me about the thoughts they have but they are just brief glimpses into the illness. This book enables the reader to see the progression as well as the recovery in a very detailed way. I recommend this book for everyone who wants to learn more about psychosis, the generally curious as well as clinicians.

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Coast has written something real, and for that I give him credit. The need to speak candidly and wholistically on subjects such as the one at hand has never been greater, and Coast speaks into that need with boldness.

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This memoir is brilliantly written and captivating. As a health professional who works with mental health patients, it always fascinates me when I am given an insight into their minds and how they work. Coast provides us with an excellent in-depth recount of his personal journey of his increasing paranoia and psychotic break that led him to a stay in a mental facility and, eventually, the diagnosis of Bipolar I with severe psychosis. We get to read about his thoughts and concerns, in addition to his strong connection with the Lord. It is amazing to see how the human mind works in strange and wonderful ways but also how strong a person can be.

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"Pardon My Psychosis" by James Coast is a deeply moving and courageous memoir that offers readers a rare glimpse into the tumultuous journey of living with psychosis. Coast's candid and unflinching account of his own experiences with mental illness is both raw and enlightening, providing valuable insights into a topic often shrouded in stigma and misunderstanding.

One of the most compelling aspects of "Pardon My Psychosis" is Coast's willingness to share his story with honesty and vulnerability. Through his vivid storytelling and introspective reflections, he invites readers into his world, allowing them to witness the highs and lows of his journey with empathy and compassion. Coast's narrative is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, showcasing the strength it takes to confront and overcome the challenges of mental illness.

Coast's writing style is engaging and heartfelt, drawing readers in with his authentic voice and keen observational skills. He captures the nuances of his experiences with psychosis with remarkable clarity, painting a vivid picture of the thoughts, emotions, and perceptions that accompany this often-misunderstood condition. His ability to convey the complexity of his inner world with such depth and insight is truly remarkable.

Moreover, "Pardon My Psychosis" is not just a memoir; it's also a call to action for greater understanding and empathy towards those living with mental illness. Coast challenges societal misconceptions and stereotypes about psychosis, offering a powerful reminder of the humanity that lies beneath the symptoms. His story serves as a beacon of hope for others struggling with similar challenges, showing that it is possible to find healing and meaning in the midst of adversity.

The book is also notable for its message of self-acceptance and empowerment. Coast's journey towards self-discovery and self-compassion is a central theme throughout the memoir, inspiring readers to embrace their own vulnerabilities and embrace their unique journey towards healing and wholeness. His story is a testament to the transformative power of self-awareness and self-acceptance, offering readers a roadmap for navigating their own struggles with mental illness.

In conclusion, "Pardon My Psychosis" by James Coast is a courageous and inspiring memoir that sheds light on the often-overlooked experiences of living with psychosis. Coast's storytelling prowess, combined with his profound insights and unwavering honesty, makes for a compelling read that will leave a lasting impact on readers. His message of resilience, hope, and self-acceptance is a beacon of light for anyone grappling with mental illness, reminding them that they are not alone and that healing is possible.

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This is a very well written memoir. James lets you into his experience with psychosis due to Bipolar disorder. This is a story that gives the insight of what it is like struggling with psychosis and how it affects your loved ones. His christian faith helped him through alot with his experiences.

It is really an eye opener and i am glad he told his story.

Thanks to NetGalley for letting me read and review.

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“A once normal life now shattered like a piece of defective pottery at the hands of its distraught maker. How did I break so easily? Or better yet, why did I break so thoroughly?”

Pardon My Psychosis takes you through James’ journey of a psychotic break. Told through his perspective, it’s an eye opener of a story, illustrating just how scary and debilitating mental illness can be. As well as his story, there’s informative facts about bipolar disorder, aiming to broaden the readers understanding of the illness. It’s nice to read some positives, like how creative those with bipolar are, and not just the heart wrenching negative statistics.

“What I saw, heard, and felt bounced between a beautiful fairytale and the most heart-pounding nightmare imaginable. Manic is no respector of persons, but it was a fuel for the wildest ride I’ve ever taken”

As someone who has a psychotic break, this was so moving to read. I sympathised with James and completely understand that it all starts with the lack of sleep! The constant questioning of your mood, the medication “tweaks”, the embarrassment and constant replaying of your behaviour. It’s exhausting. I was glad the author included the aftermath and getting better, and not just the “juicy” bits of the mania itself.

After reading this, I feel validated that I’m not the only one and took comfort in the bible extracts, even though I’m not religious.

I’m so proud of James for having the courage to write, and publish, his story. Thank you for advocating for those of us that have experienced psychosis.

“Even with the medication, there is no guarantee it won’t happen again. Even when the clouds obscure the moon, it remains in the sky. Patiently waiting in the background for a tiny crack to gain a foothold and burst forth again”

Thank you to NetGalley and James Coast for my advanced copy.

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